Dan Schorr Nominated for Westchester County District Attorney

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SCHORR_DanacceptingGOPNomination2009  White Plains, NY — Dan Schorr, an experienced criminal
prosecutor in both Queens and Westchester Counties
received the Republican
nomination for the office of Westchester District Attorney on Monday, April 13, 2009. Mr Schorr, a White
Plains resident and graduate of Harvard Law School
has extensive trial experience and a strong record of convictions in domestic
violence, sex crimes, child abuse, and homicide cases.  He was nominated
for district attorney by Westchester Republican Chairman Doug Colety at a
special meeting of the Westchester Republican County Committee at the Crowne
Plaza Hotel in White Plains.

"Dan Schorr is a no-nonsense prosecutor who will restore integrity to the
Westchester D.A.'s office," Chairman Colety said. "Dan is smart,
independent and experienced, and a strong believer in zero-tolerance law
enforcement. He's exactly who we need to keep our families safe." Mr.
Schorr told the assembled crowd that Westchester residents
are not being well served now. He believes criminals are being offered plea
bargains when they should be brought to trial-and that those brought to trial
are too often charged with lesser offenses to bolster conviction records. 

"The men and women of  Westchester's law enforcement
community put their lives on the line daily to protect Westchester
families from dangerous criminals," Mr Schorr said. "But too often
those criminals are recycled right back into our communities because the
district attorney's office fails to properly charge or try them before a jury.
This practice may be more convenient, but it is dangerous and wrong. As
District Attorney, I'll charge violent criminals with the crimes they have
committed to keep them where they belong longer-behind bars and away from our

Mr Schorr said he would reorganize the DA's office to increase efficiencies and
better serve crime victims. He said he would expand visibility of the DA's
office at the community level and institute "vertical prosecution" to
the office, under which a single assistant district attorney would handle a
criminal complaint from start to finish, as many modern D.A. offices now
do.  Mr Schorr said he would work to open a Family
Justice Center in Westchester
to better serve and protect victims of domestic violence.


Mr Schorr is an Adjunct Professor of Criminal Law and Legal
Writing at Pace University Law School
Through a grant from the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Democracy, Human
Rights, and Labor, he taught the principles of  U.S.
criminal justice and trial advocacy to Chinese judges and lawyers as an Adjunct
Professor at Tsinghua University
in Beijing, China.


He is an active member of the Westchester
community, spending two years on the White Plains Planning Board and six years
as a youth basketball coach with the White Plains Department of Parks and
Recreation. Mr Schorr is a member of  Temple Israel Center

in White Plains and serves on the
Executive Board of UJA-Federation's Westchester Business and Professional Division.

Learn more at the www.ElectDanSchorr.com

eHeziDan Schorr Nominated for Westchester County District Attorney

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  1. We’ve SEEN what DiFore HASN’T done. Enough is enough!! Let’s get DAN SCHORR FOR D.A.!!
    He is a man of integrity and will follow through to keep our county SAFE!!

  2. it gets better ..watch news 12 tonight..the
    mother of Ridley, issued a statement that
    she is the administratrix of the estate and
    she and ONLY SHE can bring wrongful death
    lawsuits….she also takes a shot at lovett
    which he richly deserves

  3. mike spano had an uncontested run essentially..so what would you like to
    see an attack…hardly credible..but
    here again mike has been a good friend
    for quite a while…so i certainly won’t
    feel obligated to attack him in the absence of a candidate who is better…you don’t like mike…thats too bad.I do

  4. the da’s office is not a question of
    political principles…if you think
    it is you know nothing about what it
    does how it works and who should run it.
    the fact that you think politics and
    not legal qualifications should determine
    who anyone supports is ludicrous


  6. What does abandoning friends have to do with anything? If someone had a good friend but disagreed with them politically, should one put that aside and actively campaign for that friend?
    Or should one stick to their own principles and remain quiet?
    Assuming one had any principles in the first place.

  7. Mike Edelman is going to judge the candidates for DA on their qualifications
    Having served as an ada himself and the
    chief Adm aid to MR Vergari MIke knows
    exactly what is needed to properly run
    the office..you may not like the pirros
    but when mrs pirro ran for office she was
    not implicated in anything the first time
    the second time tony castro ran against her
    he is the most unqualified person ever to
    seek that office…he flunked the bar 5 times, never rose above deputy bureau chief in the bronx, was fired in the bronx after
    he flunked the bar and then lied on his
    resume saying he was still an ada when
    he was a clerk..and finally castro is
    connected at the hip to zherka…and
    blassberg..can you imagine what the grand
    jury would be used for if he were DA..
    as for the republican candidate..its too
    bad Dan Schorr is running in a year when
    castro is trying to run again…THe ind
    line will go to castro not schorr making
    it impossible for the republican to win
    and as for Edelman as a republican…
    he doesn’t abandon his friends just because
    they change their party…do you?

  8. I love how Mike Edelman an alleged republican is going to back a dirty politically motivated democrat for District attorney instead of an honest republican. It shows his true colors just like when he stood up for the Tax cheating, eaves dropping, unfaithful, federally indicted Pirros.
    Get LOST Mike

  9. It would be best to wait and see if the U.S. Attorney has Cavallo on his list. It could be that he does. If so, that could shake up the entire equation.

  10. you are leaving out one minor detail
    for any republican to win county wide they
    need to have IND party support…the math
    is totaly against any republican whether
    for state senate, assembly or anything
    else without three parties….that means
    julio cavalo is calling the shots and
    unfortunately he is in league with sam
    zherka…so if castro gets the IND
    line where does that leave the republican?

  11. DiFiore is a lousy D.A. But Castro would be far worse with his close ties to Zherka and Blassberg. And Lovett. That newest Lovett suit about the Ridley case (and you can bet Zherka is behind it) is appalling, and Lovett should receive severe sanctions. Suspension or disbarment should also be considered.
    Dan Schorr is by far the best candidate. DiFiore will destroy Castro in a Dem primary, and then it’s up to Schorr to make his case against DiFiore. That should not be very hard to do. She has many, many flaws, and all of law enforcement knows it. And what law enforcement thinks matters a lot, or should, when it comes to D.A. candidates.
    The Dem enrollment advantage hurts Schorr, but perhaps he can overcome it with a strong and focused campaign.

  12. Dan Schorr is the best choice for DA and I fully suppport him. I do not support him because I am a Yonkers Republican District Leader, I support him because he is the right person for the job. DiFiore has been a big disappointment; I had hoped for a vigorous agenda, and sadly I have seen nothing of value accomplised. Forgetting Party for a moment, look at what Andrew Cuomo has accomplished. Like him or not, he does WORK and gets things DONE. Even on a smaller county scale, DiFiore has failed in comparison.
    The Castro cabal is a joke and not worth mentioning. Not with his backing…
    Dan is well educated and has great experience. He is a fresh face which both Yonkers and Westchester County desperately needs. There has to be a shakeup in the elected officals in this county from both parties. The world is in distress, and will be changed for a long time once the current financial mess is resolved; we need younger, educated vigorous leadership for the future. Dan is one of these people.
    This is my personal opinion and you can disagree. I find Dan to be an intelligent thoughtful and engaging person when I have spoken with him. He is willing to listen and that is a vital componets of any elected official. His experience is also spot on.
    This year we need to look beyond Party (I know heresy) and pick the right person. Dan is the right person.

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