Has Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson Been KO’D at Fortina’s Restaurant?

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The Blue Truth Hezitorial

A Sincere Thank You to All Instrumental in This Telling

The Blue Truth

Yonkers Police Benevolent Association (PBA) Det. President Keith Olson played alongside Machiavellian minds more astute at conjuring ways to undermine the Yonkers Police Department and the City of Yonkers than he could ever contemplate. Olson had at one time spurred his the debauchery of the past by his connivance with the one-time Yonkers Police Commissioner Edmund Hartnett who came to an amenable rationale that served them both equally when the first hand shake was clasped. Hartnett had the upper hand in the burgeoning days and months after their unofficial agreement. In time, especially when Hartnett chose to take on other responsibilities, Olson would come to rule the roost. Olson proved himself despotic and dismissive to the men and women in blue, denigrating them while embellishing the prospects of those who would be installed as PBA Trustees, exacting retributions among those who stood outside his inner circle. As he gained more control, his BFFs were permitted to run roughshod among the membership and hierarchy so as to bolster Olson’s control of the Yonkers Police Department. In time, Olson was enticed and thereafter seduced by the swamp dwelling politicians who suggested he would become an “equal” to their political aristocracy. Olson bought into the seductive prospect for himself and his inner circle hook, line, and sinker.

In time, Olson learned he had lost command. He was turned from being the pimp to becoming pimped. For awhile he earned the gifts offered men of prowess. No matter what he hears presently, he has become a financial burden. The financial reckoning will soon come before the Yonkers City Council. Loses in the millions will be exacted from the practically bare Yonkers City coffers. Olson has nowhere to hide. Olson has lost the “get out of jail free pass card.” Did Olson not realize that “Monopoly” is nothing more than a board game and that Yonkers City Hall is playing on a more sophisticated plane?

Olson traversed the political minefield that lay before him for many years because he was enabled to do so by Yonkers City Hall.

Circumstances in the City of Yonkers (CoY) have however changed. Yonkersites no longer drink as much Kool-Aid as they once did, and Yonkersites are not as gullible or as uninformed as they were described to be. Yonkersites are also angry over the unkept promises made decades ago that have yet to be delivered. No amount of hand shakes and Cup o’ Joe outreach efforts by the Yonkers Police Department (YPD) can expunge the sour racial divide that has been nurtured in the fourth largest city in New York State. PBA President Olson believes he will be voted another term in office as PBA president in January 2018n no one has come forward to vie for Yonkers PBA President to challenge him. When it becomes evident, even in hushed tones, that the Spano Administration is no longer keen in sustaining him as PBA President will he quietly go away, or will Olson recognize he has no other option but to stay. If the latter, the prospect of the Yonkers PBA and the Yonkers Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants Association (CLSA) will have become the whipping boys and it will be painful.

It is unlikely that Olson will be able to sustain himself while traversing Yonkers’ political hijinks to which he was able to at first, and then maneuver around and about the threats that could have undermined his viability. Sadly for Olson, he has come to the end of his “fiefdom”. He is no longer necessary.

Failure is following Olson. He blew it for his members and blew it for his co-conspirators; Yonkers Police Chief Johnny Mueller who has been begging everyone and his brother to become the next Yonkers Police Commissioner. At issue is how can any politician make a guy who refused his own transfer, and threw a beer fest party in his precinct be sold to a knowing Public? It can’t! Goodbye Chief Mueller.

Yes, Olson is washed up and can do nothing more as a union president for his membership except send emails full of Yonkers PBA propaganda and make annual payments to former New York State Senator Nicky “Boy” Spano and Founder of Empire Strategic Planning (ESP) a lobbying group. ESP earns $48,000 from the Yonkers PBA annually, and earns $24,000 per annum from the Yonkers CLSA. Note that neither union, the PBA and the CLSA, were in need of being represented in Albany on issues specific to the local membership. They each had and still retain the services of their respective lobbyist for hyperlocal and state issues. It must be stressed that ESP is not permitted to engage in any conversation or influence the outcome for either union before the City of Yonkers (CoY). that is because Nick Spano is the oldest brother of the Spano Clan and it would be a conflict should ESP introduce any hyperlocal concerns to his brother, Mayor Mike Spano.

Olson chose to back incumbent Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino who lost the confidence of most labor officials in the race over that of the successful George Latimer, the Westchester County Executive-elect. Olson also went hot and heavy for incumbent Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin over newcomer Mike Khader, the Yonkers City Council President-elect.

Yonkers CLSA President Chris Sapienza went berserk with his own out of control emails chastising and crying about how Mike Khader was able to use photos on Facebook simply showing Khader interacting with Yonkers Police Officers. Yonkers Police from both unions, CLSA and PBA were quietly supportive of the Khader campaign. If only Sapienza had known or recollected the adage, “if you hang around a dog with fleas; chances are you will get fleas”. Both of these so called union leaders are nothing more than lame ducks now. They each laud and preside in their elected capacity until someone can find the missing “jewels” to make the challenge. On second thought, and I apologize for it being a second thought, a strong backbone, and an ethical standard seems more logical embodied by a woman in blue.

One may infer that both Sapienza and Olson were not cognizant that Mike Khader, Esq., is a guest, visitor, or resident in a nation where all  have inalienable rights and protections under the law. Yonkersites cannot be set up on phony charges or be threatened with internal transfers by some deal conjured up with Spano or those who speak upon his behalf, and that includes Spano family members. No, Mike Khader, Esq., has proven his legal capacity and ethical standards a force with which to be reckoned. Both Olson and Sapienza shot off some strong internal emails to their membership which have gone toward their respective characterizations of Mike Khader, Esq.

See this image at the end of this Hezitorial to see the email referred to herein:

No one has to wonder why 99 percent of Yonkers unions supported Khader while lame duck union heads Sapienza and Olson supported Liam McLaughlin, Esq.
Why all the internal emails derogatory of Khader? Why all the intimidation tactics from a police union leader well known for bullying the defenseless? Yonkers Tribune has learned through the promise of anonymity from those in the know, that they believe that one of the Yonkers PBA emails from Olson advised his membership to leave a box blank on an absentee ballot. The purpose of the “instruction” was intentioned so that a union representative would be later able to fill out the form for the members and thereafter have a union representative hand deliver the ballots to McLaughlin’s campaign headquarters.

Yes, this race had a lot riding on it for Olson. If McLaughlin had won, Mueller would have gotten one step closer to ruining a job that had already succumbed to diminished ethical standards in New York State; a job whose standards were undermined by Olson, where the membership pays Nick Spano’s lobbying firm ESP $48,000 and 24,000 annually, so as to keep Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller, the wannabe Yonkers Police Commissioner a conversation piece.

The likes of Olson and politicians such as McLaughlin have been eviscerating the Yonkers Police budget allocations for years. this, while Olson got his friends promoted, a new SUV truck for himself, and his sister a high paying patronage jobs. Olson is the height of hypocrisy. Olson’s  only focus for the past eight years was attempting to expel Yonkers Police Officers, threatening civilians with parking tickets and arrests, and setting up other members with intentional write-ups and or stage fist fights. He also spent most of his time wining and dining on the PBA credit card, to which the union membership has not been privy to an account to which their union dues support, while he keeps Andy Quinn, Esq., on speed dial. Most members of his association have no idea of what they are entitled to or have any tangible evidence of Olson’s expenditures since having coming under his aegis by default.

Yonkersites get the bare bone minimum service as it is. Units and positions have been cut and gutted for years, this while Olson wined and dined with the likes of the Spano’s and McLaughlin. In fact, it was Keith Olson himself that offered up positions like the Housing Unit, the Precinct Aids, and Supervisory spots overlooking the Criminal Court. Many Yonkers Police Supervisors are currently responsible for more than one unit as well as more personnel. Where are you Chris Sapienza? Perhaps like a deer blinded, Sapienza is caught in the headlights. Are you still sitting on Vinny Spano’s lap while he pulls the strings?  The City of Yonkers has no School Resource Officers within any of the Yonkers Public Schools District. Meanwhile Olson’s Trustees and cronies are sucking up all the overtime in the precinct and in the Traffic Unit, while others await their in long line that doesn’t move. Cronyism perfected in Yonkers.

Keith Olson has been cuddling on Nick Spano’s lap since insiders in the know say he had his PBA Trustees count duplicate ballots dumped into one big lying pile of subterfuge. Likely by the end of this reading you should have received another Yonkers PBA propaganda piece on how how Olson has been trying for almost 8 years to get all our manpower and units back. The lying piece of s*it believes repeating the spin over and over will go unchallenged. Olson, your mantra is no longer credible as your legacy of spin differs from the historical resume.

So, in the month of December 2017, Olson began his Op-Ed’s, and email rants which few, if any open anymore.

Yes, Olson is done. If he goes unchallenged, that will give Nicky “Boy” Spano $48,000 for those summer “cheeseburgers” he serves his lap union dogs that screw their members at every chance to taste the Spano “cheeseburgers”.

Could Khader’s political victory mean the beginning of the end for Olson’s shadow office? Is this why Olson became so aggressive against Mike Khader. Could it be that Keith Olson is scared that Khader is a no-nonsense legal lawyer that will exposed Olson’s police misconduct? Could it be that Khader may refuse to indemnify the infamous Yonkers “Rat Pack” consisting of John Mueller and Brian Moran while the trio, which includes Keith Olson, await their fate in U.S. Federal Court in which admissions were made that all three Federal Defendants have committed work place harassment, and may have also violated a members First Amendment rights as a union member?

So the stakes are high for Keith Olson. Olson had to get down and dirty; and down and dirty, he did. Insiders in the know advise the Yonkers Tribune that Olson sent out another internal email using the City of Yonkers Police insignia asking his members to volunteer on Election Day to man the voter election polls to look for voter “fraud” in the Khader race. Sources in the know advise that Olson only managed to scrape up a handful of his board members and position those trustees inside various polling places throughout the city’s Westside, where some of them displayed their shields and guns, wearing Yonkers Police Department uniforms, and other accoutrements designating them as Police Officers in one capacity or another.

What kind of voter fraud were these Yonkers Police Officers supposed to look for and how would they even know what to look for? While all of this was going on, reports have it that the Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson reportedly confronted Mike Khader at one of the polling centers on Hamilton Avenue. Sources advise that Olson approached Khader and attempted to question his presence and reasons for checking on his poll watchers. Sources admitted under protection of anonymity that Khader just brushed aside Olson’s intimidation threat and told Olson to make his way to the Election Board should he had a complaint or complaints to lodge.

It must be very clear by now that Olson cannot Escape his Moquette Street bully demeanor by which many describe him. Olson’s conduct was clearly intentioned to intimidate Khader voters. Olson has clearly violated Federal Election Law; his conduct warrants a complete internal investigation as well as an independent outside investigation.

The Yonkers Police Department members need to rid themselves of Keith Olson. Union members of the Yonkers Police Department need to stand up and look for another leader. Do not be afraid of being targeted by Olson who has led you down into an abyss by targeting, threatening civilians, as well as police personnel. Keith Olson is at the cusp of being placed into a legal toasters he is not above the law. He has allegedly spent thousands of dollars in defending himself against New York State and Federal Civil Court actions with no end in sight. He is clearly shielded and protected by Nick Spano which could easily be construed as obstruction of justice. It also seems incongruous that a felon Nick Spano can be a lobbyist for a police Department anywhere in the U.S.A. Perhaps Nick Spano skates around this issue because the reality is that the annual payments to ESP are similar to a “no show job”. Has the PBA or CLSA membership ever gotten an accounting of the accomplishments made on their respective behalf by Nick Spano and ESP?

The next Yonkers PBA President may not want to cough up the members’ cash so quickly. Perhaps that is why Big “Bully” Olson became so aggressive against Khader?  Will Khader renew calls for all internal police complaints against Olson and others? Perhaps Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano should call for term limits on Olson. Either way, Yonkers civilians and newly elected politicians need to take a very close look into the inner working of Keith Olson and the Olsonettes (Mueller and Moran) who would DO and SAY anything against anyone for their own political agenda and survival.

Sources in the know advise that all the letters and complaints against this casts of characters are at Internal Affairs for all to read. As of this article, you can see how desperate Olson has become (Yonkers PBA email), next month his seat is up for grabs, so he is back from the Spano Rehabilitation Clinic and is calling for more units, manpower, false write-ups, civilian threats or anything else that will let him keep his PBA credit card.

Recently, a very naïve blinded PBA Third Precinct Union Trustee issued a parking ticket in front of St. Mary’s Church while prominent State, County and local politicians were celebrating Mike Khader’s victory. Another setup; even on a Sunday. Keith Olson evidently has no shame.

If that were not good enough sources in the know advise that there was a meeting at City Hall with officials from the City of Yonkers and the Yonkers Police Department discussing financial woes. Sources advise that Yonkers Deputy Mayor James Cavanaugh alluded toe YPD officials suggestively that if they were to enforce more traffic infractions then it could help CoY’s financial capacity to avert a Control Board.

What may have been said in jest by all those attending the meeting may have been said in jest or was in fact a looming crisis. At issue is whether a crisis is looming to which few are willing to ascribe their names on the record. In Yonkers you can wake up and find that Keith Olson has given you a parking summons, or is sending one YPD Detective, formerly an “old” Housing Unit buddy to engage in an unauthorized investigation and to abscond with your video equipment.

Since Yonkers City Council President-elect Mike Kader brushed aside Olson’s voter intimidation, reports advise that the Yonkers PBA is on an official Citywide shadow job action against the City of Yonkers and is not enforcing any traffic infractions.

One can presume the bully has been flushed out since Mueller has no chance of ever becoming the next Yonkers Police Commissioner. Given all the allegations, the Yonkers Tribune awaits a complete Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation into the Office of the Yonkers PBA. A full inquiry into the finances and actions of these individuals could lead to a Federal takeover of the Yonkers PBA. Maybe that is why insiders suggest Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller is interviewing for other gig.

Lastly, has anyone been attacked at this year’s Yonkers PBA Christmas Party by Keith Olson? Yonkers Tribune has learned that the newly opened Fortina’s Restaurant sports ringside seating.


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Dear PBA Members,

Over the last ten years the staffing levels in patrol have been decimated. We as a PBA are constantly urging the powers that be to return patrols, ESU units, specialized units, foot posts and to restore the 31 police officer positions to the budget recklessly taken away in 2011. I personally have spoken publicly about this, written more editorials and attended more meetings than I can count. I, along with the rest of the PBA Board & Trustees will continue to fight for the proper staffing of our job.

The attached document shows just how much we are being forced to do more with less these days.

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Hezi ArisHas Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson Been KO’D at Fortina’s Restaurant?

Comments 102

  1. Anchors away rat man

    Keith Olson XXXXXXL stained sweater vest 150 bucks

    Drinks and snacks at the Yonkers Brewery for KO and his entourage 300 bucks

    Special orthopedic walking shoes for the six hundred pound corrupt union leader 600 bucks

    PBA Christmas party at the upscale Fortina restaurant 14K

    Watching this dirtbag Glutton get bitch slapped and have his PBA president seat run by Gerard Spano…….PRICELESS

  2. All the way up

    Dt Gerard Spano gaining speed!! Won’t be long now till he rollls you over K.O! That’s not easy to do because of your size but it’s coming.

    1. Body Cam the Job Action# Union Rat KO

      Yes sir, just like Keith Olson is following YPD supervisors and video recording their actions. Then he will make an endorsement that don’t mean anything. Just ask Liam how he is doing.

      1. Commissioner Crush

        The YPD PC should consult with legal counsel and submit the past years summons count and then squeeze the rotten cheese out of him.

  3. Call my mom

    Get this, now the large guy is mad and put his ticket book in his draw with Wayne’s cash. Poor maybe they won’t make thevery guy with pasted smile.

  4. butch Olson

    Maaaaaaaaaa, they may cover Neil Vera’s personnel suit tomorrow. Maaaaaaaaaa, I don’t have to punch the wall tonight Mama

  5. The most Corrupt PBA Leader in the State

    Olson where are your petitions? Did you lose them in your cheeseburgers? Maybe you left them at Nicky Spano’s house when you guys were setting up your next victims.

    1. Just a token for a rogue cop of the Yonkers PBA

      Know your facts fat boy. It seems it is only for Neil Vera only. You would think differently if it was from your wallet and not the taxpayers.

        1. We thought we had a deal Nicky Boy

          The Yonkers PBA Leader went against every union in the City to comb Nick Spano’s hair and now he is doing a city wide job action again. Just pay the man will you KO.

  6. City of Hills blah blah blah

    Tomorrow the City Council votes on an $80K plus settlement for the Dario Tena family. Only in Yonkers….

  7. Cancerous rot# Keith Olson Yonkers PBA

    You really screwed up Keith Olson and ruined a once respected office for your own corrupt agenda. Your lies against civilians and police personnel have caught up to you. You have protected dirty union trustees that have time and time committed perjury against others. Now you have your dirtbag union trustees thinking that a job action will bring back all those units YOU offered up while you made out with Liam, Felon Nick, Lenny the other union sellout loser, and the rest of your crew. People from the community and the ranks of the YPD say not so fast you over fed union rat. You sure are a bully who is afraid of decent men and women. Members of the YPD look for an alternative who is not burning our cash on illegal and Spanoville cheeseburgers.

  8. ask other unions what they got and think

    Yonkers PBA members; do not follow a thug who would set you up and threaten your family. Go out and do your job, Olson is done in Yonkers. He gave your rights away to the city. Ask other union heads.

      1. thugsrus

        Could we suggest that the Olsonette’s should start there own little department, where Mueller can be PC, and Olson and Moran can set people up. Maybe the Spano’s can give them the old R/ Cars. Maybe KO can partner up with Lenny Spano and fk more people.

        1. Yonkers PBA President needs more dues# bills

          KO the Nick Spano firm just called and wants to know if you cut their check from the members?

    1. KO your answer should have been C

      Why is Keith Olson doing a job action?
      A) raised money for the Spano’s
      B) they won’t make Jon Mueller the Joker PC?
      C) Mike Khader is going to wax KO’S ass with an 8 foot stepladder and a handful of investigations?
      Please KO no ticket books allowed during the quiz or trustees.

  9. Less than animals

    I will have to vote for him. At least he won’t set up civilians and other cops. We also know that he does plant things on people and won’t search without a real authentic signed search warrant. Right Keith Olson and Brian Moran? Two real live low running curb runners.

  10. 4th precinct member for Spano

    Just heard from a very good source that the mayors brother, Dt Gerard Spano is set to announce that he is running against Keith. If true, this will get real interesting pretty fast.

    1. DB

      I wouldn’t doubt that…
      Gerard Spano has used up
      KO, for all of the Spano’s cover ups…..for all these years….

      This would be a very typical thing for the Spano’s

    2. GC

      Gerard Spano,Vincent Spano
      Are a big part of the problem with the PBA ALREADY…
      The Yonkers city Employees know that they are trouble makers, and when Gerard Spano & Vincent Spano get in trouble then run away, and hide behind Nick Spano…

      1. Let's make a deal

        You forgot that other PC Lenny Parkway the guy that makes out with KO. How much do I get if we let you target another cop?

      2. Borrowed time

        Haha, nice try Olsonettes. Gerard Spano is an honest, hard working Detective that has the support of 90 percent of the membership. Hell, at the Christmas party I thought he was already the PBA president. It’s probably a good time to lose your seat anyway there fat man, you never know when that stinky office will be raided and a net thrown over your fat ass. I have never seen such an abuse of the PBA office ever since the spot was willed to you. You’re a County wide embarrassment and come January you will be an ex PBA President embarrassment. Oh and nobody, I truly mean nobody wants you, Brian Moran or John Mueller working for the County. You idiots must’ve got a hold of Chiarella’s weed stash lol

  11. All trash # Keith Olson

    Olson is a union dirtbag that broke protocol with all the other unions in town. The weak man got a car, a promotion and a job for his sister who never had a real paying job until Keith Olson sold out every union leader in the City besides his entire membership. Some of his board should break protocol and select a new cleaner leader that is not rogue, or steals police files, or threatens civilians with arrest and summonses. When the Department of Justice (DOJ) lands they should shut the Yonkers PBA Office down and bring in a large rodent specialist. Then they should go up to that bought and paid for fake Chief Mueller’s office and throw hair growth on his head before his next interview for another job. Bye-bye you Loone, take your two dirty cops with you. Yonkers PD will be a lot better without you and those Spano’s.

  12. Rogue as they come.

    the joker will never be commissioner of any departmen. did you forget he is named in not 1 but 2 lawsuits??? not too mention he has zero qualifications,but is known to throw the best beer fests and defy orders…lol

    1. Reality

      Word is that Nicky, the felon, is tapping the Joker for a county top cop. Joker will really hit the skids then and fat KO has been seen wearing a special helmet and banging his head against wall of the PBA office. Good luck westchester county – get ready for 12xhr tours and no OT ! Crazy joke man.

      1. fat chance

        That nut job can only try to hit on some politicians aid or themselves. Move on you Joker Mueller. Here is a quarter. Go down to the Yonkers PBA office and have Olson gnaw that pasted smile off of a Mueller. Also stop begging you fool. Don’t you have to sign some lies about someone?

  13. Nomination next month for various PBA Board Spots, including the Head Spano Rat KO

    This just in most of the board will be retiring soon, they have had three or four years of 60+hours of overtime compared to the patrol force. So if you consider running for any union spots under Keith Olson there is a smell test used by the large guy.
    You must not report any police misconduct
    You must clearly lie and swear out a report to it at any cost. ( refer to the Neil Vera Doctrine or the Moran Doctrine)
    You must never ever say you opinion or talk about the Joker Mueller or have to target a civilian or another member.
    Hurry nomination next month or be set up and transferred.

    1. Can you do another PBA fund give away KO?

      Don Spano and the weak lying union leader need each other. One rat gives the other rat the members’ cash at all cost and transfers. The Feds should just check Olson’s books.

    2. jack ass

      Yeah Mueller commissioned the fool that refused a transfer. His resume couldn’t get him the Commissioner of the ASPCA where there are no files for Olson and Moran to steal.

  14. Need some new suckers# Office of the Yonkers PBA

    Looking for cash money? We need to make Mueller PC and we need to be able to commit more police misconduct. So we need someone new to back since we lost all our races. Pleae call the Yonkers PBA Office on Monday to drop cash only off. Don’t call until after 11 am, that is when Debbie Hiccup is in. Leave a message for the big guy that usually wears a Polo see through shirt that looks like a woman’s size 20 dress. It may have some cheese dripping off it. Try not to stare if you encounter any other board members there or you run the risk they may plant a package on you and swear it is yours. Just leave the cash and run or they may search your house while you are not their. Make sure to leave your name on the envelope so they don’t give you parking summons in front of your family or church.

    1. Olson the woodsman

      Keith there are 5 cars parked illegally on Ashburton Avenue. Can you get your fat a** down here; there are no cameras. Also send that drunken one eyed Sgt. to threaten some citizens with arrest. Also send that planter, too. I think he may want to do a car stop after he reports a bogus incident like you.

  15. Swamp Tank

    Hurry you can place this year’s Christmas order now and get two Spano Keith Olson lawn ordaments for the price of? well one transfer, a few parking summons targeting civilians , a fly by night contract and a promise of guarantee traffic pension padding. But it limited to the Olsonette’s who lie against others and target civilians as union members. Go the the Yonkers PBA website for more misleading nonsense. And vote for Liam or whoever is going to make the Joker. Look for the Former PBA trustee Neil Vera a student of Moran’s search warrant class.

    1. Web MD

      Heard Johnny transfer is seeking the Westchester County PD spot. Here is a bit of advice for Shelley or any other politicians. The guy has cold sweats, and sleep walks while mumbling ” I need to be Police Commissioner ” Then he mumbles , Keith who else should we set up? Who else is a Monte or Khader guy? Then he wakes up and sees he wet the bed. The poor Joker is going bald too. He is down to three strains of thin hair.

    2. DB

      It’s so true….
      they are corrupt…..
      if they where to be set up or their family members where to be set UP…
      lets see what they would say::

    1. Just do it YPD if any Spano's come around tell them a new sheriff is in town

      Get rid of that big sucking Spano sellout. Let’s go YPD. Dump that moquette rat and his two leeches Mueller and Moran.

  16. Yonkers isn't Safe # own it Olson

    There is NO doubt that Olson has to go. His actions within the department and against civilians must be stopped in order to regain the trust of the community. The Spano’s are completely responsible for what is happening within the Yonkers Police Department. No matter who runs for Mayor, one thing is clear is that Olson done nothing but pen bullsh*t Op Ed and letters masking his deals with the likes of the Spano’s and the Liam’s.

    1. Jingle Bell Mix

      This years Christmas Jingle Bell DVD will be lost, taped over and removed by the famous Dunwoodie evidence Jonny DVD Donaghy. One of the best of the best compared to Vera, Pataky and Olson himself.

  17. Radioactive

    Keith Olson needs to be challenged so the YPD can move forward again and break the Spano grip. Lenny Spano should buy a used radio car from the County PD and ride around with Keith. This way they can screw people to their faces instead of backstabbing them. They can even pick up the fat guy in the orange jump suit pretending to raise money for Christmas.

    1. Hatch Act# KO AKA the Woodsman

      Vote the union sucking gray river rat out of the PBA before he and his board try to take over another polling spot and threatens to fight you. Lol, the guy can’t do 3 situps, but can setup.

  18. Bad Santa

    Hey Santa Keith, what’s in your sack this year? Why it’s my two best Christmas presents, the Joker Mueller and who needs a search warrant Brian Moran.

  19. Under the table over the table

    Ocean club let’s vote Olson in again so he can funnel cash to the Spano’s to build more integrity for the YPD. Lol

  20. 30k from the Tough Man?

    Jan club is that like when the Yonkers PBA cash goes to Lenny Spano school. Could that be posted or used by criminals?

    1. Under the table over the table

      Ocean club let’s vote Olson in again so he can funnel cash to the Spano’s to build more integrity for the YPD. Lol

    2. Your fired

      Lenny Spano another failed union leader. Now be is playing Police Commissioner at the YPD. Should had been partners with KO. You seem to be cutting cash deals together. Soon you all will gone and the YPD members will not forget how you two fked them on their contract. No wonder ex convict Nick needs the fat man.

  21. Bye KO

    every precinct never has the sector cars it supposed to have 1st pct may be 3 cars at tops, 2nd pct maybe 3-4 depending on tour and day 3rd pct 4 cars and 4th 4 cars before olson hacked up the job we always had 5 to 6 cars per pct some one needs to take olson out,not too mention what he did to H.U. and S.C.U. olson is the cancer of this job we must cut him out come January

    1. Olson the Spano lawn ordament

      Bye bye fat man. Go give your own money to the Spano’s, that’s if you have any of your own. Give that loser Lenny another 30k for a good cause. We wonder what that deal was. Funny how all your efforts are against other unions.

    2. capricious and corrupt

      You are being kind. Olson is a lying dirtbag union rat who has intentionally set up others and had his two supervisor friends swear to it. He is incredibly a weak diabetic sugar rat that has targeted citizens with lies. He pals around with his ex convict friend Nick Spano who may become part of the cancer the DOJ will cut out of Yonkers.

    3. blood sucker

      Cut out Olson seat next month and let him pay his own legal bills, plus an instant savings of $48,000. After two years almost a quarter of a million saved for the association, not counting Olson using thousands of dollars in legal fees in which he already lost one case on perjury. Almost like the Tenor case.

  22. jan hammer-ocean club

    The page showing the YPD staffing levels should be deleted. Although informative for legit community folks, it can be used by the criminal opposition. And it likely would not fall under FOIL anyway….

    1. Foia this and f**k juu

      The criminal opposition will be gone come January. We discovered a new and improved rat poison. Say goodbye to the bad guy.

  23. the PBA way

    The Yonkers PBA union leader needed to be exposed for those who are worried about being targeted with transfers, criminal charges, and threats of violence.

  24. boot them out

    Obviously Olson is done in Yonkers after he threatened and attacked both civilians and employees. No matter who is mayor, Keith Olson has to be outed. Yonkers members have until next month to find their avacodos. The felon needs Olson and Olson needs him to obstruct justice.

    1. Get educated

      Free speech is in the entire country their Keith Olson. There is no need to set up civilians or cops if you don’t like the truth.

  25. Work release now looking for new interns

    Just read the article and it sure looks like the Olsonette’s are done. Maybe you can threaten the next interim Mayor before Nader or Chuck come. When they come they will bring the Feds for Keith Olson.

  26. please mayor mike...I got members cash

    Can you write me a reference and leave the part out about work place harassment and me targeting females and civilians. I need two more years for the Federal Law Suit pending. Say hello to Don Spano and tell him I will be by with my envelope for Christmas.

  27. Yonkers isn't Safe # Keith Olson

    Where is Liam KO? Giving summons to the political opponents didn’t work out for you. Mueller’s legacy will be the Captain that refused a transfer order and will be forever known as the Joker who only dreams he would be PC. …..Not

  28. Rabadi for Mayor

    Ammir Rabadi is looking at potentially running for mayor. Ammir Rabadi can’t leave this city in the hands of Nader Sayegh. You read it first here- Rabadi for Mayor

    1. All the way up

      Ammir would be the best choice he can raise money with a snap of the finger look how much he gave liam khader,spano over 100k this year alone.He is well connected with the Arab community in yonkers and loved by all.

      1. willie

        I heard Ammir Rabadi had a fundraiser for mike khader last year that got his campaign started… good for him.. glad to see he helped mike khader win

    2. yeah yeah first things first

      Anyone but the Spano’s who will deal with a Spano puppet. Don’t brag about Liam or Spano they both screwed the taxpayers and let a thug like Keith Olson attack and target the Arabic community. So whoever makes it will have to dump a rat like Keith Olson.

    3. Willie

      Ammir for Mayor is a long shot… Nader Sayegh is better suited for mayor, he is a true leader and has MPAC backing him up,,,, Go Nader..

      1. all the way up!

        any one but a spaNo guy will be a better choice,First we have to deal with state senate race massive campaign being mounted against spaNO stay tuned and watch the show.

  29. Yonkers PBA Juice Bar

    The Quinn Firm $125,000 + a year, the Nick Spano Protection and Promotions Fee $48,000 yearly. To date Fat Nick is up over $200,000 between the PBA and the CLSA of $24,000 annually. Now what did the memberships get? A Nick Spano Federal cheeseburger and a bought and paid for police chief Mueller .

  30. Chuck

    I agree with Willy. Nader Sayegh would make a great Mayor. That is if the current mayor has the chestnuts to take on Shelly Mayer.

    1. The convict and the PBA Detective

      Keith Olson is no politician nor a union leader. He thought Mike Khader and his staff would be scared to enter the polling sites. You must have had a drop in your sugar level KO thinking you could threaten Mike a politician running for office. You really should sit down and swallow another cookie and wait for the Feds.

  31. lump in your throat is cheese KO

    Everything that comes out of the mouth of Keith Olson is not credible. The truth is a mother huh.KO.

  32. Don Spano

    it all comes down to uncle nick you pay him like the Godfather and he will protect you,remember the PBA or the cls never had a lobbyist firm on a yearly retainer only till last few years so they can be protected from the illegal actions they commit inside the department and outside…..

    1. Don Spano and Keith the perjurer. Who is on first?

      Obstruction of Justice for cash is a crime there Don Spano. You and Keith Olson make a nice couple. You both lie and screw over people.

      1. Justice is coming to Yonkers

        Olson is a poor pathetic man who is self imploding because he backed the wrong politicians. Now belly KO because you can’t get anything from the winners. Maybe you will get General assignment if Gardener allows it. You can work for Moran and do unauthorized searches and warrants. And you will have plenty of time to punch Hector in face like you said. He is still waiting by the way.

    2. PBA rat stench

      Now you do a job action? Where were you for the past 8 years? Oh, that is right you were downtown getting drunk with the Spano’s & selling out your membership for Johnny PC I will get you if you mention Montero’s name. You people are so intimidated, so you take out on civilians and set up your own.

  33. Corrupt and proud #Moquette Rat Union leader

    KO go find Wayne’s cash a clear out. Yonkers PD and it’s citizens had about enough of you and union trustees like former Yonkers cop Neil Vera who intentionally lied to get a search warrant and caused a civilian to lose his life. Yonkers PBA at its best.

  34. Olson's main push looking for employment

    Jon the Joker Mueller is looking for employment elsewhere? Who is going to take that screw ball. He is in the midst of a Federal Lawsuit and the guy was under investigation for throwing a beer fest in his command not to mention that he sure did refuse to abide by a transfer order.

  35. Yonkers PBA Hero

    You just couldn’t help yourself, you had to send a third pct. trustee who was on another job to issue a parking summons to Khader’s relative. As for your trustee, well maybe he deserves the Yonkers PBA President’s Targeting Civilians Award. We will call you next time we see the fat rat union leader driving drunk in Yonkers.

  36. Rat fleas

    Did you and that dumb CLSA President think Mike Kader would be intimidated by police harassment? Mike Khader is much too smart for your tactics KO. See you on visiting day’s pal.

  37. Yonkers worst

    Time for the DOJ to step on Keith Olson. Now just watch out that he doesn’t send one of his best trustees to write you a parking summons.

  38. the dirtiest cop# Keith Olson

    PC Gardener needs to reopen the complaints sitting at Internal Affairs. Maybe they can find out which dirty cop put together a file on Itzla.

  39. voter intimidation

    Don’t understand how the Yonkers PBA President or his member’s were allowed to operate inside the polls. Displaying any signs of guns, shields or police clothing while off duty is prohibited by Federal Law

    1. 2 million for openers Olsonette's

      Your honor, at best it was just work place harassment. Come on let my client go, the other two supervisors are on their own.

  40. PBA house calls

    What’s the matter KO, can’t intimidate Mike Khader? Maybe you can send Moran to search his house when he is not home you union rat. Did you find voter fraud on any of the ballots?

  41. PBA President gone rabid

    Olson is a very angry person who really needs help. He needs to be weeded out of the Yonkers Police Department so that other civilians and members will no longer be set up. In most cases people would feel sorry for a rabid rat, but I think in this case, we will just let the DOJ respond.

  42. Cook movers

    KO let us give you an estimate to clean out your rat infested office. We instructed our employees that your office is wired for sound and video. You know like the one we heard you used against the 456 local who stole Jimmy McCabe’s cash.

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