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Gov Cancels Davos Junket After Torrent of Criticism Over Fiasco on Senate Pick

The tabloids have soundly trashed Governor Paterson for his conduct with regard to Hillary Clinton’s vacated Senate seat.

Even those who approve of his choice, Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand, are disappointed at the way he conducted himself during the protracted process of making an appointment. 

Paterson is not accused of selling the seat, as Governor Blagojevich is reported to have attempted to do in Illinois. Nor did he appoint a caretaker to keep the seat warm, as the former Governor of Delaware, Ruth Ann Minner, did just before her term ended in December. In 2010, the Democratic candidate for the Delaware seat is expected to be Joseph R. (Beau) Biden, III, who is the state’s attorney general but as a captain in the Army National Guard is currently serving in Iraq. The First State (so called because it was the first to ratify the Constitution) has a dynastic tradition exemplified by the DuPonts.

The best, and funniest, three articles on the subject appear today in the News and Post.
Post editorial, p24, Client 9, Where Are You? The lede:

“Hey, Eliot.

Come back, all is forgiven.

Never mind the, umm, young lady.

Never mind the spittle-flecked temper tantrums or the wild-eyed threats or even the rogue state troopers.

New York needs a little steamrollin’ right now – and who better to drive the big machine than Eliot Spitzer!

The close: Fact is, Paterson should just stay in Davos. Nobody will notice, and the outcome won’t be any different.

That’s why we miss Client 9.”

From the News, Mike Lupica’s column on p6, Your 15 Min. Are Up, Gov. is worth reading in full. Lupica’s lede:

“In the end, it wasn’t Caroline Kennedy who was out of her weight class.
It was Gov. David Paterson …Paterson was never as interested in doing the right thing in picking a replacement for Hillary Clinton, in making the right choice, as he was in covering his own … self. But he couldn’t even manage that…”

The anatomy of Paterson’s smear of Caroline Kennedy is explained on p8 in Hired PR Gun Doomed Caroline, Insiders Say, written by Elizabeth Benjamin, the News’ brilliant blogger, Ms. Benjamin tells whodunit and why it happened that the accidental governor disrespected a woman who is highly regarded. Her lede:

“Gov. Paterson’s decision to go nuclear on Caroline Kennedy was a hatchet job run by a pricey out-of-state consultant who specializes in political scandals, disgruntled administration sources said. Judy Smith, a Washington-based PR guru and former Bush White House deputy press secretary, orchestrated the ill-conceived character attack on Kennedy, sources said yesterday.

Fredric U. Dicker, in a p8 Post exclusive headed Caroline’s Secret Reason,
writes: “'The reasons she withdrew had nothing to do with the reasons that have been cited by that person close to Gov. Paterson' said one of the sources. 'And Gov. Paterson knows it,' the source, raising his voice in anger, continued.”

The editorial and the three columns, by Mike Lupica, Elizabeth Benjamin, and Fred Dicker, all express low regard for the current governor. His proposed trip to the world economic conference in Davos, Switzerland, is regarded as frivolous and irrelevant to his budget-balancing duties in Albany. Another Post story, on p8, Swiss Hiss for the Gov; All Sides Rip Trip,
  quotes Blair Horner of the New York Public Interest Research Group:

“If New York State is in a crisis, he should be convening leaders’ meetings every day, not flying around the world, He’s done the Caribbean tour. I guess this week is Europe. The priority should be Albany.”

Paterson just returned from a four-night trip to Washington for President Obama’s inauguration.

In an article posted on the New York Times’ website this afternoon, Jeremy W. Peters
reports on the governor’s subsequent decision not to travel to Davos for the conference. Peters writes:

“Hyde Park, N.Y. – Gov. David A. Paterson, seeking to contain some of the fallout over his administration’s handling of the United States Senate appointment, said on Monday that he had canceled a trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, later this week.

The governor also tried to distance himself from members of his administration who have been quoted anonymously in recent days saying that various problems with Caroline Kennedy sank her bid to become a senator.”

Henry J. Stern writes as StarQuest. Direct email to him at Peruse Mr. Stern’s writing at New York Civic.

eHeziGov Clips Wings after Flap By Henry J. Stern

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  1. Despite the bad blood between the Kennedys and the Cuomos from Andy’s divorce, these two wealthy and politically powerful families will come together and crush Paterson in 2010

  2. Paterson should refuse to pay the bill from Judy Smith, his ex-Bush hired PR gun who convinced him to smear Caroline Kennedy. Then he should sue this PR gun for the terminal damage she has done to his career.
    The national Democratic leadership will of course make Paterson pay his own heavy price for such inept and plain awful politicking.
    Gillibrand will be extended every courtesy in the US Senate as the incoming junior senator from NY – appointed by Paterson after his disasterous selection process.
    It will be interesting to see how the new Sen. Gillibrand negotiates her way with a Senate and Executive Branch that knows and respects Caroline Kennedy in ways that the New York tabloids and Paterson administration don’t seem to even glimpse.

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