Statement from Democratic Nominee George Latimer

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Senator George Latimer is the endorsed Democratic for Westchester County Executive.

WHITE PLAINS, NY — August 13, 2017 — “I want to thank Ken Jenkins for a hard-fought and principled campaign, and I want to thank all the people who voted today, upholding the best traditions of our democracy. The people of Westchester have spoken and I am humbled to now be the Democratic, Working Families, Women’s Equality, and Independence Party candidate for County Executive in the November 7th general election.

“We have a tough race ahead of us, but an important race. Westchester needs change, and our taxpayers deserve a government that tells the truth, cuts patronage and waste, and puts people over political ideology. For eight long years, Rob Astorino has worried more about his future political career, his allies and his campaign contributors while taxpayers get left holding the bill.

“Today, we start the campaign to take our County back from a politician who stands with Donald Trump and who is willing to risk our future and our children’s future for his own short-term political gain. We will offer an honest vision for our future; where we respect the rights of all Westchester residents, defend our values of inclusion and fairness, protect our environment, and root out waste and corruption.”


SOURCE: Press Release

eHeziStatement from Democratic Nominee George Latimer

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    1. Get it right Duh!

      Guess that you’re okay with selling off county assets, depleting the fund balance and further indebting the tax payers through the increase number of bonds issued. Your children will be paying for Astorino’s budget games and smoke and mirror financial mismanagement.

        1. not blind

          Guess you haven’t looked at your county tax bill over the past eight years. Zero tax increase my ads. Duh, you really need to pay attention to the details.

          1. duh

            I looked at my tax bill go up 10 and 20% under Spano every year. That’s what Latimer will bring back. Again Astorino can cut everything, get rid of county government altogether. Since most of the budget supposedly goes for state mandates why do you need another layer of government. Close it down

          2. duh

            You’re right again. I really should have read the details. My county tax bill has gone down for the last few years. Thanks for making me check.

    1. The Observer

      No, it shows that DisAstorino has made a lot of enemies with his arrogant, I’m-gonna-be-Governor- so- you-better-get-with-it, attitude.
      Lim ag unity as unity is heading for a fall. It’s gonna be a BIG upset

      1. Billy

        Sounds like you’re talking about George Latimer, he’s the most arrogant of them all and really thinks his big government ideas are what we want.

        And why on earth did Sen. George Latimer have to create those fake Twitter accounts disparaging Rob Astorino? That’s a real sign of desperation but I expect nothing less from the Democrats.

        And when will George pay his taxes? That’s just a disgrace.

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