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Cavallo_GiulioCastro_Tony To the Editor:

Were Phil Reisman a reporter for your paper[ he is a columnist for The Journal News], it’s hard to imagine a scenario
under which the gist of his latest column, “Shameless Trio Tries to Take Down
Westchester D.A
.,” could be reported as news. But I suppose columnists are
entitled to fits of fancy as opposed to reporting just the facts.

It is true that the Westchester Independence Party may endorse Tony Castro for
D.A. this time out.

In a very close call, last time we chose Janet DiFiore.
We believed her when she said she would be a fair and independent prosecutor
who would remain true to her principles.

We won’t be fooled again and you shouldn’t be either!

Ms. DiFiore – in a cynical and desperate bid
for political self-preservation – abandoned her independence and principles when
she switched her party allegiance without ever explaining why. At the press
conference announcing her change of political parties, she was warmly embraced
by the very public and party officials she is supposed to be keeping an eye on.
In a one-party county, shouldn’t the District Attorney maintain at least a
veneer of independence?

These facts and Ms. DiFiore’s
record as District Attorney are what the Independence Party is focused on
during its designation process. Notwithstanding the incredible spin by Ms. DiFiore’s
paid campaign consultant Michael Edelman – as parroted by columnist Phil
Reisman – it is the careful examination of the facts and her record by the
voters of Westchester County that will result in her failing to win reelection.

Giulio Cavallo

Chairman, Independence Party of Westchester County

eHeziLetter to the Editor By Giulio Cavallo

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  1. Hey Cavallo what are you going to do when difiore is in for four more. You looked like a fat yellow banana on tv. You are one ugly guy boy. Tony castro’s wife WOWWWWWW WHAT A LOW CLASS OUT BURST. But I guess thats what you get when you can’t loose gracefully. Really classy bunch, Cavallo looked like he just woke up and got dressed in the dark, Castro sounded like an idiot, His wife and the lady in black with there classy outburst, I have to admit sam looked like the normal one. Tony what you and cavallo should do is crawl back in the whole you came out of. IT’S AL OVER ONCE JANET DIFIORE GETS IN AND WE WILL SEE WHO ASS CAVALLO IS LICKING WHEN THAT HAPPENS.

  2. Castro how many dirtbags are you going to keep in company with. You will never become DA. because you are just a puppet you have no smarts at all everything you say is also a lie just like your puppet master GIULIO CAVALLO. Do you honestly think people would elect you knowing he is whispering in your ear. Cavallos run is coming to an end the last thing we need is for him to start all over again. After turning on Difiore, Andy Spano. Funny how he turns on people when they don’t do what he wants. Castro has no idea he has made a deal with the devil when turning to Cavallo.

  3. Mr. Giulio Cavallo Have you made any checks out to housekeeping lately.
    What’s the going rate to keep a garage or basement clean.

  4. A word to the wise. Mr.Phil Reisman If you want the truth about Cavallo go talk to his brothers they will give you all everybody wants to know.

  5. I heard this weekend that Cavallo is in a legal battle with his two brother Nick And Pat over a house they own on 9 Miller Place. Cavallo told them if they try anything that he would destroy the entire family with all the political power he holds. Cavallos brothers purchased the property on 9 miller place so his mother and father could live free and clear and live life stress free. Well here comes the kicker…… Cavallo never payed a dime for the house but got his idiot brother lou to sign over his share and he did it . So know cavallo has a 1/3 share of something he never had to work for and is trying to take the house for himself. He lives in the home with his wife pays no rent and refuses to get out. Hey Doc I know your whole family I think that was a bad idea. I think somebody has a lot of skeletons in there closet and that closet door is opening very very slowly.
    Mr Giulio Cavallo He who does not brake his ass does not deserve things that do not belong to them.

  6. Giulio what kind of schooling do you have. who got you thru that tiny bit of schooling you went to. Lets talk about the huge education that this guy really has under his belt. By the time we finish talking about that everyone will start listening and following a grammer school kid.

  7. Sometimes you never know what you will find out about GIULIO CAVALLO. Heard yesterday that he is trying to screw his two brothers out of the house they own on 9 miller place. The true fact is he never paid a dime for the house and now the scumbag don’t want to get out. Also heard the IND.Party Is being run out of the garage. First he was running the party out of an autobody shop now out of a garage. I would love to see who getting that rent check.
    I told you I will post nothing but THE TRUTH. It’s all going to come out. Whats that saying THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.
    Well in your case it’s going to put your ass in jail.

  8. Cavallo failed the medical exam probably 12 times. He’s lucky his wife has a good job.
    Hey Giulio how’s it feel to have the absolute truth written about you, No Lies just the hard truth so people can make there own opinion about you. I sure as hell am not going away but you are. See you tomorrow.

  9. I know people want a lot answers about the fake Doctor( Giulio Cavallo). Well I tell you what. I am going to post a true fact about the scumbag everyday. Lets just say I the good old Doc has it coming.
    I will post facts about his whole life and his family life.

  10. Cavallo Is a joke. The greed got to him it’s only a matter of time till he’s peeling potatoes and making license plates.He has to much against him he thinks he is untouchable. he doesn’t relize he’s cutting his nose off to spite his face.By going agaist the people that made him that way. you all have created a monster. I think it’s time to pull the plug on this guy.

  11. whatever Reisman wrote is worth noting but talking about the pot calling the kettle
    black, Cavalo’s new best friend sam zherka and his garbage newspaper do not report the
    news either…and that is the whole paper.. it is opinion laced with innuendo spiked
    with speculation and conjecture…written by a graduate of law school who for some
    unknown reason never got his license…and who thinks he is a journalist..he writes only about the world as he sees it…and he imagines conspiracies everywhere..is he suffering paranoia, the manhattan da suggested that sam zherka was paranoid.. is he who knows, but richard blassberg who treats the obligation Of journalism as if he were a pre schooler is woefully lacking as a writer and as a fact checker

  12. Just for the record when difiore announced the change in parties she certainly did give
    a reason..it had to do with the hard right social positions taken by the republican
    party which she had a problem with .but frankly you really can’t blame anyone for
    switching in light of the kind of games played by cavalo In order for any republican to win they must have Rep consv and IND..and thats just to have any chance at all..Cavalo announced a long time ago
    that he would not support difiore…then he got in bed with zherka to try and run
    tony castro..Cavalo is just exactly what westchester doesn’t need..He is a carbon
    copy of his friend zherka..both are bullies who want their way all the time…in cavalo’s case there are a number of former candidates for office lined up to supply
    the attorney general with information as to how they secured the support of cavalo
    and the ind line…these people are not happy campers ..and they are not simply
    candidates who lost elections…recently the attorney general looked into the working
    of the Liberal Party chairman Ray Harding and found that he personally benefited from
    the power he wielded ….lets see what happens in Westchester. Cavalo is losing his
    Clout in any event..endorsing republicans doesn’t appear to help…and the democrats
    Don’t want him dictating terms

  13. I like the pictures of sleeze and slime, it shows them as they truly are. Now that I’ve seen them in print let me go wash my eyes of the filth they’ve seen.

  14. “Ms. DiFiore – in a cynical and desperate bid for political self-preservation – abandoned her independence and principles when she switched her party allegiance without ever explaining why.”
    “She didn’t ask my permission and now I’m worried she won’t need me or my excuse for a party. If she wins, nobody will line up to kiss my ring anymore. There goes all that cash. I’ll never make the taxes on my Florida real estate investments. I won’t be able to make demands or extort money and I’ll be done for.”


  16. something very tragic must be hovering
    in the lives of those who want revenge
    and seek it on a daily basis…to 12:31 I think you may have hit on something very important..sam zherka seems to thrive on
    attempting to make other peoples lives
    miserable..the only person that would
    take pleasure in that and spend their
    money to accomplish that must be a person
    who is miserable themselves for whatever reason…and their attorney Lovett who asked news 12 to refer to him as “the
    power house white plains lawyer” must
    also have deep seeded issues..no attorney
    that I have known in over 40 years would
    relish putting in their legal papers the
    kind of outright falsehoods and mistatements
    that Lovett seems to thrive on..it is so
    out of line that this federal judge specifically warned him not to continue
    the practice…he thinks he is imune
    but oh how wrong he is

  17. At every political function he’s seen at, this guy Cavallo is loudly- LOUDLY calling out things like:
    “You got that 10,000 you promised me?”
    “You, know, I’ve got to get out of this thing. I’ve made my money.”
    Then anybody who gets too close has to listen to his endless bullshit about his real estate holdings and franchise investments- all made with the “money” he’s been getting as a party leader. And then there’s all his pissing matches with people where he withholds endorsements over jobs. And the stories about him taking money for an endorsement and not even staying bought.
    This guy is an indictment waiting to happen.

  18. Well, Get Real. That’s why a bunch of them are being investigated. They are rotten people in one way or another.
    The Feds and/or other authorities can clean up a lot of litter in these matters. Just hope it happens soon. Indications are that it probably will.

  19. This is something that just feels heavy. Days are precious, not to be wasted. Why are these characters so frenzied to hurt each other, accuse each other, bring each other down? There is more to life, more for a day than that. It’s sad. It’s a waste. I would not trust people who spend their time like this.

  20. PS to the above: With a RICO case, which this obviously is, the Feds can go back as far as they want to go. There is no statute of limitations when there is a RICO case. That fact could make some in Yonkers particularly nervous.

  21. In this poster’s opinion, there is a good chance Anonymous at 7:45 is correct. From the day this investigation became public knowledge two years ago with the first subpoena served on the Council, the “smart money” reasoned this Federal investigation would climb the so-called Nick Spano-Al Pirro tree and also would reach into some of its connected branches.
    Since then, nothing has happened to change that initial evaluation.
    Besides “public corruption,” it is also possible medium-scale drug dealing and other crimes could be in this sordid picture.
    As for Zherka, he’s another story. And it seems he has the intense attention of at least the Manhattan D.A. and the Feds. And maybe more. Lucky Sammy.

  22. Phil Amicone has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars in no-show jobs for political friends at n-valley and ridge hill corp.. the n-valley deal which is full of fraud in the millions was dealt by amicone, the millions in waste at yonkers baseball inc. was also dealt by the crook amicone, the I.D.A.’S under amicone are a vehicle for waste, fraud and landgiveaways and tax breaks for amicone contributors..

  23. the real crooks are in 2nd floor in city hall. there has been a practice of quid pro
    quo that amicone is good at. the taxayers are being defrauded by the likes of FLEMMing, simpson, peterson, dali, cerino, sculti, pinto etc.
    why dont amicone explain the misuse of funds in nvalley and yonkers baseball inc?

  24. Oh yeah…poor gail..right…poor gail has a do nothing job at city hall and makes damn good money…who’s using whom…

  25. Guilio Cavallo, Gail Burns, the Spano brothers, Al Pirro, Anthony Mangone, Zehy Jereis, Sandy Annabi, John Spencer et al – all in the U.S. Attorney’s crosshairs.
    Sam Zherka, that lucky devil, is in both the U.S. Attorney’s and the Manhattan District Attorney’s crosshairs.
    A host of organized crime figures, presently in federal prison or facing long federal prison terms, and assorted judges have finished their grand jury testimony. The Allesandro brothers are now talking to the feds. Zehy Jereis has talked to the feds, Dennis Robertson and Liam McLaughlin have talked to the feds, along with a growing list of others.
    Tick tock. It won’t be long now.

  26. To call Cavallo a political pimp and not give the same attention to Gail Byrnes of the Conservative Party is an injustice. The only difference between the two is that Cavallo collected his fees from judges himself, while Nick Spano collected for Byrnes.
    Poor Gail has been used and reused by the Spano’s for years. She must feel like the harlot to Cavallo’s pimp.

  27. nice job on digging up the charge leveled by the guardian at cavalo in 2007….this information will be provided along with a lot more at a meeting with the AG Coming up in a few days..your research is greatly appreciated,

  28. the game is over. Zherka has been defrocked
    and everyone knows it..Blassberg writes
    fantasy, he always has..he makes it up as
    he goes along..but does he know he is
    making it up..or he is living in a fantasy

  29. In that case look up the last 36 months of the guardian,there are at least 10 major articles that zherka blasts cavalow on,its all public record,but there has to be something big brewing how cavalow and zherka are now working together………….

  30. The following are EXACT quotes taken from the Westchester Guardian from the January 4, 2007 “In Our Opinion” column. The Guardian is owned by Sam Zherka and the Editor is Richard Blassberg.
    “It’s beginning to look more and more as though Giulio Cavallo’s political pimping days are over, and he will soon be trading in his Armani’s for Federal Prison Stripes. We believe what he has been engaged in for several years, in his capacity with the Westchester County Independence Party, comes under the heading of ELECTION FRAUD. He has been the AXIS of CORRUPTION in Westchester.”
    “It is well known that for fifteen to twenty-thousand dollars, or more, Cavallo has put the Independence Party’s Seal of Approval on scores of candidates, including numerous individuals now sitting as County, and State Supreme Court Judges.”
    “In reality, Cavallo is nothing more than a political pimp, and those who have paid him are simply prostitutes.”
    “We are confident, going forward, that not only will Giulio Cavallo, and those who have done unlawful business with him, be apprehended, and carted off to prison, but also that decent well-meant citizens will come forward to fill the ranks of the Independence Party.”
    OK, so now my question Dr. Cavallo, are these charges by Mr. Zherka and Mr. Blassberg true or not.
    If they are why are Zherka and Blassberg now working with you?
    If they are false why did you not demand a full retraction and more important a full explanation as the source of the story?
    This is not just about Dr. Cavallo but the charges were hurled at County Judges, the former District Attorney, State Judges and many other persons. The citizens have a right to the truth.
    Either the story was true, in which case Dr. Cavallo is a bad person, or the story was false and there has been, to date no explanation of the how that story ever saw the light of day.
    The citizens have a right to know the truth. So Dr. Cavallo please explain this entire story to us in detail so that we can be confident that our judges are not corrupt as this editorial claims they are.
    Are you corrupt or not?
    Is the Guardian a paper that just makes this stuff up from whole cloth?
    If the latter were true why would you work with Richard Blassberg and/or Sam Zherka?

  31. What a load of crap Cavallo is. You can dislike DiFiore, but Castro is in the sack with the slime of the earth—Zherka, Blassberg, Cavallo.
    As uninspiring as she is, and as disloyal as she has been, and as disliked by law enforcement as she is, DiFiore will still trounce the Zherka Zombies about 70-30 in the Democrat Party’s primary. And that will be a good thing.

  32. its pretty clear that the IND party is going
    to endorse Castro..and it is obvious
    that it is part of a zherka blassberg
    conspiracy to take down difiore…nice..
    a candidate for DA is getting his support
    from a strip club owner who is under
    investigation in manhattan for drug dealing..HELLOOOOOOO

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