Police Reform Activist and Community Leader Chamberlain Endorses Common Council Member and Democratic Mayoral Candidate Lecuona and Her Slate

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Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr., holding a framed photograph of his father Kenneth Chamberlain.

WHITE PLAINS, NY — September 10, 2017 — Kenneth Chamberlain Jr. and several other White Plains community advocates stood in solidarity on Friday, September 8th, in front of White Plains City Hall, to support of the Common Council Member and Democratic Mayoral Candidate Milagros Lecuona.  The grassroots activists are also supporting Common Council candidates Alan Goldman, Michael Kraver, and Saad Siddiqui.  The Democratic primary is Tuesday, September 12th.

“For too long the social infrastructure of our community has not only been broken but also left in disrepair. Given the current climate of this country we need leadership that connects ALL communities and that begins at a local level,” said Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr.

“I have been involved in community development and urban planning throughout my life and I know this is one of the most important bridges I can build. We can and must address the community policing concerns in our city. Both community members and police officers need to feel safe, trusted, and supported. I hear their valid concerns and gratefully accept their support,” said Lecuona.

“As the father of a Detective in law enforcement, I know building the bridge between police and communities of color is an important step in ensuring we build a stronger and more inclusive White Plains,” said Common Council candidate Goldman.

Common Council candidate Kraver added a more personal note, “Growing up in White Plains, I had friends from a variety of backgrounds. Through multiple experiences, I came to understand the world did not treat us the same way.  By the time I went off to college, I understood that I benefited from privileges I had not earned and did not deserve, simply because of who my parents were.  That perspective I obtained by growing up in White Plains informs my positions on all public policy questions. I am proud to have that recognized by Mr. Chamberlain.”

“As a practicing criminal defense attorney, former staff attorney with the Legal Aid Society, and Board Member of the Lower Hudson Valley Chapter of the New York Civil Liberties Union, I am honored to have Ken’s support in this election.  Given the current climate in our country, it is important now more than ever to ensure that White Plains remains a beacon of tolerance and that a sense of community exists between members of law enforcement and all of the residents of our City,” added Siddiqui.

Chamberlain Jr. is the son of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. who was fatally shot on November 19, 2011 in his home in White Plains. Chamberlain Sr.’s LifeAid medical alert necklace was inadvertently triggered, police responded, and demanded he open his front door. Despite his objections and several statements that he did not need help, the police broke down Chamberlain’s door, tasered him, and then shot him dead.

Since the death of his father, Chamberlain Jr. has led the call for better police training, policies and police community relationships.  However, Mayor Roach and his administration have not responded.

eHeziPolice Reform Activist and Community Leader Chamberlain Endorses Common Council Member and Democratic Mayoral Candidate Lecuona and Her Slate

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