Town Hall Meeting on Economic Recovery Package

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Smith_MalcomSenateMajorityLeader Mount Vernon, NY — State Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson, Senate Deputy Leader Jeff Klein, Senate
Majority Leader Malcolm A. Smith, and Mount Vernon Mayor Clinton Young in
cooperation with the Westchester Congressional
delegation will host a town hall meeting on the federal economic recovery
package auditorium of the Mt. Vernon High School
on Saturday, May 9, 2009, from 9 am to 12 Noon.

The public is invited to learn how their communities will
benefit from the federal stimulus package, what projects are eligible for
funding, and what they need to know to obtain funding.

Members of Governor Paterson’s Economic Recovery Cabinet
including Chairs and Commissioners of various state agencies have been invited
to participate.  Identifying a broad scope of stimulus projects and
programs, including transportation and infrastructure improvements, and gaining
knowledge of the funding, approval process and potential benefits are the first
steps on the road to economic recovery.

For more information or to RSVP, please go to or
call the office of Sen. Malcolm A. Smith (212) 298-5585.  Reservations are
NOT required.

Mount Vernon High School

is located at 100
California Road,
in Mount Vernon, NY.

eHeziTown Hall Meeting on Economic Recovery Package

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  1. Vella was a republican but also had the democratic line but the fact still remains that he was another crook in Albany.

  2. State Dem’s list of perp’s: Sen Efrain Gonzalez plead quilty to misappropriation of over $200,000 of taxpayer money, Sen Hiram Monsarette indicted for assault,Sen Kevin Parker was arrested for tunning up A traffic agent and now is likely to get collared for at least criminal mischief, Sen Aida Smith a whole range of indiscretions Assemblywomen Diane Gordon in the can for bribery, Gloria Davis spent 3 months in Rikers Island for crimes, Roger Green billed the taxpayer thousands of dollars for travel expenses for his car when he had no car, Clarence Norman another thief doing several years in the can and of course that slime ball Guy Vella-What say you Sen Smith and Sen Klein ?.

  3. This idiot Malcolm Smith was on the radio yesterday and was asked if the MTA/TWU was going to be covered by this tax. First he replied “I’m so glad you asked that question.” He then started stuttering and stammering and final said “I don’t know.”

  4. If the Tribune had a comics page, this article would belong there.
    The NY Dems are sinking the state, rapidly, and these idiots want to talk about “recovery.” There will be NO recovery for NY until and unless some fundamental changes are made in the way this state is governed. Till then, everyone who can, including businesses, are leaving New York.

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