A Special Meeting Has Been Called for the Yonkers City Council for Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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Yonkers, NY — Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick has called a Special Meeting of the Yonkers City Council to be held on Wednesday, April 1, 2009, in the Yonkers City Council Chambers at 5:45 PM for the following purpose…  

To Discuss And Take Action On: 

1. Resolution Authorizing The Establishment Of Traffic-Control Signal Photo-Violation Monitoring (Red Light Cameras) 

2. All Other Items Properly Coming Before The Council. 

eHeziA Special Meeting Has Been Called for the Yonkers City Council for Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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  1. I was at a council meeting when this matter was on the agenda, and as I recall, Murtaugh was against it. I think that the other council members voted for it. So if it has already been voted on, why is it on the agenda again. Was the first vote technically for something else? Or, as one poster above wondered, there is something else on the agenda we don’t know about….what’s really going on here.

  2. Lesnick
    Thanks for the bull. I am fully aware that the “standard language” has to be there.
    In terms of the red light cameras, if the legislation has to be voted before Firday, fine. But why is it being voted now? This is not highly contorversial stuff. A professional Council President should have forseen this had had the work on this completed well in advance so no special meeting would have nneded to be called. It would have been voted on in a normal manner, and you would not have to hold council meetings on short notice so no one from the public will attend and the council members rushed.
    Lets face it, you have a penchant for doing this. The reval bomb was an outrageous example. Not reval itself, but the way you did it. There was NO reason why you announced it with little fanfare, and then tried to get it voted practically out of sight of the public with little discussion or vetting. It was only when there was an outcry that you backed off. This is pure politics and a typical power grab. You certainly did not have the Citizens of Yonkers interests in mind when you pulled that one.
    I am not Hezi, I do not beleive that every single meeting has to be in a public room. No business in the world works that way. But last minute council meetings for final votes should almost NEVER happen. It is indicative of poor managment on the Council Presidents’ part. This is particualrly true for legislation like this.

  3. The deadline for the legislation is Friday so that it gets included in the budget before the legislature breaks for the holiday. The “All Other Items Properly Coming Before The Council” is standard language. The meeting will be short and only on that item.

  4. something is fishy here. Why is it necessary to call a special meeting about authorizing red light cameras? Why can’t it wait until the next regualar meeting?
    Could it be this:
    “All Other Items Properly Coming Before The Council.”
    How about sneaking revaluation through without the public knowing?
    I dont trust Lesnick. We all know the guy is devious, and this stinks.

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