Crisis at Westchester County Medical Center By Hezi Aris

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WHITE PLAINS, NY – Astute acid-tongued bloggers have advised Yonkers Tribune that Westchester County Executive Officer Andy Spano had sent for some “high-powered New York City lawyers to meet in secret on the 8th floor this morning. Today’s meeting is the culmination of many such meetings over the past few days.The session was conducted exclusively with the Democrats presently sitting on the County Board over some legal crisis about Westchester County Medical Center. Aides to the County Board members were excluded from the meeting. At issue is whether Westchester County should get involved in suing the accounting firm KPMG for their alleged lack of disclosure of the looming financial crisis that that plagues the viability of the Westchester County Medical Center.

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In this reporter’s investigation of the story, Yonkers Tribune learned
that Bill Ryan, Chairman of the Westchester County Board of
Legislators, was mourning the loss of his father. Such gut-wrenching
news is never easy to hear and worse to endure. Our prayers go out to
Mr. Ryan and his family.

eHeziCrisis at Westchester County Medical Center By Hezi Aris

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  1. ralph vigliotti the principal of yonkers high covered up drugs in his school and lied to the ypd when questioned …ohh by the way ypd the school administrators in yonkers just got a new contract.

  2. Politicians made a lot of money looting the medical center operation.The county should be completely out of the medical hospital operation,Playland and other operations, used for political jobs, contracts and outright theft.

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