66 Main Street Venue of Topping Off Celebration Last Week Gripped by Death By Hezi Aris

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The bottom floor of the 66 Main Street site shows collapsed slab of concrete. Second floor shows slab of concrete on its side. Third floor is devoid of concrete flooring, the fourth floor shows evidence of collapsed concrete flooring resting on its side, the fifth floor is also empty of concrete flooring, the six floor slab began the collapse. Image Courtesy of Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Ltd. © 2001-2007 All Rights Reserved.


YONKERS, NY – It was Monday. The pride of
being part of the redevelopment of
Yonkers’ downtown had invaded the very being
of the construction workers on the job at

66 Main Street. Today was a different Monday, it
started in a routine manner yet would, claim a life early in the morning. One
of the proud construction workers was struck by a prefabricated slab of
concrete flooring approximately 25 feet wide, 1 foot high, and 10 feet deep,
that had, for reasons not yet ascertained, dislodged from the sixth floor level
bringing it and the construction worker standing beneath it to his demise. In
the construction business, the process in which a slab of concrete, once dislodged
continues to fall and collapse other structures under its weight is called “pancaking.”
The construction worker now pronounced dead was carried down to the third floor
where the concrete pushed his body against a steel beam upon which his body was crushed and as it careened to the ground. Yonkers
John Murtagh was working in his office when his attention was
deflected by the deafening sound caused by the collapse. When his eyes focused
across the street, he only saw a cloud of dust and then heard screams for help
from those who were on the construction site. As Councilmember Murtagh was
dialing 911, the Yonkers Police Department were  arriving to the scene. It was approximately
9:05 am.





This is
the second construction related incident to plague the project. Investigations
have been opened in earnest. Yonkers Deputy Mayor Bill Regan, Housing and
Buildings Commissioner John Meyer, Fire Commission Anthony Pagano, Fourth
Precinct Captain Sal DiMaggio, Local 628 President Hugh Fox were all those recognized
by this reporter to be at the scene.


This tragedy will likely cause a halt to the project until integrity of the project is ascertained. Deputy Mayor Regan advises this process will then follow with a required remedy made by the developer and requiring approval by the Commissioner of Buildings. Every aspect of the construction will need to be examined before the project will be permitted to proceed.



eHezi66 Main Street Venue of Topping Off Celebration Last Week Gripped by Death By Hezi Aris

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  1. this is a sad page, I am Gregs Brother-in-law and friend also co-worker that almost went down with him that day..yes he was an awesome man and loving father and my sisters best friend…..I was on that slab with him and we did everything we were trained to do! I lost someone dear to me and screamming from the building for help the YFD did their best, thank you for that I understand u guys couldnt come up fast cause u were afraid of more collapse…I am still recovering from that day with PTSD and being played with by an insurance company….love the people around you…we dont know when or where we’re going to not be here so why all the anger

  2. Don’t toot your horn. 2 FFs can do the same job doing rescue work as 2 ESU cops. If you got rid of your hard on for FFs and thought about public safety, you’d decide it was better to swallow your pride and work together, or is this the guy that doesn’t even have the courtesy to say hello to you when you do the same…real professional. Also, let’s not being ignorant as to how many guys FD needs for an accident. There is a manpower requirement on an FD apparatus. Obviously when a rig arrives there is double the manpower than an ESU rig. Simply put, PD needs well over twice the number of vehicles responding to an accident to get the same manpower. If 2 ESU rigs responded, you have 4 members on scene…equal to only 1 FD apparatus. Regardless of department, I would feel better having more people to help me in a serious accident. Everything else being equal, it makes more sense to have FD respond, but that’s not the case in Yonkers, so everyone has to deal with it.

  3. Arrogant, maybe. Reckless, not a chance. Unless of course “reckless” is telling the truth to the public. Not one of the above mentioned incidents of YFD incompetence is a fabrication. And there are many, many more.
    In this day and age when anything can be an act of terrorism or a crime scene, it would be political suicide for any politician to disband an Emergency Service Unit. So, hate to burst your bubble but it ain’t gonna happen no matter how many “online petitions” you may start.
    The sooner you resign yourselves to the fact that 2 highly trained ESU cops can do the same job if not a better one that a firehouse full of guys, the better off you’ll be.
    And for the guy who thinks he knows who I am, since you have all of this information and you don’t like what I’m saying why don’t you come talk to me about it? You know who I am, where I work and when I’m at work. Don’t be a pussy making threats from behind a computer screen.

  4. It’s time to dismantle Yonkers ESU. These comments by their members show how reckless and arrogant they are.
    Mr. Mayor, take away their mini fire trucks and put them back on the streets to fight crime. God knows we need them there!

  5. How many times must it be said. You read above about the term “Volly” and “Buff” These are the same terms that our favorite Fire Chief to the Star, YFD A/C William Fitzpatrick has used in the past to dismiss Volunteer Fireman and Citizens who have an interest in Fire Safety, as being people without a life. I still would like for “Fitzy” to substantiate all of his “Toys” up at Ridge Hill that are part of the Yonkers Fire Department (and to which the citizens of Yonkers pay their hard earned money for insurance for). Why hasn’t “Fitzy” commented on someone’s suggestion about having the Westchester County Department of Emergency Management “Take Over” responsibility for all of this Homeland Security Equipment and management of such? Why you ask? Because of “Fitzy’s” EGO – Its that simple

  6. The “glory” days of the unions are coming to an end. Those days as good as gone, but not quite yet.
    But it’s happening, and it is happening everywhere, not just by way of “hardball” in Yonkers.
    The union power is being taken back by the taxpayers who are pressuring politicians all over to crack down. The taxpayer money devoured by the unions is outrageous.
    But the unions are too thick-headed to see what is going on, everywhere. They have some life left, but not much.
    And the “end” can’t happen soon enough. Unions served a good purpose years ago–but now the pendulum has swung much too far in their direction. Now, it’s swinging back.
    Tick, tock for the unions.

  7. This the same guy thats a volley up north somewhere? He’s got dash lights in the grill of his personal car and he is such a buff that most of the cops in the esu laugh and make fun of him?
    I know exactly who that is.

  8. You think you know my identity? LOL…. Go ahead dickbag post it. I’m not going to stay idle while incompetent ” newsflash heros” bash another agency.

  9. First of all nobody can mess with Yonkers Firefighter or Policeman contracts to the point where they should get upset. Having some of the highest starting salaries in the country for a city who claims to be broke is ridiculous. If it will help the city’s finances then so be it if they lose a couple grand starting salary. They’re all lazy pigs anyway run by the likes of the scumbag Tony Pagano and so on. We need a true politician to show his face in Yonkers, but the only problem is every time one does you people turn against them so fiercely they leave politics altogether. If you want to suffer in poverty so be it, but you reap what you sow. This whole situation reminds me of the book of Revelations’, “The Rider who is called Faithful and True”. Our rider is out there in the likes of the Calvi’s and the Balancia’s but you the people turn your backs to the only people who really care and leave them out to die. BRING BACK CALVI AND BALANCIA FOR A MAYOR AND DEPUTY MAYOR COMBINE. IT IS ONLY THEN THIS CITY WILL BE RIDDED OF IT’S PROBLEMS. But if you can’t stomach honest people then don’t come here to bitch about it, deal with it.

  10. The ESU cop posting all these nasty comments goes by the name “Kingsix” on Mike Messars buff website.
    Take this as a warning – STOP posting all this garbage and trying to stir up controversy between the fd and pd .Otherwise,your idenity will be made public

  11. Talk about pulling people from car wreck without inline stablization…. HA! YFD members are the originators of the “crank and yank.” You guys crank the car open and just yank the patient out. How about the pin on the overnight at Walnut not too long ago? As soon as PD cut the door you guys tried to pull the victim out of the vehicle, lo and behold the guy was still pinned under the dashboard.
    And I’m still hearing crickets when it comes to why two YFD rubbers went out on a jet ski in full turnout gear with boots to conduct a water rescue.
    Face it when it comes to rescue work other then fires you guys are busch league. In an effort to make the grab and take the photo op you guys become part of the problem.
    You need to stick to fighting fires and getting cats out of trees. Oh I forgot, there aren’t as many fires as there used to be so you need to justify your pathetic existance by becoming scabs.
    The city could save millions and millions of dollars by making you an all volunteer job. Works just fine for the rest of Westchester county.

  12. To “BOTH” YFD and YPD, please remember that it is NOT Commissioner Tony Pagano who is making the decissions and calling the shots within YFD, it is both YFD A/C William Fitzpatrick and Union Head Hugh Fox. This “Louie and Dooey” two-some is a disgrace and should be run out of town. When Commissioner Pagano eventually steps down the City of Yonkers should consider either A/C Dunn or A/C Flynn, both who are as dedicated and concerned about the City of Yonkers as anyone. Fizpatrick is only concerned about getting his Academy Award from Hillary Clinton and eventually his assignment as Head of Homeland Security in Washington, DC should Hillary get elected as President. God Help us all if Fitzy gets that appointment. And Baby Hughy (Hugh Fox) what a joke. His own POCKETS is his main concern.

  13. Thanks John, always a critic of the YPD, how is your boss Tony doing, I hear he is making you do all the dirty work at the YFD, didn’t he treat you with no respect when you were the firehouse? Funny, now I hear he is your best buddy, I guess that is why all the firemen hate you! Maybe we should baby sit you when you drive around the city.

  14. No way does PD have the rescue capability that FD does. FD has more and better quality equipment…FACT. Not too professional when the battery on a portable extrication tool goes dead before you can even pop the door.
    If the PD stopped worrying about extrications and straightened out the crime in the area that 6 Engine serves, maybe they wouldn’t need a “babysitter.”
    Also, if it’s anyone looking for the camera. Not all, but some guys need to calm down and do things properly. You don’t pull people out of car wrecks w/o patient stabilization..unless there’s immediate life threat, you don’t jump into manholes w/o knowing what’s in there, you don’t just run into a building that has just collapsed w/o checking the conditions, etc. Doesn’t sound like the best of training to me. Doesn’t PD also control dispatch? Why does ESU get a 2-3 min jump on car accidents anyway? When did Nextel become a dispatch method? That’s real concern to help people…sound like a primary concern to beat FD to the scene.

  15. I’m a Yonkers ESU cop and I have posted all of the above idiotic comments,even disguising myself as a fireman. I have issues with my manhood. please help me!!!!

  16. I’m a member of the Yonkers Fire Department and what the above poster stated is correct. The ring was tossed without a rope attached to it.
    Unfortunately the city doesn’t provide us with the best equipment when it comes to water rescue. The ring that has since replaced the one that was lost now has a rope attached to it.
    The bigger problem is that the administration needs to come up with and stick to a plan as to who is going to handle what. That would make sense but then again this is Yonkers so I don’t see that happening anytime soon.
    You have two agencies that have members who are both highly trained to handle a multitude of emergencies and sometimes egos get in the way on both sides.
    I personally have never had any negative dealings with the guys from ESU. Seems to me like they know their stuff and work pretty well with the limited manpower that they have.

  17. It was all caught on tape and those who were there know what took place. The silly firemen had a boat not more the twenty feet away and didn’t have the sense to start it up in order to pull this victim from the water.
    They had to be ORDERED to launch the fireboat in order to get the dog out of the water.
    Like I said this whole incident was caught on camera.
    But then again what do you expect when you have a department who’s memebers let a BRICK structure burn to the ground.
    If you guys ever have a fire you’re better off looking for help from down south. The guys in the Bronx at least know what they’re doing when it comes to fighting fires. They’ve come to save YFD’s ass on many occasion. 1-800-Real-FDNY

    The cops stood with their thumbs up their asses and never called the FD. It took a civilian to drive up to the fire house and tell the ff’s a man and his dog were in the water and that the cops were doing nothing. The ff’s made the save, and the cops looked like tools.

  19. No actually, the poster who related this story is correct. I heard the same info. YFD from either rescue or the station on Warburton by the school tossed this guy an unsecured flotation ring and missed him by about 20 feet. I think it was caught on camera by the NYPD chopper that was on scene.
    I got this from a couple of good friends that I have on FD who didn’t let these guys live it down for a while.

  20. There is nothing worse than a lying , angry Yonkers ESU cop who hates his job and is so jealous of the FD that he spends his free time bashing them and making up stories. The sad fact is most of the good cops on the force hate this guy and laugh at him behind his back.
    And we all know you took the FD test and din’t make it, so stop embarassing yourself and the rest of the PD.

  21. True fucking story man, wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself, the fucking thing floated all the way up to the Tappan Zee bridge. The guy and his dog would have too if it wasn’t for the cops on scene.
    Wasn’t funny at the time but now we recount the story whenever we need a chuckle

  22. They tossed a flotation ring to a guy without a rope attached to it? What brain surgeons!
    If it wasn’t so serious, that dopey maneuver could have been used on Saturday Night Live.

  23. To the FDNY Battalion Chief:
    Yes you are indeed biased in your opinion. All FD does is cost the taxpayers millions and millions of dollars in the way of your response to incidents. While you folks respond to vehicle accidents and other emergencies with upwards of 6 pieces of apparatus, deploying up to 30 men. The police department can handle the same incident with 4 to 6 Emergency cops and 2 radio cars for traffic/crowd control.
    For FD to be the lead/sole agency for rescues in any major city would be a tremendous disservice to the citizens. It has been my first hand experience that FD’s sole interest is in the photo op.
    Not to mention the incompetence of some firefighters. I recall an incident last summer where a man was in the water with his dog at the JFK Marina off of Warburton Ave. If it wouldn’t have been pathetic it would have been funny to see members from 308 engine toss the victim a flotation ring with no rope attached to it. Did you boys ever recover that piece of equipment or did it float all the way out to Tarrytown? Thank God for the victim and his dog that responding Emergency cops took control and pulled both man and beast out of the drink that day.
    I’ll take 4 highly trained police officers over a 1st alarm assignment any day.
    Oh and as far as vehicle extrication goes, YPD has a larger assortment of hydraulic rescue tools then the YFD does. Engines companies have nothing, ladders have spreaders/cutters with a limited draw distance. The only rig that even comes close is the rescue and they’re not always available as they have to hold the hand of 306 engine when they respond to the projects.
    And before you say it, not everyone wants to be a firefighter. Some people actually do turn down the job.
    To FatzPatrick, your day is coming my friend. You are pissing off the wrong people and I’m not talking about anyone from the PD side. Your own are starting to turn against you. YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.

  24. The truth will set you free.
    In Yonkers the truth will put you behind bars.
    Too bad for Amicone that the Judge won’t be on the bench – HE’LL BE MAYOR.
    GO DEMS…SWEEP 2007

  25. The City of Yonkers could be brought to thier knees as a result of this so called accident..The family of this man should sue the City of Yonkers and the Construction Company for everything that they can. The audacity of the Mayor or anyone else to call this an accident. It’s cause was sheer negligence on the part of The City of Yonkers and Mayor Amicone. Shame on you and your less than competent administration.Your many deals have come back to haunt you !!!

  26. Sounds like a volly has a gripe.
    Don’t you have enough already? With million dollar Tower Ladders with every bell and whistle, fully stocked bars in all the firehouses, pensions. tax breaks and subsidized housing. It would be cheaper to hire professionals in most communities.
    Don’t take my word for it, read the Newsday articles written in the past year exposing all of this. So give it a rest 5-0

  27. In fairness to Commissioner Pagano, the Collapse Unit is an Ancilary Rig, set up and stocked with equipment that is used for Trench and Building Collapses. You don’t necessarily need a High Rise Building to have a collapse. You can have a Trench Collapse in a residential house (look at what happened in New Rochelle last year). The Staff of Squad 11 has been specially trained for such events and, as in the case of yesterday, responded with both Rigs (Squad 11 Rig and the Collapse Unit Rig). Now if you want to talk about the Number of Specialized YFD Rigs (above and beyond of the 16 Engine Companies, 6 Ladder Companies and the 1 Rescue Company and the 3 Spare Engine Rigs and the 2 Spare Ladder Rigs used when a Front Line Rig Goes Down) that the City of Yonkers Fire Department has (and pays Insurance On) that are stored up at their Ridge Hill Training Facility, now that is what you can call “Overkill” One person once suggested that the Westchester County Department of Emergency Management be responsible for these “Specialized Units” that could be located throughout the county, for ALL Municipalities to use, whenever a situation (and hopefully, god willing, we will never have to use them) arises where these specialized rigs could be deployed. Each Fire District could have personnel trainned on them and, again, have the COUNTY dispatch them, NOT The Yonkers Fire Department. Yonkers Fire Department A/C William Fitzpatrick, who has been known by some as the Fire Chief to the Stars (Such as Hillary Clinton and Nita Lowey) should be ashamed of himself. He is a very selfish man who has publically come out and bashed what he calls “Non Professionals” (Meaning either Volunteer Fireman or Citizens [who pay his salary] who have a concerned interest in the department).

  28. To the FDNY above with the agenda, in Yonkers we have Collapse Unit , except it’s all the way over on the other side of Yonkers away from all of our high rise BUILDINGS. We certainly know how to pick em in Yonkers.
    Who ever heard of having a Collapse Unit where only single family houses are.

  29. The only people who should be in charge of a site like this the Building Department. How many civil engineers does the YFD ahve on hand.?
    As for all the infighting between both sides this is costing the taxpayers a fortune with 10 fire trucks and 5 cop cars at the scene of one car accidents.
    NONE of our POLITICIANS, from the Mayor to the City Council will ever tackle this. They are all BALL LESS.

  30. I would venture to say that the FD would be in charge of a scene such as this.
    The FD has a Collapse Unit with the training, equipment, and personnel for the hazardous conditions present during such an operation.
    Yhe PD is not the appropriate agency to be gettng involved in such collapse situations. The last thing a rescuer ever wants is for potential rescuers to become additional victims.
    It’s similar to the PD getting involved in vehicle extrications without the proper tools – the most important being large supplies of water or other fire extinguishing agents.
    Hopefully the Mayor will get involved here as a result of this incident and finally put to rest what agency will perform what function.
    As a Battalion Chief in the FDNY I might be a little biased, but I think the FD should be the lead (and only) agency involved in any type of Rescue operations. This is the area that FD’s throughout the country are experts in and have the resources and equipment to deal with.
    The PD is more appropriately used in fighting and preventing crime and the other ancillary functions at scenes such as a building collapse.
    I hope the Mayor settles this issue once and for all.

  31. Its a shame that Ego’s take presidence in such a tragic situation. It doesn’t surprise me that YFD A/C William Fitzpatrick got “into it” with members of the YPD. His ego is so inflated that he could float from here to Newark, New Jersey without a problem. And Hugh Fox is such a babbling idiot, bringing up Contract Negotiations during such a tragic event. Let’s hope when Commissioner Pagano steps down, its either A/C John Flynn or A/C Dunn

  32. A message to the loser(probable pd outcast) on here bashing the fire dept. Just because you took the fd test and and didn’t do well doesn’t mean you can make a career out of putting down those who are better than you. Move on with your life and try to be a better failure.

  33. There have been well-known contractors (including allegedly one in Yonkers) who have paid off union bosses so they could hire cheaper, non-union labor. That is a crime. People have gone to prison for it.
    Not suggesting that happened here, but it is a possible consideration.

  34. P.S.–Many thanks to the YPD bosses and subordinates for telling off Fitzpatrick the bully.
    When did he get authority over police officers??
    Don’t ever tolerate his crap.
    Good luck if he replaces Pagano.

  35. It is very possible non union scabs are being slipped into this and other construction jobs. Sadly, many of them are not qualified and/or trained properly resulting in tragic consequences.
    This occurs almost weekly in NYC with many scaffold accidents that have become commonplace.
    RIP to the victim.
    Col Von Ryan

  36. Release the name of the dead construction worker NOW.
    It is public record.
    Was he a union member? Tell us.
    Was he an American citizen or a LEGAL immigrant?

  37. To the above comment about alleged cutting of corners with building regulations: Do not go to the local district attorney’s office.
    Go to the US Attorney and the reason is that office cannot be manipulated. Remember Pirro’s hands off sham probes into other Yonkers scams such as the Hornsby probe, the Schools to IDA baseball loan, etc. Complete bogus investigations were conducted with sham results.
    Take it to De’ Feds. They are having a field day right now in this county with much, much more to come. Thee corruption shopping list for Mr. Garcia is longer then a roll of wallpaper.

  38. As of this a.m., the deceased’s name still has not been released, even though his family was notified yesterday.
    Why the hold-back of the name to this point? There are a couple of possible reasons, but it would be speculation to list them right now. But it is very unusual not to release the name within an hour or two after the family was notified.

  39. I heard that YFD Boss FatzPatrick got a bit too saucy with the cops on scene trying to order them around. After a few ESU cops told him to go fuck himself FatzPatrick went and cried to a couple of PD chiefs, who then proceeded to tell him to go fuck himself.
    Fitz, your time is nigh my friend. Today you just did more damage to your pathetic cause.
    The Police are always more concerned with the safety and well being of victims, while Fitzy and company are running around looking for the nearest cameras.

  40. Any evidence should be given to the District Attorney’s office and not posted on an internet chat room.
    If the person who posted above has evidence or information of any wrongdoing then come forward to the proper authorities.
    If you work at city hall or any other agency or body, rest assured that there are “whistle blower” laws that will protect you if necessary.
    I would suggest contacting a prominent lawyer such as Deborah Cohen or Murray Richmond to assist you in reporting whatever it is that you know.
    Good Luck.

  41. When you have evidence of that, post it. But until and unless that happens, shut up with your ugly stories. You sound like another snake trying to exploit a tragic death.

  42. amicone and myers have let the builders cut safety corners on this building so that it could be completed before the election.
    shame on you both.
    hopefully there will be a criminal investigation and the truth is told.

  43. Hugh Fox IS on the scene, sporting his debonaire new beard. Hey, wait a second, can an active firefighter have a beard and be at work? Not according to OSHA, NFPA and probably even YFD departmental rules. I guess it’s not an issue when Tupee Tony is your boss!
    This is why negotiations are at a standstill-the rules only apply to one side and there is no give, just take.
    Talk on the street today at the scene of the horrible death was to establish a volunteer fire department to work within the YFD. It would work like all the other career departments and augment the FD when they are short-staffed. Oh wait, the career, albeit it union, will say that volunteers can’t be “professional” because they wouldn’t be getting a salary and have good enough training. It’s really because they would prove able to do the job and hold down their careers. Maybe the heir apparent, BF, could oversee them. He teaches volunteers all the time as a second career, to augment his meager Ass’t. Chief salary. Hey wait a minute, most career ff become instructors and work at the YFD off-site employment agency in Valhalla.
    Oh well, let’s just look the other way.

  44. The Coopers and the Fire Plugs are too selfish to care about anything or anyone but themselves.
    That’s how it has always been, and that has been proved once again with their display today. It’s just “same-old, same-old” regarding their attitude and disgusting behavior.

  45. These damn rotten cops and firemen should keep their mouths shut and stop complaining.
    Who are they to think that they can voice their opinions.
    They should know that the world should stop whenever there is a tragedy.
    They are lucky they have a job and they are even luckier that they actually get paid at all.
    This is the Republican creedo that I and all Yonkersites believe in.

  46. The dirt is that Mayor Amicone is out of town. Deputy Mayor Regan did not approach Hugh Fox, or vice versa. At least not when I was there.

  47. the posters on this site are making the unions look really
    bad…maybe we should forward this
    stuff to gannett so they can see
    how unseemly the union members
    can be even in the face of a tragedy

    RIP to the victim.
    And condolensces to family members.
    Col Von Ryan

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  50. Arrrrrrgh.
    They already ARE well-compensated. Now go spread your manure under that other story. It does not belong here.
    The more you spew crapola, the more people continue to see how off-the-wall you are. Not to mention using a construction death as a soapbox. Which is despicable.

  51. actually construction accidents are becomming rarer and rarer..something must have happened that was very unusual for the concrete to collapse..it might not have been poured properly or possibly the cold and wet weather adversely affected it..at any rate it is not a political issue and it is not
    a contract justification..it is
    a tragedy for the family of the worker….

  52. YES GENIUS, it IS their job.
    Unfortunately the admisnistration has NO RESPECT for the JOB they do.
    People die every day of the week. Maybe in lower profile ways, but they die…often more gruesome than this tragic accident.
    But that will not stop us from makinig sure that the police and fire are adequately compesated for the work they do.

  53. Mmmm…That IS their j-o-b, isn’t it?
    To use this death as a platform to pump up themelves and their contract demands is lower than low.
    Just like so many of them are.

  54. get off your high horses complaining about the union guys
    this construction worker’s life was lost, but if he had any chance of survival he would have depended on the police and fire departments to save him.
    everyone is saddened by this unneccessary loss of life.
    thankfully we all have the police and fire to call when we need them.

  55. The cops and firemen respond to tragic scenes like this on a daily basis, often risking their lives to save others.
    They just don’t happen to be bystanders that can decide whether or not to respond or help. That’s what their job is. And in return they expect to be reasonably compensated (which they are) and to receive annual cost of living adjustments (which they currently are not).
    It’s unfortunate that a construction worker died. No doubt about that, but that doesn’t mean that the cops and firemen cannot or should not point to this accident as an example of the hightened risk they face every day. While they were working to remove this victim and to evacuate and stabilize the scene there easily could have been secondary collapses. Thank God there wasn’t and that there were no other people injured or killed.

  56. Unfortunately many construction workers die in accidents like this one every day.
    The developers try to cut costs at every turn. Most of the time these types of accidents could be easily prevented with proper safety oversight.
    Hopefully OSHA will fully investigate this accident and hold those at fault responsible.

  57. Good coverage Hezi. Fast, too.
    As for that idiot union person who posted above—yeah. Someone is dead and you’re throwing contract s…t around.
    It’s no wonder the public can’t stand the unions.
    And BTW…since when is anyone a “hero” for doing what they are well-paid to do, and are SUPPOSED TO DO.
    If a passer-by or a delivery man saved people, HE would be a hero. You dopes are sickening.

  58. Good to know that our 100K a year servicemen are actually servicing our community! Why is it so suprising? Isn’t this your job Mr. Democrat?

  59. Give the self back patting a rest. Police and Fire fighters decide that that’s what they want to do. They are not conscripted into these jobs They are compsenated very well. The hiring practices of these bodies has been traditionally an “old boys” club.
    Let’s not forget how the pensions are calculated for the police. The firefighters do not represent the racial makeup of the City. They also do not live in Yonkers. If they did perhaps they would demand better schools.
    Obviously there are issues at this location. Last year a wall fell down.

  60. a major structure fire at a large senior citizen building. cops and firefighters risking their lives and actually saved several seniors. cops also at scene and carried several seniors out of building to safety.
    building collapse on main street (how appropriate that one of amicone’s developments is literally falling apart during construction). both police and fire respond to save lives.
    these are only two examples of how cops and firefighters risk their own lives every time they suit up and go to work.
    and the mayor doesn’t think these heros deserve a cost of living increase after two years without one.
    i think the public is on OUR side and that is now the DEMOCRATIC side.
    Democratic SWEEP in 2007

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