On the Level with Hezi on WVOX-1460 AM Radio January 23, 2007

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February 5, 2007 – Ken Jenkins and Cicely Greaves-Vega are our guests this Tuesday, February 6, 2007,  and next Tuesday, Februay 13, 2007. Both are declared candidates vying for the 16th District Westchester County Board Legislator seat vacated by the accession of Andrea Stewart-Cousins to the office of NYS Senator. This is one of the few forums in which the candidates will be able to engage the listening audience and each other in discussion.   

Joining the microphones throughout the program is Audre Caponetto. The
last minutes are spent with columnist Lisa Fine.

The Tuesday morning On
the Level with Hezi
radio show is conducted live and is broadcast from
10:05 am through 11:00 am on WVOX-1460 AM radio.The call-in talk format may be
heard on WVOX-1460 AM radio or by way of live audio streaming technology
through the Internet.

Your participation is shamelessly solicited. Join the
discussion by calling 1-914 / 636.0110.


eHeziOn the Level with Hezi on WVOX-1460 AM Radio January 23, 2007

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    Was it due to hackers or other reasons the site was changed?

  2. How about a thread on this new
    site. Do you like it? I don’t
    and judging from the few comments
    I don’t think too many bloggers
    do. No reply and putting in the
    # and letters is silly.

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