Castro-Blanco’s First Fundraiser

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CASTRO-BLANCO_Jim2009 Yonkers, NY — Jim Castro-Blanco held his first fundraiser event Thursday
night at Dunwoodie Golf Course. Mr Castro was introduced to an enthusiastic crowd of
supporters  by Yonkers City Councilman John
Murtagh. “I’m running for a better future for my two
children, and for the hard working, good people of Yonkers,”
said the first time.”

Mr Castro-Blanco, an independent-minded, affable man brings
a legal, amiable, concensus building demeanor to the political equation with
which he hopes to diminish the “rancor” he defines is detrimental to the
function of the Yonkers City Council. Mr Castro-Blanco’s life experiences are
brought to the scene devoid of political baggage. This is Mr. Castro-Blanco’s
first incursion into politics; he brings a wealth of legal experience, gleaned
by his years as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, educator, and mediator.

Mayor Phil Amicone said Castro-Blanco would “make a great
council president. He is smart, articulate and easy to support. I believe in
Jim because he is honest and will act as if Yonkers is his family. I would love to work with him. Let’s make sure it’s not the
other guy.”

eHeziCastro-Blanco’s First Fundraiser

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  1. Murtagh and Flemming didn’t put Castro-Blanco in the race. Castro-Blanco was telling everyone on the Yonkers GOP, including John Jocono, that he was running for CC President for the last year. There was no one talking him out of it, including Amicone.
    Everyone, including Castro-Blanco, were well aware of both Dee and her husband Richie’s quagmire, working in the administrations of democrats Andy Spano and Tim Iodoni, respectively. Chuck would call Nita, Nita would call Andy and Tim, and Dee would be out of the race. That’s just Westchester politics. It ain’t Dee’s fault, it ain’t Castro-Blanco’s fault. It’s just the political reality.
    This party should get over it and unify against McLaughlin, who would use the CC President spot to run for Mayor and bring back the John Spencer brigade (Cathy Spring-Spencer, Rob Ferrito, Steve Tvert, Ed Sheerin etc.). I hardly think that this is what Amicone, Murtagh, Barbato or other Yonkers Republicans want.
    And Nick Spano should remember that, as easily as McLaughlin has lied to Amicone, Lesnick and others, he is lying to him. If Liam were to win, he runs against Mike Spano in 2011 (even though he told you he wouldn’t). But even I don’t believe that Nick is that naive….

  2. Part of this anti-Fleming candidcacy picture, at least indirectly, is Judge Joe Alessandro, a Bronx clubhouse lawyer who lo and behold suddenly ran for a judgeship in Westchester several years ago. Nick Spano and Velella connections there. And links to Zehy Jereis, as well.
    Alessandro and his brother are in big trouble now. And rumor has it they are singing to the Federales to try and save their own sorry butts.

  3. As I remember it, Flemming ran for State Senate as a Republican after State Senator Guy Velella, was convicted and imprisoned. The recently federally indicted State Senator Joe Bruno backed democrat Steve Kaufman in the Republican primary. Thank God Flemming stood up for the Republican Party and, although outspent nearly 10-1 and threatened by Bruno, destroyed Steve Kaufman in the primary. Then Bruno pulled his support to punish Flemming, keeping Kaufman in the race and throwing the race to Jeff Klein.
    And I also remember that both former Senator Nick Spano and RINO Justin Tubiola campaigned for democrat Steve Kaufman in the primary, and (behind the scenes) democrat Jeff Klein in the general election.
    And Flemming was removed from the NYPD? I for one know this isn’t true. How about a lawsuit Flemming? Call Lovett. LOL.

  4. Amicone in handcuffs? LOL. It is much more likely it will be a few of McLaughlin’s supporters who are led out in Federal handcuffs — and soon.

  5. nobody fears FLEMMing he was removed from the n.y.p.d., ran for state senate and got destroyed, got a political appointment because no one else will hire him in other words a political hack (waste of taxpayers $$) and when amicone is led out in handcuffs he will be right behind him..

  6. Joe G, are you kidding? Tub screwed over Esposito and has made promisses he hasn’t kept for years. He is one of the puppets on spano’s strings along with Lame MCL. Little Red has it right, Lame = more spenc/span corruption for years to come.

  7. the same people that support
    tony castro…are you people thick..its
    cavalo…zherka…and robertson…have you
    no decency at long last?

  8. Go get them Liam! Fleming screwed over Dee and Gerri Esposito and Justin Tub – You found out the hard way that you are no King maker there flem. go back to the bronx. Do you even live in this city. Why does no one speak about him double dipping??? if it is true.. why does he skate???? The Mayor would be better served by losing this guy> No one likes him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But YES – Phil does still SUCK BIG TIME.
    This guy is a joke. What did he not see that everyone else has seen for the past 5 years???
    His cousin PINTO is the biggest waste of space there is!

  10. Interesting. The posters who are backing McLaughlin have nothing else to say except to criticize Amicone or a couple of people on his staff. However, neither they or Amicone is running for Council president.
    But there has yet to be one poster supporting McLaughlin who has addressed the rogues’ gallery of low-lifes in Liam’s corner or the many shortcomings, heavy baggage and high negatives Liam himself has. Interesting, indeed.
    The McLaughlin supporters have no bullets in their guns so they try to change the subject away from McLaughlin himself.
    It’s not even close. Castro-Blanco is by far the best candidate.

  11. Now by the “other guy” does Fill My Car Amicone, mean Liam or Chuck, or does he even know what he id taking about????

  12. The King of Shady Deals Phil Amicone..
    a) n-valley
    b) yonkers baseball inc.
    c) ridge hill corp..
    d) financial dealings with COTTER
    E) the deals amicone made with cianculli
    century 21 building where cappelli’s lawyer did not meet the zoning requirements the old ricky’s clam house
    F) the monies misused by his cousin jim pinto
    there’s alot more to come..

  13. when amicone takes huge contributions from developers and gives them tax breaks, access to city hall and givesaway prime real estate, THATS CALLED A CROOK
    when FLEMMing and peterson are pure political hacks, who continue to politic on the taxpayers tab , IS A CRIME..

  14. I find this all quite surprising. It is NORMAL for any candidate to have suppoters. They could not win without them!
    However, you are part of the company you keep, and that IS a factor.
    It is true, Amicome has been a disappointment. He is wrong on many things. But if I have to make a choice for Council President based on who supports the particular person, I think the choice is pretty clear.
    Amicone may not be great, but he has not been accued of being a crook.
    Lets look at Liam’s supporters, and who he supports:
    John Spencer – Our erstwhile ex-mayor who supports both sides, Liam and Dennis, so he can keep his finger in and somehow try to influence what is going on. Stir it up and sneak in. That is his MO and eveyone knows it.
    Cavello – his endorsement is always for sale.
    Zehy Jeris – do I really have to say it?
    Dennis Robertson/Zerkha/Lovett Cabal. Give me a break.
    These are the types of people who are around Liam.
    Do you really want these people back at the table for four years? Don’t you think it is time to move on and get some fresh leadership in the City?
    If the worst the other side can do is say Jacono is a “empty suit” and Lopez has a “fat ass” they have a big problem.
    Again, Amicone is far from perfect, I am the first to admit that. I am not pleased. But my displeasure with the Mayor does not mean I do not vote for Castro-Blanco. I think he is a good guy, thoughful and intellegent. Amicone also only has two more years. So he will not be in Amicones’ “pocket” his whole term.
    I KNOW the alternative is far far worse. In a way even worse than the rudderless Lesnick ‘leadership.”

  15. aok at 10:14 is wrong. Barbato did vote for McLaughlin to be Minority leader in the 2006 reorganization. Murtaugh did not then or in 2008. Not that this matters. The point is the Flemming and the Mayor alienated the Barbato wing of the Republican Party by pushing Castro-Blanco and never showing her, the council or the public any respect.

  16. Those of you skewering Mr Castro Blanco because the mayor supports him should be
    ashamed of yourself…what about those supporting “the other guy”..Robertson
    Zherka, Cavalo, Spencer..Is that what you really want?

  17. Let’s stop all the other talking until we get the elected officials…and anyone who wants to run….to agree not to raise taxes this year.

  18. Hey did anyone see the beautiful ribbon cutting at the abandon wharehouse buildings on Nepperhan Ave???
    This administration is cutting ribbons while the waterfront continues to close down… What is wrong with you assh@#$s.
    Regan you should have used that giant sized scizzor to trim that ridiculous mustache! or at least cut Phils comb-over.

    Mr. Amicone has finally displayed an ignorance I have never seen in Yonkers Politics before.
    We need to fight this insanity so we can restore the goodness in Yonkers – if there is any left.
    – senior.

  20. Amicone has no pull, no respect and is finally being revealed as the phony that he is!
    Unfortunately for Blanco he may be TOO new to realize that AMICONE’S SUPPORT IS A PHONY REPRESENTATION to get him to help clean up the mess he made these past 5 plus years.
    I can’ wait to watch this slaughter – I’ll be at Blanco’s after party just to watch Amicone cry – like he did after Martinelli’s and Halevi’s!
    Blanco can’t you see that anyone he supports goes down the tubes!
    Flemming and Peterson are cartoon characters… in City Hall Land. You have to fill up their tanks to get in…
    PINTO is a lieing, no good mess. Please investigate this guy and the waterfront dept.!
    How was opening day at Yonkers Hoot Owls Stadium? oh I mean YANKEE STADIUM.
    You’re a weirdo Amicone.

  21. Murtagh did support Liam over Barbato the first reorganization meeting when he first got elected . so to say Liam never had a republican vote is a lie . Barbato has never given Liam her vote for the leadership.Murtagh has .

  22. I guess the councilmember thought it more important to introduce this candidate than be at a very important real estate committee meeting concerning the SFC project.

  23. among those supporting castro-blanco;
    amicone who has bankrupted our city, and has displayed pay to play with developers.
    flemming and peterson two political hacks which cost taxpayers $250k a year with no job desciption
    jacono “empty suit” had a no-show with state for years and now is looking for amicone to hire him
    lopez a criminal that costed taxpayers a fortune
    amicone higher taxes more spending and adminstration full of FRAUD..

  24. To John Flemming who said “He must have something special because both Murtagh and the Mayor enthusiastically support him. When was the last time they agreed on anything?” YOU HAVE UNITED MCLAUGHLIN AND BARBATO. They had been estranged for a while too but now unite against a common problem: CASTRO BLANCO will be a rubber stamp for a desperate Mayor who will sell the City to a developer just to see his shell of a stadium start construction before his lame duck term is over.

  25. You don’t have to like Amicone’s taxes and the abuse of the car program to differentiate between McLaughlin and Castro-Blanco. Those two are night and day. And McLaughlin and his crew are “night.” Like in nightmare.
    McLaughlin represents all that is ugly about Yonkers politics. 8:20 is using Amicone as a straw man to divert attention from the many, many very valid reasons NOT to back McLaughlin.


  27. Among those supporting McLaughlin: Cavallo, Jereis, Spencer and Nick Spano.
    This should be an easy decision to make. Just look at who is supporting McLaughlin, a so-called Republican who has always been absorbed with his own interests rather than those of the city as a whole. A so-called Republican who backed another Spencer flunky, the Democrat Robertson, for mayor in 2007.
    This of course is the same Robertson who is owned by Sam Zherka — who now shares a bed with Cavallo, figuratively speaking, maybe.
    Compare all that riff-raff to Castro-Blanco, a former assistant US Attorney who has absolutely no political baggage.
    Castro-Blanco represents a positive change for the city and the Council and is a big step away from the slimy back-roomers and near or even outright thugs who are supporting McLaughlin.
    So, common sense says it’s “Out with the old” — especially in this case where the “old” is so distasteful. If the Yonkers Republicans want to present themselves in a positive way, greatly improve the Party’s image, and throw out all that festering old trash, it should be easy to support Castro-Blanco.

  28. The spin machine is up early this morning.
    This guy is nothing but an Amicone puppet. If you like the way this City is being run than vote for him. If you don’t like the way the City is being run you should not vote for him. It’s that simple.

  29. Castro-Blanco’s support was evident at last night’s fundraiser. He must have something special because both Murtagh and the Mayor enthusiastically support him. When was the last time they agreed on anything?
    Finally we have a candidate who is not a relic from the old days. I hope that the smoke filled rooms of yesterday stay in the past. He took the high road yesterday and didn’t even trash his rep opponent. Could we actually have a decent guy with intelligence running? I sure hope so.

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