Julie Killian Declares Candidacy for New York State Senate District 37

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Sarmad Khojasteh Defers to Her and Shutters His Campaign Effort

Insiders Question Whether Dan Schorr Has the Financial Wherewithal to Continue


Julie Killian Republican candidate for NYS Senate District 37.

Shelley Mayer, Democrat for NYS Senator representing the communities in SD 37.

YONKERS, NY — February 5, 2018 — Julie Killian, Republican candidate who challenged the incumbent George Latimer for Senate District 37 launched what was described as a formidable challenge. Latimer eclipsed her challenge and won. The NYS Senatir would go on to become Westchester County Executive and upon being sworn to office in January 2018 left his previous position open. NYS Assemblymember Shelley Mayer is the Democrat Designee. She will not face a primary.


Dan Schorr, Esq.

With Julie Killian entering the race for SD37 and Sarmad Khojasteh stepping down today, momentum and avoidance of a Republican primary contest suggests Schorr will be pressured to withdraw his campaign effort.

Expect a Killian v Mayer contest.

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eHeziJulie Killian Declares Candidacy for New York State Senate District 37

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  1. Shelley can’t win in a special election

    Shelley is not as popular as everyone thinks she is. Shelley has never truly had an election. Can’t wait for the republican to win

  2. Amy

    What a bait and switch ! If Mike Spano was in the race the republicans knew they could not win. As soon as Mikey exited the republicans scrambled to find a formidable opponent.
    Just wait and see what happens to Shelly now !!!

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