New York Daily News Reporter Kenneth Lovett Advises Mayor Mike Spano to Declare His Run for New York State Senate District 37 Seat Vacated by Westchester County Executive-Elect George Latimer

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Yonkers’ 42nd Mayor Mike Spano with Yonkers City Hall seen in the background.

YONKERS, NY — December 4, 2017 — The Lovett headline in the New York Daily News was assertive and matter of fact, Yonkers Dem Mayor to Run for NYS Senate, with the added caveat that the day when this news event will be divulged is Friday, December 8th. Mayor Spano has only weeks ago shown interest in moving up the food chain. His interest lost gravitas when he was eclipsed by NYS Assemblymember Shelley Mayor who divulged her focus to become the next Senator to serve SD37. Mayor Mike Spano’s equivocation over his intent permitted Assemblymember Shelley Mayer her opportunity to declare her intention.

Assemblymember Shelley Mayer will speak to her candidacy on the Tuesday broadcast of Westchester On the Level at 10am. Listen to the broadcast “live” or “on demand”. Listeners are encouraged to call 347-205-9201. Please stay on topic and respectful of our guest. Access of the Internet based broadcast is achieved by accessing the following hyperlink … which will be activated at 9:55am EDT on Tuesday, December 5, 2017.

Teacher Kat Brezler was one of the first to declare her candidacy for the Senate seat. not to be dismissed, she is tasked with creating a groundswell of support that would demand greater awareness of her campaign effort. Brezler does not have the clout, support, or the financial wherewithal of either declared Senate candidate Assemblymember Mayer, or if proven correct as divulged in today’s NY Daily News, by Mayor Spano.

Former prosecutor Daniel Schorr was noted by the Yonkers Tribune to be interested in contesting for SD37, while commercial litigation lawyer Sarmad Khojasteh has declared his entry for the Senate seat. Both would run as Republican candidates.

The candidate that would rise to the top of this election effort may have the potential to influence a change to the political discourse of the New York State Senate.

eHeziNew York Daily News Reporter Kenneth Lovett Advises Mayor Mike Spano to Declare His Run for New York State Senate District 37 Seat Vacated by Westchester County Executive-Elect George Latimer

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  1. John

    Funny when people say Nick Spano ran Liam’s campaign. If he did , it would have been a different result. The Spano and Khader group will be one force real soon. Remember you read it here.

  2. Insider

    Nick spano’s breakfast was bigger than the opposition- Brezler and Mayer. Big Nick will piss in his pants laughing at the weakness of the opposition. Nick Spano will send Shelley Mayer into retirement. Nick Spano will make sure that Brezler stays a 2nd grade school teacher for the rest of her life. Big Nick is the best.

    God Bless the Spano family for all the years they have sacrificed in the public and private sector. Empire State Planning is a Yonkers institution and the best local business around.

    1. no spin here

      nicks breakfast was 75% city employees and department heads that had to buy tickets or else…lol dont spin the spanos are done just ask liam…

  3. Nick Spano picks the winners in this county- no doubt about it

    Big Nick is the man. He is the best senator to ever set foot in this state. If Nick spano supports you, then consider the election over. Nick Spano will squash Shelley. Shelley couldn’t get elected dog catcher.

    1. all the way up!

      wake up Nick is cooked so is Mike they worked hard day and night to get McLaughlin reelected and look how bad he lost so stop licking spanos A$$ they are over done

    2. Tell that to Liam unlce Nick

      Let’s see if Liam agrees with that statement?

      Nick and all the Spano’s supported Liam.

      Liam got trounced in a landslide loss by an unknown first-time Arab American candidate.

      Yeah – I’m sure Liam agrees with that statement.

    1. Think before you speak

      I can see you do not know much about the political process. In a special election there is no primary, and the party’s pick the candidates. I doubt Mayer has the party votes within the cities of the Senate district. If you are going to speak about something make sure you know what your talking about. Blind hate will always make a person look and sound foolish!

    2. Inaccuracies

      There is no primary in special elections, so Mayer would need the nomination from the Democratic Party, which I doubt she would get over Spano. Take a look at election victory percentages, and Spano’s numbers TRUMP Mayers. The Dems will chose Spano if he truly wants the nod, and the party wants to keep the seat.

  4. Shoe in

    Shelley Mayer is a *****. No one of value ever ran against her. She is a career politician. Mike Spano beat her once and can beat her again.

    1. duh

      So one career politician beats another career politician. Shows you exactly whats wrong. Time to get rid of career politicians.

    2. Dork Dorkster

      To Shoe in

      I am not promoting Mayer over Spano.
      Just want to comment on your post calling Mayer a career politician.

      Spano has been a politician longer than Mayer.
      And he got where he is because members of his family were career politicians.
      My question to you is were you born stupid or did you have to work at it?

      1. Inaccuracies

        Dork Dorkster-
        Mike Spano did not “get where he is because members of his family were career politicians.” He was not appointed to any office he was duly elected to every office he held, and has won by larger numbers in each election. This is because people know and appreciate his loyal public service, and how he has and still fights for the betterment of this city. That statement is not only inaccurate it is plain stupid. Family members being politicians were his inspiration for a life of public service, and his brother is and has always been a champion for children with special needs. The Spano family is full of caring people who always look to fight for those without a voice. Take a look at all of their public service records and I doubt you would have the same negative opinion of them, that is unless you just dislike them for personal reasons.

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