Maeve Scott Is Ready to Debate on the Yonkers City Council 4th District Race — Opponent, John Rubbo, Refuses

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YONKERS, NY — October 10, 2017– Maeve Scott, Democratic candidate for Yonkers City Council – 4th District, has responded to her opponents request to debate but he’s not available until 2 days before the election!

At the end of September, Yonkers Voice reached out to both candidates for Yonkers City Council 4th District, Maeve Scott and John Rubbo with three dates: October 12, 19, and 25, 2017. Mr. Rubbo responded that he was unavailable for all three dates. Maeve Scott then opened her entire calendar up for any date in October. Mr. Rubbo again declined, finally offering a date of Sunday, November 5th – two days prior to the election. This was unacceptable to both Yonkers Voice and Maeve Scott as it is clearly an attempt to avoid a debate that will be in the public view before Election Day.  If Mr. Rubbo cannot find the time in his busy schedule to engage in a debate, then how can he possibly find the time necessary to represent the residents of the 4th District?

Maeve Scott advised, “This is a travesty to the democratic process not to participate in debates. It is very unfair to the constituents as they won’t be able to make a timely informed decision as to who the best candidate is and who can best handle the responsibilities of the City Council Member’s role in the 4th District.”

Mr. Rubbo has previously said that he was open to debating Maeve Scott, however, it’s been over 2 weeks since Yonkers Voice has reached out to both candidates to schedule a debate and Mr. Rubbo has not been cooperative. As the constituents of the 4th District and in the interest of a fair election and proper representation of the people, we urge you to request that both candidates agree to a debate in October.

Maeve Scott is an accomplished woman with unrivaled experience as a business executive, leader, mentor, community activist and working mother. Maeve, and her husband of 30 years Dave, raised three children in Yonkers, while simultaneously building a successful career, where she climbed the corporate ladder starting from the ground-up.  During her 34-year career, Maeve managed many diverse teams and always led by example with integrity, honesty, transparency and professionalism. Maeve is running because she wants to make Yonkers and the 4th District a better place for all its residents. She has the proven leadership, management and business skills to make a real difference for Yonkers.

For more information on Maeve and her campaign, visit,  and follow her on Facebook and Instagram: @electmaevescott.

eHeziMaeve Scott Is Ready to Debate on the Yonkers City Council 4th District Race — Opponent, John Rubbo, Refuses

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  1. pedo lvl 1

    Yonkers Voice does know it’s illegal under NYS Election Law and the attendant regulations to charge candidates to debate, right? Didn’t think so.

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