Yonkers Housing Authority Hires New Executive Director

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Shuldiner, preeminent affordable and public housing expert, brings extensive
national experience to
Yonkers post

ShuldinerYONKERS, NY The City of Yonkers Municipal Housing Authority (MHA) this week announced the hiring of one of the nation’s foremost
experts in the field of public housing as its new Executive Director. Joseph
Shuldiner, onetime Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and
Urban Development (HUD) and former director of public housing in the three
largest cities in the country, joins the agency at a time of profound

Mr. Shuldiner comes to
MHA directly from the private sector where, as principal of Jospeh Shuldiner
& Associates, Inc., he was the program manager of the widely successful
Duneland Village/Jackson Park HOPE VI redevelopment effort in
Gary, Ind. — experience that will be
invaluable to shepherding
Yonkers‘ own Mulford Garden HOPE VI redevelopment
project, MHA officials said.

Shuldiner is one of the top people anywhere in the field of public housing and
we are truly fortunate to have landed him as our new Executive Director,”
remarked MHA Chairman Donald Christopher. “The breadth of work to be done here
in Yonkers when it comes to transforming our housing stock, which is some of
the oldest public housing in the country, would be overwhelming to anyone else
but Joe—that’s why he’s the best man for the job. The thousands of families who
depend on MHA will immediately benefit from his experience.”

Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone also hailed Shuldiner’s hiring saying, “Public
housing in
Yonkers is entering a new era as we begin
work on the $180 million
Ashburton Avenue urban redevelopment project.
There is literally no one who is more qualified or better equipped to handle
the job more than Joseph Shuldiner.”

Prior to his stint as a
private consultant, Mr. Shuldiner held some of the highest profile and most
demanding public housing positions in the nation.

In 1993, he was appointed by President Clinton as Assistant Secretary of Public
and Indian Housing at HUD where he was responsible for a Section 8 Program that
provided housing assistance to 2.8 million low income households at an annual
cost in excess of $15 billion.

When the federal government took over the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) in
1995, Mr. Shuldiner was appointed to spearhead its recovery effort. During his
four years as head of CHA, he completely transformed one of the most troubled
housing agencies in the country, guiding it out of federal control and back
into the hands of the City of

Prior to his federal
appointment, Mr. Shuldiner served a three-year tenure as Executive Director of
the Housing Authority of the City of
Los Angeles (HACLA). Under his direction,
HACLA was also moved off of the federal government’s list of “troubled
agencies” and remade into one of the most respected and fiscally sound
municipal public housing authorities.

Before joining HACLA, Mr.
Shuldiner worked for more than a decade in various capacities with the City of
New York, which has the largest housing
authority in the country with 184,000 apartments and 60,000 Section 8
certificates. He would eventually lead the New York City Housing Authority as
its General Manager where he managed a staff of more than 15,000 and an annual
budget of more than $1 billion. In 1985, he was honored by the Fund for the
City of
New York as its “Public Servant of the Year.”

Mr. Shuldiner holds a
Bachelor of Arts degree from
Brandeis University and a Juris Doctor from Columbia
School of Law. He was selected for a fellowship to attend
Harvard University‘s Kennedy School of Government
Program for Senior Executives of State and Local Governments.

Shuldiner, 61 years old and a

Westchester County resident, officially began his
duties as Executive Director at MHA on January 31 and will earn an annual
salary of $165,000. He replaces retiring executive director Peter Smith who
served 33 years with distinction at the authority.

The Yonkers Municipal
Housing Authority is the second largest public housing authority in the New
York City Metropolitan Area, covering 19 separate developments with 2,579
Conventional Public Housing apartments throughout the city. Its Section 8
Program has 1,850 apartments leased with 780 private landlords. MHA is
presently overseeing a $180 million urban redevelopment of the city’s
Ashburton Avenue corridor, which includes a $20
million federal HOPE VI revitalization grant for
Mulford Gardens. MHA’s goal is to provide decent,
safe and sanitary housing for eligible families and to provide opportunities
and promote self-sufficiency and economic independence for its participants.

SOURCE: Yonkers City Hall


eHeziYonkers Housing Authority Hires New Executive Director

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  1. Congratulations Slick Joe,
    I hope you do right about the people after being used by Dollar Bill Clinton and Lil Richie in Chicago. I will be releasing my book about Robert Taylor Homes coup de tat’ by July of 2008. You and Fast Eddie as the HUD Thugs, is right in the center of the Conspiracy to over throw the Black Votes in Chicago’ s Public Housing for Lil Richie. God Bless You – Boker Tov

  2. Amicone DID reduce the fleet. But not enough.
    This is a no-brainer.
    City cars should only be given to those who are always on call, or who need to use a car almost constantly on the job.
    All others, who use a car only occasionally, can use their own vehicle and be reimbursed, just like private industry does.
    It’s not like these individuals are poorly paid and a city car helps make up for that. They’re well paid, and some are even over-paid, for what they do, or don’t do.

  3. now, here this man has great qualifications.
    Now lets compare that to EVERYONE who makes over 100k a yr. car, free gas, blackberry, pagers, privileges, etc.
    pls break down their experience, education, professional backgrounds in municipal and private sector.
    this looks like a good choice, I just wonder what the many other many directors and commissioners have as good credentials.

  4. Yes, the library director drives a city car. And so do many others, none of which are on 24 hour call, and even if they were, people earning well over $120K per year can certainly drive their own vehicles to and from the workplace.
    Even certain inspectors on call could be compensated for their mileage used with their personal cars.
    This is a common practice in the private sector.
    Bull— about Phil reducing the city fleet. BULL—-.

  5. The LIBRARY DIRECTOR has a car? And what Yonkers emergency would the LB be called in for?
    I think this car should be reduced from spending asap.


  7. Actually, it’s down about 100 cars from the 231 Spencer handed out. More reduction is needed, though. Should be about 80 as a final tally. Will that happen? Who knows?

  8. There are probably over 200 city cars going home every night, many from city hall, the police department,DPW, etc. There is even a DPW dump truck that drives up the Tacanic to Fishkill every night. Amiclone REALLY cut city car usage didn’t he! HA HA!

  9. To the above. He has still not done enough to lessen the amount of unecessary city cars.
    A lawsuit involving the Yonkers library director is on the council agenda tonight. His city car was being driven outside of Yonkers limits and was in an accident that we have to pay for.
    Why, why, why does the library director require a city car? Same goes for many others such as the Budget Director, Inspector General, Corporation Counsel,etc.
    Chuck, the so called “Reformer” has not squat to address this after promising to do so during the election.

  10. Just another reflection of the Professionalism of the Amicone tenure in the Mayor’s office. A far cry from Martinelli & Spencer, perhaps Amicone’s Professional Engineering background can truly begin to root out the former evil from this City with appointments such as this one to an agency which will have mucc to do with the future complexion of Yonkers.

  11. Good luck to you Mr. Shuldiner.
    Would be most helpful that your agency receptionist be taught to accept telephone complaints rather than telling the callers that a letter is required. This happened when I called to simply report a knocked downed MHA sign outside of one of the complexes. The operator said my one sentence complaint required a letter written to Peter Smith, Director.
    Would be funny if it were not so pathetic.

  12. Good luck to you Mr. Shuldiner.
    Would be most helpful that your agency receptionist be taught to accept telephone complaints rather than telling the callers that a letter is required. This happened when I called to simply report a knocked downed MHA sign outside of one of the complexes. The operator said my one sentence complaint required a letter written to Peter Smith, Director.
    Would be funny if it were not so pathetic.

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