After Months of Speculation, We Are Forced to Recognize We Have a President Chosen By Russia

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Bob K. Bogen served as a community and regional planner for dozens of communities including New York, Washington and Boston as well as resident project director in the Karachi Metropolitan Region for the United Nations Development Program.

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — September 11, 2017 — After more than a year of significant reports indicating Russian collusion with the Trump Family and staff to build a successful Trump vote in our last Presidential election, based on a recent New York Times top of the front page story, we are forced to conclude Russia did select our President.

In recent years the Russians have built a large, well-staffed program to use whatever means necessary to control various European elections. The world and the U.S. are now the sad victims. Trump, in his fumbling Twitter “pronunciamentoes”, has mincingly qualified his Russian fascination with Putin and other dictators. Even if he were impeached or otherwise removed from office, as some Republican officials now mumble, fearing for their party’s viability in crucial forthcoming national elections, we and the world would be crippled by his disastrous appointments.

Unfortunately our founding fathers, in their generally, and historically monumental Constitution did not provide a method to establish a corrective national election in a foreign corrupted election such as in 2016.

…..We might also pardon them as they also historically failed in their effort to overcome the hazard of an electorate, at that time, without a national system of universal education. Their method was to use the Catholic system (of a College of Cardinals to select a Pope) or, in their case, to use a politically sophisticated College of Electors (The Electoral College) to select a President.

As we can now see, after a couple hundred years of surviving this abandonment of a popular vote system, we are stung with a resulting grotesque choice of a pathetic, incredibly inappropriate and/or incompetent President the Founding Fathers aimed to avoid.

In brief, Trump and his appointments have finally cursed us through the very system the Founding Fathers chose to prevent such a grotesque national and perhaps internationally disastrous result.

One emergency protection might be to remove the power of a President who may be a mentally or intellectually incompetent finger pusher, off the nuclear button. He sometimes seems to have an itchy finger with an inclination to teach the grotesque North Koreans a thing or two. Some say he could end civilization or even the human race. Some may even suspect God has a better plan for this globe than dinosaurs or humans through climate change and hurricanes or nuclear holocaust.

On a more conventional note, we might at least join some other advanced nations and grow beyond the stupidity of Gerrymandered Single-Member-Districts toward multi-districts with choice ballots that are very much less subject to the Gerrymandering that made Trump President.

By the way, has Trump ever won an election to a public office? Perhaps he was elected to be a kindergarten class president. He surely did win presidential primary votes to be nominated to run in a president election. But nomination is not an election to a public office. He often says he was elected President. Perhaps he never should have been called “President Elect” after the College of Electors SELECTED him even after he lost by millions of votes. On a light note perhaps he should rather have then been properly called the President Select.


Bob K. Bogen served as a community and regional planner for dozens of communities including New York, Washington, DC, and Boston as well as Resident Project Director for the Karachi, Pakistan Metropolitan Region United Nations Development Program.



eHeziAfter Months of Speculation, We Are Forced to Recognize We Have a President Chosen By Russia

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  1. Blue Collar

    Climb back into your igloo Bob Bogen you piece of sheet snowflake. The game is set up so the large hedonistic cities can not rule the country. The common folk of America have spoken and you don’t like it. Obviously, unbeknownst to you Mr. Bogen, there are people in this country that still have morals, and care very much which direction this country is headed. President Trump is doing a great job of uncovering the last 100 years of politics as usual, and if it weren’t for snowflakes like you Mr. Bogen, he would have accomplished so much more.
    Protect the borders.
    Ultimate vetting for all muslims.
    Bring jobs back to America.
    Repair Obamacare.
    Imposing A Five Year Ban On Lobbying The Government By Former White House Officials And A Lifetime Ban On Lobbying For Foreign Governments By Former White House Officials.
    Trump Signing An Executive Order Directing The Justice Department To Cut Funding To Sanctuary Cities.
    Trump Signing An Executive Order Withdrawing From the Transpacific Partnership Trade Deal.
    Judge Gorsuch.
    Approving The Keystone And Dakota Access Pipelines.
    Now stop with the “Fake News” Mr. Bogen.

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