Annabi Calls on Council to Say “No” to Any Budget Until Officers Returned to Schools

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Annabi_Sandy2009 Yonkers, NY — Sandy Annabi, Majority Leader of the Yonkers City Council, (Dem- Dist. 2) is
seeking the support of her council colleagues in restoring the School Safety
Officers to school buildings. The Majority Leader, who also chairs the Council’s
Committee on Education, said “As we go through the budget process, I am
requesting that my Council colleagues do not support the budget as presented,
but to rally around the dire need to increase the funding to make sure the
officers are brought back into the schools.”


Annabi continued, “There is always a growing sense of
lawlessness when Police are cut back, as we can see from the recent capture of
three Yonkers teenagers who broke
into the Yonkers Middle and High School, and this past week with the Gorton High School
student who was slashed
as he was leaving the school. Based on these and other incidents that have occurred,
we need to look for more viable efficiencies that do not risk the education and
well being of our students.”

“When the City Council slashed our budget just a few months
ago by $400 thousand, I advocated that these funds be used to restore the
safety officers in the schools. Now we have an incident where a School Safety
Officer could have made it more likely that the perpetrator at Gorton High School
either would not have
done this evil deed, or would have been caught faster due to the closer
proximity of a school safety officer in the building. We cannot risk the lives
of our students and workers. In addition, students will be able to focus on
their studies rather than worry about their safety. Officers in the schools
will give our students the peace of mind needed to succeed. School safety is a number
one priority,” continued Annabi.

“Again, I implore my colleagues on the council to support a
budget that restores our School Safety Officers,” concluded Annabi.

eHeziAnnabi Calls on Council to Say “No” to Any Budget Until Officers Returned to Schools

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  1. Sandy missed the new Archbishop during his visit to Bedford Correctional this week. Not to worry. She’ll catch him next year. LOL.


  3. To Anon I at 2:27
    I ignored nothing. Perhapes YOU have ignored that every one of the city councilmembers received subpoenas, but you only single out her. Maybe you are on planet uranus.

  4. Dear Anon: You ignore the fact that Sandy Annabi is right now, present tense, on the Federal griddle. If you don’t know that, you have been on Mars the last two years. You also ignore the probability that some of her relatives are right now, or recently, suspected of being players in the Yonkers drug trade.
    Often, the sins of the past are repeated in the present in one way or another.

  5. How sad and pathetic it is to have to constantly read comments from people who hold Ms. Annabi accountable for the actions of her parents, when she may have been all of ten or eleven when these events transpired. You are truly pathetic.

  6. Murray Richman knows Annabi is a relatively small fish in this pond. Others are more important to him, and to the Feds. If Annabi goes, so be it. There probably are some who just want Annabi to shut up and take a rap if necessary. And why, out of all the lawyers in metro NY, did Annabi hire him in the first place? Could it be because of all his connections to Al Pirro, Nick Spano, etc.?
    There also is the possibility that, besides public corruption issues, this Federal RICO investigation is looking into drug-dealing in Yonkers.
    That would be bad news for some. If they are, there is a good possibility a retired Yonkers narcotics detective who was very close to Annabi’s father may be on the Federal radar.
    Coincidentally or otherwise, Richman in the past represented a now-dead member of that retired detective’s family, and another member of that family is a known Gambino mob associate.
    It’s also possible there is a very direct connection to disgraced judge Joe Alessandro in this entire corrupt pile of human trash.

  7. Poor Sandy. She’s in denial. Murray’s telling her not to worry, just keep her mouth shut. They have nothing. But the deal is much better for those who cooperate before indictment. But Sandy’s in denial.
    Her parents were arrested twice for importing heroin into the U.S. from the Middle East. They served decades in federal prison. Now it is alleged by posters that her brothers and cousins have run the local drug trade for years?
    No wonder she’s being investigated by the U.S. Attorney. How did she ever get elected in the first place? She has no credibility, and appears to be a human money laundering machine.
    You know what you know, Sandy. Don’t think the feds don’t know. Save yourself, or you will be on the end of a daisy chain very soon….

  8. 1 incident and she wants more pork. oink oink Ms. Annabi.
    How about the parents of these “students” being held responsible for their offsprings actions? Novel? Yes! Expensive? No!!!

  9. That depends on if you include members of the Annabi famliy in the stats. Some have felony records for drug dealing, and so on. Not a nice group.

  10. Just say “NO” to this budget period. I only wish Ms. Annabi were as concerned about the amount of waste in this budget and the burden on the property owners of this city.
    Ms. Annabi how many officers would NACAR Marty, Lopez the Brawler, and your city car pay for.

  11. Pandernabbi?
    All she does is “latch” onto causes. We have all seen it before, and she did it again on TV last night. If she can dig her claws in and shake an issue around, an issue by the way she did not think of, she is “advocating.”
    The problem is she advocates every cause around, but gets nothing done.
    She is a follower, not a leader.

  12. Do something? Sure. KIck them out school, arrest those who commit crimes, and then prosecute them…NO PLEA DEALS where they just walk away.
    The taxpayers are getting soaked over and again by monstrous Board of Ed budgets. This latest fiasco of a budget should be slashed severely.
    And you DON’T deal with school troublemakers and felons by having cops in the schools. You deal with them by expelling them for good and prosecuting them.

  13. All I know is that every week yet another school kid is arraigned in City Court on a weapons charge. You may want to waste your time dumping on Sandy, but facts are facts. Somebody had better do something before there’s a murder on school grounds.

  14. I agree with Sandy on only one point, and that is that the council should vote no on the budget. As far as her other lame brained idea about cops in schools, it would probably might slightly reduce crime in the schools, but we cannot afford them. We need them as the zoo keepers to watch over the animals with guns roaming the west side, not in the schools.

  15. Trying times for Sandy. First, how does she deal with all the pressure of the feds questions? Second,how does she convince the public (and herself) that she won’t be indicted in the U.S. Attorney’s long term investigation into public corruption in Westchester? Answer: by continuing to come up with the same hair-brained statements that she has used for the past 8 years.
    Total insanity on the City Council.

  16. This is the pandering of an idiot!!
    The school was broken into after hours when the cops who work a teachers schedule would not have been there anyway.
    As for gorton, do you think this rocket scientist who slashed the kid would have stopped and thought that ” Oh my, there might be a school safety officer on this acre of property, I better not do this.”
    HELLO – there is a Police precinct across the street from Gorton.
    Wrong place to be crying that we need to have a cop there.
    By the way who made the decision that cops in the dare program work a teachers schedule with the whole summer off? Do they work the required number of shifts as other cops?

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