Astorino Charges State Senate to “Do What’s Right for Westchester; Vote ‘No’ on State Budget”

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White Plains, NY — Westchester County Executive candidate Rob Astorino today called upon New York State senators serving Westchester County to vote “No!” on the proposed state budget announced by Governor Paterson, Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith, and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver yesterday. 

The budget is expected to be passed in a party line vote in the State Senate, meaning a single Democratic senator can bring the widely criticized budget back to the drawing board. 

“This budget deal is a disaster for Westchester residents,” Mr. Astorino said, “Westchester families already are paying the highest taxes in America, and the tax hikes in this budget are going to be the last straw for a lot of families. Tax revenues are falling across the state and still the Legislature is spending more. It is unconscionable in this economy. I call upon our Westchester state senators to be courageous tomorrow and vote ‘no’.”

The $131 billion budget, which hikes spending by more than $10 billion, is expected to be voted on upon tonight or tomorrow.

eHeziAstorino Charges State Senate to “Do What’s Right for Westchester; Vote ‘No’ on State Budget”

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  1. the budget is more than a is
    a budget which will contribute to an even
    larger recession/depression in new york
    by chasing out upper middle class wage
    earners who are already taxed at the higheset rates in the nation..and who are
    geographically able to move…it will depress home values further…it will
    counteract the stimulus package by inhibiting discretionary
    will hurt small business will
    send the wrong message to anyone planning
    to move to ny to start a business..and
    finally it will chase large corporations
    to other states…the notion that upper
    income earners don’t already pay their
    “fair share” is a socialist notion promoted
    by the working familes party and bought
    into by liberal democrats like shelly silver
    upper income taxpayers not only pay their
    fair share …in absolute terms they
    pay more than their fair share and without
    them new york state would be broke and unable to fund any safety net programs

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