IRS Investigating Yonkers Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants Association

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The Blue Truth Hezitorial Series Continues Unabated

The Blue Truth

Yonkers PBA Conduct Now the Yonkers CLS Template

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

Yonkers Tribune sources, that is, people in the know, have advised that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have been investigating the conduct of the Yonkers Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants Association, better known as Yonkers CLSA, for some time. One such inquiry references a trip to Puerto Rico in 2014 to attend a conference. This was at a time when Tom Phelan was CLSA President. The CLSA is doing all it can to keep the investigation from becoming public. The CLSA can not validate its expenses and are thereby flat footed. Some of the attendees came along for the ride to Puerto Rico. Their expenses paid for by the formidable CLSA credit card used as payment, but the funds paid were not attributed as used, instead, they were defined in slots that did not clearly define it’s actually purpose, and making matters worse, receipts have not been found to validate those allocations. Some readers will likely recoil at such allegations. The allegations are so serious that CLSA capacity to defend their tax returns are being recognized as wanting and worse still, they seem to be a long standing standard used to deceive the CLSA memberships, and its Yonkers Police Benevolent Association (PBA) brother, likewise flat footed.

The trip to Puerto Rico had a couple of precinct trustees, the treasurer, and the CLSA secretary who had each brought their wives on the trip. The treasurer even had the temerity to arrange to meet his mistress there, not withstanding his wife.

Without receipts suggesting otherwise, the CLSA wrote off the travel arrangements, accommodations, food, and alcohol as union related even though most was personal, e.g. the meals, the wives, and mistress. Those in attendance are said by people in the know to have been reimbursed their expenses. The IRS’ investigation has yet to receive credible evidence to validate the expenditures as correct, much less appropriate because documentation is lacking by which the CLSA can not defend itself against the IRS. Those who should be able to validate the expenses as they were said to have been allocated will not divulge inquiry made of them over the ongoing IRS investigation, to wit, it has been learned that the IRS is demanding validation for other CLSA designated expenses.

Inquiry by CLSA members is met, as it has been similarly answered by the PBA in the past with a derisive and admonishing tone and a threatening dressing down to “sit down and shut up”. The meaning is clear! Pushing further, that is demanding an answer, will be met with a swift transfer, demotion, pay cut, suffering ridicule and control by the CLSA, its board, and placed on Yonkers City Hall sh*t list.

Those in the know suggest that such internal strife and fear were never part of the culture and conduct often spoken about at the Yonkers PBA. No longer, the CLSA has engaged in its own sinister and degrading conduct over the CLSA by insinuating a sense of fear and powerlessness over its membership. The fear at the CLSA is so palpable that few have been able to overcome the treachery that they fear will expunge their capacity as one-time proud CLSA members. The membership has been neutered by the conduct at the top of the CLSA.

Some CLSA members, speaking on condition of anonymity as they have not been authorized to speak to the press, are in fear that the CLSA effort to toy with the IRS may plausibly bankrupt the union resources because it will be CLSA resources, union money, that will be used to defend the misdeeds of the CLSA leadership and executive board against the IRS.

As all at the Yonkers CLSA and Yonkers PBA know, charity events, such as raising money for one charity or another, are requested to be paid in cash. The money’s collected are not designated for one purpose or another or defined as being presented by a specific individual. Further, the tally of the funds raised are not often known who is tabulating the cash and where it is deposited and in what accounts. There is absolutely no transparency whatsoever.

Why are the CLSA and PBA collecting funds for individuals within their respective unions and yet months onward, the funds are not disbursed to the members for which the gathering was promoted? Some recipients have never gotten the money collected in their name. Why?

How often have the CLSA and the PBA membership allowed their respective leadership to pay for City Hallers with the union credit cards?

Has anyone ever collected funds for those in either union to pay for dental work of their retired memebrs that can no longer afford it? What about good deeds such as supporting events such as the St. Baldric’s Foundation where cash is paid and thereby lost in the final tally. How much goes to charity and how much into pockets the cash collected was not intended? Who is counting those who gave cash money for such causes?
When both these unions attend special events for public relations benefit efforts to embolden their prominence in the street and among the public at large, are they asked to give to benefit the cause, or to benefit some, but not others? When you have close to 400 people in policing, and the respective unions are asking for $100 contributions, who are also asked to fill the tin boxes that are placed at the entranceway to an event, are $40,000 collected? How much by check, and how much by cash? Who is auditing the sums collected?

While Yonkers City Hall maintains its own patronage mill to benefit its “friends and family network”, does even City Hall know for example that the top tier of one of the two unions mentioned here has gotten employment for his son and spends much of the union’s money paying for that establishment’s events but telling no one?

Have the members of either one of these unions voted to engage the union funds for the benefit of their leadership using it for promoting their family fortune? If so, should the union leadership engaged in such conduct be removed? Are each of the union memberships mentioned herein cognizant that if/ when their respective unions are financially bereft they will have little wherewith to protect their membership from false or frivolous accusations?

Recognizing the fear the membership endure every day from the people that were their one-time friends, but now only in words, not in deeds, it is time for those that continue to stall the IRS with their silence and betrayal of the members they were sworn to protect, to step down so as to save the little that is left to salvage for the benefit of the membership.

Editor-at-Large Hezi Aris’ NOTE: This is the first of many future installments that will reveal and delve into past alleged misconduct that will reveal the past so as to allow both unions to clean up their acts so as to protect the people who protect us.


Information pertinent to the misconduct of either the Yonkers PBA and/or CLSA Executive Board that is inside information, please send that information for validation to or rather than just posting. Comments sometimes need to be validated and verified. It is thereby respectful and credible.  We never divulge our sources!

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eHeziIRS Investigating Yonkers Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants Association

Comments 69

  1. City Hall Has To Be In On This

    Is there anyone accountable here in Yonkers ?
    Who is watching these perpetrators ?
    What arrogance !
    Mobsters with badges.

  2. Chris?

    Saw Keith’s letter about the loss of police positions in Sunday’s Journal News. Too little, too late.
    Haven’t heard much public objection from CLSA. Guess Chris (and Tommy) are keeping a low profile after Alice’s YFT loss.

  3. Going to Get Uglier

    Oh it’s going to get very interesting when that time comes. Who knows where Monaco will land. In one corner we have Tim Hodges who has always claimed he’s a union man but never met a CLSA member who’s back he didn’t stab; i.e; Pat, Fred, Greg, Bob, John, etc, etc. Yes even John “as in” Mueller was screwed out of I.U. by Tim. This is where it gets interesting… We all know Tim has been pretty much sucking up to the Spano’s for years trying to position himself next in line for the Commissioner position. Gotta hand it to him, he’s pretty good at the hand jobs and looks like he’s all but a sure win.

    Then in the other corner we have none other than John Mueller, who has clawed his way back up to being Deputy Chief after Tim thought he buried him in the 4th for good. Hell I remember Tim telling us “we might have to psych John.” Lots has changed in the last couple years… Tim has been busy (with Olson) backstabbing his former CLSA comrades “for the good of the department” and Keith Olson has been giving the Mayor everything including the kitchen sink in order to unearth his best friend John Mueller. Hodges and Olson working side by side screwing the ranks but both with different agendas. The department will never be the same with all that Olson gave up, but he at least got John out of the gutter and into the 3rd floor (Tim was not at all happy about that).

    Before Pasta Mike’s term ends he’s retiring Gardner (surprised he hasn’t done it yet), and it’s going to be extremely entertaining to see three equal opportunity blow jobs (Olson and Mueller -vs- Hodges) turn on each other at the pleasure of the pasta eating King Spano. Who’s deeds will Fat Mike deem most atrocious, the coveted Yonkers PC position will be the prize.

    Hezi Aris, keep up the good work you do; you’ve only scratched the surface.

  4. M.D. 20/20 Facebook poster.

    Hezi you are really pissing him off the heat is on great work your the man. Your site is number 1 in D.D. Checking you more than trying to cash in on overtime slips.

  5. Russian Embassy

    All Yonkers Teachers should now recognize how dirty the Spano’s and the Yonkers Police unions are by using Yonkers City equipment to meddle into another unions business. Be mindful that this is not the entire opinion of their membership but a clear reflection of its dirty leadership.

  6. Rat tales

    Does anyone know if Comey the rat showed up at the Yonkers PD awards ceremony with a nice hunk of Swiss for that other large rodent Keith Olson? Maybe Comey can seek employment with the Yonkers PBA. Both are known to wear tape recorders, if you encounter either of these rats repeat after me, “No hablo ingles.”

    1. Stay in your lane Chris

      What’s the matter Tommy boy your endorsement could not get a suspect into the County Jail. Poor Chris took the Spano hits. Fools

  7. Shame Shame Shame

    How shameful is it that the Police Union tried to influence the outcome of the Teachers Union elections. That letter sent by the Police Union stating “we take care of our own” was nothing more than a bully tactic and quite insulting. There’s got to be some kind of ethics law violations there.

    No wonder the IRS is investigating this Union, nothing but nonstop corruption.

    1. dirty Yonkers Unions

      Listen both police unions are corrupt. The corruption is not only within these unions but they were intentionally misleading to their own membership. How is this for ethics within the Yonkers police? Let’s endorse a Spano pet. Phelan sold his membership out with Keith Olson. for city cars and family jobs. Nice. Then they think they can influence another unions elections.

  8. Rogue Cop

    Got a nice message from my sister-in-law who is a YFT member. Alyce and her entire team got obliterated in the YFT election. Congratulations, teachers, for not being as foolish as the CLS members. You guys really whistled past the Phelan graveyard of broken promises and contract erosion. Good for you.

    1. Ret.member

      well if you ran the elections the way the police unions do alice would of won……ROTFLMAO

      chris you suck!!!

  9. CLSA Fools

    The CLSA is a handful of do nothings. They only represent the DD lackeys and all the personnel pension padding. The DD is the biggest place where fraud is committed daily. One job and 20 overtime slips for 10 minutes of work. Now let’s endorse Liam .

  10. Louis VIII

    As Marie Antoinette infamously stated “let them eat cake “. The sommelier CLS prez rolls around in his Maserati as he sips his own special vintage while his members trudge back and forth to doctors to prove their disability. Keep voting these self serving megalomaniacs you dumb bosses.

    1. Mind your business

      Just got my email from CLSA about today’s YFT election. As a CLSA member, I should support Alyce Phelan because the CLSA “takes care of it’s own.” How true – insiders are well taken care of at the expense of the other members.
      And I should tell my “friends and family” who are teachers to vote for Alyce. Presumably so she can take care of HER friends and family. The YFT election has nothing to do with the CLSA. Maybe the CLSA leadership should focus on clearing up its IRS issues instead of doing the Spano/Liam team’s bidding.

      1. Let's see proof

        I call bullshit there is no way to C LSA sent the letter out to support another unions election. Let’s see proof

        1. No Bullshit

          Seems CLSA did send out an email supporting Alyce Phelan. See Hezi’s article about YFT election results.

    2. Yonkers Yahoo's

      Well said the CLSA and that over fed PBA Union rat have no more steam but fat Nicky Spano. Pay him more cash for Jon I am in charge Mueller. I would day this story was all put out by these Spano lackeys. No doubt that that other minion Snoop Moran is behind this nonsense.

  11. Cop spouse of a Teacher

    I’m not surprised how brazenly corrupt the Phelans are. On the so-called “Reform Slate” facebook page, their candidate for Secretary posted a picture a few days back of an interoffice envelope clearly addressed to another staff member, opened up, contents showing that it was literature from the leadership slate, and then a picture of the material in her car. This moron Dora something-or-other posted proof implicating herself having STOLEN mail from another staff member and STOLE literature from the other slate and left the building with it. Outside of work, that’s called MAIL FRAUD. Inside of work, I’m sure the school district has a policy about stealing other people’s mail. Forget the question of whether or not you’d want to actually work in the same building with this woman – Does any teacher want this idiot or any member of that team negotiating with the board or the mayor? This is how Phelan/Reform rolls. Imagine what they’ll do to your contract, YFT. Learn from the CLS!

  12. Truth

    Teachers beware! You were told from the beginning that Alyce Phelan was doing this at Liam’s request, so she could take over the YFT and endorse him, or at the set least, infiltrate and give away hard earned contractual rights.
    Then her “hard work” will help her husband get promoted. These people are all connected and for the worst reasons.

    1. agreed

      The CLSA former/current president is a Spano plant and lackey. YFT give your voice to Samantha. She will not roll over or accept a new city own vehicle. Thank Pat for fighting to the end. Also vote for new politicians.

    2. Did anyone notice?

      Teachers, vote for anyone but Alyce. The union leaders who play ball with the Spano/Liam team act in their own best interests, not their members.
      The Mayor’s proposed budget eliminates 16 P.O. positions. Current 421, requested 407, executive 405. Less manpower AND a new precinct? Doesn’t seem like that’s in the members’ best interests; no petition, Keith?
      If the teachers elect Alyce and her slate, City Hall will cut benefits and ignore contractual protections without union objection, just like PBA and CLSA. And Alyce will get a take home car to convince you that it’s a good deal, not a screwing.

  13. Truth

    Mueller and Chiarella constantly talked shit about Gardner, Cariello, Hodges and Monaco behind their backs in front of the cops daily for a few years but now because those they are afraid Mueller may become PC now kiss his ass. Job has really become spineless.

    1. truth

      Mueller is dillusional and is respected by none other than his push Olson who helped him refuse a transfer after handing out overtices because he didn’t like a precinct assignment. No outside agency wants to work with him. Just ask guys in the County, State, and Federal. He puts up this false front for his own gains. He undermines Gardner everyday. Shameful

    2. Candy Store CLSA aND PBA style

      Their has been no transparency in the CLSA or the PBA for years. It’s been a candy store for a long time. Union bosses taking their sweeties on road trips.
      Now a round of drinks for all.

  14. Spring fever

    Just saw Keith Olson leaving the Yonkers Brewery. Looked like Jon PC was dry humping his leg as he stumble to his car.

  15. water under the office

    Please vote for me. I need to give the Spano’s another $48,000 cash so Johnny Mueller can stay Chief and fk members from both unions. I promise to look for Wayne’s cash, and renegotiate 207c. I will never set up another union member nor threaten to assault them. Please Greenburgh is in the past and I won’t target civilians with police misconduct.
    Keith Olson Yonkers PBA President

  16. Red pubic hair ball

    C’Mon Guys it only a trip to PR… Spano/Liam have been fucking taxpayers out of millions and these dumb pigs keep kissing their asses.

    1. send them packing

      Spano’s were there too. How many dinners did the fat Spano’s eat on the police officers dime. Then Olson fks them with giving away 207c. Way to go you fat union rat.

  17. Spano shit eater unions= Yonkers PBA and the CLSA

    You members need to make a formal request for an independent audit of both unions. That can be done at the NYS Attorney General Office or the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office. First look for your balls.
    and never vote for Phelan or a Spano… they will take your benefits and cash to promote a lying scumbag like Chief John Mueller. Now give Nicky more lobbying cash boys.

    1. Shocking

      The top brass of the YPD is filled with sexual predators. Has been for years. And no one ever gets charged with sexual harassment, but it is rampant.
      Angie Vignona is just the latest in a long line of females who have dallied with bosses and got jobs they were unqualified for. But there are plenty of unqualified men who snuck into the DD and other jobs as well.
      Bottom line is the “friends and family” network sucks for any decent cop or boss who isn’t an insider. Makes the old “pay to play” days look good; money leveled the playing field.

      1. three cheers for a Spano plant

        What about that fat fkin lying Chris Dematteo. The guy feasts on a Spano nut every day like a mint. He never applied for the DD selection process and rats on other cops daily. He never had five years on the streets of Yonkers and was put into the DD where he has been for 18 months. Now the do nothing rat is going to get his gold shield while other cops chase the radio for 5 years.

        1. All the same

          Some people are better at licking spano jizz than others. They have no self respect , and swallow whatever the span clan puts in their mouth. He’s no different.

        2. Truth

          That’s because his weirdo facebook selfie taking know it all sgt brother got him in. Now talk about a asshole weirdo!!

  18. Heard it here first

    To show you how corrupt the Department is from the top down, I predict that a lazy inexperienced female cop who has been on desk duty answering the phones for 3 out of her 5 year career will be promoted to Detective. Who you ask? Angie Vignona that’s who. Why would she get promoted? Chief Hodges is fucking her that’s why, she’s been seen coming out of his waterfront studio apartment on many late nights (wink). The Chief tried getting her promoted through the back door by letting her work for 18 months with Detectives in Narco, but that didn’t work out so well did it. After 6 months nobody wanted to work with her, she thought she just had to show up and look pretty. So back to patrol she went. The Chief has a new plan, Vignona is now on the list of Detective Candidates. With no real street/cop experience she will miraculously score high enough to make the top 10 and be promoted. It’s already been promised to her by her Bed-mate the Chief. Yonkers Top Brass, gotta love it.

  19. Phalens are corrupt

    To all you teachers considering voting Alyce Phelan for your Union Head— DON’T DO IT!! Her husband Thomas Phelan was the Head of our CLS Union and he sold us out for a position as second in command in the Detective Division with a take home car. He is a puppet for the Bloated Mayor Spano and they are looking to do the same for the Teacher’s Union! The Mayor is looking for control of the Teacher’s, Tom Phalen is helping by pimping out his wife to run for Teacher’s Union Head! You Educator’s let it happen then shame on you, your rights, seniority, benefits, perks, all out the window.

  20. Bobby

    YFT you better learn form CLS mistake. All of Phelan’s friends and family got taken care of. Just go down the list we all know who they are. And the members get screwed over with contract changes. Then he gets taken care of with detective spot. You guys actually thought CLS was any different than corrupt PBA? They are one in he same.

    1. double duty

      You are so right Mr. Rogue. The Yonkers PBA and the CLSA unions have been corrupt for years. Where else can and Internal Affairs Investigator wear two hats.

  21. Rogue Cop

    22 years on the job and I can attest to the fact that Tom Phelan is a corrupt leader, a bully and a Liam flunky. You got what you deserved CLS. I have relatives who are teachers. I don’t hesitate to warn them – don’t elect a Phelan, or anyone on her team. If they don’t gut your contract, they’ll squander your treasury.

  22. Curious Educator

    I must ask myself after reading this, with this kind of corruption and gross misdeeds at CLS, what would Alyce Phelan and her team do for the YFT? Will they give away seniority? Posting and transfer? Retiree health insurance? All in the name of “cordial relations” she boasted of in that card I received in the mail yesterday? Fellow teachers, I’ve seen it all over the 36 years I taught in this district. Three strikes I endured, fighting for everything we have. It would be an insult to all the YFT ever fought for to elect a bunch of city hall puppets to gut this union and destroy your lives. I’ve been through the wars. I’ve seen it all. Don’t do it.

    1. Corrupt Yonkers

      Say no more. Both police unions fked their membership for a car and promotions. Then they gave their families jobs.

  23. Veteran Teacher

    YFT Reform isn’t about “Reform.” Their only true agenda has been to undermine the independence and leadership of the YFT. They’re nothing more than McLaughlin toadies. As one who has taught in yonkers for 29 years, I find it appalling that a bunch of unqualified political minions are being supported by politicians to smear and undermine the union that has gotten us great contracts and whose political independence has defended our rights with great success. I hope my younger colleagues won’t be fooled by the wolves in Reform sheep’s clothing come Election Day.


    Wow this is some day in a he Phelan house !!! One article about Tommy , and how he fucked over his entire Union for a Take home car and a promotion, and now it comes out that he spent all your money on a bullshit trip to PR. You assholes in the PD get what you deserve.
    Now let’s just see if the Teachers Union is as stupid as the Police and elect ALYCE. YOU SHOULD ALL BE ASKING YOURSELVES ” Alyce, who the Fuck is Alyce. “. Well that’s simple she is the wife of Tom Phelan and let’s not forget the brother-in-law of john Phelan who is also on the Liam/Spano tit. He is employed by the City to do their outside legal work. If ONE teacher votes for ALYCE you get what you deserve. It’s time to cut Liam’s head off. Bye Bye Liam. Not even the Irish Like You.
    This teamster ” IS NOT WITH LIAM “

  25. Say it ain't so

    Say it ain’t so, not Chief Timothy Hodges? Such a stand up guy, never fucked over anyone… well maybe just a couple…. let’s see, fucked John Mueller out of C.O./SIU spot, then fucked Bob Itzla out of C.O./DD, fucked over Fred Hellthaler to put in clueless Joe Monaco, even fucked his own former partners McCue and DiDio out of decent pensions, what a Scumbag! One Way Timmy! Way to go.

  26. On Our Dime

    There was more than just the CLS Treasurer who had a Mistress paid for by Union funds Hezi, ain’t that right Timmy. Having numerous affairs behind his wife’s back with a couple of St. John’s nurses over the past 20 years, paid for with Union Visa card. Then stooping to the ultimate low telling his wife’s brother Charlie that his sister is “loose.” Timmy is no man, he’s a worm.

  27. the real truth

    Like I always said Phelan is a babbling fool who was an embarrassment to the CLSA along with his Vice President “I am the best” ass kissing chameleon Joe Monaco. The entire CLSA is a bunch of back stabbing douche bags.

    1. Portsmouth

      Just another bunch of two faced pos. The entire board all got taken care of with gigs. Enjoy your crap contract while they reap the benefits. They laugh at you while driving their take home cars and charging on the union credit card

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