Minority Leader Liam McLaughlin to Seek Office of Yonkers City Council President By Hezi Aris

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McLaughlin_Liam09Feb  Yonkers, NY — Yonkers City Council Minority Leader Liam J. McLaughlin is slated to announce
his candidacy for Yonkers City Council President tomorrow night, April 15, 2009, at 6:30 pm, at Tara Restaurant
, 606
Mile Square Road, Yonkers,


Mr McLaughlin is expected to seek endorsement by the Yonkers
City Republican Committee. The heavy weight long expected to enter the race was
once thought to have been Yonkers City Councilwoman Dee Barbato (R-6th
District) who was eclipsed by Mayor Phil Amicone’s initial choice of Jim
Castro-Blanco. By entering the race at this juncture Mr McLaughlin is signaling
strong support of the party membership for his candidacy.

Mr Castro-Blanco will be holding a fund-raiser at Dunwoodie,
on April 16, 2009. Yonkers
City Councilman John Murtagh is expected to
introduce Mr Castro-Blanco at his fundraiser.

On the other side of the political divide, former Yonkers
City Councilman Dennis Robertson is challenging incumbent President Chuck
Lesnick for the endorsement of the Yonkers Democratic City Committee in a vote
scheduled for April 30, 2009.

eHeziMinority Leader Liam McLaughlin to Seek Office of Yonkers City Council President By Hezi Aris

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  1. Here is an episode. Despite the recession and hiring restrictions, Liam recently tried to get his violent, FELON brother a city job.
    Check it out. It’s true.

  2. This comment was deleted by editor. Speculative, unproven innuendo, demeaning name calling, and worse. If there were any validity to the premise in this comment, please share your thought by directing email to Yonkerstribune@gmail.com.
    Kindly, Hezi

  3. I agree. McLaughlin:
    1 – supported Democrat Dennis Robertson when he ran against Republican Amicone in 2007;
    2 – personally worked out the deal to make present Federal target Sandy Annabi the City Council majority leader;
    3 – caucused with Democrat City Council President Chuck Lesnick and Annabi for the last 4 years, making sure that fellow Republicans Murtagh and Barbato had their offices downsized to a shoe box;
    4 – as recently as last week joined with two City Council democrats to attack development in Yonkers.
    McLaughlin has screwed Republicans time and time again over the years, and now he thinks he can win a Republican primary? He must be smoking the same thing as Annabi.

  4. Here is a thought:
    Liam is a so-called Republican, who votes with the Democrats most of the time. He is the minority leader but was elected to the post by the democrats.
    In other words he flips/flops to suit his mood and for his political advantage.
    Does this remind you of someone? Here are some hints:
    Ran for the City Council and got crushed.
    Ran on different party lines in the primary and general elections. Whatever suited at the time.
    Beat their spouse over the head with a frying pan.
    Did a news 12 debate with a hair explosion so big that they deliberately could not look at their opponent?
    5 seconds……
    4 Seconds……
    3 seconds……
    2 seconds……
    last chance….
    The answer (but of course you already know.)
    Missy Mosiello!
    The party flip flopper has met her match in Laim. A Republican when he wants to look tough, but a democrat in Rep clothing.
    Two-faced and not deserving of any postiion in the city.

  5. People have written that Castro-Blanco is beholden to the Mayor.
    Liam? He is beholden to Spencer and eveyone knows it.
    Roberston? Same thing.
    As usual Spencer is playing both sides so he hopefully disrupts the process enough that one of them slips through.
    There are times that I think Spencer modeled himself after JR Ewing.
    And by the way, Zehy Jeris is baacckkkk. He was out tonight at a political function.

  6. to poster 0300: what has McLaughlin done for the east side? name something tangible that he done that has benefitted the east side.

  7. That snake Jonathan Lovett is an attorney. Do you want him to run the Council? Most of Congress are attorneys. How about them? They do such a fine job, right?
    “Attorney” is a black mark, not a plus.
    John Spender has a little faction of supporters, including McLaughlin and Robertson. The rest of Spender’s support exists only in his dreamworld.

  8. in John Spencer’s World
    Respect = Intimidation
    But the good thing is that is a thing of the past
    People do remember but not for the reason you think!

  9. “Its crazy how John Spencer still has more respect and power over people on the city council than Phil does
    Thats because people are stupid!Crazy,your word, is quite apropo here!

  10. Liam’s brother almost killed a European tourist when he attacked him in a bar some years ago. The victim survived and even came back from Europe to testify against Liam’s brother, who was convicted and did some serious time in in the NYS prison system.

  11. Liam is a Joke and a fake. He is a fake republican who has sided with the Dems more than the Repubs. He has some nerve coming to us for the nomination. Go challenge Dennis and Chucky for the Dem nod.

  12. If Liam is running for CP that means he is PO’d @ ammicone which seems to be the thmese these days. Liams JN articles & news 12 interviews were on point & he doesn’t play games like this. If he is running, he’s got 1 vote right here!

  13. Ridge Hill Community will remember how Liam treated them, like trash, one thing to disagree, he was outright deameaning and insulting.
    People will remember across the east side of Yonkers. His nasty personality will come back to bite him.

  14. Go Liam. The city needs a proper system of checks and balances. As evidenced by last night’s meeting regarding take home cars and “gas boy” the executive branch has gone unchecked for far too long. By definition castro blanco (the mayor’s personal pick) is disqualified as he is a complete novice, beholden to the mayor and has done nothing to signify he is even capable of articulating a point or solving a problem let alone holding any public office. He has only recently attended a few council meetings and has yet to say a word. He has been there on occasions when many important topics were discussed in an open forum where the council members and other members of the public in attendance provided their input in an an ongoing effort to address the complex issues facing the City. Throughout this entire time castro blanco has added nothing constructive to the discussion or even suggested one solution. On the other hand Liam is an experienced public servant who has always kept an open mind, considered all the facts made his decision and had the courage of his convictions and institutional knowledge to see it through. Liam has consistently demonstrated that he is an independent thinker and will do what is right even in the face of extreme pressure from the executive branch. McLaughlin for City Council President. Experience, Integrity and Leadership.

  15. McLaughlin was trying to fly under the radar and if you looked closely it liked he was squirming in his seat because he was worried that he might be outed as an abuser of the take home car scandal. The question is when is the last time that McLaughlin got out of his bed in the dead of the nite to take of a problem within his district-the answer is most likely never.

  16. For someone who wants the Presidents job he was darn quiet in tonights concil meeting about the cars scandle. Even McDow said more than him. That should be embarrassing to Mr. Gift of Gab er CRAP.
    Where were you tonight Liam, on a subject that concerns a lot of people in Yonkers? Not interesting enough for you? Dont really care?

  17. Hey may be Amicone has someone better – like Dick Halevy… hahahahahahha
    Go Liam! This jackass administration needs a good ass kickin’.
    Its crazy how John Spencer still has more respect and power over people on the city council than Phil does. Wonder why?
    Amicone’ and his GOONIES must GO!

  18. McLaughin follows Spencer’s orders and backed a Democrat, Robertson, for mayor in 2007. Robertson was wiped out.
    McLaughlin is a bum. We won’t even get into his felon brother’s situation and how Liam tried to get him put on the Yonkers payroll.

  19. to poster 0718: All you have to do is travel within McLaughlin’s district and see the poor conditions that premeate the area. Apparently you are one of his flacks who is trying to defend his in-action or no action of over 8 yrs. You never gave an answer to the hundreds of day worker’s who clog Yonker’s Ave-what solutions has McLaughlin proposed in rectfying the problem that has persisted for over 8 years-give the dates and solutions that he proposed. Name some accomplishment’s that you can attribute to Mr. McLaughlin’s 8+ years in office-don’t strain your brain to hard because there are very few if any at all-is McLaughlin a property owner in Yonkers.

  20. Ridge Hill…Is it still alive or dead???
    You pass by and no signs are posted announcing the new tenants as is done at the Gateway, Bronx new mall soon to open. Supposedly there is only skelton construction crew up at Ridge Hill.
    Have the retailers baled out???
    Hezi, check in to this for us!!

  21. 6:57 – I know because his assistant takes great pride in making sure that every call, email, and letter is responded to. Your response is the typical response someone gives when they don’t know what they are talking about.

  22. 0555: How do you know that every call has been answered? talk to the numerous resident’s who have gotten no action from McLaughlin’s office. You response is the typical political response of blame the other guy-the fact of the matter is that if your office can’t get anything accomplished then the logical choice is abolish it and save the city some money. When Spencer was running for higher office McLaughlin spent more campaigning for him then he spent in his entire term helping his district. Those are the correct facts not political defense facts.

  23. Edelman, it’s very easy to tell when it’s you. You have become Amicone, Defiore, and Pirro’s puppet. A very well paid one.
    The Senate race was over some time ago, but you don’t seem to have a problem with other people who hold office within political party’s who are also empployeed by people who want their endorsements. Why is that? Is that what Phil told you to do?

  24. Liam has spent more time on citywide issues and ignored his district. He has spent his time carrying other people’s water and pushing other agendas and not on district issues.
    He obviously has no other seat to go for and is going to be the spoiler.
    I agree with the above poster – a fresh face is needed. Out with the old, in with the new, it’s time, there may be problems in this city, but bringing back the old school and the old guard will get us absolutely nowhere.


  26. Every caller to Liam’s office has been answered.
    If you have a problem with filthy streets and unfilled potholes I suggest you speak with the Administration. They are the ones who control DPW, not the legislative branch of government. Get your facts right before making ridiculous statements.

  27. McLaughlin has not acted like a Republican. How can he expect to get the nomination. He supported the DEMOCRAT for mayor! People remember. This annouoncement should fill Castro-Blanco’s account with tons of new contributions from new supporters. Lets get real. This city council needs a fresh new face. Castro-Blanco is the one for Yonkers Future>

  28. The last time most resident’s of the 4th District have seen McLaughlin in their neighborhood’s was over 8 years ago when he first ran for the 4th District seat. Drive along Yonkers Ave and observe the filthy street’s, unfilled potholes, and roads in dire need of resurfacing. Check the crime stats and you will be astonished at number of commercial store’s that have been a victim of either a commercial burglary or robbery. Ride along Yonkers Ave in the 4th District and observe the hundred’s of worker’s who clog the Yonkers Avenue stretch many of them right by McLaughlin’s own street. McLaughlin has no shame or conscience and now has the gall to run for another office within Yonkers. Ask the many people in his 4th District who called his office in an attempt to correct a problem and the majority of them are still waiting years later for a reply or action-

  29. McLaughlin couldn’t be elected fish monger. He is widely disliked and is too close to Robertson, and he is a puppet of Spencer.
    Residents want no more of Spencer, or McLaughlin, or Robertson.

  30. This is great news for CastroBlanco.
    The east side residents will flock to him now.
    People remember how bad they were treated during the Ridge Hill process.
    Community people will not be with McLaughlin or Lesnick, this fairs well for the new guy.
    People remember.

  31. It is great news. It’s going to be a real Yonkers Circus this year. In the end it won’t matter as it’s all a crock of $hit.

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