Statement from Yonkers Fire Fighters By BARRY McGOEY

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Barry McGoey, Esq., President of the I.A.F.F. Local 628.

YONKERS, NY — July 11, 2017 — “The Yonkers Fire Fighters are forced to respond to the baseless and outrageous attack by Mayor Spano regarding a NYS Comptroller review of the use of foreign fire insurance proceeds which are authorized under New York State Insurance Law.

“First, the NYS Comptroller’s review is not complete and the Comptroller has not issued its report.  Any comments by Mayor Spano prior to the release of the Comptrollers Report are premature and improper.  The Union is entitled to respond to the Comptroller’s report before being ambushed and unfairly attacked in the press by Mayor Spano.

“Secondly, there is no evidence that Local 628 has expended any foreign fire insurance proceeds inconsistent with the NYS Insurance Law.

“The State Legislature has recently passed legislation to address an obsolete 1912 special act which only applies to Yonkers and which has no relevance any longer in order to ensure that Local 628 is able to continue to expend the foreign fire insurance proceeds consistent with the State’s Insurance Law.   Rather than being criticized with baseless accusations, Mayor Spano should be supporting Local 628’s efforts to proactively correct the situation so that the foreign fire insurance proceeds can be spent for the benefit of the City’s  Fire Fighters which is in the City’s interest as well.

“Governor Cuomo should not be bullied by Mayor Spano into vetoing this long-overdue corrective legislation.”

Barry McGoey, President
Yonkers Firefighters IAFF Local 628

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eHeziStatement from Yonkers Fire Fighters By BARRY McGOEY

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  1. Face Up To It

    That Money Belongs To Us, The Citizens of Yonkers.
    We Pay “YOUR SALARIES.” How dare you take from us.
    Take Take Take. What more do you want ?
    If you get hurt at a fire , are you left destitute , without money ?
    Face Up To It .
    That Money Belongs To Yonkers.

  2. Park Hill Gang

    I liked the way that news 12 spun this story and said some of the money was being used for a cup of coffee…Mike, this will be just another thing you will lose…Trying to break us all of these years has just made us stronger…I wonder if we gave redhead the endorsement, if this would have even been addressed…Get lost….

  3. BOBO'S

    Just produce a list of all expenditures for the last 20 years McGoey. Give them to Hezi so we can all see you the monies were spent.

    We the public will decide whether the monies were spent correctly. Not you not the politicians.

  4. Press Conference

    Barry hold a press conference in front of Rogans Contaminated Soils on sawmill river Rd that the Spanos looked the other way when it was all illegally dump over 2 years also they had the winning bid to haul and dump city’s dirt and soils and it all dumped in there guess everybody got a piece of the action. Corruption both ways looking forward to channel 7 news.

  5. Mike Spano is a schmuck

    20 years in the Assembly wth felon Nick and he never had a problem with this stuff. Now he wants to pretend that hes worried about taxpayer dollars? What about the double dipping on per diems and mileage and toll reimbursements when he was car pooling with Nick back and forth to Albany? Just the beginning folks. Just the beginning.

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