Yonkers Deputy Mayor Sue Gerry Departs for WMC and James Cavanaugh to Step Into Her Shoes

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Changing of the Guard to Bring About Deleterious Outcome for Yonkersites

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The Hezitorial Telling

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — September 19, 2017 — Meetings into the night did not permit a complete telling of the intrigue at the Ivory Tower better known as Yonkers City Hall. Admitted to or not, Yonkers Deputy Mayor Sue Gerry has been long despised her intellect and capacity, competent in her understanding of the processes and mechanisms that permit for function within a governmental chain of command. She was at loggerheads with Mayor Mike Spano’s Administration because those that spoke on behalf of Mayor Spano were family members that crassly undermined his authority and vision for their own authority and vision.

Sue Gerry became known to Larry Schwartz when they were both involved in Westchester County government. In time their professional relationship would catapult her for consideration as a conduit watchdog to scrutinize the Spano Administration. It became legend among Yonkers insiders that Sue Gerry informed Schwartz of the integrity of Mayor Spano’s Administrative conduct. Sue Gerry’s name was sullied about and she became known as the enabler of information that would reach the Office of Governor Andrew Cuomo. The conjecture, considered plausible was never proven.

While Yonkers hysterical and dramatically plausible scenarios captivated Yonkersites for its salacious and cutting edge undermining tactics Deputy Mayor Gerry was unperturbed, remaining focused on her responsibilities. She was able to deliver on the plans which were told to her by the marionette masters. The marionette masters plotted and planned to benefit themselves. While the City of Yonkers (CoY) was fleeced its wealth, the likes of Nick, Lenny, Joey, John, among others were able to embellish their financial future as others would maintain their silence, so as to get along to get along.

The likes of James Cavanaugh wear such beards. Cavanaugh had earned the collegiate attributes that permitted him to climb the political ladder for personal success under the guise of serving the public interest when upon reflection, it has become evident that he has lied and denied his intent over many years.

Cavanaugh is a glorified employee who does what he is told. he is a good boy who avoids keeping the public informed despite demanded to do so because he can. His taskmasters protect him.

Cavanaugh will gain an important position. He will abide by his directives. Yonkersites will gain little, likely nothing, by his being designated Yonkers Deputy Mayor.

Is Cavanaugh reconciled with Wilson Kimball? They married,
took up residence in Yonkers, eventually divorced, yet we now hear they may have reconciled, and Yonkers Tribune was I nformed they just returned from vacationing in France. Their relationship is not of issue to this publication, only their residence. When they divorced, he returned to Eastchester and she retained the Yonkers residence. Is he a resident of Eastchester or Yonkers? Where does he live?

When Cavanaugh was appointed to the Yonkers Parking Authority he was nothing more than a shill for the administration; he revealed nothing of the authority’s conduct to the public. No information or mitigation of failed and inoperable parking meters or the fines borne by those who paid the fines because they were none the wiser.

When he was designated a Board Trustee of the Yonkers Board of Education not one word about the financial debacle that has yet to be remedied. He could be counted upon to raise his hand on behalf of Mayor Mike Spano whether the concerns were mitigated by his conduct or fell short of remedy. He was and remains a facilitator of subterfuge.

Read the article initially published on November 17, 2011 by the Yonkers Tribune that speaks to Cavanaugh’s conduct: Inspector General Fisch Exposes James Cavanaugh, the “Pig” Feeding at Public Trough By HEZI ARIS

Sue Gerry’s departure from the Spano Administration as Yonkers Deputy Mayor to the Westchester Medical Center is the most demonstrable action by any administrative officer that Yonkers City Hall is grasping at any opportunity to maintain its hold on governance. Gerry’s departure is the first of many whose fair thee well will undermine the failed micromanagement style she has endured despite the internal strife created by Yonkers City Hall.

The primary elections prove Yonkers City Hall has the capacity to undermine most challengers for their inability to trailblaze governance by conduct undefined by the taskmasters. Whether a lack of comprehension, will, intestinal fortitude or a solid backbone, those who are trotted for public approval are nothing buy sycophants who are lost unless directed. Lest some readers misconstrue the message, the legitimacy of such failed characters continues because they can, aided by their protectors. It is neither Democrat or Republican or what have you; it is consummate administrative failure. It stinks, it is nauseating, it has seemingly many more years of longevity and control left.

Even the General Election outcome this November 7, 2017, will not expunge the subterfuge.


Inspector General Fisch Exposes James Cavanaugh, the “Pig” Feeding at Public Trough By HEZI ARIS


YONKERS, NY — November 17, 2011 — It was but 6 weeks ago that Battery Park City Authority CEO James Cavanagh, better known to Westchesterites as the former Westchester County Republican Chairman, had resigned from his position as top state watchdog over the authority, set up in 1968, to develop and manage 92 acres on Manhattan’s southern tip amid the Battery Park City Authority scandal. The Battery Park City Authority is required by law to turn over any surplus cash to the state and the city. Instead, New York State Inspector General Joseph Fisch has blasted the lower Manhattan housing agency for “squandering” almost $350,000 on various parties, gifts and lunches for the hungry party animal whose name was revealed amid complaints of alleged sexual flings and favoritism among top executives that came to light in the New York Post last year.

Fisch’s 34-page report divulged that officials squandered taxpayer money on catered lunches between 2005 and 2008, and some $45,000 annually on picnics, going-away events, and open-bar holiday parties.

“Such excess spending by a state authority was outrageous,” Fisch said while commending the authority’s new chairman, former city Comptroller Bill Thompson Jr., for reforming policies and eliminating abuses.

The report singles out (James) “Jim” Cavanaugh for special criticism, as well as his top aide, Laura Wilson Kimball, a onetime assistant to former New York State First Lady Libby Pataki.

Fisch cited “almost daily” lunch dates between the pair and said Kimball received more than $28,000 in raises over three years. Speculation that they were romantically involved was also revealed in the Fisch report.

Yonkers Tribune has learned of similar liaisons among those in the Westchester County Republican hierarchy. Mind you it is of no interest to this publication of who does whom. However it does become public concern and interest when taxpayer funds are spent to woo someone off their feet for personal gain rather than for serving the public good.

Fisch said Cavanaugh and Kimball refused to answer questions about their personal relationship.

Cavanaugh called the inspector general’s finding “nonsense” and said the report “comes close to being slanderous.”

“It completely misrepresents the record of the Battery Park City Authority, makes unsubstantiated allegations against certain executives and ignores evidence in their favor,” Cavanaugh said.
Interestingly, Cavanaugh does not challenge any aspect of Inspector General Fisch’s report except to take exception over the alleged liaisons.

Sighting Cavanaugh at the recent Sunday breakfast at The Polish Center in Yonkers on the very day that then Yonkers Mayoral candidate Mike Spano was endorsed by NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo, and recognizing Cavanaugh’s recent departure as CEO from the Battery Park City Authority, and the expectation, by now Yonkers Mayoral-elect Mike Spano that he will this week release those people chosen to be part of the Spano Mayoral Transition Team, the thought that someone as well known to Yonkersites as Cavanaugh might be sniffing for employment in Yonkers City Hall was disconcerting to say the least.

His 6 weeks-long departure as CEO does not bode well in enhancing his flawed resume; nor do the allegations and rumors of infidelity on the taxpayer’s dime. His zest to return to the political saddle is acknowledged, but his value as an allegedly flawed character does not deserve the empathy of the City of Yonkers. Yonkers cannot afford to contend with Cavanaugh’s baggage while attempting to maintain CoY on an even keel. His troubles need not become Yonkers’ travail.
Perhaps I am overly concerned that Cavanaugh will attempt to cajole Mayor-elect Mike Spano’s sympathy for a six-figure job. Even if he were to work for free, his past demeanor precludes him from being considered legitimately.

There are many in Yonkers worthy of being considered for Mayor-elect Spano’s Transition Team. Cavanaugh is NOT one of them. Cavanagh would be an albatross on the future mayor’s neck. For that reason alone, he must not be considered in any capacity.

Download: Investigation of the Battery Park City Authority.


James Cavanaugh

Yonkers City Hall Notice

YONKERS, NY – September 19, 2017 – Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano today announced his appointment of long-time government and community leader and Yonkers Board of Trustee Jim Cavanaugh as his new Deputy Mayor. Cavanaugh will replace Susan Gerry who accepted a position with Westchester Medical Center Health Network (WMCHealth) starting in October. As Deputy Mayor, Cavanaugh will oversee the operations and policies of city departments and agencies.

“Jim joins us with an impressive career that spans four decades,” said Mayor Spano. “There is no doubt Jim’s experience as a seasoned civic leader, former elected official and public advocate will benefit our city as Deputy Mayor. We look forward to him joining our team.”

Jim Cavanaugh most recently was an associate with Empire Strategic Planning, a government relations and lobbying firm. From 2005 to 2010 Cavanaugh served as president of the Battery Park City Authority (BPCA), which oversees 92 acres of land in lower Manhattan. During his six years leading the Authority, Cavanaugh lowered the annual operating budget from $31.8 million annually to $28.6 million, even as park acreage was increased and new community facilities were built. While Cavanaugh was BPCA president the Authority also collaborated with the New York City School Construction Authority to build P.S. 276, which was the first school built according to NYC’s new sustainable guidelines for schools. From 1994 until 2004 Cavanaugh was the elected Town Supervisor of Eastchester. Among his accomplishments, besides controlling tax growth, were a comprehensive revision of the Town zoning code, institution of advanced life support ambulance service, institution of after-school day care, and renovation of the Town’s Lake Isle recreational complex. Cavanaugh has served for the past three years as a member of the Yonkers School District Board of Trustees, where he served as Chair of the Facilities Committee. He is also a past member of the Yonkers Parking Authority Board of Directors. Cavanaugh holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Fordham University.


“It’s an honor to join Mayor Spano as he continues to turn the City around. I look forward to helping him complete his agenda, and I congratulate Sue Gerry on her outstanding record of the past six years,” said Jim Cavanaugh.

Commenting on Gerry’s departure, Mayor Spano said, “As an attorney, public policy expert and strategist, Sue served this administration with distinction and professionalism. Her talents guided many of this administration’s most notable and proud accomplishments to date. On behalf of those who have served alongside Sue, we thank her for the unyielding dedication and leadership she demonstrated for Yonkers and our residents. We wish Sue much success in her future endeavors.”

Mayor Mike Spano appointed Susan Gerry as the City’s first female Deputy Mayor in January 2012. During her tenure, Gerry was instrumental in the successful consolidation of the administrative functions of the Yonkers Board of Education and the City of Yonkers. She also spearheaded the strategic planning and management of Rebuild Yonkers Schools, the city’s joint school reconstruction initiative which was passed by the New York State Legislature earlier this year. Other major accomplishments include the “Ban the Barges” campaign, which led to the suspension of the U.S. Coast Guard’s proposal to add more barge anchorages along the Hudson River, and while serving as a board member of the Yonkers Industrial Development Agency, Gerry helped Yonkers secure over $1 billion in private development. Gerry also served as a board member to the Yonkers Economic Development Corporation, the New Main Street Development Corporation, and Yonkers Pier Development, Inc. as well as the Westchester Municipal Officials Association.

“It has been a privilege and my great pleasure to serve in Mayor Spano’s administration and the people of the City of Yonkers as Deputy Mayor for the last six years,” said Susan Gerry. “My position as Deputy Mayor has provided me with unparalleled career and life experience and I am very proud of the work we accomplished here together.”

Cavanaugh is expected to join the Mayor’s Office as Deputy Mayor on October 2.


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eHeziYonkers Deputy Mayor Sue Gerry Departs for WMC and James Cavanaugh to Step Into Her Shoes

Comments 65

  1. How many Repunlicans at helm of Mike?

    That would be an interesting compilation for sure. Hezi you seem to know most of these characters. Can you make up a list?

  2. 5 lines baby

    No political entity in Westchester was able to stop a first time candidate from having 5 party lines. The political powers of Mike Spano, Rob Astorino, and Terrence Murphy are obviously all in with McLaughlin yet Mike Khader was able to prevail in the Independence and Green Primaries.
    And on November 7th no political entity will be able to stop Mike Khader from defeating Liam McLaughlin.

      1. We'll see about whether Latimer wins or no

        And in case your didn’t know Yonkers is NOT the same as Westchester County. It’s a whole different ball of wax. But Khader just might give Latimer the extra boost he needs from Yonkers to beat ASStorino county wide.

  3. Rice & Beans

    Nice try last night Lep but you forgot Non Santuary city no votes from illegals. Did you bring the left over pretzels from Cook field for snacks…lol bye Lep.

  4. She Had them All Hiding and Running.

    Sue Gerry !
    One Smart Tuff Cookie !
    I wish you well.
    You made them all wet themselves.
    Do your magic on that failing hospital.
    They are all celebrating you leaving.
    Just Shows You Are The Real Deal !

    1. F that low life white trash itch

      She was incompetent and in over her head from day one. The Spano’s were too stupid to even realize it. They actually thought she was smart. The only thing she was ever good at was blowing Larry Schwartz.

      1. 18

        She was a political hack from the county. “Incompetent” is being generous. She thought she ran city hall with backing from Schwarz and Prince Andrew. Spano did as he was told by making her Deputy Mayor. She never even lived in Yonkers which violated the city charter (Cross Pond Rd, Pound Ridge). Mike just did as he was told, stupidity had nothing to do with it.

    2. Run-a-round Sue

      You must know a totally different Sue Gerry…………………

      That there is some deeeeeeeep buuuuuullshit!!!!!!!

      Bye now.

  5. members voting for Khader

    Yonkers Police Officers stand with Mike Khader. Keith Olson sold all the members out with dramatic changes to 207c and jobs for his family. Keith what did Liam do for the men and women of the Yonkers Police. Answer he took and took and took like you. You threw the new members under the bus like Liam and the City.

  6. Khader pay attention I will GIVE you the secret for your win!

    You are the less of two evils. Your win would seriously upset the apple cart. We need some other fruit in this basket. This win could be yours all you have to do is concentrate on the South side! Get the minorities to vote! Have someone hold a free event at one of the Y’s to register your pool of Democrats. Have food, stuff for kids, bilingual people there explaining the importance to their children( daycares, schools etc) Have people handing out flyers in the square to promote the event! People love Frêe! You would crush Liam! Concentrate on absentee ballots! You need to get your butt moving! Educate the poor and Empower them! Your win is in those unregistered minority voters! That is where any Democrats win is… ask Spano. Lifelong Republican switched because he couldn’t win as a Republican! Fact! Stop fighting the enemy and learn from him! Remember your voters can go over to City hall and register the same day as the election! They just have to see the Judge! KHADER, fight them with the law on your side …. YOU will leave them shell shocked and scrambling for damage control! Education is Power!

  7. Get Ready Mike Spano

    If anyone truly thinks that County Democrats will support Mike Spano for County Executive in a special election or in 4 years while Mike Spano takes photo ops with Donald Trump republicans like Terrence Murphy, Rob Astorino, and Liam McLaughlin Mike Spano is sadly mistaken. Andrea Stewart Cousins has 250k in the bank. All she has to do is send out mailers with pictures of Mike Spano with Trump Republicans like Liam McLaughlin, Terrence Murphy, and Rob Astorino. Just go to Liam’s Facebook page- Andrea can just choose one of the many and send it to 80,000 registered Dems in the county. And bye bye Spano’s chance of being County Executive. Listening to Levy will cost you a lot. Let’s see where you are in 27 months Mike Spano.

    1. The FF's had a great billboard 4 years ago

      Can’t wait to see how Barry updates that billboard to prove Spano is not a DemocRAT….just a RAT

      Should be pretty funny seeing that big box truck driving all over the county delivering “fresh air” wherever Spano shows up.

  8. The Real Moron of this all

    Levy is the real moron. That guy thought he was KellyAnne Conway meanwhile that idiot costed Wilson Terrero the election from his poor political senses. Levy thinks he is the honcho but when Mike Spano is out of office he will be a gym teacher again. He is a much better gym teacher than a political advisor/deputy mayor. Stick to being a middle school gym teacher, that seems like a much more fit occupation.

    1. Yonkers Voter

      Lets get our facts straight. If Wilson Terrero listened to Steve Levy he have won. No one is better at this than Steve Levy, especially when it comes to numbers ask Andrea Stewart Cousins. Steve is exceptional at everything he does, he always is professional, he is a class act. Also just and fyi the word would be cost not costed.

      1. Levy is a dope times six

        Another Spano lackie who only knows how to use Excell and sort through data bases of voter information and voting histories. Other than that he is a dope. A $35k secretary can do numbers and Excell. The Spano’s might know that if they ever let their secretaries off their knees.

  9. Slippery Slope

    Mike Spano is going down a slippery slope. Wilson terrero’s loss was a big hit to his political capital. Terreros loss can only be blamed on one individual, Steven Levy. Levy was at the helm of the campaign and couldn’t even pull off the win. It shows you what a guy like Levy is worth if he can’t pull off a simple City Council race yet Mike “Dumbo” Spano is still keeping him as one of his chief advisors. Mike Spano with the guidance and opinion of Levy is supporting McLaughlin. McLaughlin has just been delivered a fatal blow to his campaign by losing the Independence and Green primaries. A path to victory no longer exists for McLaughlin yet Mike Spano is still standing by his side and the side of fellow republicans like Terrence Murphy and Rob Astorino. Oh boy, when Mike runs for County Executive AND has a democratic primary just see the mailers that hits the door with pictures from Liam’s Facebook page- a picture says a thousand words and those pictures show mike Spano is in the pockets of republicans like Liam and Terrence Murphy. County Democrats will not have a guy like Mike Spano who evidently from many pictures of Liam’s Facebook page is in the pockets of Republicans. Andrea stewart cousins beat a Spano once and she can surely beat him again with all the political missteps Mike Spano is making.

  10. Where you at Spanclan?

    Spanclan and the liam crew got their ass handed to them at the Board of Elections. 5 Lines making history. The Spano Machine, The McLaughlin Machine, Terrence Murphys crew all couldn’t stop the Khader Wave. Now Khader is a shoe in and Mike Spano is backing the losing candidate (McLaughlin). It seems Mike Spano is good at picking the losers(Wilson Terrero).

  11. Ken

    Mike Spano is in the midst of writing his political obituary, democrats are watching as he and his family help Republican McLaughlin. No matter what happens in November Spano and McLaughlin will lose.

  12. Cousins for County Executive

    Mike Spano continues to stand with Liam McLaughlin, a right to life Conservative. Does Mike spano think county democrats will support a guy who stands with Liam and Terrence Murphy? That’s why we need Andrea Stewart Cousins for County’s Executive. She has already made an interest in running and she would be perfect for the job. We don’t need a guy like Mike Spano who claims to be a democrat yet I haven’t seen him endorse a democrat meanwhile the Dems are running everywhere and when he does that candidate lost in a democratic primary(aka Wilson Terrero). Mike Spano needs to start standing with Dems and stop standing with Republicans like Terrence Murphy and Liam mclaughlin OR he is will have an issue with he runs for County Executive. Look at Liam McLaughlins Facebook Page- any democrat who wants to run for County Exec and may have to challenge Mike Spano- Liams Facebook page has plenty of pictures to show Mike Spano isn’t truly a democrat.

  13. Carpetbaggers

    Jeff, you made some nice comments about your town supervisor and I am sure this Spano sucking puppet thanks you. The truth is, he is a carpet bagger from Eastchester and is a convicted Nick Spano car wash boy that just came off the Yonkers Board of Education. He is a dismissed NYC supervisor that has at best one year in office before the Spano’s are shown the doors by the taxpayers. Cavanaugh is a yes vote for the Spano’s who works for convict fat Nick who takes money from unions for favors or promotions.

  14. The worst of them all

    Sleazy Levy is a real moron. Levy could not win a city council race against an incumbent who has no money, no political organization, no name id. Terrero had money, political organization, and a better name id but the fact that Levy was the campaign manager sunk the election. Levy couldn’t win an election for shit. That guy thinks his got brains, but my dog could do a better job of running a campaign. How about you start winning elections moron and stop being a detriment to the Mayor and campaigns that the mayor is apart of.

  15. Jeff Meyer

    I had numerous dealings with Jim Cavanaugh when he was The Eastchester Town Supervisor and I was the union president of the Eastchester PD. We had many disagreements but at the end of the day I found him to be a straight shooter who ran a very tight fiscal ship. As a point of information I retired in patrol after 20 years and never personally benefited from his role. That said, he never lied to me or tried to hurt anyone maliciously. He was a fair and very decent person. I believe he will serve the taxpayers of the CoY well.

  16. Liam can stop blowing Vinny now

    You’re O U T Liam. Everyone knew it was coming but just not this soon. Expect Spano to soon come out and support Khader because everyone knows Khader will win in November by an overwhelming number. The first citywide Democrat candidate to have 5 lines and inroads on the east side. That’s a losing mathematical equation for Liam and the Spano’s know it.

    1. Thats Amore

      Liam, Vinny and John Rubbo all seen sitting at Fortina’s Friday evening. Think this was the topic of conversation? Also a female companion was seen hanging all over the red haired one.

      1. They must have been talking about Liam losing a job and Rubbo not getting one

        And then things really went downhill when they pointed out to Vin that it looks like he will lose his job too. Life a bitch and then you look in the mirror.

  17. how much money do you have?

    Jim Cavanaugh is republican who sucks drinks shots of whisky off fat nicks belly. He works and is a bobble head for the Spano Clan. He won’t be there long. He was a Yonkers Board of Education Nick Spano appointee from Eastchester. The guy is a zero that could care less about education. He absolutely knows nothing about education and just waits for instructions from the corridor of corruption Spano Clan.

  18. never a lying Spano again, especially a convicted one

    Wilson, Liam, Cavanaugh, convict Nick, Mike the fool and his brothers are all on the way out. Sue got out before the Feds land.

  19. Who needs barges and docks?

    All of the garbage from NYC seems to float upriver to Yonkers anyway. Corrupt Cavanaugh will be right at home here.

  20. Internet cowards

    You assholes crack me up. You all probably sat in a room with SG on a number of occasions and never said a peep. She’s 100lbs soaking wet and all you Internet tough guys kissed her ass then ran to a computer to blog about her.

    F****** p******. All of you.

      1. THANKS SUE

        He told her to f*** off and she finally did…She thought she was gonna break the fire department and have us all be good little boys… That only brought us together and made us stronger…Good Riddance….

        1. 628 UFOA YFD UNITED like never before

          And now we’re going to crush Liam and teach him a lesson about what happens when you double cross us

  21. Fk Mayor ASSpano

    Spano was never a Democrat….That piece of shit would never support a real Democrat.
    Mayor ASSpano is so far up Lyin’ Liam’s Ass ..he know’s what he had for breakfast.
    Pineda, Scott, Matt and Khader are True Democrats..
    Vote Democrat

    1. E/W

      Scott she just came out of the woodwork-where has she has she been all this time-have not seen her at all in the 4th District-do not know where she stands on any of the issues. Another in a long line of Yonkers pols who think they have the skill sets to turn Yonkers around and decades later nothing has changed-nepotism and cronyism remain strong as ever within the Yonkers gov’t and there is no cause to think anything will change.

      1. maybe you should get out more often

        Miss Scott has been an active member of her community for over 30 years and is well known all over the 4th District. Her opponent on the other hand brews beer in a taxpayer subsidized building and never repaid the taxpayer funded loan he and his partners borrows to open up his business.

  22. That ####ing #####

    The fact that she was ever allowed to step foot inside of Yonkers City Hall is a testament to the incompetence of this Spano administration. And these morons actually think they can move up to County Executive or Gocernor? By the time his second term is up the people of Yonkers will know just how bad Spamo messed the City up and he will deserve the record he created along with his ***** Sue Gerry.

  23. True Democrat

    It’s a sad day to see the city being run by Jim Cavanaugh former County Republican Chairman, Steve “Spano lapdog ” Levy under an elected democratic mayor. It’s bad enough Mayor Spano is helping McLaughlin in every way possible.

  24. What happened Tommy you got a knife in the back?

    Haha and you thought that was going to be your spot dream on your a nobody and always will be a nobody now go to Homefield deli and eat try tipping the help cheap pos.

    1. Liam getting screws too

      Liam thought he was being groomed and positioned to take over when fat Mike leaves and that they would make sure he had no Dem opponent. Oh sheet. That plan just went up in smoke. Get in line Liam with the rest of the people who got screwed by the Spanos.

  25. Nepotism

    Yeah, this fails to mention that while the head of the battery Park city authority there was rampant miss use of tax dollars, corruption, nepotism, and accusations of sexual trysts on the tax dollar. That’s the reason he was forced out.

  26. Yea right

    So snowflake got her parachute. The bullcrap continues while the taxpayers lose. Ever see the Mayor’s secretary or the human resources secretary at a Spano function? All the other workers are there. Think the wives insisted mistresses stay home?

  27. Is Spano a republican or democrat because I am confused


    Mike Spano three top advisors were all former republican district leaders and part of the Republican Party- Cavanaugh=Former Republican Supervisor of Eastchester
    Steve Levy= A lapdog for nick Spano and a former lapdog for the republican establishment
    Denise E= A former republican district leader and played a role in the party

    NOW they are working for a so called “progressive ” democratic mayor. Nice try pasta mike

    Can he still call himself a Democrat?

  28. Coy employee

    Your right, Jim is a stand up guy, not only for yonkers but for city workers as well. As for sue Gerry, I believe she was the devil reincarnated. She was the nastiest , ruthless, power hungry human being to ever grace office of the mayor. Thank God she is gone.

  29. Elliot Jimenez

    Great news!! Sue was okay but her personalty wasn’t great at all. Jim is more suitable for the job! Great guy and smart as a whip. Congrats

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