Yonkers Political Reckoning

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The Hezitorial That Speaks to Your Future Prospects

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The standard bearers of Yonkers political outcome have bequeathed a legacy full of promises from which results have been in the majority stillborn. The spin eclipsed discourse. The formula is one tried and true to the City of Yonkers, where voters are shepherded by waiting out the clock, and avoiding definition of self, or worse, the candidate defining himself/herself by intent to mislead the voter. This is an often used template that is derogatory and dismissive of the electorate yet aligned to the political party faithful. It is a standard of behavior that undermines the democratic process by which the voter is relegated inconsequential by the fact that most candidates do not listen, and if/when they do, they do not have the capacity to comprehend.

Is it not a given that the City of Yonkers has arrived at a juncture by which the promises expressed to the electorate twenty years hence have evaporated as Yonkersites patiently awaited the vision to become part of the landscape? Yonkersites wanted our elected officials to succeed and when the first year failed, we stayed the course with the same deficient outcome. We kept the faith, and hunkered down for a second and third year and then a fourth. We were played and we knew it. Frustration gave way to the realization that options were non-existent. Disgruntled, we felt duty bound to vote, it was a civic responsibility after all.

The process failed us as well. Those elected translated what could have been viewed as acquiescence due to no alternative options, or fear of losing employment, or those of our relatives already part of the gravy train while winners chose to call it a mandate in which they gained all the accouterments of power, and the electorate, the greater populace / taxpayer gained little other than the promise of a job, unacknowledged and kicked to the curb, when realizing their hopes and aspirations for a dynamic city and improved prospects for themselves and family, neighbors and neighborhoods had been expunged by promises that would not or could not be kept.

The incongruity of the words espoused to encourage hope and purpose would instead be vanquished by the vote cast for what, for whom, and why?

Are our elected officials delivering on their promise? Are they focused on serving the constituents they claim to represent or is it all about them?

Fear not the next paragraphs as this writing need not hear a mea culpa from anyone. Instead of a father confessor, it may be best to seek the safety of your own mind to gain the answer you may wish to search. A truth not maligned by fear of telling those who have the capacity to hurt you or your family or your prospects at work. A sense of honesty to which political correctness need not lean, an environment that cannot cause one harm other than knowing fact from falsehood, understanding the environment that may just as easily exalt your prospects or extinguish them.

When you look at the contenders for political office, can you define them on issues? Are issues pertinent? Is ethnicity a concern? Perhaps it is the color of a candidate’s skin, their gender, religion, or a step up the employment ladder because we live in a world in which merit is a meaningless currency as others trade on who they know, not what they know. The common denominator in this “get along to get along world” has after decades robbed Yonkersites of corrective conduct and even fewer options.

We have collectively been reduced to regurgitating the party line which allows us the last opportunity to hang onto that last aspect of self worth, our individual job, from which we may be dismissed if we do not tow the line of praising our employer on a one to one basis or of undermining him, and those that speak for him, by speaking about that employer derisively with our colleagues. It doesn’t seem as though we’re in the United States, does it? if not where are we?

Is there an alternative outcome to which we can aspire? Can it be done? Can the political machine be transformed toward attaining a different and attainable result that is responsive to the needs of the constituents? This writer believes it can be so.

Transformation will come about when frustration morphs over time to credible, doable visions that serve society. Yonkersites must develop a sense of self that they define as Yonkers. We can no longer wait for hyphenated names to be dropped so that we can stand up as individuals proud of the world we create for ourselves and our fellow residents. The measurements of worth must be reassessed. So must our knowledge of people from all walks of life. the prejudice of our lack of knowing our neighbor is another failure from which and by which our future has been imprisoned.

It is time we demanded more of those who stand before us. They must deliver on their promises or know that they will not get a second chance to learn on the job.

Yonkersites will do well to be honest with ourselves. Only then will our prospects for ourselves and the City of Yonkers have a chance.

Primary Elections will be conducted on Tuesday, September 12th. The incumbents of the past, even those that claim to be in juxtaposition to those who return for another opportunity at sucking on the city teat, may or may not prove themselves worthy of your vote. However your vote is cast, it is most important that you cast your vote. It is important that whomever the winner may be, they recognize that the district has more than a few people engaged in the process of electing people to office. Also remember to return to the next election when those who have not delivered as they promised will gain your vote for another candidate.

The process is grueling. it demands involvement. Yonkersites can win only if they stay engaged.

“If you see something, say something” in Yonkers politics, as well as with respect to homeland security.

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eHeziYonkers Political Reckoning

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  1. Carification


    Why are you not reporting the primary election results?

    McLaughlin is Facebooking a tremendous victory on primary day.

    Yet it appears that Khader has won them all and may have 5 out of 6 lines on the Election Day ballot.

    Please clarify this. Thanks

  2. Mike Z

    Amazing .. Yonkers dpw worker Joe Bonura ‘ wife had numerous affairs with a nephew of mayor Spano, Steven.. how low will a women stoop for a political favor.. or to assist her husbands future employment on the city.. sad and pathetic..

  3. View From The Outside

    Still, no one from the Mayor’s Office thru Commissioner Sweeney has come out and said where the $3 Million Dollars is, that SFC had given to the city for the “Ridge Hill FD Fire House”. Yes, we all know that the provision was that the City of Yonkers had to commit to adding an additional Ladder Company, as part of this new firehouse, which meant an increase in staffing to man the new company. I would believe that with the excess of spare ladder trucks that the Yonkers Fire Department has, that would not be an issue. And, as previously mentioned above, the city could easily acquire land nearby Ridge Hill, to be able to build this new fire station. (BUT, here is the bigger question. What was estimated to be $3 Million Dollars for a new fire station to be built back when the agreement was signed, is probably more like $10 Million Dollars now. Was the $3 Million Dollars set aside, ever placed in an interest bearing account?). Mayor Spano and Commissioner Sweeney, the taxpayers in our city are waiting for your answers!

  4. Ridge Hill F.D.

    Speaking of sweetheart backroom deals, Does anyone know what happened to the $3 million dollars for the firehouse in Ridge Hill?? The developer allegedly put it to an escrow account…
    This was something that was promised to the Yonkers taxpayer by the developer during Amicones
    tenure…The Spano administration has also been holding up the development/ construction process of this “promised” firehouse by dragging their feet, saying they don’t know what land to build it on…Hezi, I believe you may have touched on this issue in the past, but I would be happy to see a new article on this topic..The Yonkers taxpayers should be made aware once again how PROMISES ARE BEING BROKEN…

    1. View from Inside

      It’s not about the land – you have the outdoor auto lot next to the City pump station and the closed Shell station at Wainwright – both come at a bargain price thru eminent domain
      [no structure at the auto lot & no loss of income at the station].

      It’s about having to add a new company – manpower, union dues, benefits & salary cost to the budget.

    2. Never Forget

      There never was and there never will be any “promised” fire house on RidgeHill. Ridgehill is private property.
      Never forget that the State with the help of Yonkers sold 84 acres of land worth $240 million for $8.1 million to a private developer. How does that happen?

      1. d

        And where did that money go. The City of Yonkers never received all that money. I think Ridge Hill Development Corp. received the vast majority of that money. Open those books if they even exist. Who was on the RHDC? Follow that trail. I also think it may have been more of the realm of 28 million which means a lot more money disappeared.

        1. How Green was/is my nValley

          We did and it Paid off nValley depts and other boon doggle.
          There is no sheriff in town or county or state or DC so nothing will ever happen

  5. Wake Up Yonkers Taxpayer's


    As a true lifelong resident…I’ve always supported a candidate’s position that would move Yonkers in a positive direction regardless of there party affiliation.

    I’ve watched so many politicians over the years come and go with the same ideas and promises. Zaleski started the ideas for the waterfront and Spencer continued it. Spencer’s 1st term was great (really great) on many issues. Amicone, came along and ruined everything (economy collasping taken into consideration). But, the deal he made with SFC was a nightmare from its inception. The fact that Amicone…with the city council gave exclusive rights for the downtown to be developed by Cappelli was a complete disaster. The bogus nonbinding contracts that were given to many property owners was all a sham. And to make it worse… Liam Mclaughlin and the council gave SFC a 4 million dollar loan to compensate them for the environmental study…( to that effect). Amicone,Liam and their controlled council promised the taxpayers that when and if the casino is granted approval it would solve our school budget problems…it’s 10 years later and school’s are still suffering.( the Spano’s played a huge role in getting approval). Then the infamous Ridge Hill scandal…The Spano’s and Amicone leaned so hard on Liam to put pressure on Annabi to secure the Ridge Hill vote. (I’m not condoning Annabi’s actions)…Could this be the reason why the Spano’s supported Liam’s election to the council president’s office???? Let’s not forget about how the Spano’s brokered the jailhouse deal!!!!…1 million for the jail…are you kidding me!!! I would of bought it myself if it was an open process. Wake up Yonkers Taxpayer’s.

    Every original downtown developer has left the area….Ask yourselve’s why.

    It’s not greedy developers( though they did ask for too much)…it’s the self serving of politicians not the taxpayers. When Amicone fired Kathy Spring…rightfully so…That upset Spencer and Liam so much…because they wanted to control Amicone and City Hall…Wake Up Yonkers Taxpayer’s.

    Now, Mayor Spano wants to groom Liam Mclaughlin to be our next mayor and continue this nonsense for the next 8 years.
    Now for the record, i dont know Mike Khader and i dont care for Mike Khader…But for Liam to send me a mailer and call the Unions and Mike Khader corrupt is totally absurd. To my knowledge Khader hasnt held a political office anywhere and the Union’s that endorsed him now are the same one’s that endorsed you 4 yrs ago.

    That’s very hypocritical of you…but im not surprised.
    I supported you when Spencer handpicked you at your mother’s request…I supported you in your past election’s but you have lost the support of many.

    To be Continued

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