Term Limits to Be Extended in 2017 by the Yonkers City Council at the Behest of Mayor Mike Spano

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The Political Hezitorial Analysis

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

CONCEPTUAL BACKGROUND, PERHAPS TOO CEREBRAL: As is so typical of boys desperate to get their way, the most pertinent aspect of planning an outcome is strategy. It is also known and accepted that in many disciplines the capacity of thinking outside the box demands creativity or mimicry. Historical perspective has relegated a minority few to impose control over other forces. And so there are known and unknown fields that have been turned red with the blood of men overpowered by those stronger. Science has proven inexact by our lack of appreciation of Mother Nature’s building blocks only to be celebrated by our understanding her complexity and the natural order of things we know, and things we have yet to appreciate. As laudatory as understanding and thereby appreciation may be, mankind seems incapable of respecting Mother Nature’s order and likewise dismissive of man’s constructs in our own devices. While understanding Mother Nature is a study of order still not fully understood, comprehending the feeble minds of man’s mechanisms of control as more easily understood, especially when the deciphered, including this author, are weaned on appreciating its connivance by its very repetitiveness. In fact, capacity to recognize the often mislabeled “brain storming” session as mimicry rather than creativity in conceptualization is because Madison Avenue suggests what we are witnessing is evolution when in reality we are witnessing “spin”. Many people have the capacity to recognize Madison Avenue’s wiles because they discern through lenses unadulterated by conflicts of interest. It is conflicts of interests that cloud our individual and collective capacity. We understand something is afoot yet can’t always appreciate the dramas of spin, denial, acquiescence, repackaging of these plots and ploys, that throw too many of us off the beaten track to deny that we are slowly being turned from what we understand. It is the audaciousness of denial and spin, and postulations that are wanting that denies validating the foreboding we feel. And so it is with term limits as it is defined in Yonkers to two terms of four years each for the Yonkers Mayor, the Yonkers City Council President, and the Yonkers City Council members.

HISTORY, PRESENT REALITY, JUST THE FACTS: The issue of term limits has twice previously come before the Yonkers electorate who trounced each referendum that asked for their approval. Those were the moments when Yonkersites recognized something untoward was happening. While Yonkerites may not have been able to articulate the complexity of what appalled them over the issue, they felt a discomfort that would become a sigh of relief upon its failure to gain a majority vote of support. When the issue was presented a second time Yonkersites were insulted by the temerity of its being attempted a second time. Some questioned if Yonkers City Hall was deaf to their renouncing the initial effort, and why they had to repeat their rejection by majority vote again. And it seemed Yonkeristes believed the second go round would end the effort to undermine and dismiss the electorate. Or so that thought. And it was the end of that. Yonkersites conveniently forgot, if only for a moment, that the issue would rear its ugly head again. And it has. The issue has reared its ugly head!

Yonkers Tribune was first to point out last year that Yonkers City Hallers in another one of those too often faked “brain storming” sessions turned to mimicry to remedy their concern for holding onto control of the wealth of Yonkers. They had not planned on the diminishing capacity of Mayor Mike Spano to credibly launch a campaign effort to challenge incumbent Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino in 2017. We learned of Mayor Mike Spano retreating and recoiling from that challenge as his onetime prowess fizzled out when we reported that New York State Senator George Latimer had become the favored, credible candidate to challenge Mr. Astorino.

As an aside, Ken Jenkins’ efforts to remain in the race for Westchester County Executive, despite his overwhelming loss to Mr. Latimer in the Westchester County Democratic Committee Primary with a final tally of 71 percent for George Latimer, 28 percent for Ken Jenkins, and 1 percent for Davin Spano, is coming to a screeching, and financially exhausted demise by a lack of funding.

When Yonkers Tribune first noted that Yonkers City Hall had learned how they could disregard the public’s twice denying rescinding term limits by way of referenda, we also learned and divulged that Yonkers City Hall was going to mimic former Mayor Mike Bloomberg who had decided to beseech the New York City Council for their support for his launching a third term effort for Mayor. They approved his legal standing to launch a third term effort for New York City Mayor by majority vote of the New York City Council. He would come to be a third term Mayor, serving a total of 12 years in office.

When Yonkers Tribune revealed that Yonkers City Hall would replicate Bloomberg’s successful effort to eclipse Yonkers past effort to gain the ability to rescind term limits, but rather to soften the gall of the effort, only extend term limits by another four-year term, the assault on the integrity of our reporting was denied by none other than Yonkers City Councilman Christopher Johnson representing District 1. He was insulted as if The Yonkers Tribune had suggested he would vote for extending term limits. The Yonkers Tribune did not specify any one individual albeit we did note that some of the City Councilmen were onboard in approving such a request by Mayor Mike Spano’s Executive Branch of office upon its receipt by the Yonkers City Council, the Legislative Branch of office or City Hall desire to extend term limits. We pointed out then, and it is likewise pertinent and valid today, and for the balance of the Year 2017, and potentially for the Year 2018. The prospect for extending term limits seems more likely in 2017 than next year.

Mind you there is much talk that Mayor Mike Spano is not in need of the money; that his prospects for future employment under the aegis of the Empire Strategic Planning lobbying firm founded by elder brother, former New York State Senator Nick Spano, among other lobbying firms is valid. Albeit being another deflective ruse. The issue is not Mike Spano’s capacity to earn a living. At issue is the collective capacity for control of the wealth of the City of Yonkers by the Spano Family for their need to maintain employment of their siblings, those they marry, those they may be dating, past paramours, the ever growing patronage mill of maligned employees that need to be silenced, some with jobs, others with no show jobs, and those that are moved from one provisional position to the next, because they cannot pass the civil service exams. Such is government in Yonkers, and to be fair, in other municipalities, as well.

The Yonkers City Council will likely need to contend with the issue of term limits extension this year because the prospect of gaining support this year presently looks stronger than the potential of a 2017 Yonkers City Council next year. We engage herein in deciphering the rationale of future conduct and do so in the order the vote must be cast, that is, for each Yonkers City Council member starting with District 1 through 6 and ending with the Yonkers City Council President casting the final vote.

The prospect of Christopher Johnson, representing District 1, running for Westchester County Legislator in his second term, to which he has another two years before being term limited allows him to be on one side of the equation this year. In 2017 he on record against extending term limits; in 2018, should he lose the contest for Westchester County Legislator, as seems to be his prospect presently, his position may change in order that he can maintain the option of maintaining his office as City Councilman should his district return him to office in the election of 2019. Outcome: 2017 – No; 2018 -Yes!

Yonkers City Councilwoman Corazon Pineda-Isaac, represents District 2. She is running for a second term and is unlikely to override the public interest for extending term-limits. She did not gain the endorsement of the Yonkers City Democratic Committee for her campaign effort who instead gave their support to the former Yonkers City Councilman Wilson Terrero, representing the same district which he lost to the then newcomer and present City Councilwoman Corazon Pineda-Isaac. Outcome: 2017 – No; 2018 – Moot if she loses the election contest.

Yonkers City Council Minority Leader Michael Sabatino is also half way through his second term in office. He represents District 3. Should the issue of term limits being extended come before the Yonkers City Council as the Yonkers Tribune expects it to, Mr. Sabatino can take cover from the final vote because only a simple majority vote is required to extend term limits another term. Even though Mr. Sabatino can take cover and not expose his desperation to maintain himself in office, he advises in hushed tones his interest in becoming a member of the administrative staff member of the conjectured next Mayor of Yonkers, that is, present NYS Assemblymember Shelley Mayer. Ms. Mayer has expressed interest to run for Mayor of Yonkers in the 2019 election when she would face off against incumbent Mayor Mike Spano should term limits be extended. Outcome: 2017 – No; 2018 – Yes, because his husband, former aide in the Shelley Mayer administration, in search for a better job than the $35,000 per annum under Mayer’s employ extorted a job valued at $70,000 per annum from Mayor Mike Spano’s Administration by demanding an additional $10,000 per annum, a total of $80,000, his present remuneration by the City of Yonkers. Therefore, should the vote over term limits not take place in 2017, instead allowed to await a vote in 2018, expect heavy arm twisting of Minority Leader Sabatino to vote for extending term limits to benefit his husband. Otherwise, Robert Voorheis, the husband will find himself unemployed, and Sabatino’s prospects will be undermined and likely find himself expunged out if Yonkers politics.

Outcome: 2017 – No, with a possibility of being manhandled to arrive at voting as directed; 2018 – No, with arm twisting, if necessary. Such is the outcome of being conflicted and serving two masters.

Term limits will come before the Yonkers City Council for a vote in 2017 if the present configuration of office holders are required to deliver a minimum 4 to 3 vote outcome because the election results of November 7, 2017 result in winning office holders not being able to muster the minimum 4 to 3 minimum win to gain City Council approval for extending term limits and thereby keeping hold of power over the City of Yonkers.

Yonkers City Councilman Dennis Shepherd, serving District 4 is serving his last term in office. He is term limited. John Rubbo (R) is running to serve District 4, as is Maeve Scott (D). Term limits, likely to be presented before the present City Council membership will unlikely come before either candidate because neither is an office holder this year. While there is rationale to choose one over the other, there is no urgency to reveal the thinking of the Yonkers Tribune’s Editor-at-Large so as to permit the electorate to make their decision known Election Day, November 7, 2017, or a day or two thereafter.

Outcome: 2017 – Yes; 2018 – Moot and unknown as present candidates have yet to win the backing of the electorate.

Yonkers City Councilman Michael Breen, representing District 5 is almost half-way through his second term in office. He has aspirations to run two years hence for Westchester County Legislator Gordon Borrows’ sear believing Mr. Borrows will seek his last term in office in 2017 and affording Mr. Breen to consider running for the Westchester County Legislator seat representing Legislative District 15 which he covets. Mr. Breen’s wife, Patty, is awaiting the opportunity to succeed her husband on the Yonkers City Council seat to represent District 5.

Outcome: 2017 – Yes; 2018 – Yes.

Yonkers City Council Majority Leader John Larkin is term limited. He represents District 6. Tony Pagano is intent on winning the election. He is endorsed by the Conservative Party and Independence Party; Anthony Merante is endorsed by the Republican Party, and Matthew Orefice is endorsed by the Democratic Party.

Outcome: 2017 – Yes; 2018 – Moot at present as the three-way race is undecided.

Yonkers CIty Council President Liam McLaughlin is the incumbent. He is running for a second term. He is the designated Republican nominee. Newcomer Michael Khader will challenge him as the designated Democratic Party, Independence Party, Working Families Party, and Women’s Equality Party candidate.

Outcome: 2017 – Yes; 2018 – Moot at present, as the McLaughlin / Khader race is yet to be decided.

The Yonkers Tribune has heard the chatter of denial, as well as the chatter of the issue of term limits being extended being a reality. Not only is it a reality to be placed before the Yonkers City Council this year because of Yonkers City Hall’s uncertainty over the outcome of the November 7, 2017 election results, but also City Hall’s equivocation and ambivalence over their support of some of the candidates they have suggested they do endorse but in reality are shrinking from with ever nuanced subtlety. Their final decision making will eventually become known though they are presently, safely ensconced under an umbrella of plausible deniability as they work out what serves them best. CIty Hall is still in search of winners, they cannot afford a loser. A losing hand will bring about a failed two more years for a lame duck. Yonkers City Hall is planning for 6 more years. Wishful thinking? Perhaps two years down the road the Yonkers electorate will cast their decision.

The election results of the November 2017 will likely sow the seeds for a third term in office option for Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. Will extending term limits give him a third term? It could, yet lest anyone forget, in Yonkers, 3 months is a lifetime.

Pagano swings to Mike Spano, Dee thought to have no gravitas, think Merante is a loser.

eHeziTerm Limits to Be Extended in 2017 by the Yonkers City Council at the Behest of Mayor Mike Spano

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    None of Our Cities Employees or the Union Leaders Live
    here in Yonkers.
    Why do they have any say here ?
    Throw the bums out and drain the swamp.
    Now that Trump is putting a new D.O.J head in the Southern District
    Drain the swamp

  2. John Perkins

    Whether you like the Mayor or not, you have to agree that he has done a good job. I didn’t vote for him the first time but I did the second time. He proved me wrong. The city is cleaner and growing, the reputation about our city is changing and as I said earlier, like him or don’t like him, when he does well, our city does well.

    Keep up the good work sir.

  3. The most honest and best Mayor

    That is Mayor Mike Spano. Mayor Spano has been honest and always puts the concerns of voters first. An overwhelming majority of this city loves you Mayor Spano, whether they are Republicans or Democrats. The voters give you a mandate to do what you please. We are behind you Mayor Spano. We will follow your lead and support who you would like. Mayor Spano, we will be behind in all future races whether it would be 2018 for Governor of New York State or 2020 for President as previously mentioned in other comments. The voters of this city, county, and state stand with you.

    Thank you Mayor Spano for your dedicated service to City Government

  4. Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! Corrupt Unions be Damned !

    One More Term To Clean Out The Germs !
    Spano is taking down the corruption in Yonkers.
    That is why the Unions want him out sooooo bad !
    God Bless The Spano’s and their Administration.
    Let us citizens rejoice that we have such a great man.

    1. Couldn't agree more

      Mike Spano has done an amazing job cutting down on Union corruption and not allowing them to get unfair contract. Mike Spano effectively is a voice for the people. Mike Spano won reelection taking 86% of the vote. A historic win in Yonkers. It is no wonder why several Democratic State Committee members have approached Mike Spano in hopes of recruiting him for governor. The left adores Mike Spano and those in the middle are some of Mike Spanos biggest supporters. Mike Spano is considered by some Democratic Delegates to be a good candidate for President, a potential 2020 nominee. No one can electrify the base like Mike Spano.

    2. Spanotopia TRY SOME

      It’s a new synthetic drug which we’re distributing on Park Hill and it removes you from reality and makes you believe the Spano’s are good and legit.

  5. Carrot Top

    Liam McLaughlins b**** are in Pasta Mikes back pocket. He sold his b**** for the hiring of Devin McLaughlin in the Parks Dept and the hiring of Patrick McLaughlin in DPW. Let’s not forgot about that drunk John Spencer being hired for a no show contract supplied by Pasta Boy. He screwed the taxpayers of the city and now he will lose. Liam is a dog who will be broke starting Jan.1

    1. Loser

      Ok Fat John
      Stick to driving Limos and spending time at the terrible Top Class Limo instead of writing this garbage

  6. Leadership as promise

    What does Liam consider leadership, selling his balls to Spano for two DPW jobs and getting the drunk John Spencer a job?

  7. Just asking

    Off topic, but why are they eliminating volunteers from the Office of Emergency Management???

    Was there a liability issue with using them perhaps???

    Thanks Much

    1. Spano mistress positions

      They needed some more spots for Spano girlfriends and goomads. It’s hard having to hand out so many jobs

  8. Spano will NEVER be Democratic nominee ANYWHERE other than in Yonkers

    Mike Spano’s record of being anti-Democratic Party and candidates is going to follow him like toilet paper stuck to his shoes. Good luck explaining that to all those Democratic Committees throughout the County and State.

  9. Tommy The Wedge

    That’s the nickname given to Tom Meier by many. As DPW Comissioner, he rarely did valuable work. Tom Meier was given this nickname from the continuous trips to Home Field Deli throughout working hours. Oh boy Tom Meier sure does love their wedges.

  10. The Future 2020 Democratic Nominee for President

    After Mike Spano becomes Governor in 2018, there is a good chance to believe that he will be the Democratic Nominee for President in 2020 and take down Trump. Delegates across the country will be inclined to support Mike Spano after the great work he has done in Yonkers, he can make those great changes in the whole country. Mike Spano will be able to rally the base of voters just like he has done in his Mayoral elections and Assembly Elections. Democratic Delegates know that Mike Spano can turnout the vote like no one else.

    1. sad

      Hate to break it to you bunky… Mike is unelectable anywhere else but in good ole Yonkers. He allowed the family and friends network to get out of hand. His backroom dealings (likely choreographed by the felon) has left a dark stain on his administration….. add to that, lack of education and no real ability to verbally communicate in reasonable oratory.. er.. sorry… outside of the backstabbing, deal making, threats to the citizenry and good ole boy network of the city of hills, he is considered tainted and a puppet of you know who….

  11. The Truth

    Mike Spano has polled to beat Astorino without much of a campaign effort needed by Mike Spano. The Spano name carries weight in Westchester County and really throughout the whole Tri State Area. Gov. Cuomo begged him to run against Astorino because he knew Mike Spano would be the guy to finish Astorinos poltical career. Mike Spano would essentially be a shoe-in. But Mike Spano refused because the opportunity arose for Mike Spano to be the next Governor of New York. State Committee members in Buffalo, Rochester, and New York City believ Mike Spano can become the future of the Democratic Party.
    Some even suggest he is presidential material.

    1. Smokin

      ^^^^What are u smoking ^^^
      Mike spano couldn’t beat Astorinos landscaper !!! HS dropout spano is lucky that Yonkers illiterates elected him twice. He has ZERO chance of any elected office outside Yonkers. Running against Astorino (or anyone else for that matter ) was a suicide mission and mike the d*** knew that.
      Spanclan is the t**** of Yonkers.

  12. The Man being sought by many to take up the reins of Cuomo

    That Man is Mike Spano. He is being sought by many committee members as the next Governor, he is not worried about any silly City Council races. These committee members of the State Democratic Party are coming from many different parts of the state.

    The Spano name is not beatable and EVERYONE KNOWS IT

    1. slurp slurp

      i see thats why he backed out of county exec. race and thats why last polls proved it!!! you really think spaNo is popular???? you better stop jacking them off i think you swallowed too much

  13. Chipotle boy

    The city of Yonkers can’t wait to get rid of *** spano he reminds me of a burrito from chipotle nice and fat with extra sour cream

  14. Pizza Cover Up Ongoing Investagation?

    It’s always your best friend that gets you taken down right? Now you to know how it feels. No mercy.

  15. A Future Governor

    Mike Spano is unstoppable. Polls showed he would have crushed Astorino. The Governor knows this and begged Mike Spano to run. BUT instead Mike Spano is being considered a potential candidate for the Governor Of New York. State Committee People of the Democratic Party are trying to recruit Mike Spano for a Governor run. AND HE WOULD WIN
    He is unstoppable

    1. Hillary

      Lmao I want some of what your smokin, Spano run for Governor he dropped out of County Exec race,because he knew Rob would have destroyed him. On top of that he is not the sharpest tool in the shed,
      if you know what I mean.

      1. Purely

        No I don’t know what you mean. Mike Spano is a mayor who has been winning elections since he was an assemblyman with a mandate. He is not that stupid.
        The Spano name is so valuable.


    Also known as Mike Spano. No one is “settling” for Mike Spano. The voters of this city voted him with a mandate. His win was the largest win in the history of Yonkers Mayoral Race. The people love Mike Spano and stand by him. People are extremely incompetent to think otherwise. The Spano name is at an all time high in New York State. He was reflected in a MANDATE. The definition of mandate for all those who do not know its meaning: the authority to carry out a policy or course of action, regarded as given by the electorate to a candidate or party that is victorious in an election. the people give Mike Spano the authority to do whatever he pleases.

    1. Is dat youse Vinny?

      Most Yonkers voters didn’t bother voting. Low voter turnout got Spano elected. He won because people can’t stand him, didn’t like or know anything about Nuckel and so decided to stay home on voting day. And nobody gave Spano “the authority to do whatever he pleases.” Maybe that’s what they do in inbred villages back in the old country where your people are from or in third world banana republics, but here in the United States we have things called democracy and laws. Since you’ve got your dictionary out, Webster, look ’em up.

      1. Just sad

        Yeah OKAY.
        Mike Spano is popular and it bothers a lot of people. In Yonkers, there is only ONE law and that is the SPANOS decide what happens. It is simply sad that you would think Vincent Spano wrote that comment. Shows how much of a little mind you have. Vincent Spano is a potential Mayor and the most popular City Clerk in Yonkers History.

        1. Que


          Almost chocked on my breakfast reading this.

          More of the friends and family club.

          By the way what is Jose Alvarado doing back at Shitty Haul?

  17. FTW

    I don’t know what any of these candidates actually stands for. What specific measures, policies, and plans do they have? What are their priorities? How will they pay for them? What are the most pressing issues in their communities? How will they bring jobs to Yonkers? How will they work to reduce crime and taxes, improve schools, fix our infrastructure, develop affordable housing, etc.

    It’s amazing how candidates only talk about how much they love Yonkers or how long they’ve lived here. Who cares. In the real world, when you interview for a job you are grilled about your background, education, experience, vision. Expect more and you’ll get more. Settle for less and you’ll continue to get the political hacks of this world, the Spanos, McLaughlins, Sheperds, Larkins, Breens, Sabatinos, Johnsons, Pinedas, Lesnicks, Spencers, Amicones, as they move through the revolving doors of City Hall with their pockets full of our money.

  18. The Non Political Side

    Why should mike Spano back khader? A lot of people go under the assumption Mike Spano has to back the democrat. HE DOES NOT!!! His job isn’t to be the leader of the Democratic Party, his job to govern the city the way he fabulously has.
    Democrats- Republicans- Conservatives-Working Families, what does matter???
    Mike Spano’s job is be the mayor not the guy to elect democrats to the city council. A coalition of Republicans AND Democrats have been able to push his agenda forward. he doesn’t need to back Khader and Scott. No use. CONTINUE YOUR GREAT WORK MAYOR SPANO

  19. R&S Waste Services

    Don’t worry lil Mikey when Liam finishes your political career after this election.
    U can be a garbage man for R&S waste Services complementary of Mr.Spezio

    1. take notes

      In your dreams.

      Mike doesn’t have to worry about a fall back plan. We all know he’s taking 4th floor.

      no stopping him now.

  20. AA

    Some comments make it like Fat John is doing these big bashes every weekend.
    The food is garbage and the booze is trash.

    People should stop going to his house so he can stop bragging.

    Don’t make it like you have been feeding people. U are the slimy one khader.

    Fat John, stop insinuation yourself by posting 50 comments about Mpac and John khader. It is just sad.

    1. keyboard warrior

      why not tell john to his face? i can arrange for him to come to you,all you do is hide behind a keyboard and type like a biatche cmon tell me where we can meet i promise to bring him to you coward….

      1. Mansef

        OKAY tough guy even though everyone knows ur soft fat John

        Fat John Looks like a loaded baked potato with extra cheese.

        Yea Fat John is a real warrior when it comes to drink a bottle of wine and eating a bowl of pasta

        The booze is absolute garbage at his house and the food is nothing to brag about.

        1. Subject matter is Term Limits

          Enough with fat John. Johnny limo and MPAC! you made it clear that your his #1 hater. let’s talk about term limits ! Do we know how the city Council feels about this?
          Does anyone believe Mike when he says he doesn’t want to run a third term? Is the likelihood of this even happening?

          Hezi with all do respect , what is the point of you moderating comments if they are irrelevant to your article.

          Hezi’s Response…. I too am offended by the off topic subject matter. It screams of now subject matter being of any importance other than John K’s involvement on MPAC and if it is really “up” or not as disclosure of sums raised have not been divulged and likely will not, as well as the deflection from issues which Yonkers has the proclivity to engage so as not to contend with any issues. I suspect when looking at the contestants for office, for lack of a better term, that each, in some degree or the other are loathe to advise where they stand on a plethora of issues, have no plan to mitigate those concerns, are afraid of one or another issue to which they have yet to construct a lucid response, among other concerns.

          ATtempting to infuse a sense of political decorum and Discussion to vet issues, concerns, whether by finding remedies, or to recognize the enormity of issues and yet still not have enough knowledge, or too much bias, or too little money, or agenda, or loyalty to taskmasters known and unknown is an assault on my capacity to manage so many people from making their perspective such as it is from being denied where they stand. I have not for a moment forget, not do I dismiss that even under the guise of anonymity, the discourse, such as it is, is devoide of substance, yet full of agenda driven drivel, as if it being so express will gain a pat on the head. A an atta boy response from the elite taskmasters that run the City of Yonkers.

          I sadly admit that I have yet to conceptualize how to proceed in bringing about intelligent and respectful exchange of ideas. I may not be up to the task, but I do promise that I am every day attempting to tweak what I do so as to nurture a platform by which we may hear each other, respect our capacity and vision to gain credibility in such a large city, with its culture and demeanor in tact.

          When will discussion begin, especially with respect to the November 7th Elections? If I am to assess the past months, I suspect they will not come about.

          The present perspective, as I see it, is that the public has already been dismissed by the reflective and debauched comments that are too often inundated by cretins with an agenda to distort public opinion, and to instead collect political party line designations so as to get the most engaged in the political process by their casting a vote for their “chosen one” withought a concern for who they are and what they actually believe in. yonkers is not too far removed from outcomes that had been planned months ago and cannot be righted now.

          The only solution to the political subterfuge seems to somehow embolden more people to stand up for their beliefs by writing what they are, validating their thinking, and understanding that concepts and validity to them are more complicated that, he is fat, he is stupid, she is this, he is that, blah, blah blah. If Yonkers is to have a chance change on many planes, that is with respect to development, building a revenue stream, reducing graft, reducing the patronage mill, exposing the deficiencies within government and governance, diminishing coverups, as they too cost the taxpayer even more money, and work on plans that will in time pay off, we are staying put, even if those in office stay or of their faces change.

          So far, the hope Yonkers seemingly yearns for in words have yet to be translated in deeds.

          SO, yes, moderation is failing on many levels. It has however somewhat reduced the name calling, but not to the point that I no longer hear it it the manner people still repress their ideas.

          you are not wrong in asking the question. YOu caught me and I am not running away from your assertion which is on target. I will however continue to search for a solution as I too, am not comfortable with the status quo.

          Thank you for noting the issue. Kindly, Hezi

    2. LOL

      doesn’t matter what the food or liquor taste like. Politicians will flock there … anything that they don’t have to pay for is a good thing….they have no shame. They have to pinch their pennies, remember, even though they all gave themselves a raise just after the 2015 elections.


    This has nothing to do with this post, but important to Yonkers taxpayers as well. I recently saw on news 12 that The City of Yonkers was “donating” old fire engines to the city of Mount Vernon.
    I have been further told that this donation was “payment” to release a few Mount Vernon Police Officers from their employment. Apparently these officers who have political ties are next to be hired in Yonkers but could be sued by Vernon if they left for another PD because The Vern has already paid for their training..I have one of the names…more to follow….

    1. Corrupt Mount Vernon

      Mount Vernon is so corrupt. Any Yonkers politician and elected officials that associate themselves with the Mount Vernon is also shady.

      R&S Waste Services enough said

      1. take notes

        that explains all the bullying and name calling.

        Khader announced he is running on 4 lines and 5th coming soon.
        and more endorsements to be announced

        this cant be could for liam who has only the republican support. this race is about khader and liam.

        stop the name calling and pay attention and take notes.

        1. The Mayor is in the drivers seat

          Khader had no more then 25 people at his campaign hq opening its going to be a land slide Liam is gunna embarrass khader

          1. khader in control

            maybe cause they were out hard getting petitions so when red head tries to do a opt to ballot on any of the 4 lines khader has already he will be DOA,….LOL

          2. Nice try

            I was there ! I would say at least 70 people. It was a breakfast grand opening and a fundraiser.
            Nice continental style breakfast. I think it was exactly what it was supposed to be.

  22. Observer

    They are three political parties in Yonkers; Democratics, Republicans and Spanos. Today, Spano is the most powerful party. Justin Tubiolo is a lightweight who can’t find himself out of a paper bag. Tommy “Spano” Meier is bought and paid by the Spano’s. If the Spano’s want to rescind term limits consider it done.

    1. No More SpaNO's, Spencers, Amicon's, Lesnick's, Martinelli's, McLaughlin's, Breen's etc

      NoT without a lawsuit there won’t. As an American I find it appalling that are are those out there who would even applaud an elected official who would break the law and the will of the people.

      Don’t worry the SpaNO’s are not above the law. Just remember what happened to Nick.

  23. The Most Powerful Man in New York State Politics

    Also known as Nick Spano.
    A stellar state senator and a champion in politics. If you want to win an election anywhere in New York State just contact this man. His strengths have no limit. All the elected officials that are off his opposition will not have their seat long. Nick Spano controls just about everything in New York State. He launched the best lobbying company in the world Empire Strategic Planning. If you want to be a powerful politician, be in this guys circle.

    1. Mike for County Executive

      I guess that’s why Mikey got the nomination for County Executive.

      Nick is a great, great FELON. That’s his claim to fame – a convicted crook and the leader of a bunch of family gangsters

      Stop your bullshit. It is sickening to normal people.

    2. Hillary for President

      And by the way, the most powerful man in NY State’s candidate for President is now living a lonely simple life in Chappaqua, which is part of Westchester County, the former bastion of Republican politics which the most powerful man in the State ruined along with his pal Pataki.

      I guess the most powerful man in the State’s $1000 per head fundraiser for that ugly woman from Chappaqua was a waste of time. Poor little Dumbo was hoping to have that undesirable female president campaign for him for County executive.

      Thank you to the “alleged” most poweful man in NYS politics for his lack of power and stupidity. It saved us from Dumbo and Hillary.

  24. The Machine does not lose

    The Spano machine has been in power in city hall and county and state government for around 35 years. They are a top notch machine that can elect anyone. Nick Spano was electing City Council presidents while Fat John was still in diapers and lil Mike didn’t even exist.

    Fat John should stop posting comments about himself, it only shows he is a nobody dying for attention. He wants to be the center of attention, but he isn’t worth much.

    Fat John should be called Big Mac.

  25. Time for weight watchers

    The only thing Fat John has accomplished is hitting a record for the most pasta and wine a man can consume. The guy is ready is explode.

    john Khader is just worried about getting people with the last name khader jobs( he has failed considering he can’t deliver on anything).

    This isn’t publicity, this is showing that Johnny Khader is an absolute fool for continuously posting comments about himself. Everyone knows that guy is a head case.

  26. Use Silver Star Limos

    Wishful thinking fat John & family. The Spano machine- trust me, the machine is 30 years old but it is running like brand new. The Spano machine has been around before fat John even knew what a limo was.
    The Spano Machine is behind the the McLaughlin Machine.
    The Spano/McLaughlin machine will put Lil Mikey into early retirement.

  27. Bring back City Manager form of government in Yonkers

    I couldn’t care less who wins the CCP race because nothing will change. It will just be business as usual. But, many if not all of the politicians in this city have stuffed their faces at Mr. Limo’s get-together’s year in, year out. I think he has lavish summer soirees and possibly a holiday party, with all the political animals invited. Now HE is the problem? Greedy freeloading politicians have short memories.

  28. mpac fan club

    Clearly John has haters which means he does the right thing in his community,but more importantly this is not about John its about his brother running against the powers to be in city haul and clearly they are pissed off at him for backing his brother against the machine.Mike Khader will win.

  29. Mmmm Mmmmm Good!

    Pay no attention to all the mpac posts folks. JK is just another one of Astorino’s c-ckholsters. Slurpy slurpy JK!

  30. Just wait Johnny Limo

    Wait until the Spanos and McLaughlins put you out of business. They will clean your clock and put an end to you. You won’t even know what hit you. Don’t worry there is a job cleaning animal feces at the animal shelter that will be calling your name after you are demolished and no one uses your business.
    Nick Spano will become the owner of Top Class and call it Empire Strategic Limos.

    1. My take on this

      John Khader is a good man! You all know this and are obviously envious.

      He Is involved in the Arab community , sponsors and donated to numerous causes. He is well liked by many with the exception of a few that can’t stand the respect and success he’s has. It’s called hard work and dedication.

      MPAC IS FOR ALL TO PARTICIPTE ! It is time that the Arab American community gets their voice heard. Are we only good for cashing out checks. We have doctors, lawyers, educators , business owners , home owners , who all pay tax And support and continue to support our mayor.

      Your perception of Mpac is wrong!

      Your post are Ridiclous…( so much for staying on subject)!
      you sound like a moron with no education.
      I have to admit your funny but not true.

      If my memory serves me right it was John Khader who helped with the spano campaign along with many other respectable Arab men and woman in the community.

      This is not about John or MPAC .
      I feel like this is about his brother Mike Khader who is running for Yonkers city council president.

      John you ought to thank your haters for the publicity.
      My advice keep your enemies close and your friends closer. You obviously have a snake either working at city hall or someone desperately looking for a job.

      Let’s get back to the article.

    2. Out of business

      Lmao you mean just like Liam had a small family business chased out so he can open HQ on McLean ? Shame on him

  31. Something doesn't add up

    What is wrong with John Khader posting all of these comments about Mpac and himself?
    Everyone knows it is him yet he still keeps on posting about himself.
    Weird guy
    He has become obsessed

  32. Jimmys Cafe

    Everyone knows that when you “can’t beat them then you join them” is john khader. Who had a terrible showing from the community at his Mpac event. There were 50 politicians, 15 Khaders, and 6 other people. You are pathetic Johnny Limo for writing comments to insinuate yourself into a article that has nothing to do about you or Mpac. You are simply trying to gain attraction to yourself by writing numerous comments about Mpac.

        1. Speaking of freak show

          What’s up Liam ??? Why is he freaking out?

          Oh that’s right he’s running on one line. I would be freaking out too

    1. Looks who talking about Worthless

      Just like your no show job and overpaid salary. I’m sure your position can be filled for a fraction of your salary.

  33. Jimmys Cafe

    Johnny Limo posts comments on the Yonkers Tribune as a means of promoting Mpac. Why don’t you just take out an ad????? It will save you a lot of time putting up comments that are irrevelant to the story at hand. No one mentions John Khader or Mpac besides him because John Khader and Mpac are not worth anything. He is a complete fool.
    Go back to Jimmys Cafe John Khader

    1. cant beat them then join them

      and your an a$$ mpac is all the way up every state county local leaders at every event no need to promote the guy is a genius wise up outsider.

  34. JBC

    johnnlimo did have vip room locked down with a whole bunch of politicians and family on many nights im sure he has pix>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOL

  35. mpac fan club

    love to see how johnnylimo is so relevant to the yonkers tribune site not one story pertains to him yet they mention his name ,,,LOL

  36. Join Mpac

    With John khader as THE CHAIRMAN and THE FOUNDER of Mpac… Mpac is ALL THE WAY UP… Mpac has doubled its sponsors and had a strong turnout from the community… help us screw the Spanos… ROTFLMAO

  37. God Bless the Spanos

    Lenny Sr, Nick, Mike, and Vincent all have dedicated their lives to being a public servant whether it Lenny Sr being the greatest County Clerk in history or Nick being the greatest State Senator this country has ever seen or Mike being a legendary mayor whose advancements in the city will be known forever or Vincent the hands down best city clerk Yonkers has ever seen. There are fools like Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Shelley Mayer, Barry McGoey, and their few and insignificant supporters who think they can take down the Spano name ( or they did). Cousins thought she did in 2006, 5 years later Mike is inaugrated as Mayor. If Mayer thinks she is a strong candidate why not run against Miks, oh wait she probably realizes she will get crushed just like she did in 2006. Shelley Mayer won’t be the next Mayor if she can’t get the support of the Spanos. Barry is just a fool who can do as many videos and as many protests but it won’t make a difference. After the Spano back Rubbo defeat Barry’s twin(aka Maeve Scott), he will be recognized to everyone as a nobody with no political power. Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Shelley Mayer, and Barry McGoeys days of politics are numbered.

    God Bless the Spanos and may God give them the strength to continue defeating opposition and staying in power

  38. sad

    What place and time is this???? 1930’s Louisiana??? With the Kingfish as Mayor… making sure all his “relatives” get takin care of and “specially” those “particular” good lookin’ friends that somehow make the gloomy afternoons pass a little faster…

    Wake up!!! these people have been squeezing us taxpayers for years!!! and just when you think we might be out from under all the patronage and backroom dealing… someone has the brilliant idea to eliminate the only safety brake we have… Term LImits. The only reason we are talking about Term limits is because this administration could not be elected to anything else in the county… the more educated and “careful” citizens of Westchester, think Yonkers politics is a joke and they are quite happy it stays in Yonkers.
    Just how many more stories of collusion and backroom dealing do you have to hear before you turn over city hall to someone reputable and finally remove the yoke of “my brother/sister/cousin/uncle/ is the Mayor and if you want to do business you have to buy my /service/phones/cars/lobbying/whatever????? I mean isn’t 8 years of this crap enough????
    just when do we deserve a Mayor who has Yonkers citizens as his/her first priority????
    When do we get an administration with competent people who serve the needs of a decaying city instead of constantly conniving ways to line their own pockets.
    Just when the hell will civil service stop being a pornographic joke.
    Good god we need some kind of change to drain this sewer and finally elect someone who truly gives a good damn about our schools, our streets and our home.

  39. Go ahead and overturn term limits

    The surest way to finally rid Yonkers of the Spano’s will be when Mike gets crushed by Shelley Mayer. Just like Andy Spano didn’t ever dream Rob Astorino would beat him. Andy Spano and his “insiders” thought they were untouchable too. Same thing more recently with Hillary and her “insiders”. So go ahead and abolish or extend term limits. Shelley Mayer and Mike Khader could both use 3 terms.

    1. There will be no repeal of Term Limits. Ever.

      There will be no overturing of term limits. Trust me. The will of the people by ballot will prevail in Yonkers and those who try to change that will be in court, both as elected officials and individually as private citizens.
      There will be no taxpayer funds used to defend those who try to change that, unlike the Amaclown who bent the council over a barrel to pay his bills. Shame on those past and present councilmembers who were bent over. You and we know who you are.

      No politician should be allowed to spend more than 8 years in any government position. And it all should be voluntary with no salary, bennies or pension. It should be civic duty for your country.

    2. The Truth and Facts

      Being delusional
      Probably John wrote that
      FYI I have used Silver Star before and they are the best Limo service in the country
      Shelley will lose to mike just like she did in 2006
      Shelley is a nobody who will get crushed running against the Spano name
      Our great Mayor Mike Spano decides the winners in this city not any other entity

  40. Losers with too much time on their hands

    Vote of no confidence in Picani at the Teamsters? Are you really that stupid? Must be. And new leadership to replace McGoey at 628? He’s the best union leader in the state and it would be funny to watch someone get destroyed by him.

  41. Shakeup

    Once McLaughlin, Merante and Rubbo cruise to victory there will be a union shakeup within local 628 and teamsters 456. Mcgoey has bit more than he can chew, rank and file are looking for new leadership and Picatta will soon have a no confidence vote.

    1. Keep dreaming dope

      Once Khader Pagano and Scott defeat the Spano bobbleheads there wil be a new day in Yonkers and the Swamp will begin to drain at last.

  42. The TRUE FACTS

    Scott or as many like to refer to her as Barry’s twin will not win. Rubbo will deliver a crushing defeat hands down, there is not enough union money Barry can pour into to this race to win. Pagano is in the pockets of the Spanos.
    “The REAL Facts” is likely Barry McGoey who is delusional in thinking that there will be votes to take out Vinny, one of the best city clerks ever. Vincent Spano does not lose, he will have the votes on the city council till he retires. He carried Liam on his back to victory. Vinny should consider a run for mayor, keep the great Spano family in power after all the years they have sacrificed in public service they deserve it. God Bless all the Spanos that have held public office. As a resident of Yonkers it has been a honor for members of the Spano family to represent me in many forms of government.

    1. These are the funniest "facts" ever

      Can’t stop laughing. Laughing so hard it hurts. Please someone get me a tissue. And some toilet paper.

  43. The True Conservative Leader

    Vincent Spano is the true conservative leader. He is the champion of county Conservatives. He can shut down McGoey, High Fox, and Billy Roza without an issue. Must everyone be reminded of what Vinny did to the Conservatives and their party pick in 2013. If you truly want the Conservative line, talk to Vinny not Fox/Roza/McGoey. Fox and Roza are placeholders with no power. The real power lays with the greatest city clerk Yonkers has ever seen, Vincent Spano.

    1. Cracked

      How is the crack pipe treating you tonight? One too many G&T’s?
      Anyway what ever you are smoking or drinking pass it around so we can all understand those rose tinted glasses.

      1. Call it like I see it

        So, Vincent Spano is in our City Clerk because of the three letters after his name DNA- he is a high school drop out! ! Bill Rosa has put his time into this city risking his life as a Firefighter and his father was a cop. He is far from perfect but look at our morals people. Granted Father Spano made an empire out of a lot of sweat and hard work and unfortunately his kids have abused that and can not say the same. It is like with any kid if you don’t work hard to get it you can not appreciate it. Time for change. The mob mentality needs to stop. Liam, Rubio, Terrero all are pawns in the Spano game of chess voting for them with keep the Spano train in power longer but like Spallone sooner or later their reign will run its course!

  44. Keep term limits

    It’s time to give new crooks a chance to steal whatever the current bunch of crooks haven’t stolen yet.

  45. A real outsider

    As a member of the Arab community, John khader’s Mpac does not represent the community. A past comment probably written by John Khader states that “Mike Spano is screwing the community”. This is not true. Mike has the majority of the community behind him. Mike Spano has done great things for the Mediterranean community. Mike Spano, I thank you for doing such great things for the Arab community. John Khader might be “THE FOUNDER” or “THE CHAIRMAN” of Mpac as he likes to put it, but the real community is behind you Mike. We voted for you as an Assemblyman, when you first ran for mayor in 2011, your reelection in 2015, and we will support you for mayor in 2019 or any other political seats you are planning to run for with or without John khader and the incredibly insignificant Mpac.

  46. Facts

    This is something you should take into consideration.
    Barry McGoey’s power is dwindling by the day… after Rubbo crushes his twin Maeve Scott and Merante defeats Pagano the perception in Yonkers will change.

    1. The REAL facts

      When Khader Pagano and Scott win the first thing they will do is get rid of all 3 City clerks and replace then with professionals.

  47. VP

    Spano is a rising star in NY state politics. He has won both City Wide elections easily. He’s been looked at the next nominee for Governor.

    1. No More SpaNO's

      You are either a fool or a SpaNO puppet, maybe both.

      It’s easy to win elections when there’s no opposition. SpaNO will never, ever be the Governor of NY. Never.

    2. COY

      VIP -Really last election only 13% of registered voters came out to vote not exactly a glowing tribute to Spano. You must be one of the COY workers on the public Spano dole.

  48. Come on now

    What happened “Myron” , “Oh brother” and “duh” you asked the Spano administration for a job and they said no?
    That is usually the reason why someone will dislike Mike, the best mayor Yonkers has even seen. Mike will cruise into his third term if he wants to.
    The People of Yonkers certainly want him to run again.

    1. duh

      Who said anything about disliking Mike? He is a nice guy but part of the swamp nonetheless. As far as the best mayor, unless you knew all of the other mayors, that's a big assumption. Maybe compared to Amiclown he is the best, but then anybody would be.

    2. disgruntled member

      hey Einstein mpac supports spano they threw a fundraiser for spano what did you do????

      p.s. you must of been one of the few that produced zero and got shown the door.lol

  49. 8 years is enough

    I personally like him…he did good BUT ITS Time for the Mayor to move on !!!! 8 years is enough. Keep term limits.
    NO ONE SHOULD BE IN OFFICE MORE THAN TWO TERMS! City of yonkers thanks you for your service MAYOR !



    John Khader the FOUNDER and CHAIRMAN of Mpac is All the way up. Mike Spano is screwing the community. John Khader the FOUNDER and CHAIRMAN of Mpac has doubled the sponsorships for Mpac and had strong community turnout even with haters. And there are many.

  51. Info

    Mike Spano is a wonderful mayor. He has great plans for our schools and should be given more time to complete them. Mike Spano is truly draining the swamp. Mike Spano is all the way up. He has very little opposition from his great work at governing. There are a few buffoons out there like McGoey and Johnny Limo who are haters of the mayor. They are haters with no substance. McGoey uses the Firefighter Union and Johnny uses his phony organization Mpac as a means of trying to defeat the undefeatable Mayor Mike Spano. Johnny Limo should stick to driving cars than trying to form an anti-Spano coalition(which he has failed on numerous occasions). Limo man is a fool.

    1. Jock strap

      wrong info again..ROTFLMAO spano was at last mpac event and very close with john get off johnlimo jock strap….

  52. Outsider

    Politicians extending term limits is profoundly anti-democratic and stands against everything the United States supposedly represents.

  53. Keep Spano

    Mike Spano has done a great job putting Yonkers on right track. I just hope in reigns these unions with their sweetheart contracts and exorbitant salaries.

  54. Insider

    Mayor Spano is a great guy who should rescind term limits. Spano is a strong man in Westchester politics. He has served Yonkers great and it would be a reward for the citizens if he were to rescind term limits. Don’t listen to clowns like John Khader and his silly, insignificant organization Mpac. John Khader loves running his mouth against mike Spano. John Khader and Mpac are trivial. people just eat the food at his house for a free meal. Spano is the most popular mayor Yonkers has ever seen.

    FYI- the food tastes bad and the booze sucks

    1. Jock strap

      you mean his organization that had the mayor attend…lol the one where liam the lep sweated all night ??lol get off his jock mpac is all the way up like it or not.

      1. Blah blah "all the way up" blah blah

        Have not seen or heard of the Mayor endorsing Mike Khader for CCP; John and the Mayor can’t be too close

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