Yonkers Police Department Positions Deceitfully Expunged in Silence by Edict Rather Than Reality from FY2017-2018 Budget

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Blue Truth and the Political Hezitorial

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CLSA President Sapienza focused on the outcome to diminish the YFT membership on their past decision in support of the Khader candidacy, Sapienza remained silent when two captains and one lieutenant position from the payroll were removed. Similarly, Yonkers Police Benevolent Association (YPBA) President Keith Olson watched in silence as 10 Police Officers positions were gutted from the budget.

The Yonkers City Council has immersed itself in evaluating the efficacy of Mayor Mike Spano’s Proposed FY2017-2018 Budget. They began the process last week, intending to complete the findings this week. The premise by which to deduce appropriateness rests on facts proven rather than on opinions espoused. The very fact that assaults, robberies, shootings, killings, among other offenses are waning is extolled as if valid. Words to pacify concern and fear are maintained with false pronouncements and for the City of Yonkers (CoY) being lauded for being the safest city of its population size in the nation. The reality is different.

The Blue Truth

When the Yonkers Police Department (YPD) is demanded to create a false narrative, accomplished by transforming a robbery into a larceny, a larceny into criminal mischief, consistently defining those caught in illegal conduct or outcome in an ever sliding downward scale to create a non-existent reality Yonkersites know it to be fake and anathema to CoY’s reality.

The manipulation and condescension suffered by those in elected and nominated office holders have had to suffer the plots and ploys and threats that have caused so many to cower before those “in charge”, not only to them and those they are sworn to protect, but to the public at large who suffer the vacillating political winds that blow in varying intensity in and about the City of Hills. Were Yonkers to nurture the city’s truth among its residents, a plan to ameliorate concerns with the vision and reality for CoY could be engaged with logic, purpose, integrity, and respect for ourselves, and each other. Though not an easy task, it is doable.

Yonkers need not invent the wheel for doing right by its citizenry. Whether CoY emulates result successfully revealed in another locale, or distill a nuanced version of success from elsewhere. Is there anyone who still clings to the promised swill too many seemingly swallow in order to maintain the limited options and prospects for ourselves, our families, and our progeny. Delving into the narrative further, let’s look at the most recent budget hearings.

Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants Association (CLSA) President Det. Lt. Christopher Sapienza was charged to assist former CLSA President Thomas Phelan’s wife Alyce Phelan in her effort to become the successor to Yonkers Federation of Teachers (YFT) President Pat Puleo who had declared last year that she would be stepping down at the end of this school year. As promised, YFT President Puleo did not stand for re-election.

Rather than focusing on serving the CLSA membership in his capacity as CLSA President, Det. Lt. Sapienza chose to instead insinuate himself on behalf of former CLSA President Thomas Phelan’s wife Alyce in support of her effort to become the next president of the YFT. Toward that end, Sapienza sends an email on CLSA stationery to stress the importance of taking care of one’s own, that is, to take over the YFT and cause it to renege on the YFT endorsement of Yonkers City Council President candidate Mike Khader’s candidacy. The Khader endorsement over that of incumbent Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin, who was outed to the Yonkers Tribune by people in the know, advised us that McLaughlin refused for many months to bring Yonkers City Hall’s and the YFT agreement before the Yonkers City Council unless the YFT would endorse McLaughlin’s re-election bid over that for Khader. Push back against the political extortion of the YFT failed to bring YFT President Puleo to acquiesce to the political pressure. The YFT membership won the day by focus and resolve by President Puleo. The long expired contractual agreement would after many delays eventually come before the Yonkers City Council for a vote. the agreement was authorized by the legislative branch of government. The YFT membership gave the Mike Khader candidacy effort his first political endorsement, which has since been the catalyst that has won Khader support among other unions.

Why is this telling of importance? Simply because as Sapienza focused on the outcome to diminish the YFT membership on their past decision in support of the Khader candidacy, CLSA President Sapienza remained silent when two captains and one lieutenant position from the payroll were removed. Similarly, Yonkers Police Benevolent Association (YPBA) President Keith Olson watched in silence as 10 Police Officers positions were gutted from the budget.

It cannot be fair or even rational to save jobs which will place even greater burden on a city that has suffered deficits and insolvency in the past as CoY is again saddled with similar fiscal constraints today. If that is a given, and I believe it is, at issue is whether the people who stand before the electorate are indeed capable of delivering Yonkersites’ aspiration for a better city. Can our elected officials, as well as those who challenge to serve Yonkersites, willing to create a template that serves the public interest within the confines of fiscal prudence, planning, speaking with integrity to facts, sharpened with focus and attention to do all possible with the lot CoY has been bequeathed to this day?

It is time for Yonkersites to take on the day. Smiles and kissing babies are fun, but a plan will deliver us collectively to a better day. To that end, each has an opportunity to win the ultimate prize by serving the City of Yonkers toward a better outcome. It requires resolve, drive, and capacity of mind, and a team that can and will facilitate action to serve the public interest.

eHeziYonkers Police Department Positions Deceitfully Expunged in Silence by Edict Rather Than Reality from FY2017-2018 Budget

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  1. Thanks, Keith

    Hey Chris, ask one of the CLSA board members to pull the knife out of your back.
    Keith’s email to his members makes it quite clear that he “saved” 3 PBA positions. He did it by convincing the Council to take 3 from the CLSA. What he forgot to mention is that 3 less CLSA positions is still 3 less police positions; all he did was keep 3 of his members from advancing from one union run by self-interested scumbags to another.

  2. Mpac is all the way up!!!!

    At our most recent event we had a strong turnout from the community. We have doubled our sponsors even with our haters working in full force and there are many of them.

    1. Khaders haters

      someone is obsessed with john.lol

      844pm you post 2 minutes later another one post about him?? get off his dick

  3. Wake Up

    While the CLSA president was busy interfering in the YFT election, the CLSA lost 2 captains and a lieutenant’s position, apparently without objection. Meanwhile, over at the Fire Department, the head of the fire bosses union is calling for additional firefighter positions in the Journal News.
    Should be clear by now, Captain Obvious, that City Hall and the Council are NOT your friends.

    1. ethics?

      Sap you forgot your roots pal. They made you the fall guy for dirty cops like Neil Vera that lie on just about all his jobs. They booted you out of housing and took days from you. Now they made you a puppet for the Phelan and Monico Crew, who by the way hangs off Olson’s fat tits. That cancer under the umbrella of those friends and family network of the Spano’s work everyday against the PC and Hodges.

      1. Lies lies lies

        Love going after others family members and you thought they all defended each other yes they do only when they Lie will stick you in the back faster then Ceaser got it. Beware of your so called friends they have the biggest knifes for you watch your back at all times.

  4. poor poor leadership= Sap/ Olson

    Poor Sap, now you may face an outside independent investigation if the teachers decide to go to the AG office. The two Yonkers Police Associations should be investigated and disolve. They do everything for Spano’s and nothing for the membership.

    1. Post
      Hezi Aris

      It is still on the front page but was moved down because of the fires yesterday, the issues revolving about the President, among other issues that had me rearrange the top stories. new stories are going to be posted over the weekend. The most important will be an updated Blue Truth article and other concerns.

      Thanks for asking, the IRS issue will be returned to higher prominence over the weekend.

      1. Real news

        Great reporting from the Yonkers Tribune that has now become Westchester best source of real time reporting inside Yonkers.

  5. Fran Phillips

    There was no change in CLSA positions in the proposed executive budget, only police officer positions. Now they are looking for 2 captains and a lieutenant’s position. Keith’s fingerprints are all over that. Guess Chris was too busy with the YFT election to notice that jobs in his own union were on the chopping block.
    On the other hand, the boys have all been taken care of, so CLSA can give up the positions for ??? Have to wait and see what the insiders get – perhaps a few more detective captains or lieutenants or a shiny, new take home car.

    1. Jets v. sharks

      No doubt that Olson’s fingerprints are all over it. He has been ratting on his own members since his trustees days. Let’s be mindful that his henchmen J. Mueler and Brian Moran are also working in conjunction with this thug that calls himself a union leader.
      As Moran and Mueller hug each other during their lunch seessions, Olson’s is telling on the Monico Crew. One crew set up people and the other crew signs off on it.

  6. Bluetruth2

    Sapienza is an absolute dope. He was a dope as a sgt. He was a dope in housing where along with another dope he brought about the end of the best unit the PD had. He is now a dope in charge of CLS future. He is no different than Phelan only looking to take care of his dope friends and himself. Don’t you get it ?

    1. losers and union rats

      Boys as you can see Gardner is surrounded by a bunch of back stabbing so call union leaders. There is so much internal corruption going on with those unions is that the Spano’s have the PC hands tide. Hey DOJ bring the broom for these perjurers as they pilfer the union funds and set up members that speak out.

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