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Clearwater_Hudson River Sloop Clearwater-Full Glory   Yonkers, NYHudson River Sloop Clearwater, America’s
flagship environmental organization, will be hosting two special sails in
conjunction with the Palisades Interstate Park Commission aboard the sloop Clearwater
to the historic Kearney House in Alpine, New Jersey from Yonkers, New York on
Saturday, May 9. Both sails are open to the public.

The first sail is a “Family
Excursion,” departing from the Municipal Dock in Yonkers
at 12:00 Noon, sailing to Alpine and
returning to Yonkers at 3 PM. The cost, which includes a tour of the
Kearney House, is $65 for adults and $25 for children 12 and under.   

The second sail is an “Evening
Excursion,” departing from Yonkers
at 4 PM, sailing to Alpine and then
returning to Yonkers at 8 PM. The cost, which includes a light supper
buffet at “Mrs. Kearney’s Tavern,” is $80 for adults and $35 for children 12
and under.

Reservations for the Kearney House
sails can be made by calling Catherine Stankowski, Clearwater’s
sail coordinator, at (845) 454-7673 x107.

Kearney House sails are part of the 40th anniversary celebration of the launch
of the sloop Clearwater. Folk music
legend and environmental activist Pete Seeger, in despair over the pollution of
his beloved Hudson River, believed a majestic replica of
the sloops that sailed the Hudson
in the 18th and 19th centuries would bring people to the river, where they
could experience its beauty and be moved to preserve it. Inspired by that
vision, the 106-feet-long Clearwater
was built and launched in 1969. The sloop was named to the National Register of
Historic Places in 2004 for its role in the environmental movement.  

The Kearney House, listed on the
National and New Jersey State Historic Registers as the “Blackledge–Kearney
House” and formerly known as the “Cornwallis Headquarters,” is the oldest
building in the New Jersey Section of the Palisades Interstate Park
The house has been a Hudson River homestead, a
riverfront tavern, a park police station, and a “historic shrine.” Today it
helps bring to life over two centuries of the story of the Hudson
River and the women and men who depended upon it for their lives
and livelihoods.

“While Clearwater has educated over half a million school age children on our renowned ‘floating
classroom,’ the public sails on the sloop are a fantastic opportunity to relive
Hudson River transportation from a hundred years ago,”
said Stankowski. “Sailing on the Clearwater to the Kearney House will be like time traveling—a perfect way to celebrate
both the sloop and the Quadricentennial of Henry Hudson’s voyage up the river.”

eHeziClearwater Hosting Two Special Sailing

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  2. poster 0252: Don’t forget to include in your history discourse to mention where Obama got his community activist start-with ACORN you now the organization that is under indictement’s all over the country. Also don’t forget to mention all the ACORN workers who have plead guilty to voter fraud. Obama wants to include ACORN in the census count-you got to be kidding me. Poster 0252 also make sure you mention Tim G. you know the guy who failed to pay over $43,000 in taxes and now Obama wants him to go after tax cheats.

  3. Over 50 countries were selling weapons to Iraq who was an allie of the United States until Hussein invaded Kuwait.Are all opponents of Communism, Nazi?Comrade,remember the good old days when Fascists and Communist were united in invading Poland,Estonia, Latvia,Lithunia and other nations?Remember when the Communist CPUSA joined in with the German American Bund to keep America out of WW11?

  4. Well don’t forget who sold him the weapons right wing nazi fascist, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Daddy Bush. Boy o boy do you need a history lesson.

  5. Right….not to mention that Saddam Hussein killed about a million Iraqis when he was in power. But blame America, Leftie wacko.

  6. Good because I won’t forget what BUSH did to the tens of thousands of innocents iraqi men, women and children all killed on the personal vendetta of one man.
    And the scary thing is that he did it in our name.

  7. Jack Treacy is correct. Though he later regretted it, Seeger was a member of the Communist party in the US, and backed Stalin. It was a long time ago.

  8. And apparently they were Dutch communists from the 1700/1800’s!
    Now that’s funny!
    This is Hudson River Folk Art at its best
    A gaff rigged sloop with staysail and no backstay due to the length of the boom.
    Between the length of the boom and the bow sprit, jib and main extend past the waterline length of the boat allowing it to carry an enormous amount of sail.
    Wide beam for carrying cargo and shallow draft for running aground in the river shallows lets it stay upright keeping passengers and cargo safe.
    Thanks Pete for bringing back an authentic part of Hudson River life.
    She’s brilliant.

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  10. Pete Seeger bio left out he is a Communist who supported mass murderers Stalin, Mao and others.Doesn’t anyone in this country tell it like it is about American communists?

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