You Pay Anything (YPA)? By Vox Populi

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Vox-Populi-b[2] Here we go again, except this time it’s the Yonkers Parking
Authority (You Pay Anything?) – YPA.

This is another great example of mayoral mismanagement by
the City Hall gang.


To quote the Chairman of the Yonkers Parking Authority Bill Regan,
“We’re in the parking business. We’re not here to give free parking.” The
question then is, “Why do you?” It sounds a little bit like Congressman Barney
Frank talking about the housing bubble and the financial crisis, that is, people
who have responsibility without accountability, but plenty of deniability. By
the way, everyone does remember that the Chairman of the Yonkers Parking
Authority (YPA) is also the Deputy Mayor of the City of Yonkers and his boss,
Mayor Phil Amicone, we all remember was deputy mayor , and also Chairperson of
the YPA under former Mayor John Spencer. Certainly no “conflicts of interest”
exist there.

Wow, what caused this “financial discovery?” Could it be
that Phil Amicone’s protégé Mike Dalton just retired from the YPA? It was Phil
Amicone that brought Mike Dalton to the YPA from the WPPA (White Plains Parking
Authority). Could it be that the YPA surplus account is in the red, that is,
its coffers are empty? Over the last few years “friends of Amicone” have been
put on the payroll… who said Robert Ferrito, et al? Could it be that newly
appointed Executive Deputy Director Joseph Dalli, formerly working out of the
second floor at City Hall is now attempting to sweep the upcoming financial
shortfall under the rug by directing attention away from the administration to
Mike Dalton’s tenure at their bidding?

The mayor and deputy mayor have sat in charge of the Yonkers
Parking Authority over the last 10 years and they just discovered all of this?
Free parking at the Buena Vista Garage was not only for the Yonkers Public
Library, but there are other reduced arrangements for example, $200 per month
for Zuppa’s restaurant to park as many cars as they can, and $350 per month for
Peter Kelly’s restaurant X20 to park as many cars as they can.

Let’s see all similar agreements.

Come on Mr Mayor, let’s be honest. You have run this
operation as you have run City Hall and the Yonkers Board of Education. The YPA
is also your private patronage mill.

Dalton departs,
Dalli discovers, and City Hall denies knowing, and demands action.

Cute, but already stale.

City Hall is addicted to financial and patronage drugs and
when found out by the taxpayers of Yonkers,
they seek a cure, usually a modified version – let’s call it Moneydone, like
Methadone; only now, in smaller and controlled doses.

Can you imagine the nerve? The YPA Board – where have they
been? Like the Yonkers Board of Trustees of the Yonkers Board of Education,
they are told revenue projections will show a shortfall if depressed parking
receipts continue. Duh! Keep giving out reduced or free parking.   

Maybe this is what Mayor Amicone meant by going over a cliff
in his State of the City Address.

Wait, the SFC Yonkers Inc
chapter of events is now unraveling!

eHeziYou Pay Anything (YPA)? By Vox Populi

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  1. ::yawn:: Yet another boring attempt at a “news” article. I see the lack of real news in Yonkers results to “stories” if you’d like to call it that. Wait, stories are supposed to have points…..hmm?

  2. Talking about jokes, is Tom Weibrecht still in the Mayor’s office? Summer season is on its way… pool owners be aware!!!

  3. Isn’t Joe Dalli the 20 yr old errand boy that was in the Mayor’s office? Now this kid is the Deputy Director for the YPA? Is this a joke?

  4. Was Dalton the drunk guy roaming around Main st all the time? I ran into him @ Wisky rio 1 time and he almost fell on the ground at that outside window they have. yeah almost fell over onto my girlfriends friend…and he isn’t a small guy. I had no clue who he was but the bartender told me he worked for the parking authority. I couldn’t believe this guy was a city employee. He looked like he was going to die in the floor right outside of Wisky…He got up and litterally ran away but went right next door for 2 more hours.

  5. It Isn’t True By Hezi Aris (June 25, 2007)
    YONKERS, NY–Allegations of impropriety regarding Yonkers Parking Authority (YPA) Executive Director Michael Dalton have been proven erroneous. My personal apology to Mr. Dalton and his wife, and to the staff of the Yonkers Parking Authority.
    “There is no error here AND there have been none since inception of the Website.” By Hezi Aris (April 11, 2009)
    Say it isn’t so!!?
    It isn’t so. I asked Mr. Dalton about the allegations that were asserted in my article. Mr. Dalton lied to me. Concerned that it might cause him marital harm, I let go of the issue. He simply lied. The uncovering of his conduct by Yonkers Tribune at that time was the reason for his dismissal. That is a fact.

  6. A bit of investigative reporting would show that Dalton was in Yonkers way before Amicone came… A reporting error on the Tribune… What a shocker!
    Editor’s Response: Dalton was working in White Plains and brought to Yonkers by Mayor Amicone for employment as director of the YPA. There is no error here AND there have been none since inception of the Website. If you are attempting to make a point, do so in full, explanatory sentences. Anything less exposes your spin, which lacks facts.
    Even if an error occurred, which none has, the issue is the bankrupt YPA. That is the only issue of relevance. Kindly, Hezi.

  7. When will the YPA be abolished, and merged into another city department, the parking violation bureau? This could result in the abolishment of the executives positions and a substantial cost savings.

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