Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Malfunction

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IndianPoint_Aerialview Buchanan, NY – The
Indian Point power plant experienced the second malfunction within the past two
weeks this morning; the third over the past three months.
 Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) officials
advised the 5:30 a.m. occurrence took
place when "a high vibration condition was detected on a main feedwater
pump" in reactor Unit 3 which triggered a "high-level alarm," thereafter
the shutdown.

"All equipment performed as designed in response to the
shutdown," said Indian Point spokesman Jerry Nappi. "There was no
release of radioactivity and no threat to the safety of workers or the

These issues are taking place during the same New Orleans based
Entergy Nuclear, operator of the Indian Point facility has filed application
for a 20 year licensing renewal. Its current license expires in 2015.

eHeziIndian Point Nuclear Power Plant Malfunction

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  1. the plants are very important to us all, in them we find from medicines and food up production, is a resource that should take care because otherwise it would be at Risk!

  2. Nuclear energy is still safe. If they close down Indian Point, nobody, including the Rockefellers, will be able to afford power.

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