The Supreme Court of the State of New York Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department Unanimously Exonerates Ray Montero in the Matter of Montero v Police Assn. of the City of Yonkers, Inc.

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Blue Truth Hezitorial Telling of the Supreme Court of the State of New York Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department Decision and Order – Opening Posting

Blue Truth Hezitorial of Background and Analysis Follows the Opening Post on Decision and Order

The Blue Truth

The Blue Truth

BROOKLYN, NY and YONKERS, NY — March 25, 2017 — Decided on March 22, 2017 The Supreme Court of the State of New York, Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department had on March 22, 2017 unanimously decided in favor of the appellant, in the Matter of Raymond Montero, appellant, v Police Association of the City of Yonkers, Inc., also known as Yonkers Police Benevolent Association, respondent (and another title). Presiding over the proceeding were the Honorable L. Priscilla Hall, J.P., Leonard B. Austin, Sandra L. Sgroi, and Francesca E. Connolly, JJ.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

The Sarcone Law Firm, PLLC, White Plains, NY (John A. Sarcone III, Clifford J. Bond, and Pasquale Sommella of counsel), for appellant.

The Quinn Law Firm, PLLC, White Plains, NY (Joseph M. Latino and Steven Bushnell of counsel), for respondent.


The New York State Supreme Court houses the Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department. It is located on the corner of Monroe Place and Pierrepont Street in the Brooklyn Heights Historical District. It serves 10 New York Counties, making it the most active Appellate Court in the United States (in terms of volume).

The New York State Supreme Court houses the Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department. It is located on the corner of Monroe Place and Pierrepont Street in the Brooklyn Heights Historical District. It serves 10 New York Counties, making it the most active Appellate Court in the United States (in terms of volume).

“In a proceeding pursuant to CPLR article 78 (Note 1) to review a determination of the Police Association of the City of Yonkers, Inc., also known as Yonkers Police Benevolent Association, dated June 2, 2014, expelling the petitioner from its membership, the petitioner appeals from a judgment of the Supreme Court, Westchester County (Neary, J.), entered December 1, 2014, which denied the petition and dismissed the proceeding.” (Note 2)

(Note 1): Article 78 is the article of the Civil Practice Law and Rules (CPLR), which establishes the procedure for challenging the determinations of administrative agencies, public bodies or officers. These include every court, tribunal, board, corporation, officer, or other person, or aggregation of persons

(Note 2): A provision exists in Article 78 which creates a hybrid form of relief. This hybrid form of relief is provided in CPLR 7803 (3), which authorizes the court to make a finding as to whether a determination of an administrative agency, public body or officer was made in violation of lawful procedure, was affected by an error of law or was arbitrary and capricious or an abuse of discretion, including abuse of discretion as to the measure or mode of penalty or discipline imposed.

ORDERED that the judgment is reversed, on the law, with costs” {Editor’s Note: The costs referred to herein means that the PBA membership will be liable for the costs incurred}, “the petition is granted, and the determination dated June 2, 2014, is annulled.”

“The petitioner, then a member of the respondent, Police Association of the City of Yonkers, Inc., also known as Yonkers Police Benevolent Association, was charged by the respondent with committing certain misconduct. The petitioner was given notice of the charges and of a scheduled hearing on the charges, although he chose not to appear. A determination was made on June 2, 2014, to expel the petitioner. The petitioner commenced this CPLR article 78 proceeding to review that determination.”

“[W]here the constitution and by-laws of a voluntary association reasonably set forth grounds for expulsion and provide for a hearing upon notice to the member, judicial review of such proceedings is unavailable, unless the reason for expulsion is not a violation of the constitution or by-laws or is so trivial as to suggest that the action of the association was capricious or corrupt, or unless the association failed to administer its own rules fairly'” (Matter of Kelly v Northport Yacht Club, Inc., 44 AD3d 858, 859, quoting Bloch v Veteran Corps. of Artillery, State of N.Y., 61 AD2d 772, 773; see Matter of Marandino v Westchester Country Club, Inc., 33 AD3d 800, 800-801; see also CPLR 7803[3]). Editor’s Note: See explanation in Note 2 above.

“Here, the respondent’s determination that the petitioner committed conduct that was “prejudicial to the welfare of the Association,” in violation of the bylaws, was arbitrary and capricious (see Madden v Atkins, 4 NY2d 283, 292-293). The petitioner was charged with providing “information” to the author of articles published online” {Editor’s Note: Oblique reference to the Yonkers Tribune and known to those who sent “said” information were from those who sent such information as to be other than Montero}, “providing that author with an email from the respondent’s president to the members, publishing that email online himself, with comments, and being involved in an altercation with another member. Other than the single identified email, there is no basis in the record on which to determine what, if any, other information was provided to the author of the articles by the petitioner, and whether such unidentified information was detrimental to the respondent.”

“As to the email, although the respondent characterizes it as “confidential,” there is no reason to conclude that the email, which was sent to all of the respondent’s members, was confidential. Indeed, the email contained a statement indicating that sharing the email was merely “discouraged.” In addition, while the respondent claims that certain misinformation disseminated during a time the respondent was negotiating a contract with the City of Yonkers complicated the contract negotiations, the respondent does not explain how the shared email, or the comments made by the petitioner on that email, had this effect. In fact, the record provides no support for a determination that the petitioner’s conduct of sharing the widely distributed email or making certain online comments about the email, was detrimental to the welfare of the respondent. “If there be any public policy touching the government of labor unions, and there can be no doubt that there is, it is that traditionally democratic means of improving their union may be freely availed of by members without fear of harm or penalty. And this necessarily includes the right to criticize current union leadership. . . . The price of free expression and of political opposition within a union cannot be the risk of expulsion or other disciplinary action. In the final analysis, a labor union profits, as does any democratic body, more by permitting free expression and free political opposition than it may ever lose from any disunity that it may thus evidence” (id. at 293, citing Polin v Kaplan, 257 NY 277, 284).”

“Moreover, there is no rational basis for the conclusion that a brief physical altercation between the petitioner and another member “prejudice[d] the welfare” of the respondent.”

“The parties’ remaining contentions either are without merit or need not be reached in light of our determination.”

NYS SUpreme Court Appellate Division, Second Department


Aprilanne Agostino

Clerk of the Court

# # #

Blue Truth Hezitorial of Background and Analysis Follows the Opening Post on Decision and Order

The Blue Truth

The Blue Truth

The Yonkers Tribune has been engaged in telling of the unwarranted stress, physical assault, as well as financial hardship on Detective Ray Montero, recipient of the Yonkers Police Department Meritorious Service Award, the second highest recognition that can be bestowed to a member of the Yonkers Police Department (YPD). The historical precedent could not deflect the ridicule, insults, and the attempted physical assaults on his person by others allegedly employed by the YPD. As has been said by many over the past three years, the decorated Det. Montero maintained an ethical standard that has  proven to be tempered, patient, and unwavering in his service to the YPD, Yonkers residents, and visitors to the City of Yonkers (CoY).

Few would or even could fathom that as CoY grew over the years, that one-time Yonkers PBA Vice-president Ray Montero would become a thorn in the sides of the likes of present Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson, by his maintaining ethical standards, speaking ‘truth to power’ with respect to the one-time overdue PBA contract with CoY that would come to undermine the membership of the YPD, and maintaining his demeanor among the YPD and the community overall.

The tragedy is that the few who would stand up to the maligned standards governing many among the PBA membership personnel by directive from Yonkers City Hall, as noted by those in the know, have cowered at the power and retribution of and by Mayor Mike Spano and those who speak upon his behalf without credibility other than familial attribution. Further, Yonkers City Hall exact their toll among all Yonkersites under alleged threat of being denied OT (over time), having their spouse, progeny, amorous interests, among other relatives, and the “family and friends network” kowtow to the only option in CoY, that is, to deny, deny, and deny the truth. There are few among those Yonkers residents or those employed in Yonkers that do not submit to the emperor who wears no clothes as they struggle to maintain their standing among those who have and will seemingly continue to be undermined by falsehoods, exaggeration of facts, among other allegedly concocted circumstances underwritten by Mayor Mike Spano, and the perjurers among too many members of the Yonkers PBA. Too many have maligned the law, even allegedly said to have beaten people outside their jurisdiction, allegedly thrown people out of high rise buildings to their death, threatened to beat police personnel that operate out of the third floor of Yonkers Police Department by sources in the know, and to have given expression, as advised by many sources in the know, that Det. Montero would be forced out of the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association, the union representing the Yonkers Police, at all costs. The horror of it all is that Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano was advised of this verbalized threat and yet Mayor Mike Spano chose to not put an end yonkers PBA President Olson’s threat to undermine Det. Montero’s Constitutional right to free speech.

Will Mayor Mike Spano continue to subscribe to his personal delusions and those he is directed to overlook by his familial puppet masters? Can the City of Yonkers afford to micromanage the Yonkers Police Department by forcing YPD Commissioner Chuck Gardner to submit to engaging conduct that strays from standards he has in the past ably engineered and had proven to be efficacious for the YPD and Yonkersites? Do the sycophants continue to “bitch” among themselves, or vote the enablers out when they can? How many more years can Yonkersites endure the assault on their Constitutional rights? Is it even conceivable, if the ones breaking the law are to be found among too many in the Yonkers Police Department, that submission by every Yonkersite is infiltrating our minds as assuredly as people are assaulted by the ones meant to protect our persons when a decorated Det. Montero has suffered their assault? How many in Yonkers have the mindset, the backbone, the testicular fortitude, the financial capacity, and resolve to see the fight through a system that tried to undermine a righteous man? I suggest with all humility, that there are not even five among a city of 200,000 plus who could or would consider maintaining their temperance as well as he.

The subjugation of Yonkersites has impressed the City of Yonkers for almost three generation, about 75 years. This Hezitorial suggests that the tides have turned. They have turned because one man chose to fight for truth and the American Way. I can hear the abuse being flushed by this telling down the drain filled with lies, drama, and enablers.

Decorated Det. Montero has slain a dragon of deceit, enabled by talking heads, elected office holders, media that were afraid to “tell it like it is”, those who are conflicted by one issue or another vis-a-vis the loss of employment, extortion for political and financial support for disparate candidacies, and so much more.

The Supreme Court of the State of New York has ruled in deference to the law, rather than political expediency, though others have attempted for too long to do just that. I am resuscitated by their unanimous findings. It speaks to the integrity of reporting by the “acid-tongued bloggers of the Yonkers Tribune“, but most of all it gives Yonkersites the opportunity to take corrective action, to stand up to illegal and unethical standards no matter the proponents attempting to dominate law and ethical societal standards. Is Yonkers so long subjected to the “strong mayor form of government” dominated by a succession of people who are not constrained by law, ethical standards, benevolence, even bias, that CoY will not find a way to move on?

Will those we elected to office give rise to a different demeanor? Can they change their stripes to that of a believable pattern? Should they be given another chance at messing it up? Will term limits be rescinded or extended to a third term? Should lucid minds be afforded an opportunity to serve the public interest?

Yonkersites will decide! Det. Ray Montero has afforded Yonkers and Yonkersites that very opportunity. I for one say, “Thank You!”

eHeziThe Supreme Court of the State of New York Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department Unanimously Exonerates Ray Montero in the Matter of Montero v Police Assn. of the City of Yonkers, Inc.

Comments 237

  1. the fix

    Surprise, surprise. the fix is always in under KO. Just ask Neil Vera and his boys. That how the PBA rolls.

    1. Freedom is not free

      the price of freedom is costly and now the PBA President has to pay for his corrupt ways. Let this be a lesson in setting up other union members who speak out. Also remember that also is just a habitual liar as proven as your members suffer under 207c contract. The other unions fought tooth and nail against any changes to theirs. When you see Keith Olson make sure you thank him for the worst contract in the state and ask him if you can drive his city car.

  2. First Amendment

    I would imagine that the legal fees associated with this case are at least $100K. The losing party pays for BOTH plaintiff and defendant fees. Deposition fees alone are very costly and most attorneys in these types of cases charge upwards of $350/hour, plus retainer, court fees etc. Where there punitive damages assigned?

  3. a healthy Yonkers PBA flush needed

    only turd that won’t fit in the Yonkers bowl is, ” I did not write any petitions and let’s lie a blame the PC , or investigate other union members, and never went to Greenburgh, and yes I found Wayne’s money but a DPW worker took it when he stole McCabe’s cash sitting in the PBA draw while Monte kept asking for it. I also never threaten Kader or gave him 4 parking summons.

    1. # pay your bill

      Pay up you union rat leader. Go have your men stop another car or write a search warrant, all based on lies.

  4. Get Me A Bromoseltzer

    Looks like there is a giant turd in the punch bowl !
    No one wants to handle it .
    Oy e veh !

  5. Yonkers "WHITEWASH LAND" Hezi ! No Body Cares !

    In a city of 250,000 people you are the only voice of truth.
    Other than you, Hezi. No one knows so they are not outraged.
    Many of the citizens are snowed over. City hall, police, fire , dpw, and teachers pay to play. Cover ups, frame ups, and
    black mails.
    Hezi Thank You !
    FEAR and LOATHING in YONKERS !!!!!!!

  6. Westchester County Integrity Complaints for civilians

    Keith Olson is nothing but a liar, like his looney tune friend the Chef. His union leadership is over on many fronts. He lies about everyone and everything. Now pay Wayne, Jimmy McCabe, Ray there money you weak thug. The Internal Affairs and Garner should have terminated your position a long time ago. Too bad your using the memberships cash of a yearly amount of $48,000 to Nick Spano as protection money. Your cover is blown pal, you got two cops to show up to your good friend’s bar.

  7. In Response to Mr. "Brilliant"

    Keith Olson wrote:

    “Note the “excluding attorney’s fees” part. You spent $80,000 to get back in the PBA for a week.

    costs – Legal Definition

    The filing fees, jury fees, court reporter fees, and other expenses, excluding attorneys’ fees, incurred in the prosecution of or defense against a civil suit. When allowed by statute, a court may order the losing party in a civil action to reimburse the successful party for his or her costs. Also called court costs.”

    Keith forgot to mention that “COSTS” can cover almost anything under the sun..

    Costs: An itemized and certified (or verified) list of the expenses incurred by the prevailing party in a lawsuit. The pleading is submitted to assist the court in determining how many, if any, of these costs should be paid by the losing party.

    Translation- Keith better hope that Montero did not have $80,000.00 in costs; that’s a whole lot cheddar Keith is gonna have to come up with.

      1. Yonkers PBA President

        Brian can you get me a search warrant or just send someone and tell them I said it was official. Don’t send JD he took a hit on the last video.
        Remember Greenburgh Brian
        Thanks KO

  8. You can't handle it stymie, nor break anyone's jaw without six cops

    The fat Spano man never answer any of these allegations because sadly enough he is guilty as charged. Quinn couldn’t even help you with his friend Judge Neary. Four Justices say you set the whole thing up just like you set up Wayne’s cash, Rui Florim with a seven person 70 staple beating, set up those union trustees like that groping lying Fernandez, Vera, Pataky and Joe Ski. Now fat boy don’t you have some civilians or people to search or threaten.
    How long where you lying on your search warrants? Was it like Vera? Oh that’s right that was the Yonkers PBA way.

    1. perjury by the Yonkers PBA

      Worst Yonkers PBA President in 100 years. Couldn’t even throw a political rival out without staged lies. Poor planting Fernandez, guess he felt that he owed you for his ass groping.

    2. thug life by the Yonkers PBA President

      Let this stand decision stand as a remember to the fat man Olson or any other local small time PBA bigot that the members should never be threaten with physical force or removal because of their right to free speech or the right to affiliate with any other organizations.

  9. kEIth oLson

    Can’t sleep Keith because you need to pay your legal bills? Well besides telling more lies to your membership, you lost, and set it up and four Justices stepped on your cheese like you stepped on Rui Florim. Only it took more than four of you to take Rui from Greenburgh to Yonkers. Now if you stop sucking on all those Starbuck ice coffees you may actually accomplish a couple of things.
    1. you will have more money to pay your legal bills
    2. you may actual start to see your feet again in about 2 years
    3. you may actually be able to assault more members
    4. your sugar may go down and your open sores will heal
    5. there will be no need to steal personnel files or search cell phones and apartments without warrants
    6. you can actually start to clean out your office while looking for Wayne’s $ 40,000.
    So this Saturday if you want to see the Worst Lying Yonkers PBA President shave his shrunken head trying to raise hand to hand cash with the Tyrone Gang, come on down, but please no cheese and no sugar.
    Keith Olson just likes files put together against C.LS.A. bosses, or other members or civilians. Well he usually just threatens to fight them and leaves them with a parking summons.
    No drink a pint of guinness Keith and stop justifying your dirty deeds with dictionary posts.
    Your a real dirty cop KO and a very very weak person. Just ask Santobello.

    1. Karma is a bitch for a Tyrone PBA thug

      Please don’t drive to Greenburgh and beat Rui again in front of his girl. Frankie dirt bag Fernandez groped his girlfriend ass and then hid in the bathroom. I guest you owned him Keith after your Greenburgh revenge ride. Then he motioned to throw a decorated cop out of the Yonkers Dirty PBA. Did he oil your belly too ?

  10. Brilliant

    Note the “excluding attorney’s fees” part. You spent $80,000 to get back in the PBA for a week.

    costs – Legal Definition
    The filing fees, jury fees, court reporter fees, and other expenses, excluding attorneys’ fees, incurred in the prosecution of or defense against a civil suit. When allowed by statute, a court may order the losing party in a civil action to reimburse the successful party for his or her costs. Also called court costs.


    1. stale endorsement from the Yonkers PBA

      Change is coming to the decade old politicians that screwed every union worker and hard working resident with higher water bills and higher taxes. Hey Yonkers PBA President pay your legal bills before you give your buddy meaningless support. It is obvious from the court decision that it may be arbitrary and capricious.

  11. Yonkers PBA President needs people to carry petitions

    Does someone want to help me write and carry another petition? Vera got jammed up carrying the last one. Must sign a waiver that Olson is not involved.

    1. Union rep, oh yeah he will get paid

      It’s no longer in Yonkers hands KO. It is a strong worded order from the court that orders us to pay. Pay the man you and the executive board targeted and carry signs for Spano.

  12. I did not punch that person or drive to Greenburgh: by hemmingway K. olson

    Andy the four Judges are lying. Where should I take the money from, Wayne’s stash?
    I am going to Brooklyn to give them parking tickets. I will bring that drunken Sgt. with me too.

    1. Quicken Loans

      Dear Sirs:
      We at Quicken Loans just want to offer you and your membership low interest short term loans. Your PBA President Keith Olson should take a look at what we are offering for only a short time. This rate covers only $10,000 or more.

    2. second Wayne fund raiser

      Keith Olson’s trustee will be expecting $100 dollars per member to pay another union members legal bills. This Olson promises to get the funds to the lawyers. Remember cash please.
      Unity my brothers and sisters

  13. Hiding behind quotes on Easter won't cut it

    Hiding behind the good book just won’t give Wayne his money, won’t produce those files you stole and put together on the CLSA members, won’t change you threatening and giving civilians tickets, can’t bring Rui his justice, won’t heel the physical and verbal attacks on members and there families, won’t solve the searches of people’s personnel files, cell phones and offices, won’t bring back your trustees like Neil Vera who intentionally lied to get search warrants against civilians, won’t give the business owner money back because he was friends with your membership, won’t get him his placard back after some drunken good book Sgt. threaten to arrest him if he did not unlock his car and hand it over. wow. won’t solve who broke into the narcotics and other offices and can’t change the lies your union reps lodged against others.
    Like Hezi article states, and according to the good book of the NY State Court of Appeals is the only way to deal with a bully who hides behind his office and others. Step down Mr. Unity, your strength in lies are now case law. You got caught.

    1. Easter with an eater

      Come search for the truth this Easter and meet at the brewery for the Olson PBA fiLe hunt. First prize is may be someone’s personnel file or a couple of hundred dollar bills from Wayne’s money he never received or a parking summons that was never handed in. You won’t find any of Olson’s petitions. Lol

      1. Tell it to the four judges there Mr. Keith Olson

        Come on the Mr Yonkers PBA, stop telling those lies that you are not going to pay. LOL

    2. Happy Easter scumbags

      With any luck the rats will choke on their lamb bones…….hope the chimp is trained in the heimlich maneuver

      1. book of Keith Olson

        Lol, Lol, here is a quote for a lying fat PBA President, ” you reap what you sow” . Now the NY State Court is lying too, right Mr PBA ?

  14. Strength in Unity

    Colossians 3:13-14

    Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.

    Happy Easter to the wonderful men and women of the YPD!

  15. diary of union rat, let's give him another two years

    Missing Wayne’s money
    unauthorized investigations
    missing files
    break ins
    warrantless searches
    targeting of civilians with vehicle stops, searches summons
    Pick your chapter and help Keith Olson get another two years.

  16. butch Olson

    Maaaaaa, can I give John another ticket mama? Huh mama? What just threaten to beat him up? Oh mama, okay maaaaaaa.

  17. For the record Mr. Fat man

    Here is the strength that Keith Olson talks about. The case is clear; Olson clearly set up members of his own union and the CLSA . Him along with others tampered with official police files, evidence and searched phones and offices without warrants. His close union officials have also targeted civilians with illegal traffic stops , searches and summons. That is the unity of Keith Olson the Yonkers Police Association failed corrupt leader.
    Unity of a liar.

    1. cRAzY old has-been

      Get a life you cRAzY old jackass! Shouldn’t you be fishing or sitting in a rocking chair by now?

      1. Fat lying rat that never was

        Go get some cheese you fat lying tub shit. Don’t you have a fundraiser to skim so you can pay Ray his money. Now get to it lard ass before the judges hold you in contempt. Have a nice day. Have the chimp butter you up if you have any hopes of fitting in a rocking chair.

    2. Arrogance of a crazed fat old rat

      Pay the man you diabetes rare rat. The four judges are old and crazed too. Your really sucking down to many of those sugar packs with your Starbucks chubby. Put on some stocking will yea, you will get more blood to your brain so you stop calling out mindless thoughs. Read the legal decision you set up Monte and lost.

    3. capricious and corrupt

      Hurry up and pay Monte you dumb union President. Ha, ha, ha. Mikey will the city spot me some cash. I can give you the car back.

  18. dirty PBA President in the State

    the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson should have listen to Quinn instead of Jon the head law enforcement person in America. Lol
    How was that Keith, ” only person to be booted of the union on ALL LIES”? Now it’s ” the only pba president and association that got caught setting up members “

  19. Olson failed and lied to the entire membership

    Olson is failed the entire membership and other union leaders. Is only backers now are the City officials in power. The PBA needs to oust Olson and his board for the position they are in. Don’t forget the contract he sold you to keep his job with the Spano’s. Barry and the YFT did the best they could without asking for a car and jobs.

    1. Alexander Haig Mueller

      waaaa, can I be a Police Commissioner? I was never in patrol, but my kissing cousin Keith has cash. Oh, I even refused an order of transfer. Lol

  20. Step down Woodsman

    Nice words, but as you can see in reading the court order, Keith Olson is a liar. He purposely targeted members of association, the CLSA, as well as civilians. How nice is it when a precinct Capt., then Mueller permitted and backed the intentional targeting a civilian with excessive parking tickets. All caught on DVD. Olson has punched and threaten members and has recently made statements that he is going to physically attack CLSA members. The list of misconduct against Keith Olson and his friends are long and any thing but nice. When he steps down then and only then can the Yonkers PBA begin to rebuild. Do Yonkers a favor Keith Olson and get out before you cost your department and members anymore embarrassment and cash.

      1. Justice served

        Not even the Quinn Firm could contain all the lies Olson told the department. Pay up. You can use Wayne’s cash because he will never get it.
        Now go cry to the Spano’s and maybe you can get another relative a job. Ha, ha, ha

  21. Together

    I think KO is a strong leader and has done a terrific job as president of our association. It’s time to let bygones be bygones and move on for the betterment of the job.
    I totally agree with the saying Strength in Unity. We have to now come together as members of the union.
    Thank you and God Bless the Yonkers PBA.

    1. Hey Koolaid

      LMFAO! Keith is nothing more than a lying sell out. He sold all you men and women out for favors for his own friends and family. Give me a break. Stop drinking his Koolaid.

    2. Unity can only happen when Keith Olson steps down

      KO must go. He set up Raymond Montero to silence him and not allow him to further run for union positions. That was the hidden agenda behind expelling Ray from the union. That’s tantamount to civil rights violations. Go blow KO and that unity horn somewhere else. And while you’re chanting unity why don’t you go into the flea bitten office you call a PBA and tell that fat rat to pay up before he’s held in contempt. And tell that whacko joker to stop going to the county DA in an attempt to stop freedom of speech, people frown upon that. They violate a PBA members rights and then cry with the outcome. You reap what you sew losers.

      1. blue truth

        The Spano’s protected Olson because they sold the Yonkers Police Association a shit contract right before elections. Montero would have never made changes to 207c. That is why they kept setting him up.

  22. Free speech

    waaaa, please help. I can’t stand to read the truth. Now let me tell my men to give tickets to a civilian.

  23. No need KO

    What’s the difference police misconduct or robbers? Setting up civilians or robbing civilians? That story is every day crime. This story is Yonkers PBA misconduct.

      1. Lover's lane

        It really is a shame what Keith Olson did to union members. He did it all because membersdecided to speak out against that weirdo J. Mueller who has been wanting to be Police Commissioner since his elementary days. I guy who threw a beerfest in his own precinct and with help of Olson refused a transfer order because he was handing out overtime like cross buns. Now is that qualities of a leader? Read the order and see if you can trust these two love doves.

    1. Post
    2. Post
      Hezi Aris

      Is this what you wanted to know about?

      Yonkers DPW Worker Johnny Nassar and Part-time Driver to Former Senator Nick Spano Indicted as a Participant in a 10 Member “Loosely Organized Crime Crew” by Joon H. Kim, Acting U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York
      By HEZI ARIS

  24. Black Mark

    This is now a black mark against a lying person like Keith Olson who claims he is a “union leader”. It is very clear that he, along with others premeditated those acts of police misconduct. He is responsible for the entire image of the Yonkers PBA. Now the Yonkers Police Association will have to pay for Olson’s misconduct. Olson can now read this case law for ever to remind himself that he is the worst union leader in the state.

  25. Mo money!

    Congrats Monte on a job well done!! It’s all about the money!! $$$$$
    Rumor has it your next victory is inevitable and you got this. Big time!

  26. jaw breaker

    Step down Jaw breaker. Maybe we can get you to head the pretzel association. Pay up out of your $4000. a month stipend.

    1. The point is clear and concise from the Four Justices

      Keith the order states you through a guy out based on lies. Something you are an expert in.

    1. Juicedummy

      Start doling out the members money ratface. Then go take Wayne’s money to Vegas and put it all on black. You’ll need all the money you can get your claws on when the time comes. Will you be covering bombs and the wife beater? Ski should’ve been on the dole years ago! Tell him to take the needle out of his ass.
      Thanks for playing…….

  27. Quicken PBA loans

    Mr. Keith Olson
    It was brought to our attention that your association may be in need of a small low interest loan. Take advantage of our low rates before you have to pay the next member of your association.

    1. Moby dick beached

      Read it and weep. Nice try setting up CLSA and others. Now your just a guy know as bad for the Yonkers Police Association. Step down you liar.

  28. Westchester County knows you now

    Make sure you make your way around Westchester because people want to see the dope that has made history in New York State Appeals Court. The truth is always the same there Mr. Expel for his own gains.

  29. Ride along PBA

    Here is rogue Olson’s unity:
    read. copied, stole personnel files
    conducted unauthorized investigations against CLSA and his own members
    Tampered with evidence
    Ransacked City of Yonkers Offices
    Used Mueller and Moran to set up other members and their associates
    Targeted civilians with parking tickets. Olson. wrote the parking ticket himself which is on DVD. Mueller, Chiarella, and the drunken Sgt. Viviano all directed the targeting. In fact Viviano threaten to lock up a person if he did not unlock his personal parked vehicle and hand a CLSA placard. Complaint filed with W.C. D.A.
    Threaten civilians with bodily harm
    Threaten police personnel with bodily harm as a few weeks ago.
    Expelled a union official and threaten others
    Told City Hall and others he was going to do it no matter what.
    Attacked another member from the rear at the PBA Christmas party while he was out injured and in front of the Mayor. Hmmm
    Compiled an unauthorized file on a Det. Capt. and others
    search offices and files w/out warrants
    This is the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson call for unity. Now pay the fk up you under diabetic lab rat and get on the wheel with Jon Mueller and Brian Moran.

  30. arbitrary and capricious

    Those are the words of the Highest Court in the State. Now pay up Mr. Sugar Rat. You and that house pet recording secretary. The rest of your board are lost souls.

  31. Union breaker

    The only guys that show up at your meetings are the ones that carry the files you took and search offices and phones without warrants. Those Wayne’s money come with coffee.

  32. pipe dreamer= union prez =rat

    Hope so, but not likely because the whole New York State found out that you set up other cops. Your credibility is done amongst the boys of blue. What lies will spew to those young cops? The veterans know that Keith Olson is rogue. Lol

    1. Mr. Capricious and Miss. Arbitrary

      Hope you have a great turnout but we won’t be by for coffee. Rather we will be seeking blood for all your illegal actions. Hope Betty Bombs is covered under your Quinn scam. What a bunch of freaking losers. Make sure not to spin how Monte case got reversed unanimously to the newest members. Thanks for playing.

  33. UnityBS

    Gotta love all the Unity BS from this guy. The only “unity” he’s concerned with is between him , joker , Moran Chiarella and advancing their agenda. Mueller to be commish , chia the drunk crashed two cars got major case- don’t you dummies see? He could care less about anyone else but them. If you need to be reminded just refer to the 207c section of your contract. Btw- FD doesn’t have that in their contract.

    1. Rats not men

      The Mount Rushmore weirdo’s=
      Keith is did not set up other cops
      Brian Moran who needs search warrants and ii also surveill others
      and Jon Joker Mueler, that I will pay and do anything against Gardner and other Chiefs.
      Meanwhile the fat rats push Mueller is trying to keep people from collecting benefits.
      The NYS court clear tells you who these dirt bags are. No sense of unity in these rats eyes.

    1. the silent majority

      I agree. Monte for president. KO goes directly to jail, no pass go. Better yet when Gardner retires Monte for Police Commissioner. Thanks for playing.

  34. parked on broadway

    I have to say KO, you really should step down. Your reputation and credibility is shot. All the other union leaders know you as a ” unity back stabber”. Your known as a liar, and a person that no one can ever trust. As for those little towns with a hand full of members, they too will soon find out. KO, one real union member took you to task and Ko’d you. Congratulations to a man of real character. He did it in the highest court in the State. That means every legal mind in the State knows Montero v the Yonkers Corrupt PBA President. Lol

      1. Olsonette's struck down

        What pathetic guy you are Keith. The Highest Court in the State clearly saw through you and your board. You didn’t even have the decency to sign your names to anything. Clear misconduct and intentional.

  35. Strength in Unity

    Once, an old man was very ill and lay dying in his bed. He had four sons who were al­ways fighting with each other. He always worried about them and wanted to teach them a lesson and asked his sons to come to him. When they came, the old man gave them a bundle of sticks and said, “Can you break these sticks?”
    The first son tried to break the bundle but nothing hap­pened. He tried very hard and finally gave up. Then it was the turn of the second son to try his luck. He thought it would be an easy task and picked up the sticks easily. He tried his best to break the sticks but nothing happened. Then, the third son tried to break the bundle of sticks, but he couldn’t do anything either.
    Meanwhile, the youngest son jeered at his brothers and thought they were very incom­petent. He thought he was very clever and took one stick at a time and easily broke all of them.
    The old father then smiled at his sons and said, “Children, do you understand what hap­pened? It is always easy to break the sticks one by one. But when they are bundled to‑ gether, none of you could break them. In the same way. you four brothers should always be together. No one will be able to hurt you then.” The four brothers realised what their father was trying to teach them and forgot all their enmity and learnt that unity is strength.
    From that day onwards, they never fought with each other and lived together in peace and harmony.

    1. Walking tall

      Sounds like a familiar story. KO had taken members rights one by one and violated them but if all members stand as one then they will be rid of the corrupt union rat. And the drunken sgt. son is not the answer. Thanks for playing.

  36. Loser=Olson =perjury =dump the entire board.

    Can you read Keith? The legal decision is your strength in unity. You lost, Monte took it all the way to the highest court in New York and they arbitrary, capricious, and criminal. Now everyone knows your the biggest hypocrite and liar in Westchester County.

    1. Jaws

      Ah, I don’t care about the money I have to pay back. It is not mine anyway. The union members will foot the bill. Now I am on to breaking cop’s jaws. LOl

  37. Strength in Unity

    Unity is Strength

    Once upon a time, there was a flock of doves that flew in search of food led by their king. One day, they had flown a long distance and were very tired. The dove king encouraged them to fly a little further. The smallest dove picked up speed and found some rice scattered beneath a banyan tree. So all the doves landed and began to eat.

    Suddenly a net fell over them and they were all trapped. They saw a hunter approaching carrying a huge club. The doves desperately fluttered their wings trying to get out, but to no avail. The king had an idea. He advised all the doves to fly up together carrying the net with them. He said that there was strength in unity.
    Each dove picked up a portion of the net and together they flew off carrying the net with them. The hunter looked up in astonishment. He tried to follow them, but they were flying high over hills and valleys. They flew to a hill near a city of temples where there lived a mouse who could help them. He was a faithful friend of the dove king.

    When the mouse heard the loud noise of their approach, he went into hiding. The dove king gently called out to him and then the mouse was happy to see him. The dove king explained that they had been caught in a trap and needed the mouse’s help to gnaw at the net with his teeth and set them free.

    The mouse agreed saying that he would set the king free first. The king insisted that he first free his subjects and the king last. The mouse understood the king’s feelings and complied with his wishes. He began to cut the net and one by one all the doves were freed including the dove king.

    They all thanked the mouse and flew away together, united in their strength.

    Moral: When you work together, you are stronger.

    1. Nice Try : Mother Goose

      Not in The Yonkers Police Department.
      The story would be about a bunch of rats, not doves.
      But nice try.
      Could you let us know what you smoke ?
      Must be very good shit !
      I was disappointed that there were no unicorns or rainbows
      in your fairy tale.
      Yonkers thy Name is Corruption.

    2. Birds of a Feather, fly together. That part you got right.

      Sorry; but that horse left the barn fifty years ago.
      The story could happen in Yonkers if you amend it.
      “Backstabbing is Strength in Yonkers”;
      The Dove King sets up the other dove members to take the rap.
      The “BUMBLING CORRUPT” hunter gets paid off to look the other way and not
      capture the Dove King and his crew of backstabbers.
      The Dove King Cuts a Deal with the Mouse to only save himself, then sets up the mouse
      to take the rap. Why ? because that is how it is done in Yonkers, N.Y.
      Moral: Trust No One in Yonkers…….no one……..

  38. General Olson = the worst in Westchester County

    Olson costed you guys a lot of coin. Four Justices say it was capricious, arbitrary, and criminal. He couldn’t prove not one of his lies. He led you to the slaughter and now he wants union coin to pay for his misconduct.

    1. dreamer

      Your a real sicko Keith. Same stolen quotes about unity after your frivolous petitions. YOU don’t know the first thing about unity. How could you after reading what four judges said about your fat rat ass. Dick Olson

      1. Just outrageous

        Unity when a fat union leader beat up a skinny men in front of his girl at his job. Wow, that’s unity because you need help. That kind cheese cheeks?

    2. little tiny tiny ball bearings

      You made the whole expulsion up just so Monte couldn’t run against you. Hope the whole Westchester County gets to read this story about a rat union leader named Keith Olson.

        1. Inquiring minds

          I agree but the case is far from closed. Betty Morales “the clinger” typed up some negative things about a long standing union member as told by Keith Olson and incited by Joseph Galinski (former union trustee/deemed useless in 4th. Pct.). Assisted by William Pataky who then told lies to internal affairs that he was assaulted when in fact he was the aggressor. Those negative things were posted up in precincts thus slandering a member who once received the second highest honor the department bestows. So I ask you, do you think it’s over? Or do you think these people who conspired to deprive a man of his right to union membership should be dealt with legally?

  39. Strength in Unity

    Unity is strength

    We know the popular proverb
    ‘United we stand, divided we fall’
    Ten’s sticks together unbreakable,
    Can break easily if distributed to all.

    Wind easily blows the dust
    But cannot move the rock.
    Birds trapped in net; they united,
    Along with net flew the flock.

    As well, If people are united
    For valid and right cause;
    There can’t be any reason:
    Their efforts will pause.

    S. D. Tiwari

  40. Gorillaz

    Strip the pensions of those involved in this. Won’t stop it but it will be a warning to others.
    How much is this going to cost the taxpayer in the long run. The PBA should be made refund the taxpayer. How about that SpaNO’s?

    1. Audit now

      True, the Yonkers PBA President as been on a spending spree and not one member knows how much the PBA/ Olson has spent on legal fees. ????

  41. International waters

    Heard the union leader is dumping personnel files along with the boats garbage. Too late KO everyone knows about you bad Hombre’s

  42. PBA cash

    Make sure Keith pays up to the last penny. Maybe the membership will ask for an independent audit of the association’s finances. Like , how much did KO use from the Quinn Legal fund. We bet not one police officer knows except the cheeseburger raider. LOL

      1. show them the door

        Those of you who want to stop the shame should step up and take back your association. Find someone educated and someone totally from the outside of the norm. Make sure it is not some water boy that Olson groomed. One thing is for sure Olson is the worst PBA President in 100 years.

  43. rabid dogs

    Next time you decide to go after civilians and union personnel from all unions in this city, you will get the same response Mr. Unity. Bring your bald headed smiling pit bull for a walk. He is a $48, 000 bought and paid for bad seed. Also give him some water he is always sweating.

  44. Titanic

    Keith do you mean unity when you drove to Greenburgh, or what happened to Wayne’s cash, or setting up civilians and bosses? Do you own that quote or something? FYI get one like ” deceit and misconduct ” it fitting.

  45. Greenburgh raiders= strength and unity

    There will only be strength when the thuggish bully Yonkers PBA President steps down or looks to go pad his fat face. The legal decision by four Justices is clear. The language is capricious, arbitrary, and corrupt. So sprinkle some cheese on your pathetic post and you and that weirdo chef can do lines of strength.

    1. sleepless cruise....ha, ha,

      what’s the matter stretchy pants ? Just pay the man. His friends in the department know all about your unity call. You and that $48,000 frozen bald headed ice pop has fked a lot good people. Now man up to the membership on how you spent Wayne’s money on Monte.

    1. Cash money

      Show us some unity and pay PBA Member Raymond Montero his money. If not we will come to that cheesy smelly office and take it from you!

        1. Debbie Hiccups

          I am working on Monte’s stickers and cards for the past two years. KO said I should skim one or two cards. Unity…Hiccup. .

    2. Strength in thievery

      I believe there is a secret message in that Rowlin quote. Who did KO “divide” Wayne’s money with?

  46. high seas

    Man over board, man over board. A witness reports that a very large man jumped after after using his cell phone. Heard him say Jon boy, I lost.

    1. funds are low

      Just wondering if the disgraced union man is going to tell the entire membership how much he used of the legal fund and how much cash he has to pay out.

  47. night class

    The current Yonkers PBA President and his board should be investigated for violations of the labor law as well as internal police misconduct which will led to some top brass. One off the guys walks around with a hand painted smile.
    Unity yes but not under Olson.

    1. Desperate union loser

      Some day they will be after you and that crazy smiling nut chef are long gone. On the way out stop by and get that warrant expert Mr. Mcgoo Moran.

    1. Setup

      Heard the KO was looking for an order of protection for April meeting. He’s coming to teach a lesson. Lmao. Get some.

  48. Wow

    Hezi, What was or is the name of his Law Firm ?
    They are about to get plenty of work from those
    that were swept under the rug.

  49. shame on COY

    I read this over and over how can spano and gardner stand by and allow this thug to do what he did??? only in yonkers this is allowed pay to play right uncle nick…

  50. west. worst union leader award goes to?

    I did not keep Wayne’s money, and the decision is fake news.
    KO and his schoolyard push Jonny Chef

    1. Breaking News

      Embarrassed Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson mulling over taking over the American Association of Hot Dog Vendors. Rumor has it that the rank and file are worried that they will be set up.

    1. Extra extra verdict in on the Yonkers PBA President

      Guilty as charged:
      Wayne’s 40,000 missing
      Greenburgh trip
      tampering with evidence
      stolen personnel files
      searching without warrants
      and perjury
      Four judges rule for union members not thug.

    2. looking for membership

      maybe Keith can run for president for people behind the walls. They talk the same language. Ha, ha ha

  51. Now with Preet back in school

    Those on going investigations will be given to prosecutors. No more protection hope you get the MAX.

      1. Union fools prez

        Read the decision again fat boy. Maybe you can learn how to play in the sandbox again instead of sleeping with the night light on.

  52. black sails

    was on the high seas snacking on some rat cheese when the Brooklyn released the bad news for the PBA. I may have to say it was all Betty’s fault because she purposely left her name off a no name letter to member.

  53. Luckystrike

    Hey Hezi- can you ask mayor mike if he’s declaring YO a sanctuary city? Would love to see the HS dropout worm his way with that one- with all the fed $$ and all. Lmao

  54. 300 Quarroppas

    This new ruling is not helping Mr.Olson credibility with Federal case pending with Hon.Karas looks like COY may be getting hit with large decision in favor of Mr.Montero.

  55. capricious and corrupt

    someone pass the fat union leader a sheet, he needs it to wipe his eyes. Pay up will you, it is not your money. Although you may be short for this year’s lobbying payment this year.

  56. butch Olson

    Maaaaaa can I threaten some civilians this year at the picnic? No, Keith, I told you to stop bullying since your High school days. Oooooh, mama, how about sneaking up and punching another person? No, Keith…..Ahhhh, I will just drive around drunk and issue parking summons. heeee, heee, heeee

  57. Office of the Yonkers PBA President Keith the "truth" Olson

    In light of the recent legal decision, we will be offering tutorial courses on how to misled the public on petitions, reports, and how to set up intimate civilians with summons as well as physically which will be presented by Keith Olson himself. His dear close friends Jon Mueller and Brian Moran will also be there. Mueller will teach a psychology course and Moran will lecture on how to set up others and do warrantless search warrants. Come early for cheese nips and peanut butter. Vera will be on hand to petition for Olson and sign sample search warrants. Enjoy the course. Oh Debbie Hiccups will be serving drinks.

  58. late tour guy

    Too bad for you Keith, basically you are bad for this association and bad for the city. Lying on a guy that intimates you is your best shot. The only one crying is you I can assure you.I am friends with Ray and you are friends with Neil Vera. Ray spike out and Vera set up a person. to die. That is the real difference. Look at yourself, you lost, Ray won. The truth is always told the same way Mr. UNION President.

  59. cRAzY old asshole

    If an asshole cries in the woods like a bitch but there’s no one around, does it really make a sound?

    No, it doesn’t. LoL

  60. Joker

    Lmao. Just wait until the membership gets the legal bill for fat KO idiocy. No more meetings at Zuppa boys. Maybe crazy joker has room in his basement every month.

  61. Karma is a Mother F****!

    What a shame that the very entity (union) that’s supposed to be protecting it’s members rights has been egregiously violating them. Unimaginable kicking a 20 year veteran cop out of a union! What ever happened to standing up for every member and leaving no one behind? What a shame.. Shame on all of you who supposedly signed a petition to violate a members rights and turn your backs on him. Very bad Karma, tisk tisk tisk.

        1. Olson doesn't deserve to represent the YPD

          the crime was searching without warrants, tampering with evidence, committing perjury, and targeting union members and threatening civilians

        1. Karma hits hard

          Read it and weep. Karma is mother f……
          To bad you used Frankie…Karma pal
          Guess he thought he owed you for beating Rui in front of his girl.

  62. bad PBA President

    Better hope the DOJ is not looking. We didn’t forget the civilians you targeted with summons. You a pathological liar.

  63. Impeach Keith Olson

    with missing funds, stolen personnel files, tampering of evidence and perjury, the members should impeach the head perjurer.

  64. nit wit want to be PC

    The Olsonette’s ruined the Yonkers PBA Office. Now they got that weirdo Jon the Joker Mueller vying to be the PC. Give the guy the job if he passes the psychological oral exam where he walks in with his painted pasted sick nervous smile.

  65. Bering Sea

    Heard the fat union leader took the ship to the Bering Sea to dump all the members file he and OTHERs read, copied and stole. That is who these Olsonette’s are our fellow Yonkersites.

      1. taking on water skipper

        The Yonkers PBA found out that they are nothing outside their inner world. Sorry for the head perjurer Keith Olson.
        Can’t appeal and appeal you lying rat.

  66. Jacknhisbeanstalker

    Monte is a man amongst men. Lord have mercy when he retires! The joker beware, we wanna see you stalk monte when he’s off the city’s payroll. You’ve gone done it now you weasel fuck…….

  67. Justice went to Carnival Cruise:

    Though you got away with it, but justice prevailed. Leave your shield on the desk next to Wayne’s money.

  68. Justice prevailed

    Agree with Justice prevailed! Our sincere congratulations to the great Detective Monte!!! Everyone knows you were the best of the best! None of the newbies no gang activity like him and KD. Rumor has it federal case is a win win!

  69. Congrats brother!!!!

    Congrats to justice at last. The entire city was rooting for you and justice prevailed. We love you detective!! A unanimous decision and rumor has it Sussman is ready and all revved up!!!!!

      1. flying fat dragon

        Justice came for you KO and there is no more lying. So clean the cheese off your fat ass and move on. Take that weirdo Jon Mueller with you.

    1. back off

      This is a win, win for all public employees in the City of Hills. Keith Olson and his cronies lied and intentionally set up others for his own personal gains. As for the Mayor’s office and his brother Nick, you really should stop meddling and let take control of the weirdo Jon Mueller. Man he has issues.

  70. E.S.P. means Extort some people.

    hey people wake up dont blame the fat rat blame the other fat rat nick and mike spaNO they let KO do what ever 48g buys a lot of protection from the spaNOs

      1. 10-2 Joes with EDP

        And what are you gonna do about it? Go write him more tickets? You rats really are a joke. Go steal Muellers file, I’m sure it’ll show he spent time in a psych ward. Crazy old coot. Wha wha, I wanna be commissioner, wha wha. Mueller, Mueller, Mueller. Jesus put a sock in it already!

  71. Congratulations to Justice at last!

    Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to Ray Montero for winning his case Big! This means Keith had no right whatsoever kicking him out of the PBA. This is gonna cost Keith lots of DINERO!! Unfortunately the PBA members union dues will be paying the biggest chunk of it, but Keith will have to pay out of his own pocket!! Good for you Ray, make that Fat Peace of Shit pay!!

  72. petition blues

    Too bad Joe ski, maybe you should have stuck to pushing around woman and Betty no name Morales should learn how to sign her name or let Debbie Hiccups pour the ink.

    1. Gamblers anonymous

      I want to see Joe the tough guy wife beating idiot have to pay some of this money to Monte. After all he was the big mouth that came up with the idea of throwing monte out of the union for having differences of opinion with the Fat Rat. It’s all an asskissing game until it comes out of your pocket ski!

  73. black sails

    Montero comes back strong to dump the Yonkers PBA President. He said it was not about the triumphant, but the struggle for free speech for all union members.

  74. reality hits hard

    The rest of the real world is not stuck in this corrupt city where a Yonkers Police PBA President can steal files, search offices, compile files against supervisors and tamper with evidence.
    The decision stands fat boy. They won’t be coming to Yonkers so you can flake them. Lol KO

  75. Stuffy

    I’m hearing the Feds may have some questions for Pete Mullen regarding the 2012 PBA election. Keith, PTF is going to fold like one of your office chairs struggling to hold you. I suggest you have the ship’s captain drop you on a deserted island, lolololololol…….

  76. Bestofluck

    Olsonettes beware!!!! Hardship and karma has bit some of you rats on the tail. For those of you it hasn’t bit yet, REPENT and say sorry to monte. Ask forgiveness. If not, karma will be there for your tail.

  77. federal case still pending against city

    Wait till Judge Karas gets wind of this win game over for olson and spaNO after all spanos empowered the rat

  78. butch Olson

    Maaaaaa, the courts say I can’t bully and eject members. Maaaaa can I still harass civilians with parking tickets and take their placards? Maaaaaa, Jon the Joker is walking around Broadway for his manhood. Maaaaaa don’t let me punch someone when they are not looking.

    1. a travesty of justice

      Olson is no different than his ex union trustee Neil Vera who carried the petition against Monte. No difference than the lies he submitted in obtaining his search warrant. That is how the Yonkers PBA has been working since 2010, when Olson was permitted to take over Eddie Palm trees job.

    2. kEIth oLson

      Your President of Affiliate Police….ha, ha, ha, ha
      They will get their copies. Now pass the cheeseburgers Keith the liar.

  79. Olsonette's

    Who needs a search warrant Moran
    KO I am. going to kick some ass, but I am a little over weight
    KO can you come up with some more lobbying cash so I can be PC? Then we really can set people up.

    1. Fran Phillips

      Probably more than $50 thousand since they have to pay Ray’s costs also.
      Ray showed courage and independent thought standing up to the PBA bullies. Unfortunately, he was wasting his time.
      The PBA will continue to be run by self-dealing, incompetent boobs making backroom deals with corrupt politicians until more members grow some balls, stand up for what’s right, and vote Keith and the Olsonettes out.

  80. Onceandforall

    Congrats Ray. Maybe now the trash in PBA and trash Spanclan can ride off into the abyss together. Good riddance. Trash begets trash

  81. Legal Aid

    Is the Yonkers PBA looking for legal assistance? We are willing to assist in appeals but under one condition, you cannot commit perjury Mr. Keith Olson.

    1. Tommy Bahama

      Karma is a mother huh KO? Maybe you should look for another new jack to throw out of the union for free speech. Dick

  82. nick is mikes albatross

    Hezi thanks for keeping us all informed on this story,the biggest culprit here is not olson it is Mayor Nick spano for allowing olson to do this,lets not forget the contract negotiations we all knew it stunk.Barry was able to get a better contract for his union so bottom line here is olson sold us out spano now supports him every way barry and the firemen got a better contract who won who lost here ……

    1. steaks Olson

      This guy calls himself and union leader? What I have just read is heart breaking. This so called union leader set up another Detective. Wow

  83. kEIth oLson

    Another Yonkers ” truth” story. Great job and congrats to a real cop that stood up for all police officers.

    1. Allaboard

      I hear Rat Olson is on a high priced cruise on the PBA dime! Now only if his ship would go down. I mean it’s already leaning to one side cause of that fat f#@k.

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