City Hall Silent Over Homicide of Richard “Ricky” Harley

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The Hezitorial Homicide Exclusive Published on August 19, 2017

City of Yonkers Police Department Public Information Officer Sgt. Dean Politopoulos issued the following statement received by the Yonkers Tribune on Monday, August 21, 2017 at 1:30pm. It can be found after the publication of the Yonkers Tribune original report herein.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — August 19, 2017 — Three people were witnessed to have beaten Richard Harley in the wee hours of August 15, 2017, in the vicinity of Herriot Street and Jackson Street, near the vicinity of Cerrato Park. The area is known to be a place where rival gangs and drug dealers and buyers congregate. A witness to the beating called the Yonkers Police Department. Yonkers Police Officers arrived at the scene noted by the witness to only find a trail of splattered blood that would lead them to Harley’s residence at 108 Jefferson Terrace, in Apartment 5A.

Mr. Harley was recognized to have been severely beaten. First Responders were called. Mr. Harley’s speech was slurred as if he were inebriated. He was conscious, uncooperative, and combative in his response to the Police Officers. First Responders transported Mr. Harley to St. Joseph’s Medical Center. It was at the hospital that he received medical attention upon recognition of his many injuries.

It was recognized from his distended abdomen that he was in the throes of internal bleeding. The assault he suffered was evidenced upon noticing his dislocated shoulder, as well as when multiple broken ribs were noted that conformed to the tip YPD had learned about from the 911 call.

While medical attention was swift, Mr. Harley died the same morning after 10am from the assault he suffered at the hands of three men of color that beat him to a pulp. Harley was White.

This revelation, kept under wraps by Yonkers City Hall, exposes Mayor Mike Spano’s many concerns to which he is failing to respond in a balanced and timely manner. By waiting two years before hiring an additional 35 Probational Police Officers last month to save a few bucks, this incident proves City Hall has waited far too long. No Yonkers Detectives were assigned to this case.

It was in the morning of his admittance that St. Joseph’s Medical Center would come to call YPD of Richard “Ricky” Harley homicide.

There are only two Yonkers Police Detectives assigned every night for the City of Yonkers, the fourth largest city in New York State. Imagine that, a city officially recognized with a population of 200,000 people and an unaccounted for population of residents amounting to an additional 50-75,000 surmised to also live within Yonkers border not recognized. Only two Yonkers Police Detectives!

The City of Yonkers, every municipality for that matter, is responsible to inform community residents of a homicide in order that such cases not become cold. YPD needs to immediately act upon investigating all such incidents so as to warn the community of what transpired, perhaps gain greater insight to what YPD may have been unaware, so that they may learn if the situation could have been avoided, if at all. Holding this incident under wraps, with insiders suggesting there is a need to await a toxicology report from the Medical Examiner is an excuse that is superfluous to the needs of the community at large to learn of the homicide.

No excuse is acceptable. City Hall’s conduct is contemptuous of the people who may be next victimized by the perpetrators yet to be identified in this case having been relegated to that of a Cold Case. Welcome to CSI Yonkers, where even death can be toyed with, as are the people who reside in Yonkers Downtown

The Yonkers Police Officers that ultimately found Mr. Harley and called the First Responders completed their task. Because no Yonkers Detectives were assigned to the Harley case before his demise, greater scrutiny and insight has gone wanting. The case now four days cold will unlikely be solved. Blame Yonkers City Hall, Mayor Mike Spano, and Yonkers Police Commissioner Gardner. Collectively they will each have to answer to their maker.

Instead of responding to the needs of the citizenry who reside in the vicinity, Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano would prefer not to let anyone know that the Yonkers Downtown district is not more than a stone throw away, as he dismisses protecting the community that is most affected by this homicide.

Then there is the fact that Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin, now that he is running for a second term, challenged as he is by Michael Khader, has commandeered the two overnight detectives to learn more about the armed robberies of businesses and a gas station in the east side of Yonkers near Yonkers Avenue and Alida Street and the greater community nearby that some say are core to McLauglin voters/supporters who reside in the general vicinity. Yonkers best allocate more P.O. to communities that require their presence


Thank you to all those who made the Yonkers Tribune aware of the situation and affording us the time to piece the intricacies of the complex issues that are intertwined after the demise of Richard “Ricky” Harley. May he rest in peace in recognizing he is remembered.

## #

City of Yonkers Police Department Public Information Officer Sgt. Dean Politopoulos issued the following statement received by the Yonkers Tribune on Monday, August 21, 2017 at 1:30pm as follows:

On Richard Harley Death Investigation

On Monday, August 14th, 2017, at approximately 11:43 PM, members of the Yonkers Police Department responded to the vicinity of Herriot Street on a third party report of a male walking on Herriot Street toward Riverdale Avenue with a visible head injury. Officers canvassed the area and along with Empress EMS subsequently located the male inside his residence in an apartment on Jefferson Terrace. Upon making contact with the male, a 54 year old resident of Yonkers, officers observed that he had visible injuries to his person. The male related to officers that he was walking home when he was assaulted by three unknown suspects who did not take any property from him. Upon further inquiry, the male could not provide any further information; he also appeared highly intoxicated to the responding officers. Although uncooperative and attempting to refuse medical aid, the male was removed to a local area hospital to be treated for his injuries. Officers canvassed the area where the alleged assault took place but did not locate a crime scene or witnesses at the time.

Approximately 22 hours later, the male passed away at the same hospital facility. A death investigation was initiated. The male is identified as Richard Harley.

Detectives from the Major Case Unit and Crime Scene Unit canvassed Harley’s last known locations, interviewing subjects, reviewing surveillance video, and processing forensic evidence. Additionally, Harley’s body was removed by the Westchester County Medical Examiner’s Office for further examination.

In conjunction with autopsy results from the Westchester County Medical Examiner’s Office, preliminary investigation has yielded that Richard Harley expired from natural causes and not the result of the aforementioned visible injuries. Although Harley’s death does not appear to be the result of foul play, Detectives are still actively investigating to determine if Harley was involved in an altercation on the evening of 8/14.

The Yonkers Police Department often conducts death investigations that are apparently non-criminal in nature, and such instances are not reported to the media to afford privacy to the affected families. The Yonkers Police Department offers its sincere condolences to the Harley family.


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eHeziCity Hall Silent Over Homicide of Richard “Ricky” Harley

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  1. Nancy Logan Loria

    I spent Easter Crying. Missing my nephew with all my heart but then that’s the way I spend most days. Today for some strange reason someone clicked on a comment on here that I made last August and I am going to take it as a sign. I’ve once again read over the many comments, hurting over Deenice101 thinking that a man kicked senseless in the head and broken bones is just a nothing, assuming Al Sharpton is the man to call. I go on Ricks page everyday, hundreds of pictures of the city he loved, the old friends that those who moved loved seeing. We, his family still look for answers, not the BS handed out to cover-up his death but meaningful answers. The answers are out there. Natural Causes is unacceptable. I’m not going away and I haven’t given up. I would expect nothing less from anyone else if it was their loved one.


    Yonkers Police ?
    Everyone knows in the whole country.
    Saddest Sickest Corruptest Police.
    and you know they are

  3. Fran Phillips

    If Artie D. is right, Harley was drunk, fell, and struck his head multiple times. Doesn’t sound like “natural causes” to me. Accidental,
    YPD’s press release does little to clarify what really happened. It never said whether Harley was actually assaulted, only that they looked for a crime scene and viewed surveillance videos. A little bit of truth would go a long way toward dispelling the appearance of a cover-up.

    1. Avril Duncan

      At am so upset at this situation. My nephew Rick Harley has been murdered ! And yet has been put down to natural causes. Well if someone had several broken ribs fusi on not result in internal bleeding as was the cause of death?? Not to mention dislocated shoulder and a head injury that would definitely cause confusion!

  4. No One Cares ?

    People are watching.
    We are watching
    The Federals are watching this one Yonkers.
    I have lodged a complaint with them in another town.
    Try and Sweep it under your famous rug.
    Investigate !
    Try doing your job for a change.

  5. White Life's Matter

    Justice for Rick Harley
    White lives matter too
    Let’s get rid of the whole corrupt Spano family they have been destroying Yonkers for years they are out for themselves
    Hire a lawyer call police department all day everyday call city hall all day everyday.Rick had a lot of friends everyone needs to harass the city of Yonkers until there are some answers
    Medical examiner said he died of natural causes really do you think people are stupid
    He was murdered by three men of COLOR where are the marchers and protesters

    1. Medical Examiner ???????

      He changed a cause of death years back on that guy police said jumped out window but Examiner found back of skull fractures who jumps out window backwards? And the 2 lying cops can’t wait till they are called to the stand I hope it bankrupts city. No matter what Ricky was in life he didn’t deserve to be treated like that by the YPD and the Death Hospital of Yonkers R.IP.

    2. deenice101

      Race baiting doesn’t change the circumstances. I, nor anyone commenting was present for any of the events that took place that day. All we can do is go with what the Coroner says.
      The author of this story is merely fanning the flames of hatred with his racist speculation about a situation he has no firsthand knowledge of.

  6. Artie D.

    According to the bums he usually hangs out and drinks with every day at the Auto Zone parking lot on South Broadway, he was drunk and fell and hit his head hard. They said he had been drinking heavily and falling and hitting his head on the ground for the last week.

    He got up and left. No one knows what happened after he left or if he fell again.

    1. Ben

      Shut up you sound ridiculous. Where did the broken ribs come from? If you don’t know what you’re talking about you should keep your comments to yourself.

    2. Edward Gill

      I live in Mesa Arizona, I left Yonkers 22
      Years ago. I knew Ricky very well. Artie I read your comments, Decided that you are an idiot. The man was beat to his DEATH! So Its citizens and corrupt politicians why I left 22 years ago, If you think I don’t love my hometown…. Look at my email address

  7. Many many more Killings Stabbings Beatings stay tuned.

    The new Yonkers is in full affect the Yonkers that your elected officials can do NOTHING about but line their pockets. Who ever said crime doesn’t pay? Just ask YPD.

  8. Lost in Yonkers

    So sad,I knew Rick from a mutual friend, he did not deserve to die this way……Do you know white lives matter too……where are the police, where are the people demonstrating against the hate and racism?…this country is so one sided, no justice at all, R.I.P.

  9. Robin W

    Does it sound strange to anyone that a 54 year old died of natural causes???????

    This needs to be investigated….. a man lost his life due to a beating whether it was a primary or secondary cause of death shouldn’t matter as it absolutely contributed to his death.

    RIP Ricky.

  10. See no evil speak no evil hear no evil

    This is a serious situation and if not addressed it will spread. Most of us try to stay away from the area but there are times we have to drive through this area. Like having to go to the nursing home in Riverdale. Driving home one night sections were blocked off by the police, driving through the side streets was scary. This shouldn’t be. We definitely need more police in these areas. The POLITIANS have to stop turning a blind eye. Do more than cutting ribbons!

  11. Nancy Logan Loria

    Our family thanks you for covering the death of Rick. You are the only one to do so. He was very well known and had kind words and smiles for everyone. Rick knew and cared for people not based on the color of their skin, rather if they needed help or a kind word on a bad day. His many friends would agree. Our family is grieving and lost without answers, please don’t let coverage stop, as much as it hurts to see we need accountability. He was deeply loved and his life mattered.
    Thank you, his Aunt Nancy

  12. Anonymous

    My uncle didn’t deserve to die this way. I agree with the comment stating why isn’t this a hate crime. If it was the other way around I am sure this story would have received a lot more attention. It’s sad what the world has come too.

    1. deenice101

      Why couldn’t have been that in a drunken state, he barked up the wrong tree? The experts have ruled that his death was natural. Just let it go, or call AL Sharpton.

  13. West side Story

    Right after all the robberies, shootings and homicides the Mayor and Liam will announce legislation to introduce renaming the Saw Mill River Road to Nolan Drive.

  14. A few thoughts

    1. Gang violence is a very serious problem in certain parts of Yonkers such as the southwest. Google it – there’s plenty of info on particular gangs and significant arrests in recent years by the State and Feds. The homicides, guns, and drugs flow from these gangs. And yet no one in City Hall or the local media will talk about it. There’s a story for you, Hezi.

    2. More detectives and cops need to be hired. To all the cops – when you take OT you should realize that what you’re actually doing is taking a job away from a potential cop. OT is a clever way for cities and departments (in whatever walk of live) to save on costs by shifting additional work (i.e. overworking people) to those already on the payroll. You do more work, get a bit more money, but the city doesn’t have to actually create more jobs (in this case for more cops) and pay for the benefits of a new, full-time hire. Instead, they can shift that saved money to City Council member salary increases and other perks for friends and family of the administration while short-changing the men and women on the front lines as well as the city’s residents who rely on those men and woman to maintain order and public safety. Managers like to use the word “efficiency.”

    3. Unless you want to live in a police state, all the cops in the world won’t solve problems related to poverty, drugs, and guns. That’s where a visionary mayor and his admin come into the picture with policies and plans. Too bad our may’ah just likes building luxury buildings with debt and tax breaks for wealthy LLCs. Spano’s modus operandi is to smoke the poor blacks and Hispanics out of southwest Yonkers through gentrification. Build luxury this, that, and the other and hope and pray that hipsters move in, prices go up, and poor people of color are forced to move farther north in Westchester because they can’t afford to live in hip, start-up, techie Yonkers anymore. The shit schools are the Achilles heel in this master plan. Young families with disposable income have kids and they sure won’t move to Yonkers as long as the schools remain shit, which is why Spano has been pushing this issue hard lately. In other words, if you build it they will come (and the poor ones will be forced out). That’s progress and good governance in Spanoland.

    4. This death should be investigated as a potential hate crime. It works both ways – white on black and black on white.

    5. Certain parts of Yonkers have become VERY dangerous under Spano’s watch.

    1. deenice101

      It’s funny how people understand and embrace Gentrification, yet don’t ever offer a clue to eliminate poverty. That is a prime example of systematic racism.

  15. Moral builder

    Yonkers is a mess and the politicians are to blame. The men and women in uniforms are the pawns. The Yonkers PBA President is a crooked thug that should have been removed when he went after Khader and others. As he goes around shaking hands the patrol force know he sold them out for a job and promotions.

  16. Give me two more years# Olson # loser

    Let’s not forget that the Spano union leader gave up all the units and now because of elections he wants more dues money. Before you tackle the streets, you need to clean up the Yonkers PBA first.

  17. Henry Standing Bear

    50,000-75,000,I doubt that many,maybe 5,000to 10,000 more ‘residents’.Why have I not seen this story on mainstream media,TV,Radio,print or internet?

    1. Lilly Ruiz

      Ricky was a good person and he didn’t had to go thru what he went thru. I’ve known Ricky for many, many years and he was always a gentleman to me. I’m so sorry… no more pain. I will always think of you.

      R.I.P. Rick.

  18. Simple and Quick Solution To This Problem

    Here is a simple solution to this problem and Mayor Spano and Commissioner Gardner should be right on top of this. Until such time that the additional police officers are hired, simply assign a Foot Patrolman to “Walk” a beat in and around the Cerrato Park area, each and every evening starting from 10 AM to 6 AM the following day. Cerrato Park has been a PROBLEM AREA, going back to the late 1960’s in the City of Yonkers. Its about time that the Mayor and the Police Commissioner step up and ensure that this area is cleared of the ‘Thugs’, ‘Scum’, Drug Dealers and Low Life Gang Members, that thrive each and every day in this area. How about having Mayor Spano having his wife, Mary Calvi, walk around Cerrato Park, just in a pair of jeans and a Sweatshirt on, without a patrol car within a mile of the area, and see how well she fares? Wake up Yonkers !!!

  19. Corruption by the River

    The City of Yonkers Police Department PC has his hands tied while the Spano’s set up guys like Olson, Phelan, Chiarella, Monaco, Venturino, Mueller, Dematteos and personnel IAD. They control it all. They tell you whether it is a crime or not.

    1. Bluetruth

      The YPD has been sold down the river by its own so called leaders. What they really are just a bunch of boot lickers with no honor or self respect. They prostitute themselves to the Spano’s like $5 street walkers. Let’s break it down – Phelan, DeMatteo, and Monaco sold out their union members to be taken care of – DD shield, brothers and family taken care of and who do you think is the next chief? All on members backs. What dishonor. Chiarella the lush rocker sets spot after pba sold out its members. Shame. Venturino – nothing but a common thief – cleptomaniac if you ask me . He’s his own biggest fan. Quite amusing. Mueller – thats been addressed in previous blue truth posts enough said. IAD is truly weird. A mix of lazy do nothing’s led by a Spano plant. CO made almost 300k before abandoning ship – now we get a Spano brother to oversee our spending thanks to him. Great, hope you and Sean enjoy spooning together in Florida Freddy boy. This my friends is the curremt state of affairs in YPD. Just scratching the surface. Spano trash along with YPD accomplices ruined a once great job.

  20. Yonkers Downtown Homicides

    First thing is to get rid of the Yonkers PBA President Olson and then start with his friend John Mueller who wants to be Police Commissioner but was never a “boot on the guy kind of guy”. Olson has been PBA President since 2010 and took care of his family with the Spano’s before his own membership. First boot should go to the thug leader. Since the past 20 years it has only been two Detectives on at any given midnight shift. Then they call the rest on overtime if your on the east side and your a Nolan type of skell. The rest of the city is on its own. Now where is that waterfront condo. Lol

  21. Spin-o never read Iannone

    This isn’t an east side – west side issue. It’s a manpower/staffing issue. The YPD is undermanned.
    Most cities Yonkers’ size have 700+ cops. More manpower = more police officers on marked patrol to deter crime on both sides of Yonkers.
    I doubt that the assignment of detectives to investigate the armed robberies on the east side had anything to do with Liam McLaughlin. A patrol supervisor would have made that call. Both robberies required immediate investigation because there were shots fired at a civilian at Alida St., and a pursuit and subsequent arrest of the suspects in the other.
    Armed robberies are dangerous for civilians as well as police officers, and it’s in everyone’s best interest to arrest them and remove them from the street as soon as possible. No problem there. But the beating death should have been investigated immediately also, and if they needed more detectives they should have called some in, on OT if necessary.
    There have been multiple homicides on the west side of Yonkers this this year, with no ending in sight. The east side just had 2 armed robberies in a short span of time. No matter how much they manipulate the statistics, it is evident that crime in Yonkers is increasing. Smoke and mirrors (5th pct., stop and shake, coffee with cops, mobile command center, etc.)
    won’t change that, boots on the ground will.

    1. Dematteo's same day laundry service

      Sorry to say that most not all of the DD personnel are Yonkers PBA do nothings. The truth of the matter is if your not a PBA perjurer then your a Spano rat. Now Chris go get Nicky Boys car, he and Keith need cheeseburgers.

      1. Nomenclature

        Hey Chris , who’s turn is it to get Timmys groceries and dry cleaning this weeek ? Yours, Johnny boy , or ralphie ? Boy Timmy has a real ménage a trois going there. Wow !

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