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  1. 11:28- So Chuckie works 90 hours weeks, huh?
    That’s 13 hours a DAY, dipshit. And it’s not like City Hall is open Sundays. Enough BS. Chuck is a tin-foil hat wearing moonbat. He’s effed up everything he’s touched, including the whole downtown development. He’s led a council that has led this City right into the ground. That’s what passes for his legacy.

  2. Ehhh…what’s up, Chuck? It wouldn’t matter if Lesnick worked 8 days a week. He accomplishes nothing. He is weak. He gets run around by obstructionists. He can’t make decisions. He belongs teaching civics in a high school in Peoria or delivering lectures on “Nothing” to library clubs in Shaker Heights.
    He also is the biggest self-promoter in the state next to that other Chuck named Schumer.

  3. For all of the complainers and fingerpointers out there, the reality is that Lesnick has worked harder than any CP before him. Where Martinelli treated it as barely a part-time gig, Chuck regularly works 90 hour weeks and through his efforts, has convinced most on the council to do the same…if that’s not leadership by example, I don’t know what is.
    Chuck has also been the cooperative partner trying to get the administration and the council to work together for the good of the city…name one member on council that has done the same.
    Think Castro-Blank-Oh is going to offer real leadership? Come on…he’s merely there to make sure the mayor gets a “rubber stamp” on everything that gets sent to Council.
    And if John Murtagh’s holding Blank-Oh’s hand is any indication of what to expect if the latter were to win, you might as well give Phil the keys to your home because that’s what he will have.

  4. 11:12 NAILED IT!
    Thank you
    At a local level, elections and issues have nothing to do with party affiliation or national issues. This is just more pandering and control.
    ok – here’s the deal. you are in office to represent the BEST interest of the TAXPAYER. (didn’t they tell you that somewhere along the rod?)
    Either you idiots address the local issues or as 6:44 stated: VOTE THEM OUT.
    Listen very clearly:
    You have exactly two choices: Either propose pragmatic solutions to pragmatic problems with backup and follow-through— or pack your bags.
    It really is that simple.

  5. These party people are the real problem. They are stuck on stupid. This should not be about parties. These two parties are killing us. This election should be about the future of this city and not the future of the party. I think God could come down from heaven to run and they would say: I’m not voting for him he’s a Dem. I’m not voting for him he’s a Repl. Time to grow up folks.

  6. I am a Democrat too. When Lesnick won it was the first time the Democrats captured a majority on the City Council. This year they have a chance to get a super-majority. Lesnick – Winnicki – DeGeorgio and any one of several qualified candidates in the 2nd district.

  7. I recall that the Dems had to back Robertson when he ran for Mayor. But a whole lotta Dems voted for Amicone. So, this is deja vu. Get the list of Dems out, a Dem is running, but what really happens on the ground is something else.
    Castro Blanco please! And I’m a life-long Democrat.

  8. Hey ChuckU get some brooms, rakes, shovels and take that lazy ass mayor with you. Go out and clean this city up or bring back the rangers. The rangers did more work in a day than both of your useless staffs put together.

  9. This not a national election so he can get all the outside endorsements he wants…means diddly squat. We the citizens of Yonkers are the deciders. Just remember that. Take back your power. Throw the bums out!!!

  10. Refer this obvious violation to Zissman, who will refer to Ethics Committee, who will refer to the City Council, who will refer back to Chuck. It’s the hot potato game.

  11. amicone and jacono are NOT republican heavyweights, amicone has real problems of his own, outside of the fact he has a 35% approval among voters and jacono is a empty suit..

  12. All the left-wingers are lining up for Mister Greenjeans. And he wants the Working Families Party, which is a far left outfit aligned with ACORN.
    Since Robertson is going nowhere, this will come down to an easy choice in November. It will be a choice between more stalling, more pandering and more nonsense from Mister Greenjeans and the lefties — or the highly qualified, professional and new face on the scene — Castro-Blanco.
    For all those who want to see a better City Council, the decision should be easy.

  13. Moe Larry & Curly signed it too. Good credentials dont mean squat. Leave Lesnick dont let the door hit you on your way thru it or leaving!

  14. In responce to Anthony’s comment about Ken Jenkins, there is no way that Lesnick could have got all of this support without a wink and a nod from the party chair to the Democratic political establishment. Ken may have used Robertson to make Lesnick work but Lesnick has done the work and Ken is smart enough to embrace him.

  15. You guys cant say anything nice about Lesnick. The Home News & Times ran a story about Castro-Blanco getting support from Republican Heavyweight (Amicone and Jacomo). Here Lesnick gets support from Andy and Mike Spano, Stewart-cousins, Klein, Brodsky, Pretlow, Lowey, Engel Hall, Gillibrand, Schumer, DiNapoli, Cuomo and Paterson. I am surpised no one has comaplianed that he did not get support from Obama! This sort of support in a contested inter-party dispute is unprecidented. And bloogers are worried that his campaign stationary looks too official. Come on.

  16. If you look at the bottom of the letter (just above the union bug) it says “Not Printed at Government Expense”. By the way, Lesnick is the only candidate that always uses the union bug on all of his lit – either because he believes in helping working families or because he wants to get the Working Families Party line. Either way, it is the right thing to do.

  17. hate to disappoint you guys but a little
    political slight of hand by chuck..look
    at the says lesnick FOR city
    council it is not city
    stationary..although they could not
    resist making it appear “official”
    and that is chuck’s problem..its called
    having your cake and eating it….

  18. Yup, please nail him for that. We don’t finance elections. All politicians have to do that on their own dime. But he never understood that – his staff is all on re-election mode the entire time he’s been in office. That’s his goal – it’s not about Yonkers, it’s about him. The staff has to go along with that or else.

  19. why is it on his government letterhead, and not on “relect lesnick committee” letterhead.
    This was probably put together in his office by his secretary on company time. Is that appropriate?
    Should it be on his own stationary? i dont think so.
    I do not want my tax dollars going to his relection, NOT ONE CENT.

  20. This sums it all up:
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    Four Bananas make a bunch
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    Over hill and highway
    the banana buggies go.
    Comin’ on to bring you
    The Banana Splits Show
    Makin’ up a mess of fun
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    Lots of fun for everyone
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    Four banana, three banana
    two banana, one.
    All bananas playing
    in the bright warm sun.
    Flippin’ like a pancake, poppin’ like a cork
    Fleagle, Bingo, Drooper an’ Snork.
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    Swingin’ like a bunch of monkeys
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    won’t you come along and see
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    everyone can be.
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    Tra-La-La, La-La-La-La

  21. If you want to get elected I would suggest very strongly, that you concentrate on the many concerns of the citizens of Yonkers. Silent on the cars, silent on the patronage jobs that are eating us alive, silent on the filth and litter all over the city. silent on the ignorant behavior of this mayor toward the citizens. Silent, silent silent.

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