Mike Khader for Yonkers City Council President Pre-Victory Celebration at Calabria Mia Restaurant – Tuesday! October 24th from 6-9pm

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eHeziMike Khader for Yonkers City Council President Pre-Victory Celebration at Calabria Mia Restaurant – Tuesday! October 24th from 6-9pm

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  1. Yonkers

    Liam is the greatest thing to happen to Yonkers. Liam is a tried gentleman that works for a righteous cause. Liam is the real deal. I can’t remember a politician who is home grown and defends his Yonkers home base. Liam, continue your hard work and move on from this race and embrace the moment. The garbage being fed here is from 1 base and they will be shown the door in 5 weeks. The moment is yours! Yonkers is alive and Yonkers with Liam will thrive. I live and breath Yonkers and as long as Liam rujns this city we will proceed. Keep up your great work and may God always bless you and your family..

    1. pay to play

      sure he loves yonkers???? he made tons of money with all the backroom deals with developers robbing our city,yes he loves yonkers so much he has his kid in private school, there are many schools that are considered gifted nothing wrong with them. my cousin sends her kids to one of them….

  2. a friend.

    First they kick off john khader from the planning board,now I hear they are coming after him to break his balls about his limos with khaders sign and making sure his building is up to code wow only in yonkers i call this harassment better get a lawyer limo guy.

  3. Liam can't raise enough money to win

    A million dollars wouldn’t be enough to buy Liam a victory. Liam’s shaking down every person or company in the City for cash. Might as well burn it.

      1. Hmmm

        Why are developers from downtown Yonkers and Boyce Thompson donating to Liam’s campaign? Seems like a conflict of interest? What is he doing for them?

        1. Nov 7 vote red head out!

          its simple making sweet heart deals, expediting permits, tax breaks,pilots..etc do i need to say more…the developers come in this city they rape us and go back home to Greenwich Ct laughing at us while we pick up the extra taxes each Liam gives us

    1. interesting

      Political Activity:
      1. No candidate for elected office of the City, City official or employee shall
      request or have someone else request that another City official, employee,
      a City vendor or contractor participate in any political campaign activity.
      (But see #5 below)(§C1A-14-A and D)
      2. For a 12 month period after a political contribution totaling $5,000 to a City
      candidate has been made, the contributor and the City official who
      received the contribution must disclose the existence of the contribution in
      writing to the Ethics Board, whenever the contributor requests a municipal
      action or non-action that would provide a financial benefit to the
      contributor. Recusal is not required. (§C1A-14-B)
      3. City officials and employees cannot engage in political campaign activity
      during City working hours. (§C1A-14-C)
      4. City officials and employees shall not wear City of Yonkers uniforms or
      insignia when engaged in political campaign activity. (§C1A-14-E)
      5. Despite the restriction on political activity in the Ethics Code, nothing
      prevents a City official or employee from voluntarily engaging in politic


      1. Pay to play in yonkers

        i guess the Lep is in some serious violations of mike spanos ethic laws…..where is the General inspector on this one???

  4. Khader walking talking and shaking hands all over the city

    Mike Khader is like a combination of the eyewitness news van and the energizer bunny. You see him all over the city and he keeps on going. That’s how you win elections Mr Khader. It’s all about meeting people and asking them for their vote. Keep up the great work and you will win this race for the people of Yonkers.

    1. Mike Khader is a true gentleman

      Mike Khader is gracious and friendly to all he speaks with even those who obviously don’t support him. Although I think he’s actually won some of those people over and once pro Liam they are now for Mike Khader.

  5. Halfway there!

    The only one running on fumes, is the 4th floor of city hall.
    keep talking smack, you are only firing up the khader team. You and all you haters are their Red Bull and caffeine. keep talking gets them Knocking harder and walking faster.
    This race is theirs and nothing can stop them ,they are all the way up!

  6. smile your on camera

    just keep sending liams crew to take down khader signs shows how scared shit liam is video tapes will be released at right time.

    1. I know you know i know who you are

      its clear and evident a few arabs looking to get some jobs thru the mayor are sabotaging mpac and city council race,we know who they are and deal with them later.We will remain focused on Khader and show liam the door comes Jan 1st

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