On April Fool’s Day, Castro Urges Democrats: “Don’t be Fooled!”

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Demands Debate Ahead of Democratic Nominating Convention

White Plains, NY — Tony Castro today urged members of the Democratic Party in Westchester
not to be fooled by the recent switch in party alliance and allegiance of incumbent Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore
and challenged her to a debate in advance of the Democratic county nominating
convention now scheduled for the end of the month.

“Today is April Fool’s Day – an appropriate occasion on
which to urge Westchester’s Democratic voters not to be fooled into believing
that this former three-time Republican candidate now shares our Democratic
values,” Mr Castro said.

“Four years ago, I called for an end to capital punishment
in New York, repeal of the Rockefeller drug laws and reclassifying rape as a
Class A felony,” Mr Castro continued.  “As a Republican Janet DiFiore
opposed the repeal of capital punishment and has been curiously silent on the
Rockefeller drug laws.  Where does she stand?  Democratic voters have
a right to know!”           

When Ms DiFiore switched
parties, she told The New York Times,
“The principles of the Democratic Party are closely aligned with my views,” yet
refused to offer any specifics.  When pressed to do so, she finally
remarked that “…it did not matter what political party she belonged to.”

“Perhaps Ms DiFiore thinks
party enrollment is a matter of political convenience,” Mr Castro said, “but
the inconvenient truth is that Democratic values of justice and equal treatment
under the law do matter to lifelong Democrats like me. And since she has zero
history with the Democratic Party, Democrats need to see and hear from her, in
debate, for themselves, where she stands on issues that we hold dear.”           

“The values a person brings to the Office of District
Attorney are relevant to a discussion about who is best suited for the
position,” Mr Castro said.  “The District Attorney is elected to set
policy for the administration of criminal justice in Westchester County.  It is not, as Ms DiFiore
seems to contend, a ministerial office.”

Should Ms. DiFiore ignore
his request for a debate, Mr. Castro will ask Democratic party officials to
schedule one the night of the county convention. 

Learn more at the http://www.TonyCastroForDA.com/ Website.

eHeziOn April Fool’s Day, Castro Urges Democrats: “Don’t be Fooled!”

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  1. Don’t worry, be happy! Look for some very good news to be in tomorrow’s news, either in the paper or on Cable News, or both.
    It’s felony time for someone….no names at this time. But not Sam Zherka.

  2. If that’s true, it’s a crime, isn’t it?
    Blassberg also takes Lovett’s legal complaints and writes the allegations in them as if they are facts. The word “alleged” does not appear when it’s a suit against anyone the Guardian doesn’t like.
    That is another example, and there are many more, of the dishonesty in that fish-wrap every week.

  3. now what do they call it when you give
    the impression that you are an attorney
    when you are not? ie that you are an
    officer of the court..whats the name
    for that again

  4. that is pretty damning stuff there and it
    wasn’t me I was at St Andrews shooting
    42 on the front with back to back birdies
    on 2 and 3….looks like the guardian has
    lots of ‘SPLAININ” to do

  5. Richard Blassberg went to law School.
    Richard Blassberg Graduated from Law School.
    Richard Blassberg is not a lawyer.
    Why was Richard Blassberg never granted a license to practice law?
    The Guardian has a moral responsibility to stop hiding and stop the obfuscation and stop playing games about this very important issue as I see it.
    In my view the intentional withholding of facts is just another way of lying.
    There are only three to four reasons for this situation as far as I know and none are good in my opinion.
    I think the elephant in the room is what occurred that has resulted in Richard Blassberg not getting a license to practice law.
    I think it is truly important that in the Guardian Richard Blassberg writes in a manner that in my personal opinion could lead people to believe that he is a lawyer.
    For example in one issue he wrote something along the lines of
    “…after graduating from law school and working in a law office for a sole practitioner…..”
    Something like that..can’t exactly remember and I’m not going to go searching for it, it’s along those lines.. That can very well lead people to think he is a lawyer.
    Richard Blassberg is NOT a lawyer. The Guardian has a social, and a moral RESPONSIBILITY to tell the public the truth.
    The supporters of the Guardian write about telling the truth. Well that means ACTUALLY TELLING THE TRUTH
    TELL THE TRUTH about Richard Blassberg.

  6. that sounds unlikely..castro appears to me
    to be simply naive and subject to manipulation by blassberg and the false
    scenarios he is capable of conjuring..
    julio cavalo is playing some type of role
    here as well since he has total control
    of the IND line., and may have promised
    it to castro to induce him to run in a
    primary on the theory that if castro
    stayed in the race after the primary assuming he looses Dan Schor would win..
    that is a ludicrous scenario because
    all that would happen if castro stayed in
    is that the universe of voters would be reduced by the number of independence party
    votes lets say 4%..subtract from 100 and
    you ger 96…difiore would only need 48.1
    to win.making it even easier in light of
    the dem advantage which by nov will be 123
    thousand…blassberg is no political operative although he fancies himself one
    he is simply a little man with a big grudge

  7. It may be more than Castro being duped by Zherka. Zherka may have some dirt on this guy, perhaps going back to Castro’s Bronx years, and might essentially be forcing him to run. Zherka had and has a lot of hooks in the Bronx, including a strip club he ran there.
    That scenario is speculation at this point, but it is possible. And it is not beyond reason to think Zherka would do something like that.

  8. Lost, You ask why Castro is willing to put his family through another campaign and humiliation? The answer is simple; the guy has no clue. He is being duped by Zherka et.al. Just think of how dumb you have to be to have been duped and continue to be duped by these clowns. He will never be DA at least not in Westchester; the good people of Westchester are smarter than he gives us credit for.

  9. This week the Guardian in a typically twisted article decried News 12 for having the journalistic integrity to not publish the results on TV of the the ridiculously false poll that put Castro in the lead of the DA race. The Guardian computer troll who voted 500 times for Castro has been revealed. Chorus: Down with trolls, Down with trolls.

  10. what I can’t figure out is why castro is willing to put his family through another
    campaign..and another humiliation

  11. DiFiore will win about 70-30. And then Castro, Zherka and Blassberg can go back to haunting houses and playing Liar’s Poker with each other.
    They also can place Guardian boxes at the Fulton Fish Market. It will get plenty of use there…wrapping fish.

  12. the race is not about Pirro, its not
    about blassberg and his made up book
    which by the way he admitted to no sources for his conjecture..and its not about zherka
    but it is about tony castro’s connection
    to zherka…no candidate for DA should have
    the bad judgment to allow zherka, cavalo
    and blassberg to be his inner circel of
    advisors..and how much ink has the guardian
    already spent on promoting tony castro,,,pitures of an IND party fundraiser
    for castro..mentioning him all the time
    lying about difiore all the time..what
    kind of DA candidate would countenance that
    level of yellow journalism..Is that a peek
    into the way he would run the office?..
    on rumor, conjucture and speculation..
    No way…I served for 6 years with one
    of the best DA”s in the history of the nation in the front office and guys like
    castro wouldn’t even get a job ..he simply
    is not qualified to be DA…period and
    everyone knows it and if they don’t I intend to tell them

  13. tony castro will probaly win . the first debate will determine that I am sure.when Difiore is asked about the things she has claimed to implement in her office and has failed to accomplish she will look untrustworthy as she is. It seems as if her employees are writing here as they do in the Journal news (imawatchin)blogs. She does not do much for westchester any one but her will be better.She seems to have a strange sense of loyalty to the former DA. and people are not stupid .

  14. The Truth and that rag?
    By the way you spell like a stripper.

  15. No they arn’t. I’ve had many letters published in that paper. I also look forward to reading it every week. “The truth shall set you free.”

  16. “Joe Speizo is not running for office.” Well, Lost, neither is Zherka and he is the reason you bad mouth Castro. You hate Blassberg because he wrote a book exposing Piero. Further more with the friends you keep you should keep your mouth shut.

  17. Hadlemen
    Speaking of made up names….
    I have noticed that there are dozens (and dozens) of letters in the RAG about the Paul Cote case. Putting aside the case itself I noticed that almost every single one of the letters seems eerily similar in writing style and in the manner of describing the case.
    EERILY Similar.
    In addition I also noticed that if one “googles” the names of the letter writer the is nothing.
    As we all know almost any human can google themselves and find a hit. Not everyone, OK, I get that. But like 100 of 100 letter writers come up with no response? Hmmmm
    In addition to the fact that the letters all seem to be EERILY similar?

  18. Hadlemen, Please explain to us what type of crime “fraus” is. While you are at it you ought to proof read your jibberish.

  19. what does joe spezio have to do with whether
    or not castro is a legitimate candidate…
    spezio is not running for anything and
    i know very little about him..but castro
    is another story..a two time loser..connected to blassberg who brags
    that he was his campaign manager…connected
    to zherka who i have pictures of taking him
    around to introduce him ….featured in
    the guardian rag almost on a weekly basis
    in conjunctionwith their attack on the DA.
    flunked the mass bar 3 times..and the ny
    bar twice…accused of letting a murderer go while he was a deputy ada in the bronx,
    you want your next da beholden to a strip
    club owner under criminal investigation..
    that is up to you..but i am betting that
    the voting public in westchester will have
    no part of it

  20. Mike at least have the decentcy to post your anti zherka babblings under your own screnn name and stop pretentending youare other people is maddenlying annoying and only goes to show your deep mental problems. If i am not mistaken Joe Spezio was a convicted of fraus but you do not see the need to pronounce his name everytime Amicone is mentioned

  21. Fidel not qualified? Are you Insane?
    Next you’ll be telling us that Delfim Heusler is not going to be the next Mayor of Yonkers or Barbra Ricci has been denied tenure at Columbia university.

  22. You need to get a life..and you need to
    deal with the fact that Castro is not
    qualified to be the DA..and I told you
    before I will spend whatever it takes
    to keep him away from that office


  24. why on earth would democrats nominate someone who ran twice as the democratic
    nominee and lost both times..are they gluttons for punishment..castro lost
    to pirro when she had husband troubles and he had 90,000 votes more in terms
    of registered democrats..and he then lost again to difiore when he had over
    a hundred thousand more in registration edge…the reasons he lost are clear
    and it has nothing to do with his party registration..he lost because he was a lousy
    candidate letting richard blassberg editor of the guardian and sam zherka lacky run his
    campaign both times…castro lost because the public doesn’t want a da who flunked
    the bar 5 times both in Massachusetts and new york..and they do not want a DA
    who was never even a bureau chief in the bronx da’s office, let alone ever serving
    the people of westchester..they also don’t want a District Attorney who is close
    to and pals around with a man who admits he is under investigation for money laundering prostitution and drug dealing in manhattan..someone who was the subject of a wire tap order as far back as 2006.. that is no person that a candidate for the chief law enforcement officer should be close to. Finally why would democrats take the chance of losing the seat to a republican candidate who is far more qualified than castro to be da when they already have an incumbant da who has demonstrated she can win, who was A former Supreme court justice, who was an administrator as a Judge, who was a former Westchester county DA, and who was endorsed by the New York Times over CastroIn 2005. Just because she once was a republican …what a ludicrous argument to make

  25. Tony Castro has no idea what he is blabbing about.
    Tribune readers should check out the editorial in today’s NY Daily News. Democrats Paterson, Smith and Silver have secretly slipped a clause into the repeal of the Rockefeller drug laws.
    This clause, which is infuriating law enforcement and anyone else with common sense, protects illegal alien drug dealers from deportation. Read the editorial and see for yourselves.

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