Governor Paterson to “Pick” Caroline Kennedy for U.S. Senate

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New York, NY — New York Post columnist Fredric U. Dicker today
asserted thatKennedy_Caroline
 NYS Governor David Paterson's choice for filling the seat to be vacated by present Senator Hillary Clinton is Caroline Kennedy. Yonkers readers will remember having read the astute political analysis made by John Fleming, executive assistant to Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone, penned by him under the title The Political Spectrum in the Yonkers Tribune that predicted this happenstance.

eHeziGovernor Paterson to “Pick” Caroline Kennedy for U.S. Senate

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  1. Planting two lips on Pubic Gardens, it pays loads. That’s funny. Ali Zherka probably didn’t find it too funny when it was happening to him

  2. to answer 12:20
    John or should i say Jana my brother will prefer any color you want to put on your lips, perhaps red would look great on you
    just make sure you dont get it on their pants when you go down on them
    John Fleming, if you end up in the slammer, you can get a job, planting two lips on pubic gardens. It pays in loads. LOL
    Sam Zherka

  3. John Fleming is a complete loser. This guy is the poster child for a political tool and hack.
    Sam Zherka has a surprise for him in Federal Court. The Rats from Yonkers City Hall have been looking for cheese and are talking, alot.
    This idiot belongs in Prison where he will end up wearing a wig, high heels and lip stick and have to change his name to Jana.
    What a corrupt idiot.
    sam zherka

  4. Hmmm! I guess Fleming has no credibility or “inside scoop”. Caroline is out. She wasn’t terribly smart and was running on name only.

  5. the above anti semetic comments are inappropriate…Jewish Senators and representatives hardly control the senate
    remember they have to run, and they have
    to win…so where there are large jewish
    populations like new york and california
    jewish senators are possible..would you
    prefer that the congress be “juden free”
    because that is what your comments amount
    to ..clearly you had no problem when
    Moynihan, and D’Amato, and Buckley were
    in the Senate..neither do I ..but
    to suggest that a jewish congressman has
    two allegiances kind of overlooks what
    bush and cheney did doesn’t it

  6. Fleming quit the NYPD due to some sort of scandal involving the sale of bogus diplomas or something similar I believe.
    It had to be quite bad for him to quit just before getting his pension.

  7. Joh Fleming is the mayor’s P.I.?? I don’t think we have to worry about that boob solving any cases. I mean the guy was only made a first grade detective in NYPD because he was the mayor’s driver.
    If he wants to be a cop so bad why doesn’t he take the next Yonkers test?
    Oh wait, not a resident.
    Why DID he leave NYPD just months short of getting his pension. let’s see if any of you junior gumshoes could figure that one out.

  8. Whoa…I just did a google search on this Caroline character. She is indeed Catholic. Not only does she not stand a chance to be nominated, but for anyone to even consider it must be anti semetic.

  9. Has anyone checked to see if Caroline is going to convert to Judaism. There is no room in the Senate for another non-Jew. Does Patterson have the audacity to nominate a citizen of just one country to the Senate? In this day and age, is it possible that someone who is not a dual American/ Israelly citizen can get nominated to such an important position. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE. Where are your priorities Mr. Patterson?

  10. At last- someone even more unqualified for an elected position than Obama. I would have thought that impossible, but it seems our incompetent buffoon of a Governor is intent on beating the bushes in search of the absolute nadir in political experience.

  11. Don’t forget the improvements to the Fire Depatment’s petting zoo behind Station 8. I heard they are trying to get some new exotic llamas.

  12. fleaming is not astute, he is a idiot, when he ran for state senate he got his butt kicked, hezi dont give this crook any credit.

  13. What exactly is Fleming paid to do?He is Amicone’s G.Gordon Liddy.
    Guess what Fleming, all your illegal investigations have a paper trail that the YPD has kept. You will be hearing from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.
    You can’t shred computer files.

  14. why doesn’t anyone talk about the real rip offs in the city — THE GARBAGE MEN — they only work 4 hours out of an 8 hour day and NOBODY says anything, what is wrong with you people, we should be outraged at this, our tax dollars are paying these bums to be at home or at work at another job, this is where the feds need to look !!!!!!!

    Editor’s Note: Caroline Kennedy is her maiden name, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg is her married name. Perhaps she will be known as Senator Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg. The names are different, the person is one and the same. Kindly, Hezi

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