Campoli and Zherka Arrested and Arraigned Before Yonkers City Court

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Yonkers, NY — On April 1, 2009,
at 2:10 p.m., YPD
Narcotics Unit Officers, while conducting a narcotics investigation, stopped a
late model year automobile that was driven by one man and within which was a
male passenger. Officers determined the driver’s license of the driver was
suspended. The driver was arrested; a search of the automobile revealed six
bags of marijuana in the trunk. The approximate weight of the marijuana is 5
pounds, with an approximate street value of $25,000.00. The passenger of the
vehicle was also arrested; he was in possession of a Vicoden pill in his pants

The driver of the vehicle is John Campoli (pictured left), 29 year old male, resides at 45
Ardell Road, Bronxville,
NY. Mr Campoli was charged
with Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle 2nd degree,
and Criminal Possession of Marijuana 2nd degree.  

The passenger in the vehicle is Kujtim Zherka (pictured right), 26 year old male residing
at 73 Olum Road, Mahopac,
NY. Mr Zherka was charged
with Criminal Possession of Marijuana 2nd degree, and Criminal
Possession of a Controlled Substance 7th degree.  

Both suspects were arraigned in Yonkers City Court on April 2, 2009.

eHeziCampoli and Zherka Arrested and Arraigned Before Yonkers City Court

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  1. How dare all of you criticize and selim. i bet all of you didnt know that selim is a family man and just had 4 baby boys!!!. and furthermore there is no evidence that Mr.zherka is a drug dealer or a money launderer. there is no written or recorded evidence of him admitting that and everything else is lies cooked up by these politicians to save there skin. the reason mr zherka is under “investigation” is because these politicians are trying to silence one of the few people in this world stand up for what they believe in and that’s NO MORE CORRUPT GOVERNMENT

  2. 7:00 am, You wish you were Jonathan Lovett? An overweight, under intelligent jackass who’s constantly taking on criminals as clients??????
    OK, whatever floats your boat

  3. “I doubt the feds are gonna tag anyone I know” _ Mike Edelman
    What about Al Pirro rememer him? Your buddy. Didn’t he do fed time?

  4. I wish I was Jonathan Lovett. He’s really taking Zherka on an extremely expensive ride. There’s a guy who knows how to control his client, work the system, and book the maximum in billable hours. As a fellow attorney, my hats off to you Lovett. You found a real patsy.

  5. Perhaps you should be asking yourself just how many tentacles the octopus called Sam Zherka has.
    Maybe he has a big reason to try to distance himself from this case. Maybe. That is not a statement of fact. It is just a possibility, but if true it is a possibility that would answer your questions.

  6. looks just like him in my opinion..but
    why wouldn’t sam acknowledge him if he
    were related…its no skin off sam’s nose
    sam was not arrested..whats the big
    deal…..anyone who has a family
    member who gets in trouble usually stands
    behind that family member rather than
    abandoning them

  7. Does dawn follow night? Sam Zherka is known far and wide as a liar.
    On top of everything else that has been posted, the guy even looks a lot like Sam Zherka.

  8. He is at least a nephew, and possibly a younger brother. You saw the post where his address goes back to the same address as Zherka’s sister. You also know he was a co-plaintiff in that Zherka suit.
    It’s a very close family tie to Sam Zherka.


  10. The small story of these arrests finally made the JN today, late as usual. It’s on page 5, but Sam Zherka isn’t named as a close relative. Standard JN crap, but lots of people already know the tie, and more will.
    The JN, if it had existed then, probably would have reported the Pearl Harbor attack on about Dec. 12, 1941.

  11. he has demonstrated in his past two runs that he has no judgment..and his integrity
    is in question as well…he has allowed the editor of the guardian to run his
    campaigns..this is a candidate for DA who allows a man who has no moral compass
    who rants and raves that the entire world is corrupt..who believes that two elections
    were stolen from his candidate, and who spewes forth venom everytime the legal system doesn’t rule in his favor or as he would like it to..a law school attendee who never passed the bar..someone who prints
    unflattering pictures of the political people he doesn’t like just as if he were
    still in middle school…maybe castro identifies with this failure who makes his
    living writing garbage for a rag that no one buys…castro did in fact fail the bar
    5 times…he did allow a murderer to go free when he worked in the bronx da’s office
    and he did misrepresent his credentials after he was let go by the bronx da;s office
    for failing the bar and was rehired not as an ada as he has claimed but as a helper
    westchester county cannot under any circumstancs allow people like blassberg
    castro and zherka to get anywhere near the criminal justice system because they will
    use the power they weild to take revenge on their enemies and to create havoc with
    the legal system creating facts and scenarios where none exist and abusing the
    Grand jury system to punish he political enemies…just read the garbage stories
    He writes…its more than scary .its dangerous..AND IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN

  12. How can someone who wants to run for DA of this county accept the support of a man who is under constant criminal investigation? Further, even if you somehow believe that it is appropriate to associate with such a man, would not his ownership of two strip clubs and connection with internet porn sites not give you pause? And his family- in and out of jail for drugs, murder and racketeering. How could any campaign withstand being tied to such creatures- never mind being beholden to them? This Castro fellow must have no judgment at all- or worse, no integrity.

  13. yes jim that is the bottom line..zherka
    is out of credibility..he blew it in
    a number of ways…now tony castro will
    be saddled with that albatross

  14. time for the zherkas to take the dog and pony show to a new county because you now have no credibility in westchester any more

  15. “Sam, Sam, the garbage man
    Pushes porn whenever he can
    Makes the girls strip and pout
    So the dirty old men can cheer and shout
    Sam, Sam, the porno man
    Debases girls whenever he can
    Makes the girls cry and whine
    Shoving veggies where the sun don’t shine
    Sam, Sam, the lawsuit man
    Sues whenever, wherever he can
    Has a lawyer who’s just a jerk
    Doing all of Sam’s dirty work
    Sam, Sam, the garbage man”

  16. It’s not all about Strip Club Sam.
    It’s also about Blassberg, Hadleman. What it the truth about Richard Blassberg?

  17. mike how come all the ranting about zherka and his alleged criminal activity (which he has never been convicted of ) but no indictnation about city employees convicted of selling CO’s payroll clerks inputting overtime in turn for kick backs and employees falsifying payroll records to be paid for work they never did. Could it be because it all happened under your Employers Amicone adminstration. Where is your call for prosecutions for employees who stole city gas for years?
    With you it is only ZHERKA ZHERKA ZHERKA. It’ pathetic

  18. If that Nonaubiz person got the info from a database, there could be no suit. It would be a database error. That’s all. But who besides Zherka said it isn’t true? Zherka denied it. But is Zherka believable? If he is, it would be the first time.
    It is possible the database is incorrect, but based on the posting up above, it seems to at least have Zherka’s birth year and month correct. His SS number also may be accurate. And the race is correct. All anyone has is Zherka’s denial about this. Based on Zherka’s reputation as a liar, it might be wise to believe him at your own risk.

  19. Did Zherka ever bring one of his empty lawsuits against ‘nonuabiz’ for that posting above, blogged sometime last year?
    If not, why not? He’s sues anyone who even mentions criminality on his part.

  20. If that guy from Yonkers who pled guilty is a hopeless dolt with no redeeming qualities, he can write for the Guardian. He would do well there.

  21. I believe he pled guilty and was sentenced
    to a conditional discharge based on
    the first offense…you can find out because
    the information is public…just call the
    yonkers city court criminal clerks office
    or the county court criminal clerk if
    the case went up to the county which
    I doubt

  22. Again can someone answer the question of what happened to the cheif of staffs son who was convicted of selling false building department documents. The SILENCE IS DEAFENING

  23. I doubt the feds are going to tag anyone
    I know..I assume you are refering to ridge
    hill..the people that may be tagged I don’t
    hang around with..Nick would never get
    involved with that kind of nonsense…better
    look somewhere else clearly you are
    just waiting for the other shoe to fall
    I hope you are not disappointed

  24. Hey Lost, when the Feds tag your best pal Nick should people think less of you? You have been paling around with the most disreputable bums in Westchester for yrs. Just because they shop at Nordie’s and Neimee’s does not mean they are not bottom-feeding bums.

  25. Mr. Z you keep up the good work. Don’t let this little shit Edelman get to you. He has been the lap dog for these no good pols. for yrs. His like the little kid who wants desperately to play with the big boys. You know one of these guys with the Napoleon complex.

  26. sam has demonstrated he can sue anyone
    for anything he wants…his problem of course is that suing is one thing
    collecting and winning is quite another
    sam likes to make allegations particularly in his newspaper that are totally false
    he does it online to..know why..he is trying
    to intimidate to shut the other point
    of view out..this is the way he operates
    it played well at the beginnig…now its
    catching up to him…once a federal court
    says you are “at the very least misleading
    it” then you know the jig is up..but
    what does sam care.its his attorney who
    will have to answer..sam is just the client
    and apparently brighter than his lawyer

  27. The Manhattan District Attorney says forcefully, in writing, that Zherka is a habitual liar. Now, the Federal judge has said about the same thing, only in a more polite way. Ie., that Zherka is a liar.
    The busted alleged thug is either Zherka’s younger brother or nephew. It will all unravel soon, just like Strip Club Sam is unraveling now.
    Sammy boy runs strip clubs and is under serious criminal investigation in Manhattan, by his own admission. His dear brother Ali is in jail and is tied “thisclose” with the Albanian mob. Should it surprise anyone that yet another family member, Kutjim Zherka, is a bum?
    It only would be surprising if he wasn’t a bum.
    Zherka’s tea party is a sick joke, just like he is. Zherka has not one ounce of credibility. He only has a pack of lies and a bunch of used tea bags.

  28. The 8:25am blogger must have been referring to a LOHUD blogger (nonuabiz) that posted the below information last year. That’s probably what they were referring to. Whether it’s true or not is not known. But the 8:25am blogger was correct – they did in fact read this before.
    You can’t sue someone foe repeating what they had previously read. Lighten up Sam.
    July 10th, 2008 at 1:15 am
    Offender Name: ZHERKA SELIM
    DOB: 03/XX/1968 SSN: 058-66-XXXX Sex: MALE Race: WHITE
    Source: Florida Department of Corrections
    Possible Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments (8 Records)
    Filing Type: Filing Date: 09/17/1992
    Filing State:
    Case Number: 00002456091 Release Date: 12/31/1998
    Plaintiff Attorney:
    Judgment Docket
    Judgment Date:
    Sch. 341 Date:
    Unlawful Detainer: No

  29. and one other question say you
    don’t like people to say things about you
    that are false..why is it that you have
    no problem saying things about others
    that are false…and you owe me a full
    page apology ..the judge said that
    “at the very least the post you said
    I made was misleading” at the very least
    sam…what is it at the very most….
    a bold face attempt to throw one by
    the court..because you thought the
    judge would stil be charlie breiant?

  30. sam you better stop making allegations
    about defrauding anyone because I will
    make sure you pay for it…how dare
    you try to insinuate that i would take
    advantage of anyone…it shows how
    desperate you are sam..very desperate
    if this is your nephew why don’t you
    step up to the plate and say
    is no reflection on make
    mistakes all the time…what are you
    hiding from…its a simple matter
    of honesty..he is either a relative
    or he isn’t having nothing to do
    with whether or not what he did has
    anything to do with you…zherka is a public name now made it that
    way…was it your nephew or not who
    was arrested…yes or no

  31. Mike Edelman you are such a moron. Sam Zherka has dozens of neices and nephews, hundreds of cousins, he loves them all. What they do is their business.
    Mike is your wife or your son or daughter, or your cousin or uncles a fraud because you are?
    Information was given to the Guardian about an alleged fraud committed on a woman relating to property you and Al Pirro allegedly stole from her, duped her out of.
    It is alleged that you then mortgaged the property for more than you paid for it, with the intent to take the proceeds and never make a payment (fraud ? ) then allowed the property to go to foreclosure and leaving the bank and this poor woman to hold the bag.
    Potentially unlawful dealings that Mike Edelman might have been involved in are starting to come home to roost for Mike.
    Mike Edelman allegedly defrauded this woman, as the Gaurdian was told, because he had the D.A in his pocket and thats why he and other corrupt political maggots in this county want the current D.A. in power.
    Janet Difiore is corrupt and has been covering for dirty politicians since she got into office. No wonder why Westchester County is the most corrupt place in the U.S.
    As for this Kujtim Zherka, or any Zherka, or any relative of Sams or his friends, if you break the law you have to pay the price, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW! NO MATTER WHO IT IS. NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sam zherka

  32. nice job in making sam look like he is
    trying to fool the public once again
    by leaving out the relevant facts and
    sticking to a fact that is irrelevant
    eg he can state all he wants that this
    zherka is not his brother…which begs
    the question of who he is..a nephew
    it appears is a possibility…why can’t
    sam be a man and simply say “my nephew
    got arrested, the family will deal with
    it”..but sam is more worried about his
    own image than being a stand up guy

  33. this weeks guardian is a clear indication
    that blassberg is very concerned about
    castro’s chances…very concerned as well
    he should be

  34. But don’t forget Obfuscation is the ploy
    being used by zherka and blassberg on a
    continuing basis as the federal judge said
    “at the very least misleading”..then
    what is it at the VERY MOST..a boldface

  35. If he is not Zherka’s brother, he is a nephew or cousin. And despite denials he could be a younger brother of Zherka. This will all come out before too long.
    Also, that definitely was him listed as a co-plaintiff in that Sam Zherka lawsuit. So there is beyond question a close tie to Sam Zherka in one form or other. That is beyond dispute.

  36. At this point all we know is that someone
    with the last name of Zherka was arrested
    Sam says its not his brother and there
    is no reason to believe that it is..However
    in the interest of full disclosure Sam apparently has some relationship with
    the arrestee…is it a relative, a friend
    with the same name..etc..simply saying
    he is not sam’s brother doesn’t resolve
    who he is and why he appears as a co Plaintiff in the lawsuit against the Yonkers
    Police Commissioner…SInce Sam is in fact
    a public figure according to the federal
    judge, and in the interests of the public’s
    right to know..who exactly is this Kujtim
    Zherka and what if any relationship does
    he have to Sam..Other than that no conclusions can be drawn as to Sam Zherka
    from this arrest….although you are free
    to make all the judgements you want from
    the other facts that have come out as
    the result of the zherka lawsuits..all of
    which by the way actually come from sam
    zherka himself and are contained in his
    legal papers,

  37. If that actually was Selim Zherka who posted before dawn today, it is worth noting that, in dismissing some of his paranoid and devious lawsuits recently, the Federal judge said Zherka is not credible.
    The Manhattan District Attorney, in legal papers, also has called Zherka a born liar. Born to lie. That is a nice asssessment of Zherka by the D.A.
    Translation — Nothing said by Zherka or his henchmen can be believed.
    For instance, Sam’s close brother Ali Zherka is more than an alcoholic and addict. He is a known criminal involved with the Albanian mob.
    Hadleman again proves he is one of Zherka’s acolytes. No one said Sam Zherka was responsible. Someone asked a question in reply to a “whitewash Sam Zherka” comment at 8:48. That poster seemed very eager to exonerate Sam Zherka. Very quick to go on defense. Very quick.

  38. Wow. That’s a new one. Zherka posting in the third person at 4:49am? Aren’t Florida crimes part of the Manhattan District Attorney’s investigation? And Sam Zherka’s brother is a Sheriff in Florida. And someone had previously posted that Sam Zherka did jail time in Florida. Hmmmmmm. The plot thickens, thanks to Zherka’s own 4:49am posting.

  39. what a moronic statement at 9:37. How do you know sam is responsible you idiot. You should obviously move to a country where everyone is guilty once someone accuses them of one. Get on your medication and get off your sickeming Zherka rants.
    And by the way whatever did happen to the city employee convicted of selling false building permits?

  40. This is not Sam Zherka’s brother..
    There are hundreds of Zherka’s through out Westchester and the bronx. Sams brother Ali is in fact an alchoholic, and an addict for over 20 years and is in jail.
    His other brother is a sheriff in florida and his oldest brother a jeweler.
    Most Zherka’s are respectable hard working, and successful, business people, lawyers, a congressional attorney, Civil Rights leaders such as Sam’s Zherka’s cousin Ilir, who is the head of DC Vote, an organization who fought for years to get DC’s citizens the right to vote, they are pilots, realestate investors, restauranteurs, contractors, U.S military investigators etc.
    As far as whether this Zherka did what he was accused of doing, only time will tell.
    If he is guilty of doing what he is accused of, then he deserves to go to jail. Period!
    all men are innocent till proven guilty.
    and according to the story, the car did not belong to Zherka, the weed was found in the trunk of the car not in the possession of Zherka.
    Sam Zherka

  41. How do we know who put the grass in the trunk? Maybe they made a stop to get some coffee and someone put the grass in the trunk…it wouldn’t be the first time. Besides some states are looking into legalizing grass and the Rockfeller laws are going to be repealed. I just wonder what the guy who keeps posting to himself is smoking?

  42. What a moronic post at 8:48. How do you know Sam Zherka isn’t responsible for his two brothers’ actions? Mmm?? How do you know?
    After all, Sam admits he, himself is under investigation in Manhattan for some very serious offenses, if indicted. Alleged drug dealing is just of those items being investigated, along with money laundering and prostitution and who knows what else. That’s according to Selim Zherka himself.
    So, with all that in the picture, the statement of 8:48 rings very hollow.

  43. To Just the Facts — The arrested and charged as a felon Kujtim Zherka is also listed under “friends and family” on Sam Zherka’s reunion page which you can find on Google. There is no “maybe, maybe not” about this.
    He also was a co-plaintiff, as listed above in a post, in a stupid Sam Zherka suit, one of Sam Zherka’s dozens of stupid, trivial and harassing suits.

  44. As Lisa,Cheif of staff,is not responsible for her sons criminal behavior neither is Sam responsible for his brothers criminal behavior

  45. looks like a zherka was arrested today for posessing 25,000 worth of marijuana..not sam….but he looks just like sam..maybe his brother maybe not…as the issues pile up this election the people of
    westchester really want to follow sam zherka who admits he is under investigation for money laundering drug dealing and prostitution in manhattan…is that what westchester county has become..a place where guys like that who are posers …attempt to throw their money around to create the aura of being important public figures…where is the press on this dimunition of the character of public discourse they love to sell papers…and hawk their wares ..but they don’t seem to care about the resume of the people they report about..too bad..westchester county used to be a great place, with its political discourse is
    Low rent

  46. vicodin is a controlled substance…it is
    usually used for pain..but it is also used
    in combination with alcohol and pot to enhance a is usualy used by lowlife

  47. No matter who the passenger was, why would having a vicodin pill mean there is a problem? I don’t know what vicodin is, but why can’t anyone have a pill in their pants pocket? Does being a passenger imply guilt for what the driver has in his trunk? What if it were you who was a passenger? So, never mind the names in this, what’s clear is that the driver is at fault for the lisence issue, and for what was in his car trunk.

  48. Selim Jerka should forget the tea party and have a pot party! Mmmmm…no. The cops took all that particular pot. But maybe there is more.
    Make it a “teapot” party.

  49. yes indeed and sam claims leadership in the
    abolish county government rebellion…
    he wants desperately to be a public figure
    and there are some dopes that will follow
    him..but everyone else knows his game
    and tony castro is going to drown politically having to defend his relationship with zherka blassberg and

  50. Oh, yes. That’s what Sam Zherka admits HE is under investigation for in Manhattan. Heavy stuff, including drugs. What a coincidence. It must be a coincidence. Just like brother Ali’s involvement with the Albanian mob is another coincidence.
    Still, what a brood those Zherkas are!

  51. money laundering…..
    and DRUG DEALING….that is what
    one zherka says he is under investigation
    for in manhattan..but there is NADA..there
    he says

  52. tony castro has no idea what he has gotten
    himself into…how many times would he have
    to appoint a special prosecutor if he were
    DA ..its a question the public is going
    to be confronted with

  53. The word is that he is another brother of Strip Club Sam (Selim) Zherka.
    Wow…Sammy’s dear brother Ali is in the Federal lockup, and now this. What a wonderful family. Sorta like the Ma Barker gang.
    Those Zherkas. Just so misunderstood. Another black eye for Zherka, Blassberg and that fool Tony Castro.
    It’s amazing how Sammy remains so law-abiding, isn’t it?

  54. I believe that he is the City Exec. of White Plains. No idea why we was named but the lawsuit was withdrawn anyway so it doesn’t matter, does it?

  55. I don’t know the relationship but according to the following court papers he was one of the people joining the lawsuit against Amicone. see below the start of the filing for his name.
    Plaintiffs, 07 Civ. ( )
    PHILIP AMICONE, individually, EDMUND
    HARTNETT, individually, JOHN A. LISZEWSKI,
    Individually LAWRENCE A. PORCARI, Jr., CITY OF
    YONKERS, New York, PAUL WOOD, individually,
    individually, and SANITATION WORKERS #1 to
    #20, individually,

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