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YONKERS, NY – The Yonkers City Council weeks ago passed a
resolution that would transfer funds residing within the Yonkers City Clerk’s
budget that was set initially allocated for the meeting the costs of election related expenses. Fearing a future
chargeback for election-related expenses Councilmember  John
Murtagh, and Councilmember Dee Barbato admonished the City
Council against approval of the transfer.

The situation caused legal wrangling over the power of the
Executive and Legislative branches of government. It would cause James LaPerche
of the Department of Finance to write an advisement to the New York State
Comptroller of the transfer of funds. Upon hearing of the transfer
authorization, Mayor Amicone advised that the transfer should not have been
authorized and that he would veto it.

In desiring to transfer the funds despite any objections, the Yonkers City
Council majority stipulated that $301,000 remain within the budget of the Yonkers
City Clerk, $25,000 allocated for City Council salaries, $20,000 allocated for
City Council President salaries, and $4,000 allocated for City Council
President printing fees.


In the meanwhile, the NYS Comptroller issued authorization
to the funds transfer notice by LaPereche without knowledge of Westchester
County Executive Andy Spano’s letter dated  February 21,  2007, addressed to Mayor Amicone advising of his intention to chargeback the City of Yonkers for election-related expenses as he is allegedly authorized  by the
Election Consolidation and Improvement Act. CEO Spano’s contention is refuted
by Yonkers Corporation Counsel Frank Rubino who contends that the county is responsible
for election related expenses and not the municipality.

eHeziCounty Likely to Exact Chargebacks for Election-Related Expenses By eHezi

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  1. Murtagh sold his soul to Amicone, just like his oldman no integrity, another corrupt politician from the Murtagh family, pieces of shit!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Murtagh was quickly to support 90 million dollars CIP(big spending=higher taxes) but he cried about $ 310,000 – where the city council could use the extra help. The mayor has 20 assistants. Gimmie a break murtagh (kiss ass) barbato.

  3. Chuck is a jellyfish. Period.
    He is a long-lost liberal looking around for 1967 and wanting to hold hands in Golden Gate Park while listening to Janis Joplin live on the grass, in more ways than one.
    But Chuckie boy doesn’t realize those days are gone–and that they were an abject failure evem back then when the Summer of Love soon turned into the Autumn of drugs and drop-outs.

  4. Dennis and Sandy just want the staff to help them run for Mayor – and why not Amicone has close to twenty people in his office helping him run for re-election.

  5. This was never Chuck’s proposal. He went along with Dennis, Liam and Sandy to get their support on the CIP. Those three needed the staff more than Chuck. He has enough staff and they do a good job.

  6. Yonkers is the only municipality in Westchester to get such a bill – probably because Murtaugh would probably rather see the County get the money that let the Council spend it on staff and other resources.

  7. Yes but Chuckles has tried to play this like he always does. One tongue for the Mayor and another tongue for his pals on the council.

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