Yonkers City Hall Attempts to Ignite a Political Maelstrom Against the Yonkers Fire Department

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The Red Truth Hezitorial

Instigated by Yonkers City Council President Incumbent Liam McLaughlin’s Frustration Over Lack of Support from Associates and Friends

The Journal News’ Tax Watch Columnist David McKay Wilson “Uncovering” of a Two-Percent Fund Asserts Yonkers Fire Department Has Been Misspending for Decades

Assertion Begs the Question Why this Concern Has Taken 105 Years to Uncover

Who Is to Blame?

Connecting the Dots

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

The Journal News Columnist David McKay Wilson’s assertion that the International Association of Fire Fighters (I.A.F.F.) – Local 628 “has spent more than $10 million in state taxpayer funds over the past five decades in violation of state law” puts to question many issues of concern. Most fundamentally is why such an alleged travesty, seemingly coupled by a lack of fiscal awareness, political connivance, or even total incompetence has languished unresolved and unabated. Why has legal conduct by New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, his office, as well as his predecessors evidently been deficient and delinquent in their responsibilities. Once recognized, why has this alleged fraud not been divulged? The article suggesting that Mayor Mike Spano has been concerned over this “impropriety” for years does not seem on target. If it were the travesty it was purported to be, why was this issue not relegated to the top of the list needing to be mitigated on behalf of the local taxpayer, and as a precedent on behalf of New York State?

It would be absurd for Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano to take responsibility for the lack of fiscal oversight; likewise it seems just as absurd for the Office of the Mayor to suggest after his “knowing” that he is the champion of this fiscal debacle. Why had Mayor Mike Spano promoted the engagement of Nick DeSantis, the auditor for the Office of the Mayor, to become the auditor for the Yonkers Board of Education Department if Mayor Spano was indeed aware of the travesty years earlier? More importantly, why is Nick DeSantis and his firm even permitted to work on behalf of the City of Yonkers when they have never spoken of this issue as auditors under Mayor Mike Spano or his predecessors, Phil Amicone, and John Spencer. Is this circumstance an oversight or a conspiracy? No matter the definition of this conduct, there is a problem with fiscal, “so-called” forensic capacity by the people delegated and charged to comply with changing protocol, standards, and law so as to serve the public interest. Who is in charge? is it Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli? Is it Yonkers Finance Commissioner John Liszewski? Is it Nick DeSantis, CPA, Partner in the firm of PKF O’Connor Davies LLP? Or is it Barry McGoey, I.A.F.F. – Local 628 President? Or is this heretofore “little known” malignment of legislative intent that dates to 1912 an alleged travesty tangentially bridging the fiscal sensibilities of the present by the upcoming contentious political concerns?



Yonkers Tribune refers to the malcontented incumbent who until this telling seemed to be balanced and prudent regarding his options for reelection bid for another four years in office. In fact, that very “fact” was brought forward to me in no uncertain terms by someone I regard a “friend” though the people we each respectively associated with in the past were at differing points along the political divide. Neither of us seems to have any intent to undermine the other in that regard, likely because the “friendship” is more important than the political differences that impress or are discarded in different times of our lives, as with everyone.

So what went wrong? In this particular case, as people in the know who have informed us advise, Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin, the Republican incumbent seeking another four-year term in office, is smarting because in the many years he has served as a member of the Yonkers City Council, as a Councilman, Minority Leader, Majority Leader, and most recently as President, over a 13 ½ year incumbency, many of those McLaughlin had befriended will not ascribe their names or beseech the people they may have influence over, and they are collectively huge in numbers and influence, have caused McLaughlin to lose his composure.

Mentally incapacititated and disheveled by the loss of “friends” McLaughlin had previously thought he could count upon, this “little known” crisis, as written in The Journal News, fomenting since 1912, exposes a travesty of its findings. The effort exposes a stench that reeks of politically motivated effort with an agenda intended to diminish the prospects of those running for elected office, especially those whispered in hushed tones to be aligned with and/or supported by I.A.F.F. – Local 628 President Barry McGoey, Esq.

Insiders in the know have yet to home in on the facilitator of this circumstance. yet all agree that the catalyst was a blow out verbal assault that transpired after McGoey was asked by McLaughlin for his endorsement and McGoey advised he could not in good conscience comply with McLaughlin’s request. McLaughlin’s response was incendiary. McGoey would not capitulate. They are known to have stayed friends despite the meandering political vicissitudes over many decades.

So much for McLaughlin maintaining a cool and calibrated demeanori. It seems McLaughlin would be prudent to stay very much removed from the public arena if he desires even a glimmer of success in the November 2017 election effort.that was his initial game plan. WE now knowwhat went wrong.

Yonkers Tribune has been advised that McLaughlin’s numbers are judged to be a tad over 50 percent and that Michael Khader, remained an “unknown” to whomever took a recent poll. That alone reveals the lack of credibility of the “so-called” poll. McLaughlin makes it into the poll with a Republican line endorsement and is judged at 50 plus percent. Juxtaposed to those Numbers I speak the advisement that not even one percent recognition exist for the challenger Mike Khader. Khader has won the endorsement of the Democratic, Independence, Working Families, Women’s Equality, and Reform parties lines that eluded the findings in the poll noted without attribution to the pollster.  On top of that, many major labor union endorsements. How could such a poll not recognize he exists; evidently we learn the definition of “fake” polling.

David McKay Wilson’s article continues by drawing the conclusion: “The money was doled out to Yonkers Fire Department employees for gym memberships, co-payments for medical care and health insurance deductibles. It also was used to sponsor dinner dances, softball tournaments, and evenings to honor retirees or those in the department for 20 to 25 years.” The engaging and dramatic opening assertion in The Journal News is that “Yonkers Firefighters Local 628 also took a healthy cut of the funds to administer the unlawful spending, receiving 15 percent of $559,000 spent in 2015.”

Were the assertions legitimate in any manner, why has litigious action not been engaged by any protagonist since 1912, since the last 50 years, since NYS Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli took office, since John Leszewki became Yonkers Finance Commission, since Nick DeSantis was engaged to audit the Yonkers City Budget, among others with purview over the financial health of the city coffers, and among all the bean counters who have a hand in the conduct of the City of Yonkers

So why the drama?

Bring on the legal eagles and for once let those who preside over law make their ruling.

In the meanwhile, rest easy. Fear not, there is nothing to fear. No fire, no smoke, only hot air!

eHeziYonkers City Hall Attempts to Ignite a Political Maelstrom Against the Yonkers Fire Department

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  1. Run, Run, Run, if You Can; said, The Gingerbread Man !

    We are looking forward to your plan Liam.
    Let’s cut out the mud throwing and get this city back on the ball.
    You should welcome a challenge.
    Khader is willing to get in. I say God Bless the Both of You.
    Yonkers needs people like the both of you.
    What’s a matter Local 628 ? Ya didn’t get two loaves of bread ?

  2. The entire city is corrupt

    Each and every union, each and every politician, and the vast majority of workers on the city payroll are corrupt, under- or unqualified, and more or less a drain on the taxpayers. Elections mean nothing. The names may change but the story stays the same – pure unadulterated naked greed and nepotism. That’s Yonkers. It’s not going to change.

    1. Come Doomsday

      This post is the only one to read and it’s all true. It will change though. Come the next economic crash, all of this will end. It’s totally unsustainable. All politicians are responsible as they will not deal with the main problem bloated wages, pensions and of course little or no productivity.

  3. Most Corrupt City in the State= Spano's

    Mayor Spano has raised taxes and the water bill and he is worried about the Firefighters cash? You think this is about Liam?

  4. A bunch of hipocrits

    Little Mike and XXXX-Large John are hipocrits. They have been begging the Mayor to back them yet now they say the endorsement from the Greatest Mayor of Yonkers and potential candidate for Governor in 2018 is meaningless. That is not the case. They realize Mike Spano backs winners and that little loser Kader isn’t a winner.Little Kader has no strength in Yonkers.

    This year I believe I won’t be attending Fat John’s company BBQ. He has become very controversial. Anyways it is not like I am missing much- the food is absolutely terrible and the booze sucks. A bottle of water is more expensive than that wine he puts out.

    1. LOL

      LMAO …who is the real hypocrite. You are a moron. You criticize the food and beverages served at Limo’s house and you are too stupid to realize that your comment, ‘THIS YEAR’ you won’t attend, clearly indicates you are probably a perennial fixture at his FREE soirees, no matter how low rent the refreshments, as you suggest. Anything for free, right? And which city job do you hold hahahaha.

      1. Stupid idiots

        I received 5 emails to come to your BBQ. And the food was shitty. And cheap wine gave me a headache. Please do me a favor and don’t bother me with your stupid emails.

          1. khaderfan

            15 YEARS of old wine, stale cigars and terrible food, yet he has a nice turnout every year; with good friends, colleagues and city officials who enjoy their time there. all are treated like family and always welcome. Khader is well liked, with the exception of a few keyboard bullies. it is obvious you are another hater and can’t stand the the respect and hard work he has earned. stick to the article and stopping diverting.

  5. The truth

    Wow the Spanclan D-bags really seems to have it out for the YFD. Hmm, I wonder so curiously how the YFD will ever be able to fend off the Spanclan? LMAO!! Spanclan dummies- don’t throw stones while living in glass houses !! Someone get the popcorn, this show is going to be great.

  6. not likely

    We know it is hard for you to accept that another public citizen is running for office. Your post shows the mentality of this corrupt City. How is þhe Spano’s endorsements working out.

  7. DumpKhader2017

    By next year I will be driving on Falmouth Rd and see a for sale sign on Khader’s home. As far as MPAC, 30 people will show up at the annual dinner.

  8. stamp and paid

    The Yonkers PBA and the CLSA endorsement don’t mean anything. It means that the Spano’s own you there big boy.

    1. Facts

      Why because you are not getting him lil Mike and fat John? lil Mike could have every union endorsement and he would still get crushed.

      Labor for Khader up my ass

      After a Khader defeat, Picani will have a no confidence vote on his hands.

      The amazing Union President Keith Olson backs winners something that Fat John has never done. The PBA endorsement of Liam will put him over the top.

      1. In your dreams

        What are you smoking? Crushing Khader I don’t think so. We all know union endorsements are good to have, otherwise Liam wouldn’t be so worried about not getting any. Let’s not forget he running is only on the republican line and that alone won’t crush Khader. This is going to be a close race. Don’t kid yourself.

        1. #voteagainstfatjohn2017

          Who are you to think Liam is nervous?
          He is a popular city council president running against lil Mike and fat John. All Fat John knows is cheap bottles of alcohol and crappy Limos. It will be a blow out. Mayor Spano seems to be backing Liam McLaughlin and the voters follow Mayor Spanos lead.

      2. Union Strong

        I support the Yonkers Police Dept but to say PBA endorsement will put Liam over the top; is a bit far from true … How many Yonkers Police live in Yonkers? How many of them actually like Liam?

        Liam needs God not Union help.

      3. Hot Air

        Did you think this all up while smoking from your Pyrex on Elm St. That must be some batch there smokey. KO looks just like the large rodent 456 puts up at non union work sites. Maybe the PBA can rent this fat **** out to build its coffers back up. KO and Co. have depleted the funds. Hey, did you pay Monte yet you overblown rodent?

  9. City lackey

    Are you kidding pal? Barry has exhibited leadership on behalf of ALL Yonkers Firefighters. Go sweep Mike Spano’s office you ass kisser.

    1. Drunken sailor

      More than we all can say for Keith Olson. I wish he had those extra funds so he’d stop burning through PBA funds. Better ask Barry for a loan to pay Montero.

      1. FYI

        The big lying union leader Keith Olson appears to be refusing an order from the Highest Court in the State of New York. He is leading his association into the gutter.

  10. No more firefighters

    Thank you Mike Spano for standing up to Labor. These Union are absolutely terrible for home owners. Anyone who is running for office and is continuously standing with Labor and Labor Union Heads I will vote against. Those type of people will just give whatever they want to the Unions. Mike Spano you are doing a phenomenal job. I hope you consider rescinding term limits. We want you to stay as Mayor of Yonkers and continue the great work. It would be a real shame to see Shelley or Chucky Cheese( even though Chuck has no shot, that guy couldn’t beat Daffy Duck) take office.

    The people of this city are behind you Mike whoever you back, we back!

    1. Politics as usual

      Did you not read since 1912? Obviously the money hasn’t been missed and if my house is burning down I’m not calling DPW. If you want a taste of the money then become a FF and rush into burning buildings. If not let the state decide what will happen to that 1912 legislation and stop bringing it up as it’s over a century old for crying out loud.

    2. raise my taxes again Mike

      Mayor Mike Spano does nothing but ******, and his work is not his. This work in the City was started way before the Nicky Spano Clan came. They better do term limits because not one will ever get elected again.

  11. Bob

    It takes a lot of courage to stand up to these bullies (Mcgooy and company) I commend Mike Spano on exposing the corrupt practices of Barry Mcgooy

    1. Pay up fat boy

      Oh suck an “egg” Bob. Barry is no bully. You want to go see a bully, go poke your head in the Yonkers PBA office. Now there’s a bully with gray whiskers and a tail.

  12. Richard Nestro

    Hezi this is a witch hunt I had the good fortune to serve on the executive board of local 628 from 1987 to 1995. The 2 % monies were always allocated according to what we felt were within the guidelines we were given, we were audited and records were kept and there was never a problem. It seems odd that Local 62 is being highlighted when all the paid fire departments use the same guidelines for the expenditures of the monies. Mayor Spano’s is bitter as he has not been able to control Local 628 and has lost several crucial arbitration cases. Barry and the executive board of local 628 are the strongest local in the State of NY and Spano’s can’t beat them.

    1. chasing your tail

      So true. The Yonkers Firefighters had Spano on his knees and they don’t pay lobbying cash the the fat cat Nick.

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