Climbing Up the Political Food Chain

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The Political Hezitorial

Brezler, Lesnick, Bramson, Mayer, Spano

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

Many people are familiar with the tag line, “You never actually own a Patek Phillipe, you merely look after it for the next generation. With this slogan, Patek Philippe seduces you to take the plunge on one of their magnificent watches. It creates some kind of justification to spend a tremendous amount of money on a one time piece that could have bought you half a dozen other Swiss quality watches. An analogy akin to looking after a political office is likewise valid. Each requires striving for more, appreciation of its value and requisite responsibility, investment in time, acquiring knowledge and purpose for vision of self and the greater good, and an assertiveness of purpose, demeanor, and follow through. It is a lifestyle balanced on principals of ethical standards undaunted in the quest of remedy and purpose. It is a construct to which few will accede; no matter their bluster, no matter their longing, no matter the naysayers, no matter the “get along to get along” pecking order that has become the swamp to which each claim they are not one to be counted upon in such regard. The battle to accede in the looming battle to climb the political pecking order is already underway.

Since New York State Senator George Latimer, unexpectedly eclipsed the efforts of incumbent Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino for a third term by a 14 percent margin, an array of vultures, each smelling opportunity of one capacity or another to alight to higher office have revealed timidly though voraciously their respective interests. Interestingly, Yonkers resident Kat Brezler, a teacher with the New York City Public School District serving in The Bronx was the first to declare her intention to fill the balance of the second year in office from which NYS Senator Latimer departs to take on the responsibilities demanded of him as the next Westchester County Executive. After her announcement nothing else has been heard from her “campaign” that has come anywhere near defining herself. Zilch.

Yonkers Tribune was soon to learn that at the behest of New York State Senate Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, NYS Assemblymember Shelley Mayer has been encouraged to seek the NYS Senate seat alongside Ms. Stewart-Cousins as the potential junior senator under the aegis of the failing and flailing NYS Senate Minority Leader. Stewar-Cousins has yet to convince Democrats to align their efforts and focus within her Minority Democratic Caucus. A growing number of Democrats have found they are able to maintain their principles as Democrats while aligning their fortune and the communities they represent with the Independent Democratic Coalition headed by NYS Senator Jeffrey Klein to the consternation of the likes of Assemblymember Mayer. To conjecture over where Mayer will sit one need only be informed by her endless “talk” about needing funding to resuscitate the Yonkers Public School District being simply “talk”. She has brought little financial wherewithal by which The City of Yonkers can plan and develop its future needs. She is aided and abetted by Senate Democrat Conference Leader Stewart-Cousins who is flummoxed by her lack of leadership capacity to entice more Democrats to her side of the aisle. She deludes her lack of self assertiveness which reveals her ineffectiveness. She blames New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo for not recognizing her because of the color of her skin and also because she is a woman. If that is the case regarding her plight, it may be best she retire simply by the weight of he ineptitude and lack of capacity. She is the epitome of politically correct, albeit self-serving elitism. She neither serves the community-at-large, nor has she acquired the capacity to serve Yonkers, or to excise the corruption under her watch over alleged abuse of funds to community centers upon whose board of directors she presides. She has proven herself being a card carrying member of the swamp in Westchester County. She cannot help but be recognized as a failure to public interest.

Muddying the waters in the Yonkers swamp are those who have shopped their interests for one office or another. Those whose history and demeanor falls short of even being credibly considered. The likes of Chuck Lesnick whose photo-opportunity sessions validate only his capacity to being ubiquitous, as does Mayer, and a reminder of his lack of capacity to translate his exhaustive breadth of knowledge to anything he knows into an asset of value for the greater good. He is weighed down by his “get along, to get along” demeanor that may have served him while dismissive of the greater good for the City of Yonkers. That alone should be rationale for his staying where he is, at HUD. At issue is whether Yonkers will consider raising a failed former Yonkers City Council President to an even more responsible office. Lesnick is too much of a backroom wheeler-dealer to credibly serve the public interest.

Mayer is soliciting Democrats from disparate Election Wards and Districts to gain traction as a plausible candidate to accede Latimer to SD 37. Sadly, Mayer is all “talk” and no “action”. Mayer has proven her lack of capacity to deliver on her well chosen but innocuous and shallow expressions of concern only to allow he interest and concerns to wane over time by stirring the drama of inability by engaging subterfuge in her wake. She has little support other than an aging waning base of supporters who are not representative of the demographic transformation that she has yet to consider as part of her “democratic” milieu that differs from those to which she clings and that are a generation out of date. Her extolling the virtues of former New York State Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver is a pox on her house. She is also not averse to cover up illegalities that transpired under her watch. There is no rationale to her being in the political arena whatsoever. One can learn more from reading her social media pages than anything else. Like Lesnick she wants to move up the ladder because she deems it her turn. Excuse me while I hurl.

While the cauldron of deceit boils before our eyes, we learn that amongst his staff, Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano is definitely “in” the mix to become the next NYS Senator desirous to serve District 37. The hype under Mayor Mike Spano has often not risen under his almost 6 years in office, too often eclipsed by those who spoke in his name. Lest the reader believe this Hezitorial is a pass to his past ineffectiveness or worse ineptitude, it should not be forgotten that when needed most, Mayor Spano could not deliver on the need for financial resuscitation of the Yonkers Public School District, nor engaged in a credible hierarchy of the Yonkers Board of Education board of Trustees, a cesspool of sychophants ill-equipped to serve the student population. Under his watch of six years a construct that is dissuasive of public discourse by parents, among other stakeholders-holders who are not privy to the issues of heath, safety, teaching capacity at the Yonkers Public School District which he eviscerated. ESL (English as a second language) is a standard that has not been permitted to stray beyond its exclusive responsiveness to Spanish speakers, while Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Albanian, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, and Portuguese, among other languages are not addressed. Perhaps Yonkers would do well to teach English by standards of immersion, a proven modality throughout the world. These are the very deficiencies and overspending failed curriculum exacts.

Perhaps these issues, among others, are part of the problem that patronage, and inexperience, the “on the job training” has permitted by such employment, despite their lack of knowledge to assist in growing the City of Yonkers beyond its present quagmire.

The failed constructs employed by the City of Yonkers are just that failure. They were too often covered up by not knowing they were engaged, a lack of transparency for whatever reasons, among other excuses. Even so, I suggest Mayor Mike Spano could be an asset in Albany more than he could be in the City of Yonkers. Stay with me, please. Mayor Mike Spano knows how to ingratiate himself among fellow elected offices in the New York State Legislature among both Senators and Assembly people. His relationship with NYS Governor Cuomo has cooled somewhat over the years but a camaraderie exists and can be expanded to benefit both. It is that relationship, for all practical purposes that will serve Governor Cuomo and the prospects for Mike Spano acceding to the office of New York State Senator. The dynamic for a Cuomo / Spano relationship is prudent for both. Becoming a NYS Senator will permit Mike Spano the opportunity to define a credible, laudable, and worthy patina to a presently lagging legacy to be told.

Should there be some to consider the prospects for Shelly Mayer, the sensitive and astute will quickly recognize that Mayer is not a team player, she is all about herself. Her years in office were orchestrated to permit her a non-aggression succession to office that served no one but herself and the detriment of the City of Yonkers.

Governor Cuomo does not designate the next NYS Senator. There will not likely be a primary contest either. What is most probable is that NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo will have a strong hand in this contest.

At present, despite the interest of New Rochelle Democratic Leader Arnie Klugman desirous to promote Mayor Noam Bramson to NYS Senator, there seems little to bolster Bramson’s prospects for higher office. Bramson simply lost his mojo years ago.

A Special Election will be declared within 90 days of George Latimer being sworn to office as Westchester County Executive. Yonkers Tribune suggests no primary will be permitted to be engaged.

Should this all take place as suggested herein, and the Yonkers Tribune suggests it will, a succession of people known, among those less known, will be moved up the food chain in the City of Yonkers.

Read about that the people who are expected to move up the ladder in ivory tower best known as Yonkers City Hall next week.

eHeziClimbing Up the Political Food Chain

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    1. Deal wirh it

      Merrante won
      Rubbo won
      Liam lost…dont blame it on trump…liam is a horrible and arrogant person…and the voters seen right through him.
      Add in the dirty nolans and the patronage and it was clear that he had to go.

  1. Mike Khader did not run against McLaughlin

    Mike Khader ran against Spano. A vote for mike Khader was a vote against Spano. Spano lost to Mike Khader. Mike Khader can beat Spano again. Giddy up morons in city hall

  2. Dated

    Name Term End
    Joseph Nocca, Chairman 12/31/2015
    Dennis Gallego, Secretary 12/31/2017
    Patricia Dickerson 12/31/2016
    Thomas Drexel 12/31/2015
    Kathleen Ennis 12/31/2015
    Maria Fragoso 12/31/2017
    Vinny Volino 12/31/2017

    From the City Website: Looks like half the Board is out of Date. LOL

    1. Ethics Committee is a joke.

      Ethics Committee is a sham. People submit complaints about abuse of power of councilmen and the puppets do nothing. Yonkers Ethics Committee should be be disbanded like Cuomo’s Moreland Commission. Worthless.

  3. good for democracy

    “You never actually own a Patek Phillipe, you merely look after it for the next generation.” the same is true of political office. Since there are term limits for some there should be no problem when public servants run for other seats when they are termed out. This is good for democracy.

  4. Truth

    This posting was addressed to Hezi. I deleted all the writing but have saved it for reference. I understand the passion, which may or may not be substantiated. If it is as serious as you suggest in your writing, I suggest you gather the proof, seek legal counsel, and litigate the issues you suggest.

    Another option is to send me proof of your assertions by directing it to

    I will do my best to corroborate but it sounds to me to be too inside baseball than I will be capable of discerning. If you send something substantive, even suggest people to contact, I will get to the bottom of this. I can start without your giving me references to seek corroboration from.

    perhaps there is a third option but I cannot presently think of it.

  5. Change We Need

    These special elections are a total waste of public money. Latimer or any candidate running for a different office should be forced to step down and then we can have an election on election day. None of these operators should be allowed to hedge their bets and stay elected if they lose their race. That way once they are not elected they cannot go back to their old job. Their double rolling of the dice should be made illegal.

    The only people who would not agree with this are politicians. And that’s why it will never change.

  6. WTF

    Hezi, what are the ethics board meeting about. This must be their first sitting under SpaNO?
    There are no ethical issues in Yonkees.

    1. William DeBlasio

      There are some ethical concerns…They have to figure out how temporary DPW members will be made permanent before McLAUGHABLE gets the boot to his ass….

  7. Only One Thing Wrong in Yonkers

    The only thing wrong in Yonkers are its workers.
    Drain the Swamp of Them.
    None live in Yonkers.
    Many have never lived in Yonkers, fake address’s.
    Take the money and run.
    Hezi, please list a contact. I have info that I believe is a
    great lead.
    Thank You Hezi. You are the man !

    Hezi’s response. Thank you for the kind words. I look forward to your advice and leads. The email address is
    I appreciate your trust and will not undermine my word to you in any manner. Thank you.

    1. Pedro Campos

      Does that mean they will get rid of Jose Roman who has a patronage job in the Human Resources Dept because he failed the Yonkers Civil Service basic clerks exam-this is the same person who last week raised the flag of Puerto Rico over Yonkers City Hall and then went on to ridicule the United States of America and white people all in the presence of the Yonkers Supt of Schools and the Yonkers BOE President and a school trustee-and the dopes that they are just stood there and said nothing.

        1. Boricua

          Jose Roman was employed by the COY as a patronage hack-Jose Roman failed the COY Clerks exam and probably was terminated as he should have never been hired or employed in the first place-so re-check ur facts

        2. Santuce

          Jose Roman had a patronage job with the COY-unfortunately Jose Roman could not pass the COY Clerks exam and the COY terminated him-this is a guy who should have not been hired in the first place as a provisional-now Jose Roman can have more Puerto Rico flag raising events and spew out his racist rhetoric.

  8. Thats Right !

    The Spano’s have always looked out for Yonkers.
    They Have and Can Deliver.
    Yonkers Politics is a Septic Tank.
    Mayor Spano does not have the gutter temperament for
    this den of thieves.
    Before he goes word is he going to Drain the Yonkers Swamp.
    Take that to the Bank.

  9. Tiny

    Nader Sayegh has earned his right to be Mayor. Or least he should replace Khader as council pres if he becomes mayor. They have real roots in our community

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