The YFT Executive Board Election Results of Tuesday – May 16, 2017

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YFT Election Truth – A Hezitorial Telling


YONKERS, NY — May 16, 2017 — Yonkers Federation of Teachers members stayed focused and undeterred despite a CLSA endorsement letter written by Det. Lt. Christopher Sapienza in support of the so-called “Reform Slate” headed by Alyce Phelan, whose husband, Tom Phelan was succeeded by Det. Lt. Christopher Sapienza.

The outcome is sure to dishevel the assured demeanor of incumbent Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin who is immersed in a re-election bid for a second term. his challenger, Michael Khader, has gained a bevy of support from the union membership who have quietly shared that they have been betrayed by McLaughlin’s words of support for their membership only to realize they have been played.

The YFT was threatened to be denied approval of their expired contract if they would not endorse Liam McLaughlin even though the contract had been approved since December 2016.


McLaughlin is sure to cry ate the following results:

1- Samantha Rosado-Ciriello 1753; 2- Alyce Phelan 487

Executive Vice President
1-Dr. Kara Popiel 1674; 2-Kevin Clifford 493

High School VP
1-James Hayes 1316, 2-Patrick Harrington 737

1-Liz O’Donnell 1462, 2-Dora Soropoulos 653

Elementary Vice President
1- Christine Morrone 1686, 2-Dan Florin 1786, 3-Joanne Casella 1656, 4-Mitch Polay 761

At-Large Officer
1-Karen Lotito 825, 2-Erin Gorman 1635, 3-Mike Garbowski 1440, 4-Jayme Downes 660, 5-Michael Ciriello 1680, 6-Tom Muniz 1555, 7- Paul J. Diamond 1329, 8-Roselyn Kendrick-Jones 1473, 9-Brian Coyle 833 10-Jen Lorio 1575 11-Pam Petraglia-Nowak 556

The following executive board members ran unopposed:

*Special Areas Vice President: Lia Council
*Treasurer: Kirk Bauer
*Retiree Member: Florence McCue


Letter using CLSA letterhead transposed onto email format addressing the YFT membership by Alyce Phelan, and Det. Lt. Christopher Sapienza as  noted below…

Email From:

Date: 5/16/17 12:37 AM (GMT-05:00)
Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

To: List of recipien’s email addresses deleted by Yonkers Tribune Editor-at-Large Hezi Aris

Subject: YFT Election

Dear Members,

Please support Alyce Phelan in today’s election for President of the Yonkers Federation of Teachers. Alice is, of course, the wife of our former president, Tom Phelan. Alyce’s character is unimpeachable and It is hard to imagine a better candidate than she. The CLSA takes care of its own! If you have friends and family who are teachers, please ask them to support Alyce in her bid for the YFT presidency! Thanks.


Hi YFT members,

Please vote on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 for:

President: Alyce Phelan

Vice President: Kevin Clifford

Secretary: Dora Soropoulos

At Large: Karen Lotito

At Large: Brian Coyle

When you get to school tomorrow, a building representative should have ballots and a sign in sheet. Find your name on the sign in sheet and sign your name legibly.

Please vote and have your voice heard.

Good luck to all the candidates running.

Alyce Phelan
Reform Slate


Det. Lt. Christopher Sapienza
President at Yonkers Police CLSA

104 South Broadway
Yonkers, NY 10701
(914) 377-7370

eHeziThe YFT Executive Board Election Results of Tuesday – May 16, 2017

Comments 34

  1. Nicks daughter not cousin

    Not a cousin! Nick Spano’s daughter is Ryan Delaney of the yfds wife. Her name is Christina spano (Delaney) she is indeed his daughter.

  2. Barry planning a BIG endorsement on May 31st ?

    It looks like Liam has only a few days left. 628 setting up for a big endorsement on Tuckahoe Road near Ridge Hill for a major endorsement. I wonder who that could be for?

  3. How bout dat?

    Meddling, sneaky little shit. No wonder people hate the fucking police. Their unions have a history of being selfish and backstabbing toward the rest of the unions and Yonkers.

  4. PalPreppie

    There was a line to vote in my school that was practically a mile long, in contrast to a typical election that is usually a sleeper. Thanks Liam, for being the greatest union organizer since Andre Hornsby. I think my fellow teachers spoke loud and clear: no meddling from City Haul, CLS is a corrupt, disgusting bunch of puppets and sell-outs, and our leaders are outstanding. And also, go fuck yourself – you orange faced shit bag. Now – would someone PLEASE run against Alyce so we can have a trustworthy building rep???

    1. Bunch of cowards

      PalPreppie, nicely said, but you forgot that fat union boss Keith the “truth” Olson. Both unions wine and dine the Spano’s and the dumb CLSA lost two captains and one lieutenant spot. The PBA, the Spano’s best fed bull lost 5 to ten. Now you two unions run along and sign up for some union classes. Fools

  5. Your Average Teacher

    In my building there was a line to vote that was a mile long, when elections are usually a sleepy affair. Thanks Liam, for activating the YFT. And also, go fuck yourself you orange faced shitbag.

  6. Your Average Teacher

    I’m a teacher and there was a line in my building a mile long to vote, when in normal elections it’s a sleepy affair. Thanks Liam for organizing the YFT like I’ve never seen in 24 years. And also, go fuck yourself you orange faced shitbag.

    1. Yonkers average teacher?

      You’re a teacher? How embarrassing for you and your colleagues. 24 years? This explains the sad state of affairs the YPS is in. And if you continue to post under multiple different names, at least change up your vitriol a little. Responding to yourself is an early sign of insanity. But you have tenure so what does it matter. You are a disgrace.

  7. Yonkers More Questions: Never Enough Answers

    Why is the President of Yonkers Police CLSA interfering in the YFT union election?
    It that allowed?
    Is it legal?
    Does the YFT get involved in the Yonkers Police CLSA elections?

    1. The answer is NO!

      The answer is no! The Police Unions (CLSA & PBA) should not be getting involved in our Teachers Union elections. No other unions do that, the Teachers, the Teamsters, the Fire Fighters, the CSEA, none of them interfere in other unions elections. The Police Unions think they run the entire city and are sticking their noses where it does not belong. This is why they are despised by every other labor group in the city, they only look out for their union heads and screwed everyone else. This has to be illegal.

      1. Investigation needed

        And it looks like the Police Union Head sent that campaign e-mail from his Official Yonkers Police Department issued Verizon cell phone! That’s definitely not allowed, where is the Police Internal Affairs? Better yet, where is the City of Yonkers “independent” Inspector General? There has been a crime here.

        1. Car 54

          You ask about the Yonkers Police Internal Affairs? Well FYI, there is two of them that sit right on the CLSA board. So forget that complaint.

    2. free speech

      First of all it is not legal. Just like that idiot Tommy Maier and the Spano’s are attempting to go after 456 for making a sound political endorsement, which sounds like they are looking to end up in a Federal Court.

  8. Nicks daughter is a teacher and supported Samantha big time

    Dumped the Spano’s? Are you sure? Nicks daughter was campaigning for Samantha to the very last minute.

  9. Way to go Sap!

    Two Captains and one Lieutenant eliminated in new budget. Stop worrying about your $1,000 bottles of wine, your $3,000 suits and your $2,000 pair of shoes and worry about the membership.

  10. YFT endorsement for Khader stands

    Most teachers voted for the current leadership because we hate Liam and Mike Spano. We took a strong stand by endorsing Mike Khader and we will work on this campaign like we’ve neve done before.

  11. Spano and Liam have NO influence

    They may have bought and sold the cops but the other unions are united internally and externally. Welcome back Yonkers and good bye to slime town. Liam will be the first to exit and then Spano. The stench will be lifted at last.

  12. Mine your business

    The CLSA and the PBA can’t muster their own membership. Chris is Tommy’s puppet and Olson is a pathological liar and thug.

  13. Shy guy

    Sapienza you idiot. Have some balls and stand for something on your own. Now you have egg on your face. Stick to the wine business and just go away.

  14. Shame on you

    How shameful is it that the Police Union tried to influence the outcome of the Teachers Union elections. That letter sent by the Police Union stating “we take care of our own” was nothing more than a bully tactic and quite insulting. There’s got to be some kind of ethics law violations there.

  15. Somebody owes me a STEAK DINNER

    Im free any day next week…. LMK when you are free to go….. Don’t make me chase you down …. I hate to do this to you little buddy BUT I TOLD YOU SO………;)

    1. Dan Marino

      Congrats YFT, you got Puleo II. You had a chance for real change. Go forth and back Khader and see where that gets you. Do you think he is not going to take care of his own? You assholes just signed your own death certificate. Rejoice morons.

        1. Suck on that big nick spano

          Congratulations YFT, you dumped the Spano’s by electing Samantha who will always do right by her membership unlike the CLSA and the PBA who screwed their people.

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