Anthony Merante Declares Candidacy for Yonkers City Council (6th District)

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Merante_Anthony Yonkers, NY — On May 2, 2009,
at 10:00 AM, in front of 46
Davenport Road, Anthony Merante, Community Leader
and Activist, will announce his candidacy for Yonkers City Council to the Sixth

“I am an advocate for Yonkers Public School
children,” says Mr
Merante. “Recognizing the positive strides made by the Yonkers Public School
system, I want to assure that the progress continues. I have a vested interest
since my two children attend the public schools,” noted Mr Merante. “None of
the current councilpersons have children in the Yonkers Public Schools. Our
children deserve representation on the City Council.”

“Ihave been an activist for proper development in the City,
stressed Mr Merante. “I was one of the leading community activists who fought
to assure that the building of Ridge Hill Village
would not disrupt the
quality of life in the sixth district.  I also wanted to make sure that
the residents of Yonkers were not
shortchanged on the sale/lease of the property. Despite that, our hard work
went down the drain when Chuck Lesnick, whom the community supported for Yonkers
City Council President, said he would fight with us, but then passed it after
being elected with no change to the quality of life issues. I am for
development but all issues must be resolved before signing a contract,”
continued Mr Merante.  

With regards to our economy and the proposed City budget “a
productive councilperson” Mr. Merante believes, “is someone who can do more
with less. With proper budgeting and planning this can be accomplished. Raising
taxes must be the LAST resort. In this economy, when tomorrow’s paycheck is not
guaranteed, and real estate values are falling, we cannot add insult to injury
and raise property taxes.”  

“This can be done when there is trust between employers
(government) and employees (the unions). When these two groups trust and
respect each other they can work together and save the taxpayers unnecessary
financial hardship.  This trust is noticeably missing at this time. When I
have the opportunity to talk with Yonkers
union workers, I plan to nurture trust and respect. It is obvious that the lack
of trust is taking a toll on employee moral.  

Mr Merante is seeking the open Yonkers City Council seat
being vacated by Councilmember Dee Barbato. Mrs Barbato is precluded from
seeking another term due to term limits. Yonkers City Government will have many
new members over the next two years. “I have the leadership skills to keep the
City moving forward.” 

Mr. Merante is a Certified Public Accountant.  He has made
Yonkers his home since 1987. He has
been married 24 years and has two children who attend Yonkers Public Schools.

eHeziAnthony Merante Declares Candidacy for Yonkers City Council (6th District)

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  1. To John Larkin……….
    Merante has a very shady past. Look into his cheesecake sales in the past few years and interview his customers.
    He also has anger management problems. Too much chees in his diet.

  2. Larkin was never a republican, and now gets rewarded for sucking up to Dee.
    Anthony must be really pissed at his party for allowing an outsider to run as one of them. It shows loyalty does not pay.
    Hopefully Winikki wins.

  3. I’m disappointed with Anthony for going back on his word which divides the party further. Even Robertson didn’t do that.

  4. As a republican voter in the 6th district I have to chose between Murante & Larkin? What a joke! Might have to go with Winnicki for this one.

  5. This Mayor is still either too stupid or corrupt to acknowledge that, if the city council had acted sooner, as he wanted them to, Getty Square would now be filled with holes and idle equipment, just like Ridge Hill. Can we impeach him, please? Or, at least, impose a gag order?

  6. Ridge Hill will be bringing in no money into Yonkers coffers. I believe the PILOT is about $300,000. Amicone is full of it. Ask Amicone why he sold the $630 million dollar Ridge Hill lease for $28 million?
    Those opposed to Ridge Hill on the council also allowed the sale of this lease. We got $hit from ridge hill.
    Amicone better not be trying to blame those who fought ridge hill on his budget. Because if he is it’s time to sue the bastard. It’s time for him go go and take all of the hangers on with him.

  7. To jimjones
    As an FYI, that building on North Broadway that Mr. Merante was interested in is, thankfully, still there and was sold to a private owner who is restoring it. Yonkers was able to landmark and save it.

  8. No way would starting RH last yr. have cut taxes this yr. Just drive over to Rockland 59 or to White Plains, Madison Ave. pick a city…stores and whole strip malls boarded up. This character, Amicone, has checked out of hotel reality that’s assuming he was ever in it.

  9. The Mayor also said that if Ridge Hill had been built earlier he would not have had to raise taxes this year. He blamed it on the Council but the real villians were NIMBYs like Merante and Larkin.

  10. More BS from Amicone about the Council delaying the SFC project. SFC has had the ball in their court for far longer than the Council. If the Mayor keeps this BS up the Council has no incentive to move quickly.

  11. its nice to see dee barbato gone, city council needs a breath of fresh air, she has lived off the taxpayers too long and know her and rich have political appointments with democrats..

  12. On Newsmakers today on Ch. 12, Amcione said Ridge Hill will open next spring.
    He did a good job on the program, except near the end when he b.s.’ed about the tax increase in his proposed budget.
    He hits the alarm bell, making it sound like the only way to save more money would be to cut police and fire and cut the garbage pickups to once per week. THAT is unfiltered b.s. Worse, it’s a lie.
    He says nothing about city cars, salary cuts, furloughs, selected layoffs or other options, including cutting the Board of Ed’s huge budget, that could save a load of taxpayer money.

  13. hey moron merante great job knocking down that old hisoric house on palisade avenue and then letting it sit as a vacant lot because you failed to build on it… stay on your own side of the city and mess things up you tool

  14. The ambulance chaser Edelman calling Mr. Merante a “cheesecake salesman” is more proof that Edelman is an immature little weasel. Notice he has a hissy fit if anyone uses a personal invective against him. Like most little weasels he can dish it out,but can’t take it.

  15. Merante is also a liar. He told a gathering of Republicans last month that he would abide by who the Republican committee chose at their convention, either him or John Larkin. Whoever received the nomination, the other would drop out.
    Being dishonest and untrustworthy. Not a good way to start a political campaign.

  16. Merante must smoke funny cigarettes. He wants “the children” to have representation on the City Council?
    First, most of the Council already act like children. Second, the damn schools swallow up more than half the entire city budget. Anything else, Merante?
    Finally, he calls himself an “activist.” There are a lot of folks who rightfully cringe at that word “activist.”

  17. Mr Merante is quite clueless if he thinks the YPS is doing well. Has he seen the district report card from the state ed dept????? We are a District In Need of Improvement. A designation given by the State Ed Dept. We are deficient in ELA, Math in both secondary and elementary education. Mr. Merante look at the State Ed web and educate yourself please.

  18. was he involved in a land deal on
    north broadway with john murtagh ?
    i recall merante speaking before
    the city council as a real estate
    consultant, i thought he was a
    cheesecake salesman.

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