Yonkersites Demand Little from Those Who Stand Before Us Vying for Elected Office

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Thank The Hezitorial Telling Over Politics

The Public Is to Blame for Poor Standards in Politics and Among Politicians Prior to Elections and Thereafter 

Those Who Stand Before Us Beseeching We Cast Our Vote for Them Could Not Get Away with Saying So little If We Paid Attention

NYS Democratic Senate Conference Minority Leader Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins Comes Up Short

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

Pick any candidate who intends to represent you! Do they synopsize your beliefs in them because of the gravitas of their telling or do they repeat the terse and abbreviated slogans in lieu of lucid answers you need to decide whether to cast your vote for them or not? Do the believe in the efficacy of the Madison Avenue approach that eclipses their need to delve into the relevance and enormity of your concerns?Are the very candidates that beseech your support with little more than promises unlikely to be delivered within a year to two or five or eight awaiting your forgetfulness of their promises to you or by their lack of being able to explain the complexity of your concerns because they may be paranoid that you will recognize their sub-average or average capacity? Do they even grasp your concerns but are incapable of responding to your concerns? Don’t always be fooled by familial prowess, or people the candidates claim to know; those affiliations are as fleeting as the Westerly winds that traverse from sea to shining sea.

Their takeaway is rational for them. They do what they must to survive and to earn a paycheck no matter your concerns. Let us not forget that the monotony of their slogans and the truths that went unanswered and remain fallow so many decades since carry no cost to their candidacies? Their promise to resuscitate or rejuvenate strong, laudable, and stable leadership to which most claim to aspire seems to win hearts and minds by their telling every day despite their lackluster capacity to do so.

As the days prior to the Primary Elections of September 12th, and the General Elections of November 7th wane is it not the aloof electorate and those that do not even register to vote that are collectively to blame? Few, if any who stand before you as “legitimate” candidates, instead they use disembodied catch phrases that do not reveal the truths of facts, history, or even intent of purpose. They are individually and collectively permitted their personal deceit by our lack of attention to their failed antics and meaningless assault of their feigned sensibilities on our sensibilities.

So the dysfunction in politics stems from public indifference to politics, the emptiness of the discourse, such as it is, if at all, and the mediocrity of those vying for elected office.

Yonkersites have “gotten along to get along” for so long they no longer recognize that the fourth largest city in New York State has aged and in those maturing years the party stalwarts have assured the political progeny from their loins are now stunted and kept silent to such an extent that present politicians have grown gray and wanting. Successors to those who continue to cling to elected office do so because they can. Their adversaries are as mediocre as they and the electorate has forgotten their shortcomings. Unless one reads it, it is difficult to contemplate that those in office today were likely the best available at the time they initially stood for office.

Too often they return again and again for the office they hold or attempt to move up the food chain of continuing mediocrity and barring that, await a job to pay for their political loss at the taxpayer’s expense.

Excuses have grown in importance over the years in obfuscating issues and creating dramatic scenes to commandeer the electorate’s anguish and rage. America has suffered the “get along to get along” demeanor of many in politics. In  so doing, we have moved little beyond our house of worship teachings. As we extol his name by whatever name preferred, we plagiarize the historical sensibilites we claim to aspire but instead pull out the race card, the poor beginnings, the standards we upheld, as long as they suited our “getting ahead” no matter the means.

New York State Democratic Senate Conference Leader Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins has chosen to lash out after over one decade in silence at the NYS Senate. The political winner over other adversaries in years past expected much from herself as others expected much of her. She had smitten the likes of Yonkers City Councilman Herman Keith, and NYS Senator Nick Spano, once known to be one of three men in the room in Albany. She anticipated becoming one of those three in the room.

She believes she has been marginalized because of the color of her skin and because of her gender. There may be some credibility to her conclusions but not in entirety.

The brouhaha was noticed when hedge fund CEO Daniel S. Loeb, philanthropist, and Governor Andrew Cuomo campaign contributor had noted that Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) Leader Jeff Klein understands how to win votes in the suburbs, unlike many in the main Senate Democratic conference to which Sen. Stewart-Cousins said, “You look at me, Mr. Governor, but you don’t see me. You see my black skin and a woman, but you don’t realize I am a suburban legislator.”

Loeb had posted, “Thank God for Jeff Klein and those who stand for educational choice and support Charter funding that leads to economic mobility and opportunity for poor [black] kids. Meanwhile hypocrites like Stewart-Cousins who pay fealty to powerful union thugs and bosses do more damage to people of color than anyone who has ever donned a hood.”

The “hood” inference referred to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), the murderous, racist terrorists infamous for oppression of blacks. That went far too far, as Loeb quickly admitted: “I regret the language I used. . . I apologize to Senator Stewart-Cousins and anyone I offended.”

Stewart-Cousins has been promoting teacher union leaders which have denied the ability of charter schools to be an alternative that many people gravitate to, believing the educational excellence afforded by charter schools is greater than the public school system.

So instead of contending with the public school system versus the charter school option, Sen. Stewart-Cousins pulls out the race card, and the gender card. It seems it is all about Sen. Stewart-Cousins becoming top dog. After 10 plus years at the helm, one would expect she would have a credible and lucid response to the issues at stake? I have not heard her perspective? Have you? What is it? does she have the capacity to delve into an intellectual discourse over this concern? Is her perspective to better the student population all possible opportunity to better their future lives through education or is it simply to be the NYS Democratic Conference Leader? So far, it seems the latter!

Why has Sen. Stewart-Cousins chosen to to have a slugfest with Governor Cuomo who is needed to sign off on funding the revitalization, renewal, and rebuilding of over $2 billion in New York State taxpayer funded investments for the City of Yonkers Public Schools District? The funds, or rather a portion of the outlay to begin the process would require about $280 million. Yonkers Tribune has been advised, though we have yet to corroborate the rumors, that funding, if it is to begin, is more likely to come about in the FY2018-2019.

It seems Sen. Stewart-Cousins is more concerned about being addressed as New York State Majority Conference Leader than to deliver the funding the Albany Delegation promised the City of Yonkers but have yet to deliver.

This telling suggests Sen. Stewart-Cousins may not possess the cerebral capacity to give expression to ideas, modalities, much less leadership capacity to deliver what was once assumed she would be able to deliver upon.

Yonkersites know too well the games played.

The NYS Democrats, especially under Sen. Stewart-Cousins has yet to contemplate the prowess of labor unions, including teachers, and the Charter School formula. It can be done. Why does Sen. Stewart-Cousins suggest that the color of her skin and her gender has held her back when she is holding our future progeny from getting a better education. She has yet to spend time, effort, and study over how to deliver what is necessary and balance out need from the student perspective and those of union labor.

No time to dawdle! Yonkersites cannot wait another 10 plus years of inaction and ineffectiveness.

A Faustian gambit that diminished the prospects of our collective progeny to failure. What will the failed Sen. Stewart-Cousins do now? Can she deliver? while time will eventual tell, remember that each year of delay undermines a child to excel and relegates each to be unfulfilled and worse a ward of political dogma and subterfuge.


eHeziYonkersites Demand Little from Those Who Stand Before Us Vying for Elected Office

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  1. Thank You Hezi !!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Yonkers

    Hezi, without your web site no one would know
    how dirty and corrupt Yonkers is.
    You have exposed . Now you can depose. The crooks.
    Keep lifting the rocks up !

  2. Usual Suspects

    There must be term limits for every office and you cannot come back ever.
    In yonkers it dosen’t matter who’s in as they’ll all eventually $uck you over.

    1. You go Girl

      I can’t agree on all that you said. I would love to see Joan G. come back. She was honest and stood her ground. At least she would debate issues. She would certainly be a great Council President or Mayor. “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power”~~~ Abraham Lincoln

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