Maine Governor Baldacci Signs Legislation to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

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LAMBDA_LGBTsymbol Augusta, ME — Today, Governor John Baldacci signed into law LD 1020, which
legalizes same-sex marriage in Maine.
His decision follows yesterday’s vote of 89-57 in the House and a 21-14 vote in
the Senate. Today's decision stands unless overturned by the people of Maine should they act to amend the state constitution to affirm the definition of marriage
as the union of one man and one woman.

Hampshire’s Senate recently approved a similar bill
to allow homosexuals to marry. The House approved an earlier version of the
bill and will make the final vote today. If it passes the House, Governor John Lynch will then have five days to decide whether to sign the bill
or veto it. If passed and signed by the Governor, the people of  New
Hampshire may, as a last measure choose to amend their constitution
to affirm traditional marriage.

eHeziMaine Governor Baldacci Signs Legislation to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

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  1. Will John be going to Notre Dame to hear his new friend Obama speak?
    If I were the parent of a Boy Scout, I’d have to question John’s behavior!

  2. I always thought that Murtagh was an involved member of St. Joseph’s Church.
    Not sure that this is going to sit well with the people in Bronxville.
    Maybe Johnna is going to come out and become a democrat.

  3. I don’t support gay marriage. I believe that the institution of marriage is intended for a man/woman relationship.
    I do applaud the pioneering spirit of these small pockets in our country, however I may disagree with what they’re doing.
    Either way we should observe the changing face of the country and move forward together.

  4. what was the major factor that made Balacci decide to sign this bill thats been voted out so many times before ?

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