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  1. as long as zherka is out…it would
    be my pleasure ..I have had a chance
    to read some of the draft reports
    from other counties..I believe you
    may be going in the right direction…I am
    by the way always nice except when my
    integrity is called into question as
    if I have a pecuniary interest in any
    of this which is absurd …in fact no
    county official has ever paid me
    out of taxpayer dollars since I worked
    for the da 30 Plus years ago..I do however
    support the least county government possible
    and view the county’s role as more administrative than anything else which is
    why I believe you could forego the political
    trappings of power and the need for public
    relations staffs etc..good luck hope
    you accomplish something substantial

  2. There are Federal, State, County and local services duplicated throughout Westchester — including a “luxury” and entitled approach to many other services that can and should be eliminated.
    There is less money to pay for this stuff. County government was built big during a time of record new home construction throughout Westchester. That tailed off … over 30 years ago?
    We should have started “rethinking” county government then. We’re three decades late. It might take 10-20 years of severe austerity to correct the burden on taxpayers.
    It is complicated.
    The county portion is about half of the non-school district portion of our tax bills. Don’t blame the school budgets for our problems, since they are held hostage to mandates too and at least there is direct democracy annually with budget referendums.
    Part of the change could be a fiscal administrator — fiduciary officer — rather than a county executive or manager at all.
    We could end how the Board of Acquisition approves spending.
    We could initiate voter approval on most bonding.
    We could initiate budget caps.
    We could reduce the power of the County Board Chairman, actually increasing the powers of the elected legislators — and there are many legal arguments to return to the expanded Board of Supervisors (where local officals would ostensibly be the County Board).
    … And there are many possible changes in the County Charter, and plenty of other legal solutions.
    It is complicated but it is being resisted by the political establishment.
    By the way, I personally had to rebuild the newest version of the website and blog from scratch (and he had been previously rebuilt before that), so we are long removed from what you’re describing about an old website.
    We’re a modest and self-reliant group, as are other civic groups around the county.
    How about being a little nicer?
    Sure … we’d love tens of thousands in media ads and free advertising through Zherka … We have not sought it.
    We’re a problem solving group, with a legal and accounting committee. We’re providing the next step in this journey.
    I would appreciate if you change some of your own thinking and give us a second look.
    Please join us.
    Tax Day will be Change Day!!!

  3. having said that I do and would support
    changing from an executive to a manger
    with a board of legislators…we simply
    do not need an elected executive if 75% of
    what the county spends is out of the counties control..we need a talented
    manager who does not need a body guard
    or an entire floor devoted to his
    re question that the money is
    wasted regardless of whether or not it
    impacts property taxes

  4. you are real quick to try an defeat the message by accusing someone of ethcial one is presently paying me
    any money who is an elected official..
    and when they do it is fully disclosed.
    did your organization take money from
    sam zherka for your website? feiner
    admitted that you did…you are therefore
    partially funded by the owner of a strip club…county government cannot be abolished
    period…county government can be changed
    to a different format by having a manager
    whihc I have been saying publicly for years
    but you still cannot avoid the math..18%
    of property taxes go to the county 75%
    is mandated by the state..all the rest
    is school and either town or village
    you may be mad at the county ..but if
    you want to cut your tax bill you better
    look at where your money is being
    spent. the amount of money you will be
    able to save by changing over to lets
    say a county manager will not lower
    your tax bill significantly..the amount
    of money you will be able to save
    by eliminating duplciative services all
    throughout the county provided by
    localities will..its not complicated

  5. Dear Mr. Edelman,
    You don’t have your facts straight.
    Rethinking Westchester Government is not funded by Sam Zherka. We don’t exist to promote Zherka or any candidate. We’re composed of many well-meaning volunteers who give selflessly of their time and resources.
    You’re wrong about county government but you’re a member of that political establishment, so maybe you’ll never understand that you’re part of the problem.
    You hawk and pitch for your friends as much as any politican, Mike, though I suppose it doesn’t occur to you how many ethical lapses you would be guilty of right now if you’re accepting a PENNY from any politically-connected clients.
    While you attack the message with the messenger, that’s an insult to many thousands of taxpayers who are rightfully “mad and hell and not going to take it anymore” with wasteful county spending.
    Don’t go after the school districts either. At least we have the right to VOTE on our school budgets. What’s wrong with asking for a county budget vote? Also, don’t be so quick to dump on local governments either — where the services are closer to home and expenses are better managed.
    You choose to scapegoat blame on everyone else, irresponsibly, and your ignorance on the potential referendums to change county government demonstrate that you’re not too good an attorney either.
    Get your facts straight before you preach, Mr. Edelman.

  6. Paul Feiner has a track record all righ
    he raised town taxes 30% in the last two
    years. I have no vested interest in county
    government of any kind..however my math
    skills appear to be better than yours
    only 18% of property taxes are from the
    county the rest are local and school
    taxes…of the 18%..over 75%^ is mandated
    by the state…that doesn’t leave a lot
    to cut ..but of the other could
    cut quite a bit if you would stop misleading
    the public about the size of county government.As for Joe DioGuardi ask him
    about the contributions he received from
    Crabtree ..and ask him how an incumbant
    congressman could lose to nita lowey in
    her first run for public
    lets see, your committee has the greenburgh supervisor who raised taxes 30%…and hates
    andy spano who supported his opponent last
    time around..sam zherka who owns a strip
    club and is under investigation in manhattan
    who gave you money for your website..
    and whom you are defending…and ..Joe
    DioGuardi who lost his seat in the congress
    because of a contribution scandal involving
    the employees of crabtree years ago..
    why should anyone follow you

  7. Joe DioGuardi was the first practicing CPA elected to Congress and has distinguished himself as a human rights activist for over 20 years.
    In an era where many former elected officials “cashed in” as a lobbyist, Joe actually has kept his integrity intact by avoiding the lobbying cesspool in D.C. and Albany.
    Paul Feiner has a track record as a constituent-minded public servant. The party bosses don’t like him. However, the people keep re-electing him.
    You have a problem with a majority of the residents in Greenburgh?
    You’re only attacking both these men because you obviously have a vested in interest in more expensive county government. That’s another way of saying you’re a coward, since you’re hiding behind your keyboard with no accountability.
    Have a real name? Or is that concept too difficult for you?

  8. and the reason I don’t join you is because
    you and your organization are a fraud
    rethinking county government is funded
    by a strip club owner who is under investigation in new york city for
    drug dealing prostitution and money launderng according to his own admission
    is that who you think you should be leading
    the charge to downsize the government?
    and Paul Feiner has raised taxes in the
    town of greenburgh more than 30% in the
    last two you think that he
    is the one to be complaining about high
    county taxes..and what about the facts..
    the facts are what you continue to ignore
    county government accounts for only 18% of
    property taxes…and of that 75% is state
    mandated..county government may indeed waste
    money and county officeholders should be
    made responsible for that ..but what
    about the other 82% of your property think that 43 separate municipalities are needed in westchester
    with their own police departments, fire
    departments, courts and schools…that
    is where the waste is…you have joined
    forces with a bunch of political wannabes
    and are in fact misleading
    the public on a grand scale..county
    government cannot be abolished…without
    a constitutional amendment…you will
    get no where because you are not credible
    if you want credibility start a truly independent party that calls for less
    spending at all levels of government rather
    than using the public outrage to boost
    the name id of sam zherka

  9. Uh, didn’t Joe DioGuardi have some considerable legal troubles in the past?
    And isn’t Paul Feiner one of the biggest tax-raisers around? They should have a tea party in Feiner’s yard.

  10. Why are you attacking well-meaning citizens whose only goal is lowering taxes?
    Sam Zherka is not part of Rethinking Westchester Government, though what’s wrong with any group having a tea party? This obsession with attacking the messenger is political double-speak.
    You just don’t like the message. Admit it. Some of you want bigger government. Some of you like the big fat sweetheart political deals. Some of you don’t care one bit about the taxpayers.
    Mr. Consultant — whoever you are or want to be — Tax Day is Change Day with over a thousand tea parties planned throughout the United States. Get a clue.
    This isn’t happening because we’re wrong. This is happening because we’re right. County Government can be changed and downsized through the Alternative County Government law. There’s no need for a State referendum.
    … And Joe DioGuardi and Paul Feiner are too civic-minded gentlemen, kind and selfless human beings who understand public service.
    Public servants, remember? Not the other way around … What contract are YOU relying on Mr. JUST THE FACTS, that you lobby relentlessly for liberal tax-and-spend politicos as if you’re beholden to THEM?
    I’m getting so tired of the Charlie McCarthy dolls working for the Andy Spano going after well-meaning citizens whose only aim is a lower tax bill. It’s our right — and it’s a good thing — and it can be done. It will be done.
    We’re going to be at the train stations, the coffee shops, the post offices and the malls all day April 15th.
    Rather than fight all of us, why don’t you join us and get a taste of what true democracy really is?

  11. folks you are preaching to the choir..county
    government is not going away soon…if you
    want to replace the government why don’t you work on replacing those who you elect
    to the for Paul Feiner I guess everyone is happy paying a 30%increase in property taxes in greenburgh
    over the last two years..thats just fine
    with costs me nothing…have a party

  12. Yes, we need to relieve Spano and Ryan of their duties, but..
    since we cannot remove county gov’t without affecting the entire state, we should abolish the local townships and have one county govt of services. No Greenburgh, Tarrytown, Eastchester etc. Police, Fire, Schools and Trash- pickup. If the county provides these services, we would be taxed only once.

  13. Question of the day…Which close relative of an anti-county govt. moron has been busted on felony drug charges? Could be that news will break today.
    This “controversial” indvidual seems to have a big problem with relatives being arrested on serious charges.
    What a famiy!

  14. To Just the Facts: Here’s my deal mr. E. If you’ll agree to give 75% of that budget back to the state and have them deliver the service, I’m willing to accept 25% of the budget locally. (See the State of Connecticut). Re your continued attacks on Mr. Feiner, listen to this. He is continually re-elected by the people of his district, despite being thrown under the bus repeatedly by his party. So, he must be doing something right.

  15. I will be attending this rally as will many of my neighbors. If it does nothing else, it will shine the light on the fraud and waste being perpetrated by these blood sucking parasites. Andy Spano claims we will not save any $. Well Andy we’ll save your salary and that of your bloated staff. We will save the salary of Ken, do nothing, Jenkins and his ilk. We will be spared looking at that obnoxious Susan Tolchin.
    So I really don’t give a damn who is organizing the rally, I’m going!

  16. this group is totally misleading the public you cannot abolish county government
    you cannot vote on the county budget and the reason is very simple..the county’s
    budget is 18% of your property taxes but more importantly of that 18% about 75%
    is state mandated costs which you have no choice of whether or not to pay..even if
    there were no county government at all you would have to pay those costs…
    the remaining dollars support the hospital the jail, the bee line buses and the airport
    those cannot be run by a smaller municipal the amount of dollars that would
    be saved by getting rid of the county board and the executive would not impact your tax
    bill..what would impact your tax bill is eliminating the duplicative services provided at the local level..there are 43different localities in westchester all with\their own police departments, chiefs
    captains etc, all with their own school districts, superintendents boards of ed
    etc, all with their own city managers or supervisors and or mayors and staffs etc
    all with their own highway departments all with their own court systems judges
    court clerks etc..these things account for most of your property taxes..and Paul
    Feiner’s Greenburgh has raised those taxes more than 30% over the last two years
    He is the last person to complain about the county…He is doing so to distract
    his own constituents from the real problem and that is the way Feiner spends money
    like 30 million on a new library..Westchester 2000 studied this issue
    9 years ago and made specific recommnendations which were never followed
    Feiner, Dioguardi Zherka and others should know you cannot abolish county government
    without a state constitutional amendment which would be impossible to get since
    many counties outside of the metropolitian area like their county governments just fine

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