Yonkers’ River Park Center Cited in NHL Column

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The sports-landscape was altered by the former Hartford Whalers
hockey team and signaled a change in how sports
stadiums/ballparks/arenas were constructed. Essentially, with the
influx of non-sports related development around the sporting event
site, the team would only be a portion of a larger development.

In an article written by Evan Weiner over at NHL.com,
he explores this change in the sports landscape. Lo and behold, the
City of Yonkers and the proposed River Park Center was mentioned:

Three decades later, the stadium or arena-mall plan is becoming a
staple of the sports industry. The St. Louis Cardinals baseball team’s
ownership is developing land around its year-old stadium, and the
Oakland Athletics ownership hopes to do the same thing in Fremont,
California. In Brooklyn, Bruce Ratner is building an arena that might
eventually be used for some level of professional hockey that is part
of an urban redevelopment project. Football stadium-commercial and
residential development is being planned in East Rutherford, New Jersey
and Arlington, Texas. The cities of Yonkers, N.Y. and Fort Wayne,
Indiana are also in the planning stages of building minor league
baseball parks as part of urban development, which is what Hartford
officials envisioned on a much smaller scale back in the early 1970s.

Oh, the Whalers ended up moving to North Carolina when the economics of playing in Hartford were just too much…

eHeziYonkers’ River Park Center Cited in NHL Column

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    It appears that none of the other cities mentioned did not have to “mortgage” their city’s future with the TIF scheme that Amicone wants to use in Yonkers.
    Thank God we have some smart people out there that will throw Amicone out of office before this travesty is perpetrated against the City of Yonkers.

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