Yonkers City Council Minority Leader McLaughlin Officially Declares Candidacy for Council President By Hezi Aris

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McLauglin_TaraRestaurant-Announcement-4-15-09 (L-R) Liam's niece, Liam's Father, Liam, Barbara Ricci, Westchester TV. Photo courtesy of Hezi Aris.

Yonkers, NY — Yonkers City Council Minority Leader Liam J. McLaughlin
stood before an enthused crowd gathered at Tara's Restaurant to support his candidacy for Yonkers
City Council President. Mr McLaughlin will be seeking endorsement of the Yonkers
Republican City Committee. Supported by his wife and son at his side, his
mother and father beaming, and his twin niece and nephew smiling adoringly, the
Yonkers crowd stood strong. Mr
McLaughlin took the high road; speaking of Yonkers
need for leadership in economic growth, fiscal prudence, and respect.
Attributes he ably brings to the table.


Acceding to the office of City Council President will afford
the 41-year -old old Mr McLaughlin to blaze his own political trail, respectful
of Yonkers past, his financial acumen,
legal background, and affable demeanor. His service on the City Council has
spanned almost a decade. He has learned much and weathered many storms. He has
also come into his own. The timing is perfect. The need is dire. He is a
seasoned. Mr McLaughlin embodies a man capable of maintaining legitimate ties
to Yonkers rich heritage, while
succinctly delivering a vision of knowledgeable consensus among a City Council
upon which he hopes to preside. Support among Yonkersites is strong; he is a “known”
entity, and thought of as one of “our” own.

After declaring his candidacy, Mr McLaughlin must move one
additional step, that is, to win the support of the Yonkers Republican City
Committee (YRCC). Standing before the YRCC is Jim Castro-Blanco who has also
declared his candidacy for Yonkers City Council President.

On the Democratic side of the aisle is incumbent Yonkers
City Council President Chuck Lesnick who is being challenged by former Yonkers
City Councilman Dennis Robertson.

Each candidate mentioned has attributes worthy of mention,
so turn on the microwave and starting popping the corn. A synopsis of all four
will be completed soon.

eHeziYonkers City Council Minority Leader McLaughlin Officially Declares Candidacy for Council President By Hezi Aris

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  1. I know why people are afraid of Flemming, or should be. Ask him where he was, and what he did, in the late 1970’s-early 1980’s.

  2. I hear that Frank Rubino and John Lizsewski HATE Flemming and that they would do anything to get rid of him. Does anyone know why?

  3. Oh Fleming _ The poor frustrated politician.. Did you ever win a race??? no _ you didn’t , you got blown out the door. Im a big suppoter of this mayor, however I am supporting Liam simply because of John Fleming. You have tried to screw over too many people. Go back to the bronx and leave our money here. You dont even live here but you want to make decisions for us. Mayor please dump this waste product. he is nothing more than trouble for you!

  4. To 8:01. That is good information to know. It would not be the least bit surprising if the dirt bag Zherka was involved with McLaughlin and Spencer. He already purchased Dennis Robertson, another Spencer disciple.
    Strip clubs in Yonkers may be on the table again. Zherka always wants something. It could be strip clubs, it could be access to low income housing. It’s something. And whatever it is won’t be good for the city.

  5. Watch for money coming from tangental sources that can be traced back to Zherka in Liam’s race. Apparently McLaughlin and Spencer met with Zherka recently in Eastchester. I’m sure campaign funding was the issue.

  6. Felon/federal snitch Zehy Jereis was there for his buddy Liam, along with Dr. Guilio Cavallo, who was lurking outside of Tara’s. Could Sam Zherka be far behind?

  7. John Spender…umm…Spencer was there front and center at McLaughlin’s announcement. Was Zehy Jereis there?
    4:35 is correct. The article is written like a fluffy, whimsical endorsement and is not even close to an objective story. If it’s an editorial, it should be labeled that way and not poorly disguised as a news article.

  8. Isn’t it ironic that Lesnick supported McLaughlin as Minority Leader, not wanting to empower Dee Barbato with that position assuming that she would be his (Lesnick’s) likely challenger for re-election. Go figure.

  9. Did Hezi write the campaign piece, I mean “story?”
    How about being fair and objective? You have made it plain who YOU support, and you are certainly entitled to your opinion. But make it a Hezitorial then. Some of what you wrote is laughable:
    “Mr McLaughlin took the high road” When in his career has he done that? he didnt last night when he tried to “one-up” Castro-Blance in front of the Mayor and east-side Republicans. I thought it was insulting, offensive and childish. But that is Liam. Petulant and childish.
    “respectful of Yonkers past”
    “respect” Huh? Respect for who?
    “a man capable of maintaining legitimate ties to Yonkers rich heritage, while succinctly delivering a vision of knowledgeable consensus among a City Council upon which he hopes to preside.” What a bunch of pablum.
    “and thought of as one of “our” own” Our? who is “OUR?” Give me a break.
    What a crock this is.

  10. if dee barbato wasn’t employed
    by andy spano and rich barbato
    wasn’t employed by tim iodoni,
    politically appointments with
    democratic adminstrations, Mayor
    Phil Amicone we have supported

  11. SFC was in front of Planning Board with 3 issues on Wednesday night and is in front of City Council Thursday night.
    Don’t believe the rumors…SFC wants to be in Yonkers.
    But City Council continues to drag their feet.
    Typical Yonkers.

  12. Liam is a joke. He’s too tied to Spencer, and to Robertson, and he supported Robertson for mayor in 2007. He supported the DEMOCRAT.
    Liam is too much part of an ugly past. He also cares only for himself. He doesn’t give two damns about the city of Yonkers. Never has, never will.

  13. Liam may make a strong candidate given he
    has a base, has served for a number of
    years and has the support of former
    mayor spencer and his network….but
    whethre its liam or castro blanco…Chuck
    has to go

  14. Spencer and other ghosts fron Yonkers past were there. Anyone see Zehy????? Why yes!!!!! If this is the crowd that he gets …. look out Yonkers!!


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