Raymond Tabano, Founding Member of Rock Band “Aerosmith” Attends Merante Fundraiser

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(L-R): Raymond Tabano and Anthony Merante.

YONKERS, NY — August 18, 2017 — Raymond Tabano, founding member of the legendary rock band “Aerosmith” came out to support Anthony Merante in his bid to become the next Yonkers City Council candidate to represent District 6 at Merant’s fundraiser yesterday. Raymond and his wife Lorraine live in the 6th District. Steven Tyler’s former family home in Yonkers is also in the district. Raymond and Steven both attended Roosevelt HS






eHeziRaymond Tabano, Founding Member of Rock Band “Aerosmith” Attends Merante Fundraiser

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  1. Merante a Class Act ! For Sure !

    At least Merante can speak English.
    The other candidate Pagano tries hard
    to speak English. Instead some pigeon
    Yonkers jibber comes out.
    Good Man Marante.
    Marante in Like Flynn.
    Yonkers needs you sir

  2. John Dee Merante

    If you want more of the same – Yonkers and the 6th District going deeper into the swamp each year – then vote for John Dee Merante who will continue to work towards the decline in and of Yonkers like his predecessors did. But at least they got jobs and plushy assignments for their kids and relatives.

  3. New Blood is Finely Here !

    I love this guy. Finely new blood.
    The other guy Pagano is just an old crook
    from the days of Spencer and Amicone.
    The Yonkers Fire members are laughing at him.
    Why ?
    Because they know what a backstabber he is – was and always
    will be.
    Keep going Merante ! Yonkers needs you

    1. Pagano has the support of the Fire unions and most other unions in Yonkers

      Pagano has the support of most unions and workers in general. Merante is just like Liam and Breen and Larkin and the rest who sell their positions and votes for jobs and sweet gigs for their kids and family members. Pagano will be victorious.

  4. Who cares who went to Merante's fundraiser?

    What matters is Merante doesn’t have a clue and has no business running for the Council. Another political party soldier who’s “turn” it is to run. That’s what’s wrong with this City and why I’m voting for Tony Pagano.

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