Councilwoman Gronowski Addresses Attendees of Town Hall Meeting of April 23, 2009

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GRONOWSKI_PS13Town HallMeeting24April09 GRONOWSKI_PS13TownHallMeeting24April09-Attendes Dear Neighbors,

Thank you for taking the time to attend my town hall meeting
last evening.  We touched on many interesting and significant issues, and
I hope to address them to the best of my abilities.


Although the mayor allowed for the participation of the
Third Police Precinct Captain and the Community Affairs Police Captain, I want
to reiterate that I had made three requests to the administration for
representation from his office and from the Traffic Engineering Division and
from the Department of Public Works, to address the longstanding issues
concerning the work on Rumsey Road, the area sewers, rerouting of traffic in the
Wendover Road and Travers Avenue areas and other significant quality of life
issues.  The first such request was made on March 31st.  I received
no response to any of my emails.  I also submitted to the Administration,
two requests for status reports on the Rumsey Road work, and at least four requests for related traffic studies for the traffic
changes on Wendover and Travers, all with no response.

I had my first town hall meeting last October 2008, in the
northwestern section of the Third District.  At that time, I also made
similar requests to the administration for departmental participation.  I
did receive a response at that time, however.  The Deputy Mayor informed
me that the city's department heads had "better things to do" than
attend my town hall meeting.

I have tried my best to look out for the taxpayers of the
city, calling for civil service reform, an end to the wanton and costly
politically motivated hiring, expensive city take home car policy, etc. 
Unfortunately, these efforts have resulted in disrespect for the residents of
the third district.  The staffing of the Mayor’s Office consists of the

Deputy Mayor

Chief of Staff

Exec Asst to Mayor

Special Assistant to the Mayor

Director of Community Outreach

Senior Assistant to the Mayor – Legislative Affairs

Special Assistant to the Mayor – Minority Affairs

Aide to Mayor I

Aide to Mayor II

Aide to Mayor II

Aide to Mayor II

Aide to Mayor II

Aide to Mayor III

Needless to say, I would have hoped that at least one of
them would have been made available to attend this meeting, as has been their
practice for town hall meetings scheduled by my colleagues in the past. 

Again, thank you for your participation.  I will
continue to do the best I can on your behalf. 


Joan Gronowski



District Three

eHeziCouncilwoman Gronowski Addresses Attendees of Town Hall Meeting of April 23, 2009

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  1. to anonymous at 10:45 and all other related political sycophants:
    None of you have a clue about the “district” you claim to have a lock on. For your information, it extends beyond your Amackassin Club and City Hall (which are actually one and the same). Why don’t you go down to Lawrence Street or Saratoga Avenue or Bruce Avenue, which encompasses the Third District. You’d have to have a bit more of the scotch and beer that usually get you through your day to get the nerve to hang around there, wouldn’t you all?

  2. Joan is the best council rep. the 3rd dist. has had in years. If that makes me a dron, it’s ok with me. Better a dron than a city hall parasite.

  3. To the person who said they would not attend Joan’s meeting: For a person who can’t be bothered, you sure know alot about what went on and I guess you were counting heads “50 people attended.” BTW honey, it’s about time that you got over your husband’s loss. Have another drink on the house.

  4. to the 1045 poster: what say you about Ms Lorraine Lopez the $135,000 per year drain on the taxpayers. Ms Lopez apparently thought that city hall workers did not have to pay their property taxes. Ms Lopez most likely was told that not paying her taxes was part of the tradition in city governance.Lorraine Lopez Lien#150349 Block#2164 Lot#36 has finally been removed from the tax lien sale. What a shinning example of a decent taxpayer.

  5. oh please all of you..keep equating speaking out for oneself and for constituents with being a loon and being loud. I’d prefer either over the thieves that you and yours are. PS by the time her term is up, this mayor will have bankrupted the city.

  6. Ah, the same 5 Joan fans crawl out from under their rock to invest this site yet again. We’ll see how well she does next election. Maybe you folks think a handful of hysterics will out weigh all the regular, responsible folks at the polls who are sick of her BS. Keep dreaming. Soon Joan will be back in therapy. Where she belongs.

  7. To anonymous at 10:45…who wants you and your family at her meetings. You and they are probably all on the city payroll and don’t have any issues since you are all sucking the city dry. It’s always a beautiful day in your neighborhoods, now isn’t it? And, for a loud-mouth loon, she did get her ass elected over the boozer and the perennial loser. I guess a lot of people liked and like what she has to say. Go take a ride in your city car off the Yonkers Pier, which your mayor gave away.

  8. Gronowski has done one thing right. She voted against the last budget.
    Nobody would seriously argue against a reduction in headcount in City Hall. But let’s see Joan say the same about the unions and the Board of Ed. Will she demand big reductions there, also? Or is she just the one-trick pony everyone thinks she is.

  9. Excuse me but the salaries gronowski notes are only partly what comes out of the mayor’s office. Including Amicone, $1.8 million in salaries are attributed to the mayor’s staff. Yeah, sure, waste of taxpayer dollars to go to her meeting. We pay them to hang around the Amackasssin Club, Nugents etc. Why should they bother attending a councilperson meeting. More to the point is that at least half of them are unnecessary, period. Yeah, keep saying how Gronowski is the loon.

  10. There goes another one with CALL THE FEDS! Just a wackadoo supporter of Gronowski. What else should be expected? Gronowski draws the crazies. BTW, the Feds are already here, and they are after Annabi, and Al Pirro, and probably Nick Spano and some of his goons. They are not after Amicone, or Regan, or whoever else is in your paranoid fantasies.

  11. Joan is a good person and has good intentions. Its a shame she doesn’t get support from the administration on her issues. You know, if this was yourself in her shoes, you wouldn’t be calling her a loon…you would be realizing how screwed up this city is if a council person can’t even get cooperation from the city you’re supposed to represent. Joan, call in the fed’s…they need the real inside scoop!!!

  12. Joan is known all over this district as a loud-mouthed loon. Nobody around here takes her nonsense seriously or goes to her rant sessions. As for the Mayor not sending anybody, who cares? My family and friends wouldn’t be bothered with her meeting- why should the Mayor? Why send some officials at taxpayer expense to cover some gathering with 20 people? Joan is a waste of space.
    Editor’sNote: 50 people attended.

  13. This is all inside baseball claptrap. Who the hell is Galvin and who did he supposedly pick up? Maybe the consumer lady is testing the beer at Nugents?

  14. to jimjones…oh my god that was so funny…you must be one of the mayor’s three spokesman…are you see no evil, hear no evil or speak no evil? hmmmnn 1:40 am posting. Or maybe you’re ms. o’brien. Was Nugents dead tonight?

  15. Grassroots, it works. Look at Obama. Now let’s rip the roots out of the city that are killing the rest of the grass. ahem!

  16. Good for you Joan. And it would be interesting to compare Phil’s $1,000,000.00 mayor’s office budget to that of comparable sized municipal organizations. The sleazy gimmick used is to list his employees under different city agency budget lines so few actually appear under the mayor’s budget lines…this is the most adversarial administration ever in this city.
    It looks like no more decreases in the still bloated city fleet. Stamford, CT, 69 total city cars for a city much bigger than Yonkers, if you don’t believe it contact Mayor Malloy, nice guy: 203-977-4150, email admin aide:
    Arch Stanton

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