Yonkers City Council Agenda – September 13, 2017

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YONKERS, NY — Read the Yonkers City Council Agenda – September 13, 2017.

eHeziYonkers City Council Agenda – September 13, 2017

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  1. Mclaughlyn mclaughing mclaughlin.

    holding the property tax gap… explain this to me! Is that why parking meters no parking fees, red light camera and licenseing fees and permits went up? You’re still taking money from the tax payers you self serving cry baby! You also extended the time on the parking meters to 7 PM and 8 PM in certain areas!! You took away 10 mins.
    All to line your pockets. How much of this 1.8 billion in new development generate in tax ? How much tax breaks given? How much sales tax did yonkers collect from the new development ? Where is the money?
    Show me ? I need to know !

    Werent you at the Independence party asking for the endorsement?

    Back room deals is your expertise!
    Are you referring to all the unions being corrupt…. aren’t these the same unions you have been interviewing with and asking or should I say begging for their endorsement.
    The Fact is that the only endorsement you received was from your corrurpt friend Olsen. If these unions were so corrupt why would you want them?

    Everything in your junk mail describes you. If you were good for the City Of yonkers you would’ve had the support of all the unions and tax payers

    I am going to declare my independence from career politicians like You ! Your opponent is new at this I highly doubt he can be corrupt with out being in office. Respect is earned . Khader earned his respect.

    You are the only career politician that has abused your privilege to serve the public ! shame on you , who goes to church using a city of vehicle.

    I will sweep up must dust into your post card into the garbage . Because everything you printed in the last few days describes you and this is exactly what doctor is this not want you cannot fall off anymore screw you mclaughlin or is mclaughlyn no it’s mclaughing damm I messed up . Hope it’s still counts.

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