Yonkers Mayor Amicone Notes Budget Situation Improves with $40 Million in Temporary State Aid

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 '“City Budget will still be tough” with likely layoffs and tax increase.' Mayor Phil Amicone.

 Yonkers, NY — “Everyone must understand that the severity
of next year’s budget depends directly on how much of your tax dollars are
returned to us by New York State,”  said Mayor
Phil Amicone in his State of
the City Address; March 26, 2009. That was the warning issued by Mayor Phil
Amicone in his 2009 State
of the City Address delivered late last week, a call for help that found an
audience in Albany willing to listen. With the state budget now in place, the
city and its school district are poised to receive some $40 million in
temporary “one-shot” revenues that will help Yonkers close a projected local budget deficit of more than $100 million in coming
fiscal year that begins on July 1.


“Everyone should understand that we have more work to do,
and that next year’s budget will still be a tough one. However, our state
legislative delegation was able to secure some temporary one-shot revenues that
will significantly help our bottom line,” Mayor Amicone explained.

“Unfortunately, there is no way to close the budget deficit
without a tax increase and more budget cuts including layoffs, but this revenue
will help us avoid large scale tax increases, massive layoffs and service
reductions we would other wise have to consider,” he said.

Mayor Amicone made it clear that, while absolutely critical,
these revenues were short term fixes that will apply only to next year’s
budget. He said more progress must be made in future state budgets,
particularly in making adjustments to the state education funding formula,
which has under-funded the city’s schools for years. Read more
about the state education funding formula here.

Mayor Amicone will release his Fiscal Year 2010 Budget
on April 15. It will include proposed revenues and expenses for the city’s
municipal operations and a proposed funding appropriation for the city’s school

eHeziYonkers Mayor Amicone Notes Budget Situation Improves with $40 Million in Temporary State Aid

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  1. Poster at 9PM, April 2. I did the math as you suggested. With those figures ($450,000,000. divided by 24,000 students =$18,750. per student.)
    This is definitely “OUT OF CONTROL”
    We could send these students to the best schools in the country for this outrageous amount of money.

  2. $2.1 million in free gas Mr Mayor. This City is always a cracker crock. We have more oneshots than the Deer Hunter.
    This is no way to conduct business and financial responsibility is something that this guy has never shown in his running of the City.
    The same goes for the Council that get bought off with fear and trinkets in their never ending game of horse trading.

  3. CIY, I certainly agree with cutting the mayor’s staff. In all fairness, the City Council does not have a very large staff and they are paid very little. It is a part time job with lots of meetings and paperwork so I’ll give them a pass. The City Council Pres. is another story. The guy thinks he’s Harry Reid. It’s time he was told to get REAL.

  4. Let’s start with cutting the Mayor’s and Council’s staffs in half, and 10% off their salaries.
    Then, they would have some standing to discuss tax increases.
    Tax increases? In this economy?

  5. Go down to he BOE parking lot,the old Otis bldg. You know the one that used to employe people and pay lots of taxes to Yks. The parking lot looks like Jones Beach on a very hot weekend. What the hell do all these people do? As said earlier, this is a Ponzi scheme being run by the education racket.

  6. The Board of Dread budget is about $450 million. That’s the place to cut heavily, plus pick up several million on the city side. All unions must make concessions, and some patronage jobs should go, too.

  7. $450 million school-side budget divided by 24,000 students. Do the math … then cut 10 percent and we all live happily … until next fiscal year.

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